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It had been a busy six weeks since Jade and Henry got married. The honeymoon was a whirlwind of daytime touring and sightseeing and travel and sex in a different bed every night. Then there was the packing and moving from two different apartments into their new house. And the seemingly endless weeks sorting out the stacks of boxes and re-arranging furniture afterward.

But it was all done and this weekend, at last, they can kick back and enjoy their new place. One of their plans is to make love in every room in the house they haven’t all ready. And maybe out in the pool if they dare. They are leisurely sipping their morning coffee after checking the laundry room off the list when Jade’s phone rings. It’s her Aunt Hilda.

They talk for a few minutes then he hears Jade say, “I don’t know Aunt Hilda. I don’t think it would be a problem. Let me ask him.”

She puts her hand over the phone mic and says, “She has a flat tire and Uncle Bob is out playing golf already and won’t be back until late in the afternoon and she needs to get the refreshments for her garden club luncheon. She doesn’t know how to do it and wants to know if you’ll be a dear and come change it for her. I could go do the shopping if you want while you go help her out, OK?”

“Sure, I guess. Really, she doesn’t know how to change a tire?”

“It’s OK Aunt Hilda. He’ll be there in about 20 minutes, OK?”

“Good. OK, Aunt Hilda. Yes, he is a dear, isn’t he? I married a good one.”

“OK, you have a good day too. Bye now.”

Henry says, “Well, there goes a slow and easy day.”

Jade says, “It won’t be that bad. I’m sure it won’t take very long just to change a tire. Maybe you could show her how.”

Henry washes up and gets dressed. He likes his wife’s Aunt Hilda. She’s one of his mother-in-law’s two sisters. The three of them had invited him to dinner at the Olive Garden to get to know him better just before the wedding. They told him it’s something they do with all their daughter’s fiancees. They surprised him in their nighties with what they called a “doe party” which they promised would be better than a stag party if he promised to keep it a secret. He did and it was. Then after that they all went out to eat. He’s been fond of all three of them ever since.

He teases Jade, “Your Aunt Hilda told a story at the wedding about when you were a little girl at their summer cottage and you had started to grow tits. You insisted on wearing a two piece swim suit to show off but it was too big and when you jumped in the water the top came right off.”

“I know. She told too many stories!”

He says, “She’s fun. I like her. Maybe you and I could recreate that story in the pool tonight.”

“Then I might make the same thing might happen to you!”

They laugh. He gives her a goodbye kiss and heads of to Aunt Hilda’s house. She only lives ten miles away. He pulls into the driveway and sees her car is still in the garage. He parks and goes to the door. She’s waiting for him and invites him in.

“Thanks for coming on such short notice like this. I really didn’t want to bother you and Jade but Bob’s not going to be home all day and I just really needed you to come help me.”

“There’s fresh coffee if you’d like some. So, are you and Jade settled in your new home yet?”

She’s wearing a knee length cotton sun dress. It’s not a particularly sexy outfit but Hilda has the kind of short and chubby figure with wonderfully round and full D cup boobs and shapely hips that lets her natural sexiness show through no matter what she wears. He feels a little twinge of desire as he looks at her.

Henry says, “We’re almost done. There are just a few things I haven’t found yet after the move and just two more boxes of odds and ends to unpack. I couldn’t believe how much of our duplicate stuff we sold off at the yard sale. And we still have two toasters and two microwaves.”

“Good. I’m glad you two are getting settled in.”

Henry says, “We didn’t realize it when we picked it out but the house is almost exactly the same distance to her work place and mine. Quite a coincidence.”

“If we can, I’d just like to get to work on your car.”

She says apologetically, “I have a confession to make, Henry. I hope you won’t be mad at me. I don’t really have a flat tire. I know I shouldn’t have but I was just hoping that, well, you see, that is, it’s still two months until my birthday. I thought I’d gotten used to Bob not wanting me except then and on our anniversary. And sometimes Christmas. But at that party my sisters and I gave you I realized how much I miss it. And I’ve been trying to get Bob to notice me and be more interested again.”

Henry asks, “Have you tried wearing that baby doll nightie for him? That got me to notice you.”

She says, “I did wear it for him last night. He just said I look like a fat whore and kept watching his stupid golf on TV. He said my birthday is in two months and he hopes I’m not going to prance around dressed like a tramp until then.”

There’s a tear in her eye. He’s surprised at her ruse. But he sees she’s esenyurt otele gelen escort in some pain and really needs to talk about it.

He says, “OK, maybe you shouldn’t have used that story to get me here. But I’m here and I’m not mad at you. And I want you to know I don’t think you’re fat and I didn’t think you looked like a whore in that nightie. I loved the way it barely contained your sexy delights.”

He continues, “But never mind what Bob or I think. What do you think about yourself? That’s what’s important. Do you think you’re fat?”

She’s surprised by his question. Bob would never ask it. He might not even understand it. It’s just not easy to disagree with his opinions.

“I have put on a lot of weight since we were married, especially after the last baby. I was never skinny but I was a lot thinner.”

Henry says, “OK, that happens. But right now do you think you’re fat? How do you see yourself?”

She thinks a minute. “I think I’m … chubby.”

“And chubby is not fat. Do you like yourself the way you are?”

She’s a little bit uncomfortable at his questions but she’s flattered that he cares enough to ask.

She says, “I wish I was thinner. Maybe not like I used to be but some at least. Mostly I wish Bob would think I’m sexy again.”

“You can only change yourself, of course. But tell me, Hilda, what would be better about your life, for you, if you were thinner. How would it make you feel better?”

She says, “I’d feel sexier. I’d like myself better. And clothes would fit better. And Bob would want me again.”

“You can get those things for yourself if you want them. I hope you won’t let other people’s negativity get you down on yourself. I like the way your clothes fit you now. It’s a bit tantalizing to think of them fitting even better. And I like the person you are now.”

She laughs, “You say the nicest things.”

Then she gets a bit more serious. “I’m glad you think way that though. After Bob said those mean things I went to bed. I was crying myself to sleep. And I was thinking about you. You made me feel sexy again that night and that party reminded me how much I miss sex. I know the doe party is supposed to just be that one time thing before the wedding. And it always has been before. I wished Bob would be as excited for me as you were that night. Then I wished we could have that night over again but just the two of us.”

As she talks he feels himself drawn closer to her. And aroused at what she’s suggesting but a bit guilty that he’s feeling so attracted to her.

Embarrassed by what she just said she gushes, “Oh, god. I shouldn’t tell you these things. What am I doing? I shouldn’t have called you over here. I’m sorry Henry. I’m just making a fool of myself.”

He says, “No, you’re not being a fool. You know Hilda, I’ve thought about you and that night a few times myself. It was such a complete surprise to me. I thought at first it was some kind of joke or prank or something. I wish we could have had more time to do more than we did. But there were three of you and only one of me.”

“I know! I wished there could have been more too. Really, you’ve thought about me since then?”

“Yes, quite fondly, about you and that sexy nightie. I really liked you and you were a wonderfully exciting lover.”

“I was so lonely this morning after Bob left. I was thinking about you and that night while I was getting dressed. I was thinking about you a lot. And then I found myself wondering what it would be like if you were really here instead of just pretending and wishing you could be. I was desperate. I know I shouldn’t have called and taken you away from Jade. But you have made me feel better by being here. Maybe that’s enough. I just needed to know I’m sexy to someone. Thank you for coming and being so understanding. And thank you for listening to me. God, I think I needed that as much as sex. Now, I shouldn’t keep you here any more though. I know there are probably things you and Jade want to do today.”

He knows he shouldn’t do it. But, damn, she’s so sexy. It’s not like they’ve never done it before. And she needs it so much. He’s feeling so horny being so close to her and alone in the house.

Henry says, “Did you say Bob is going to be gone all day?”

“Yes, but…”

He takes her in his arms and kisses her. She squeezes him tight and kisses him back with all the passion of that night and more. His cock is tingling with excitement.

He whispers to her, “Hilda, you called me here because there are things you need. I can tell it wasn’t easy for you and now you’re not sure if you did the right thing. What you need is important. You were crying a minute ago. I’m not leaving until I’m sure you’re OK. Other things can wait.”

He lets her go and gets out his cell phone.

“Hi Jade.”

“Yeah I’m here. It’s going to take longer than we thought. There’s a nail in her spare tire and it’s flat too.”

“I know! What are the odds!”

“Yeah, I’ll get both of them fixed.”

“OK, you esenyurt rus escort go ahead and do that. I’ll call when I’m ready to leave.”

“Yeah. I love you too.”

“You’re right. Maybe we should get her a membership in the auto club for Christmas.”


He turns back to Hilda. She’s smiling expectantly.

“I’ve got plenty of time for you now.”

He gets down on one knee and takes her hand.

“Hilda, will you give me the honor and pleasure of taking me to your bed and letting me take your clothes off and explore all your sexy feminine delights while I give you the caresses and love making a beautiful and passionate woman like you deserves?”

There are tears in her eyes again.

“Oh, Henry! Oh my. Oh yes!”

He stands and says, “Well my dear lady, shall we go?”

He puts his arm out and motions to her to do the same. He locks arms with her side by side.

“You’ll have to lead. I don’t know where your bedroom is.”

It’s a ranch house with two wings off the entrance and central area. She leads him down one of the hallways.

“My sister Leana was right about you. You are quite the chivalrous one and such a gentleman. I love it! Do you want me to put that nightie on for you again?”

“No. I want to take the clothes you have on off of you and get naked with you. You make me horny just the way you are.”

“If you keep that up honey I swear I’m going to cry again. But in a good way. Here we are!”

They go over to the bed and he puts his arms around her and kisses her again. He feels her surrendering completely to his kiss. She has so much passion and desire. He can feel her hard nipples pressed against him even through her sun dress and bra. He’d started feeling horny the minute he saw her in that dress and now his cock is hard for her. Their kiss lingers.

He takes her dress off of her and has her sit on the bed. He unbuttons his shirt and takes it off. Then he lifts he tee shirt up and off. He undoes his belt and starts to unzip his fly.

“Do you know what happens when a sexy woman like you shows herself off in just her bra and lacy panties like that, Hilda.”

She thinks she does know but she plays along.

“Why no, what happens?”

He smiles and pulls his pants and undies down. His hard cock stands at attention for her.


“Oh, good. I was hoping it was that!”

He gets his pants all the way off and gets on the bed with her. They cuddle up laying on their sides with arms around each other.

“I remember,” he tells her, “how soft and sensuous you felt that night. I like feeling it again.”

“And I remember,” she says, “how hard you were that night and I like feeling that again.”

“There were three very sexy women each with her own special charms making me hard that night. This time it’s hard just for you.”

He kisses her on her neck. Her skin feels hot to his lips.

She says, “Oh god. You’re making my pussy wet already.”

“You’re going to have quite a wet spot on your panties by time I take them off you then.”

He unfastens her bra and helps her take it off. Her full round boobs fall into his hands. He massages their soft flesh while he supports them. He kisses her nipple getting it wet with his saliva then lets his tongue explore, circling around. Then he goes to the other and does the same.

“A girl might get the idea you have a fetish for her tits if you keep that up honey.”

He puts his face between her mounds and kisses her there teasing with his tongue. She purrs her approval. Then he pulls back and looks at her.

“Such soft and tender and shapely tits like these are worthy of a good fetish, don’t you think?”

He climbs up on her and puts his cock between them. She puts her hands on either side and pushes them together. His cock disappears into the valley of her cleavage.

“Oh, Henry, your cock feels so hot. And so hard!”

He slides it out part way and then slowly back in. Then he does it again pushing up so far he gets his balls between her tits. The tip of his cock is peeking out the top.

“You get my whole cock between them. That’s hot babe.”

He tittie fucks her a bit more then pulls it out and moves up a little more so he’s almost sitting on her tits. His cock is wagging by her mouth. She eagerly licks it. It twitches in delight. She takes the tip of it in her lips.

“A guy might get the idea you’re that kind of girl if you keep that up, don’t you think?”

She swirls her tongue around the tip. She bobs her head up and down slightly. He lets her go for a while then pulls himself out.

She says, “Such a big hard and sexy cock like this might make a girl into that kind of girl I think.”

“We’ll do more later, hon.”

He slides himself down letting his balls and cock rub on her. When his cock is between her tits again he takes it in his hand and rubs the tip on her nipple then all around. Then he rubs up her other tit and smacks the tip against her nipple a few times.

“Oh, god! esenyurt türbanlı escort My panties are getting soaked. Oh, Henry. I’m so glad you’re here. I haven’t felt like this in so long!”

“I like you too, honey. There are so many ways you’re sexy and they are all a huge turn on.”

He starts sliding his cock down her torso. Stroking back up a bit from time to time. Rubbing it on her. He goes down across the bulge in her middle and down until it’s between her legs, rubbing her slit through her wet panties.

“Oh my you really are wet. I like it when girls wet their panties like that for me. It means they like me.”

She laughs, “Oh I do like you!”

He rubs himself on her wet panties for a while letting his cock get slippery with her juices. She starts to take them off for him. He stops her.

“Not yet. There’s more first.”

He starts moving down some more. He rubs his cock along the inside of her fleshy thigh until he gets to her knee. He strokes her thighs with his hands from her knees to her crotch and back again. The wet spot on her panties gets bigger. He leans down and kisses her thigh then traces his tongue all the way up the inside. His hand follows the same path on her other thigh. Her hips twitch as his tongue reaches her panties. His tongue goes up tasting her wetness and tickles her belly just above the waist band. He puts his hand on the waist band and pulls down while his tongue dives into her hot wet slit.

She gasps in delight. “Oh baby, yes!”

His hands work her panties down lower while his tongue explores. Her pussy juices get all over his face as he licks her. His tongue finds her hole and plunges in. She puts her hands on the back of his head. He licks her cunt some then slides his tongue up to her clit. He licks it a few times then sucks it between his lips. She presses his head against her. Then he sits up and pulls her panties all the way off.

He tells her, “Spread those sexy legs honey.”

He looks at her naked body on the bed.

“I’ve really, really liked your nice big pussy and those hot plush pussy lips from the first time I saw you naked. I love how sexy your legs feel. You’re everything a sexy woman should be.”

“Oh, Henry, you’re damn sexy yourself.”

He says, “I like being sexy with you.”

He moves up on her and presses his hard shaft between her legs. He rubs it on her then guides it down and into her cunt hole.

“Oh yes. Oh yes. God I want that honey! Fuck my wet pussy all you want.”

He strokes her for a few minutes while she purrs and sighs with each thrust. Then he slips it out and starts rubbing it on her belly as he slides up. He gets it between her boobs again and tittie fucks her some more with his hands cupped on either side to hold his cock in her cleavage crease. His thumbs massage her nipples. Soon he pushes himself up even more until she can lick the tip of his cock. Her lips surround it. His pushes up even more so she can take more in her mouth. She starts moving her head back and forth while her tongue flicks his tip inside her mouth.

He says, “You excite me in so many ways honey. God I love the way you do that!”

He lets her suck him a little more then he pulls his cock out of her mouth and starts sliding it down her body again.

“NOW Hilda! I need my cock in your hot slippery pussy. Oh, baby. Fuck me honey. Fuck me you sweet hot sexy lady. God, you make me so fucking horny!”

She helps him guide his cock into her again. He pushes hard in and starts fast humping her.

She says, “Oh yes. Pump me hard like that. Oh, Henry! God you’re fucking amazing!”

“Because you’re so hot you make me want to be that fucking amazing for you.”

She says, “Keep fucking me. Keep fucking me. God, don’t stop honey.”

Her hips are pumping him just as hard now.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck! Oh Hilda it’s all just for you this time. Here it cums honey! Oh fuck! Oh Fuck!”

His balls feel like they explode from the excitement. Pulses of pleasure shoot up his shaft pumping his cum in her. Her hips quiver and her whole body shakes.

“More honey. Cum some more for me.”

His hard thrusting slows down as he squirts the rest of his cum in her. Spent, he lays on top of her. After a few minutes of sighing together his hardness fades and he feels himself slipping out of her. He rolls over on the bed beside her.

Henry says, “You know Hilda, that was a lot better than changing a tire.”

She laughs, “Well, I would hope so!”

“How do you feel now, honey? Not as lonely I hope.”

“Not so lonely and very, very sexy. And satisfied. Thank you for that. I almost didn’t call you. I put the phone done three times before I actually called. Maybe I shouldn’t have. I just felt so bad this morning. I needed someone and I couldn’t stop thinking about you. It was selfish of me but I needed that so much.”

“It’s OK Hilda. Don’t apologize. I’m glad you called. You need what you need. I can’t imagine only having sex twice a year. I think my balls would explode or something. I don’t know why your husband is such an ass to you that way, especially being so mean about it. I guess I’m kind of lucky that he is – but it’s not fair to you. Maybe I shouldn’t be naked and making love with my wife’s aunt but it’s like the doe party, right? Our little secret. And I’m glad it made you feel better. I really do like you. You deserve some satisfaction in your life.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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