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*all characters in this story are above the age of 18*

I was on cloud nine all day long. It was my birthday and mom had already asked what I wanted, as we lay in bed one night after a rather passionate and exhaustive bout of sex. I of course said that I wanted her, which in turn led to more sex. She finally got me to actually make a choice of something that I didn’t already have, considering that we already had each other. I finally asked for a romantic evening with her, candle lit dinner and all. Mom had promised me the most romantic night of my life, so I could hardly wait to get home to her. As luck would have it, my birthday fell on a Friday so we had the whole weekend.

Every time I thought of our relationship, I would immediately smile and blush. Everything about us was perfect. We had always been close and rarely disagreed or argued, but now that we were lovers it was like the missing piece of our mother/daughter relationship finally came together. I’m not just talking about the sex, which is amazing. But the way we act around each other and just our normal routine made so much more sense now. I had always felt guilty for being turned on whenever we had touched or I happened to see her naked. She had admitted the same things to me. Once we realized that our desires and feelings for each other were mutual, all of our doubt and guilt just went away.

We were always smiling and hugging, and we always snuggled together on the couch when we watched TV. Everything was just so amazing now that we admitted our love for one another. And the sex! My god, was the sex amazing. From the sensuality of slow romantic sex in bed, to spontaneous sex around the house, and all the way to our BDSM scenes, all of is was truly mind blowing. It was a coin flip on which one of us would start the day with an orgasm, whoever slept later than the other would wake up to having her pussy licked and clit sucked. And living as we did, our times of the month synced up. But other than both of us being a little more testy then usual, we would just switch from concentrating on each other’s pussies to each other’s asses and everything was fine.

Our constant sending of dirty pictures and texts throughout the day, was another plus. I used to refuse to open a text or image from mom if I was in the middle of class or taking a test, because it would distract me so much. But mom had instituted a rule that we always kept our phones on vibrate, so as not to announce it to others, but we had to check our phone within five minutes of it vibrating and send a reply. If I didn’t check my phone and send a reply within five minutes, than I had to submit to mom as a sex slave for the rest of the day, and vice versa if mom didn’t check her phone. The first time that I hadn’t checked my phone, I really wasn’t worried because I loved submitting to my mother as her sex slave.

Boy did I have another thing coming to me. I found out the difference in submitting to her as a sex slave because I wanted to and submitting to her as a sex slave as a punishment. First she picked me up after cheer leading practice, with orders for me to keep my uniform on and not shower. She then made me take off my panties in the car and put a remote controlled silver bullet vibrator inside my pussy. After that, she drove me into town and made me go into the Christian book store, as she sat in the car and held onto the remote. My orders were to browse through the store with the vibrator going until I felt the it pulse three times, signaling me to stop walking. Another three pulses was the signal to start walking again.

The older female employee seemed to want to talk to me about all of the books on the shelves, every time I was signaled to stop. I could barely speak, as the vibrator did amazing things to my pussy. I had to keep my thighs close together, because without my panties on there was nothing to keep my juices from running down my legs. After three orgasms, mom finally texted me that I was allowed to leave the store. I walked out on shaky legs, as my mother watched with a smirk on her face. Needless to say, after that even a hint of a vibration from my phone sent me quickly checking my texts and pictures. I actually got my response time down to 10 seconds, when my phone was in my pocket.

I have yet to get to have mom as my sex slave, but that was actually ok. I’m not sure that I could dominate her. I was the submissive one in our relationship, and I enjoyed that fact. But back to my birthday, I figured that my mother being who she is, that she would probably get me more than just the romantic evening. We were both like that. When it came to us, we always went above and beyond for each other. After school let out and cheer leading practice was over, I showered and made my way home. I then lounged around the house, but minded mom’s rule of “no snooping for presents.” I was wearing a pair of short shorts that certainly were not school appropriate, because my ass cheeks innovia escort were definitely not covered (probably why mom had bought them for me). I was barefoot and had on a tight short shirt, that just really covered my tits barely (it was more like a bikini top cut from a t-shirt).

I wasn’t trying to look sexy, these are just the kinds of things mom and I wore around the house…when we wore clothes around the house, which was not very often. I had in my ear buds, swaying my body to the music, and must have gotten caught up in my songs, as I looked through the pantry and refrigerator to make a shopping list. All of a sudden I felt familiar hands on my body. I immediately began moving my ass against her crotch, as I continued to move to my music. I moaned as I felt a hand move around my side and grab a breast, as another hand moved down my front between my legs and groped my pussy. My ear buds fell from my ears, as my mother’s sexy voice whispered “Mmm…is this wet young pussy all for me? I could lick these wet folds for hours.”

I moaned into her touch, as I ground my ass back into her. I then decided to tease her a little. I said breathlessly, “Oh, I wish you would, but we have to hurry. My mom will be home any minute now.”

I giggled loudly, as mom’s hands suddenly gripped both my pussy and breast tighter. She then spun me around to face her, as her signature stern expression glared back at me. I tried to bow my head submissively, but my giggles just wouldn’t go away. I started to get worried when she let go of me and placed her hands on her hips, as she waited for me to stop laughing. But I was too far gone, to stop now. I was beat red in the face, and I had to hold onto the counter to keep my balance.

I finally got myself together, as I sauntered up to her. She was still glaring at me with her hands on her hips, as I snaked my hands around her side and squeezed her ass cheeks. I then plead, “Come on, mom. It was funny. It’s my birthday. I should be allowed to have fun. Besides, you know you’re the only woman for me.”

I said that last part, as I leaned in to capture her lips for a deep kiss. After a few seconds of my tongue licking across her closed lips, she finally opened her mouth and joined in on the kissing. She sighed and snaked her arms around my body, as she finally relaxed her stiff posture. I smiled into the kiss, as she let out a moan of pleasure. We broke the kiss and then planted another quick peck on each other’s lips, as I laced my fingers with hers. I then bounced on my feet in excitement, as I asked giddily “So what are we doing tonight? What are the plans? What do I need to do? What should I wear?”

Mom’s final walls were breached my overjoyed behavior, as she smiled at my excited ramblings. She shook her head and said, “I have everything taken care of. I chartered a private jet to New York City and I already have a suite booked for us. Then we will go out for a nice romantic dinner out. I will be wearing my LBD (Little Bitty Dress), so I’ll let you decide on what you think your should wear. I need you to change clothes, not that I don’t prefer your current clothing choice but I don’t think I want you walking around in public like this. I also need you to pack a bag, just something light you need something to wear when we go out and then a change of clothes for when we come home. So go get packed, young lady.”

I was shocked into silence at her plans. I had no idea any of this was already in the works. I finally pulled myself together and nodded enthusiastically, as she then smacked my ass and shooed me from the kitchen. I yelped at the smack and teased her a bit by saying, “Oh, harder mommy!” as I bent over the counter and presented her with my barely covered ass. My mother was having none of that, at least not yet. She finally made me leave the kitchen, and I giggled all the way to my old room to pick out my clothes. Since mom and I had become lovers, I had been sleeping in her (now our) bedroom. But we had kept my old bedroom the way it was just in case visitors came over. We kept our closets and dressers separate too, considering how much clothes the two of us owned. So I really looked at my old bedroom as more of a big changing room and walk in closet. I considered getting another clothing wrack to stand against the wall just to add more storage space.

I casually choose some normal clothes for when we came home and placed them in an overnight bag, but I had to hold in my squeals of excitement, when I picked out my underwear for tonight. I had made a run to Victoria’s Secret and found a matching set of black lace bra and panties that were amazingly sex on me. I had yet to wear them, and I had kept them hidden from mom…until tonight. I also had my own LBD, that was the same style as mom’s but a little smaller due to my size. I then picked out a pair of diamond earrings she gave me last Christmas, and a gold day collar with heart pendant istanbul escort she bought for me when I made the cheer squad. I didn’t know the significance of the day collar, until much later. At the time I just thought it was a beautiful necklace from my mother. I later found out that she was subtlety claiming me as her pet already. I selected a pair of black stilettos to complete the outfit. I decided to curl my hair a bit, and I decided to go easy on the make up (a little eyeliner, soft pink lipstick and matching nail polish, and a hint of blush on my cheeks). So I threw in my curling iron, the necessary makeup items, and some overnight personal hygiene items into my bag as well. I hung up my dress in a garment bag so it wouldn’t get smashed or wrinkly. I then nodded to myself as I decided I was ready.

I met mom in the living room, as she had apparently already packed her bags. I was still bouncing in excitement, as she smirked at my cute behavior. She then grabbed her bags and reached for my hand and led us to her car. We held hands all the way to the local airport, where we parked the car in their private lot, and were met by a shuttle that drove us to our reserved hanger. I was so excited to be doing this. We have always had to play down our relationship here around town, but in New York we could really be the real couple that we were. We boarded the jet and settled in for the hour and half flight. Mom had already called for a car to pick us up at the airport and take us to our hotel, so we both relaxed as we flew off.

The flight to NYC was uneventful, unfortunately. Mom refused my advances to join the mile high club, but smirked when she reminded me that we would be flying home too. So I was foiled again in my attempts to ravage my mother’s delicious body, so with the car was waiting for us on our arrival, we made our way to the hotel. We checked into our hotel and rode the elevator to the top floor. When mom opened our suite, I was amazed at the sheer opulence. I knew that mom got perks from all of her work at the bank. She had told me that she got an amazing rate on the plane and hotel suite, but this was amazing! My mouth was wide open as I walked around the rooms in stunned disbelief. Mom hung up our garment bags and let our dresses out to air, so as not to wrinkle. The suite had a living room area, dining room with lavish table, a large bedroom, and a bathroom that I would kill for.

The bed was a king size and had silk sheets, which I couldn’t wait to put to good use. The bathroom had an immense hot tub big enough to comfortably fit four people. I got a little wet when I imagined using the bathtub with mom. I then ran out of the bathroom and engulfed my mother in a big hug and planted a passionate kiss to her lips. I gripped her ass cheeks tightly in my hands, as I ground our crotches together. Mom smirked at my behavior and scolded, “Oh, no you don’t. No opening your presents before dinner, young lady. This is going to be a romantic evening and we will do this right. You won’t be getting any desert until after dinner.”

She said that last part as she wagged her eyebrows up and down at me suggestively. I pouted, and knew that if I really tried I could probably get into her panties right here and now, not to mention get her into my panties. But I knew that she wanted this evening to be perfect and that she had spent a lot of time planning this all out, so I would not pounce her beautiful body…yet. I then gave her ass cheeks another tight and suggestive squeeze, as I said “Ok, just as long as we both get our dessert, then I can wait.”

Mom smirked at me then smacked both of my ass cheeks playfully. Not the way to get me to calm down, let me tell you. We then freshened up and both took a separate shower, which disappointed me. Who would wash my mommy’s back? But mom was adamant, and I’m sure she knew that if we got all wet in the shower together we might never leave the suite. When I had exited the shower and dried my hair, I preceded to curl my hair to add the perfect bounce to my look tonight. I then added some lightly scented oil to my skin, which gave me a very sensual slick and shiny feel to my body. I then dressed and added my makeup and jewelry, before giving myself a once over in the bathroom mirror. I smiled and ran my fingers over my day collar, loving the feel of it against my neck. I wish I could wear this every day as a reminder of who I belonged to, but considering how active I was I was worried that it might be broken so I only wore it on special occasions. I then exited the bathroom to say I was ready. Seeing mom all dressed up very sexy and waiting on me, I stopped in my tracks just to stare at her.

Mom didn’t make it any easier, as she smirked at my choice of necklace. She then circled me and trailed her fingers over my dress, as she admired my body. Yep, my pussy was soaking wet already. I gasped as I felt her fingers trailing over my ass cheeks and kadıköy escort then up the sides of my body. Mom then stopped in front of me and smiled as she said, “Mmm…baby girl, you look wonderful.”

We then hooked arms and left the suite, her looking like a runway model and me like a smaller version of her sexy self. I smiled at all of the side ways glances and outright stares we received, as we walked out of the lobby of the hotel. I hummed in contentment, knowing that since no one knew we were mother and daughter, we didn’t have to pretend we were not also a couple. The driver opened the door for us, and mom held my hand as I slid into the back seat followed by her. We held hands in the car, as we enjoyed a quiet ride to the restaurant. I smirked as I decided to tease her a little. I leaned into her ear and whispered huskily, “Mommy, I have on a brand new pair of black lace panties from Victoria’s Secret, and they are already wet.”

Mom trumped my teasing, when she smirked back at me and whispered into my ear “Oh, my poor baby girl, why are you wearing panties?”

My eyes went wide and I glanced down, trying to tell if she was telling the truth. Seeing no panty line through her dress, I whimpered softy, as mom continued to smirk at my reaction. She then kissed my cheek and whispered, “Soon, my love.”

I could only nod silently, as my brain was completely fried. We arrived at the restaurant and the valet opened the car door for us this time. Mom got out first and held my hand as I came out after her. We then linked arms and entered the restaurant. I gasped when I realized that it was a very romantic Italian restaurant, and that mom had reserved a quiet table for two in the back. I was beaming as the hostess led us to our table. The table was in the back corner of the restaurant, and mom and I sat next to each other at the back corner of the table, perpendicular to each other. Mom and I smiled warmly at each other, as she asked “So, did I choose right?”

I nodded and said, “God, yes. This is so romantic. We haven’t had Italian in so long. Thank you, mom.”

She beamed at my compliment and joy at her choice. The waiter then arrived with two glasses of water, hand us our menus, and to take our drink orders. Mom surprised me by ordering a bottle of French red wine. I was a little nervous, as I waited for him to ask for I.D. from me, but the waiter seemed to think I was older and didn’t blink as he nodded and left to retrieve the wine. Mom turned back to me and winked, as she picked up her menu and started to scan look it over. I did the same and zeroed in on a delicious sounding roasted chicken dish. The waiter returned with the bottle of wine and two glasses.

He expertly uncorked the bottle and offered the cork to my mother, who accepted it with a smile. The waiter then poured each of us our wine and asked if we were ready to order. Mom ordered a chicken and pasta dish, and I ordered my choice. The waiter bowed and left, as mom reached over to clasp my hand in hers. She then pulled me over to her and kissed me deeply. I sighed into the kiss, but we pulled away before we gave anyone a show. We continued to hold hands and smile at each other, as we slowly sipped our wine. Neither of us were heavy drinkers, but mom had allowed me to have a glass or two of wine every now and then during dinner. She had always said that it was fine, as long as I drank with her and was responsible about it. I smiled as I remembered all of the quiet, and slightly romantic, dinners we had shared at home even before we were lovers, where mom and I had sipped red wine together.

We hardly spoke throughout dinner, but continued to hold hands and gaze into each other’s eyes lovingly. Even when our dinners arrived, we continued to hold hands and simply ate with one hand a piece. We were such the typical romantic couple out for a date night dinner, as we would from time to time feed each other bites of our separate meals. I could not be happier and if looks were anything to go by, neither could she. We finished out dinner and forwent desert, as mom said to the waiter that we had a special sweet treat planned already. I smiled and blushed furiously at mom’s obvious innuendo, but the waiter was either oblivious or a good actor, because he only nodded and left the check. Mom smirked at my blushing face, as she drew me in for another deep kiss.

Knowing that neither of us could last much longer, mom paid for the meal and we left arms linked together. This time we had a hot and heavy make out session in the back of the car, as our driver took us back to our hotel. Arriving, we had to smooth out our dresses, as the valet opened the door of the car for us. We both giggled, as mom slid out first and then took my hand as I followed her. We made out again on the long elevator ride to the top floor, thankfully we were alone in the elevator. Mom then dragged me into our suite and led me into the giant bedroom. I was prepared to literally rip her clothes and mine completely off our bodies, but mom had other ideas.

She smiled as she reached into her small overnight bag and pulled out two wrapped presents for me. I tried to protest, saying “Mom, you didn’t have to get me anything else. This has been present enough, really.”

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