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This story is completely fictional.


Dad was an Airline Safety and Crash Investigator, worked long hours and wasn’t home often. When home, he slept most of the time or was out golfing with his friends. Years of this kind of treatment left Mom, the “high school beauty queen”, a very lonely woman. Raising an only son was her life.

I was soon to be 22 and graduating college. For my birthday, a trip to the Caribbean was planned. The trip itself was costing very little and better accommodations were arraigned for our stay, thanks to free air miles from Dads job.

Before our departure, Dad was called to investigate a crash. Two planes had collided mid-air, over some remote area in another state. He was being picked up by the Army Reserves, taken to the nearest base and, from there, flown to the crash site. This kind of case would take several weeks! He had to leave in one hour; he showered, shaved, dressed and grabbed his “always packed” bags, as his ride arrives. He gave me the usual, “I’m sorry look”; and to my surprise, only a quick glance at Mom. Walked out of the house as the military escort quietly closes the door and was gone.

After a moment, I look at Mom and say, “What the fuck was that all about? And there goes the trip!” She looks away briefly, I wasn’t sure if it was because of the language I used or the directness in my asking, then her eyes returning to mine, says, “Your father and I have been arguing. It’s not easy to say goodbye when you’re upset.” And we left it at that, for the meantime. I knew, Mom would open up and talk, when she felt comfortable with it.

Later, Mom and I are discussing whether to go without Dad, or not go at all. I found it took very little convincing for Mom to agree to go without him. Although, I did threaten to use my famous, “Deprived and Battered Child Routine.” “You know, the one where I slam shit around and stomp my feet from room to room, whine, whimper and pout, until I get my way routine?” Mom knew I had never done such a thing and laughed. We both knew, she and I would have a pleasant vacation; we were used to being together and always enjoyed each other’s company. She made me promise, to never leave her alone and run off exploring without her. So, on the scheduled day with luggage in hand, Mom and I boarded our flight.

We enter our private bungalow on a beautiful afternoon. The cab driver puts down our bags and after the customary tip; closed the door on his way out. Mom let me handle the cash and credit cards, not wanting to embarrass me, as I executed the male role. The place is most impressive, one huge room, plush furniture in a sunken area, floor to ceiling glass wall facing the private driveway at one end and on the other, a large canapé bed, pillows thrown on it everywhere and a few short steps away, glass doors leading to a deck that overlooked a white sand beach.

I watched as Mom opens both doors and put her hands up on the top facing, closing her eyes, leaning forward slightly, her hair blowing softly in the breeze and breathing the ocean air deeply; breast lifting and falling. I could see her tight body through the white sundress she wore. Her workouts were definitely working! Just then she stepped one foot to the side and stretched. Her dress nearly burst open around her breasts, her nipples pushing hard against the fabric. As she arched her back, her ass stuck out in a most provocative way and her dress folded slightly into the crack of her ass. Her womanhood and the lack of underwear were clearly visible in the bright sunlight. My God, She was beautiful! The sight of her was breathtaking! I couldn’t believe the thoughts running through my head! Hair, long and full, her sensual body with just the right curves. Holy Fuck! I wanted my mother!

Turning suddenly, she caught me staring. I visibly gulp, my eyes are wide open and I can’t tear them away. Smiling, she strikes a Marilyn Monroe pose; bent forward at the waist, feet apart, her hands between her legs, eyes closed and lips puckered in a kiss. I could see her exposed cleavage and her breast struggling to tear the thin fabric and escape. She opens her eyes, smiles again, and then turns sideways, holding the pose. “Take a picture”, she says.

I clumsily fumble for the camera, focus and ready to hit the button. She says, “Wait!” Lowering her head, she spinsns toward me; slowly standing, she lifts her head while wisps of hair crossed it in all directions; she had also raised her dress several inches, revealing long, shapely legs. Looks at me and says, “Now.” I take the shot. Walking toward me, she says, “Lets see it.” I switch to view mode and what we saw was astonishing.

I look up at her and she’s shocked at the woman looking back in the picture. The backdrop sun silhouetted the hot body under her raised dress; she had stopped just short of exposing her cunt. Her smile was one of pure seduction and her pose, dripping with sex! Mom was one of the hottest chicks I’ve ever seen. Clearing esenyurt otele gelen escort her throat and regaining her thoughts, she says, “Look at those white legs. You’ll have to erase that one.” Then announced she was going to start on her tan, asked me to get us something cool to drink, got her swim suit from the bags and slipped into the bathroom.

I instantly password protect the picture, hoping she’ll never think to check and knowing that I’ll jack off to this one many times! I sat on the side of the bed and trembled. It took me several minutes to finally calm down and get my swollen cock under some kind of control. Suddenly, I could hear the shower running and my cock throbbed; I needed to leave soon or go crazy.

When I returned with a bucket of iced beer; the bathroom was empty and I got into my swim trunks. I walked out onto the deck and she was in a lounge chair, her body glistening with oil. I gave her a beer and slinked into the hammock, careful to hide the recent and still developing problem in my pants. We talked about the trip and how good it was to finally be here, relaxing in the sun. I mentioned Dad not being here and she changed moods, remaining quiet for a few seconds. I saw turmoil in her eyes.

She put on her sunglasses and quickly changed the subject, “How do you like my new swim suit?” It was a low cut back, one piece, and fit her very well, but I replied, “You’d look much better in a bikini.” “Oh, don’t be silly, sir. An old and gentle woman like me?” in her best “southern belle” voice. Mom looked far younger than her ripe old age of 39 and with a dynamite body to boot! I told her so. She smiled, and said, I was sweet and may be somewhat biased in her favor; but I could tell she liked what I said by her smile.

I brought up there being only one bed and that I’d take the couch. She looked at me and said, “We’ve slept in the same bed many times when you were growing up. I think we can sleep in this one while we’re here.” With that, she finished her beer, reclined further, rolled onto her stomach and asked me to oil her back and legs.

I downed my beer, went to her lounge chair and sat on its edge. Rubbing oil into the palm of my hands, I started with her back and shoulders, rubbing with slow deliberate motions. Touching her smooth skin; hearing her low moans and sighs encouraged my efforts as the tension left her body. I remove her sunglasses, place a folded towel under her head and watched her melt under my firm hands. After a while she says, “You’re really good at this. Where did you learn how to do this?” I truly didn’t know the answer, I just thought how I would liked to be treated, where I might liked to be massaged or touched; but replied, “This is all new to me. I’m learning as I go.”

Just then, I slipped my oily fingers down her back under her suit and rubbed the soft pad above the crack of her round buttocks. She tensed up for just a moment and then relaxed even further as I rubbed this spot with both hands. While working on her lower back, I returned to this spot several times. With each successive trip, I’d slip a little further under her swimsuit until I could feel the dip of her crack. I was scared to venture farther and was enjoying the parts I could touch.

I poured more oil into my hands and rubbed her long and silky legs, massaging her feet and spreading her legs slightly to oil her inner thighs, seeing the crotch of her suit getting wet as I progressed higher. There wasn’t a blemish anywhere on her, the skin soft and supple. I glide my hand up and lay it inside her thigh, against her groin. I massage her leg and occasionally, I touch her pussy; she trembles noticeably, but doesn’t move.

I move from her side, part her legs and sit between them, throwing mine out and letting them hang across hers. The touch of skin caused her to gasp softly. I run my slick fingers up her legs and under her suit once more. This time rubbing the cheeks of her ass, lifting my fingers, pulling the crotch tighter, until it outlines and highlights every curve and dip of her soaked pussy. After a couple of minutes, I’m so hard, all the blood is rushing to my dick. I’m afraid I’m going to faint and my erection would be the death of me. I stand and turn my back to her, not to expose my rock hard erection.

“I’ve asked your father for a divorce,” she blurts, “We’ve been living in the same house, putting up fronts and fighting daily. It’s…… BIG!” I had turned around at this outburst and her eyes wide; she’s staring directly at my massive erection under my swimsuit! At this moment, I wanted to fall off the planet!

I stutter, “It’s not you….. well, it is you, but…..God, Mom! I’m sorry!” “I don’t know what to say.” I collapsed into the hammock. She gets out of her lounge chair, adjusts the crotch of her swimsuit while looking directly at me, smiles and replies, “Lets forget about it and say you’ll take me to dinner.” She takes my hand esenyurt rus escort and leads me back inside the room. I take a cold shower and after my cock went down, I exit wearing a towel around my waist. She looks down at my crotch and it’s starting to rise again, she laughs and says, “You’ll be OK, get dressed before you faint!” She enters the bathroom and closes the door behind her. I dress for the formal dinner we’re about to have, constantly fighting to control my thoughts and my ersection.

She later exits wearing a backless, low cut, sequined, evening dress and asks me to “do her up”, meaning snap or hook her dress. She steps in front of the mirror and as I tackle this task, she readjusts her top, flashing her firm and round breast for a brief moment, her nipples were hard or so I thought. I fastened her dress and took the necklace from her hand, placing it around her slender neck. Her auburn hair hung in curls around her face and caressed her bare shoulders. I look down her back and there’s the soft flesh pad I had rubbed earlier, exposed for all to see. From my angle, being so close to her, I could see the dip at the top of her perfect ass. She again has nothing on underneath. I wanted to fuck her right there and hoped my thoughts were not apparent to her. She looks at me and asks, “Ready?” grabbed her bag and we left for the restaurant.

I played the gentleman part, opened her doors and pulled out her chair. As she moved to be seated, I noticed her dress was slit up the side, showing several inches of skin above her black thigh-high stockings. She crossed her legs and the front of her dress slipped to one side and revealed her long sexy leg and bare left hip. I sat on her left side, instead of across from her; fearing I’d miss any brief glimpse of her delightful body.

I gather my nerve, lean towards her, placing my hand on her exposed hip and say, “All the men were staring at you, as you passed by. They still are. You look absolutely radiant.” She quickly glances around, giggles and says, “Thank you, sweetie. I’ll bet you say that to all the girls.”

I scoot my chair around the table close to hers, taking her hand and looking directly at her, I say, “No. Not to all of them, just the very rare and special ones, like you. Dad’s a fool. You’re the most beautiful and loving woman I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. If I could only be so lucky and find a woman like you, I’d never let her go.”

I toasted her with freshly poured wine and at this gesture, she blushed and laughed out loud, sipped her wine, leaving a wet sheen in its wake. I wanted to taste her mouth on mine and passionately drink the nectar she would offer. She placed her hand on top of mine and rested both on her thigh, while looking away towards the band, moved it up and to the inside of her bare leg closer to her crotch, as though it was completely natural.

We ate our meal and talked softly, all the while, my hormones were raging through my body as though shot from a cannon. I’m having daydreams of fucking my mother. My hand once again on inside of her thigh’, listening to the band play, when Mom uncrosses her legs, moves my hand very close to her pussy and slightly deeper inside her thigh; crosses the other leg; trapping my trembling hand. If I could move my pinky finger just a fraction closer, it would definitely be touching her mound.

She stares at the band, lost in thought for some time and then speaks; “Your father doesn’t dance with me anymore. Hell, he doesn’t do anything with me anymore.” I take the initiative, pulling my hand from between her legs; I deliberately touch her pubic hair, standing up and ask her to dance.

Mom takes my offered hand and turning towards me, her motion exposes her dark bush for a momentary glimpse. I pretended not to notice and I escort her to the dance floor; she snuggles up to me and says, “I’m glad we came.” She nuzzles my neck as we glide effortlessly across the floor, dancing on air.

Her scent was intoxicating, her hair shown like silk in the shimmering light, she was exquisite! I placed my hand on the soft flesh pad as we danced, my fingertips slightly under her dress, touching her dip. I lost count of the dances we danced before returning to our room.

Once inside the room, Mom stands at the mirror looking at her self, she switches her gaze to my reflection and says; “I’ve had such a wonderful time tonight. Thank you.” I walk up behind her, reach around her and grab the necklace pendant, holding it slightly away from her but still resting my wrist on her right breast. I say to her, “You still wear this pendant I bought you so long ago.” With a sincerity few could express, she answers, “It’s my favorite piece of jewelry. You’re the best thing to happen to me, without you, I’d loose my mind.”

I then unfastened the chain from around her neck and let it slip down inside her dress. I speak softly in her ear, “Please…. Don’t move; let me.” She esenyurt türbanlı escort obeys without protest, still facing the mirror; I step forward pinning her against the counter from behind. I pressed my hips forward to let her feel my erection against her ass, unhooked her dress careful not to let it fall. I slipped my hand under her dress and around her waist, stopping on her flat stomach and pulled her closer. Her breathing was coming in short gasps and as the fabric slipped away from her breast, the necklace fell into my waiting hand.

I looked into the mirror and the woman in the picture was looking back at me; full round breast heaving, standing straight out, nipples erect. Senses heightened, we both feel the electricity in the air. She’s beautiful beyond my wildest dreams and desire filled the room. I grasp both her breast from behind and ground my hips into her ass, she pushed back and moaned softly. Her eyes were closed, reaching back to grab my hips and pull me tighter against her.

I move one hand to her chin, rolling her head back onto my shoulder and kiss her neck softly, moving slightly each time before kissing it again and at the junction of her neck and shoulder; I taste her flesh with my tongue for the first time. My senses were filled by her essence; my cock, pressed hard against her, was growing in throbs.

I then hooked my thumbs into the waistline of her dress and pushed it down over her hips, letting it drop to the floor. In the mirror, stood this voluptuous, beautiful, naked woman, only stockings and heels remained.

I unzip my fly, pull out my dick and press against her once again. This time, my erect manhood squarely between her butt cheeks, my right hand feeling the moist lips of her unshaved pussy. She writhes and moans; as I kiss the flesh of her neck and with my free hand, play with her breast. She raises her hands and reaching back, pulls my mouth to hers. First we kiss tenderly, playfully; then as passionate lust builds, we kiss increasingly harder, tongues searching, probing.

She turns and drops to her knees, swallowing almost every inch of me, gagging on my swollen cock. The thought of my Mom sucking my cock was driving me crazy! I stripped quickly; never pausing, she continued her exploration of my dick and balls. I grabbed her hair and pounded her face while she played with herself, both front and back. With her hands busy, I had full access to her mouth. Progressing slowly, I had all 8 inches buried in her throat, balls touching teeth.

I couldn’t stand much of this so, I grab her by each wrist, placing them behind her back, I switched my arms around her waist, grab her wrists and stood up, lifting her in an upside down position; her legs over my shoulders, feet in the air and hands held behind her back. My face is buried in her sweet pussy, while she’s deep throating me like no other has before. I lean against a wall, pinning her, I use her mouth as I wish. I stroke the full length and pause; I know she can’t breathe. After a few seconds, I let her gasp for air. I tongue fuck her and she screams softly, “Oh God! Yes! Don’t stop!” I dine on her moist mound and muffle her screams with my cock and balls.

We stayed this way for quite a while, pleasuring each other. When I laid her on the bed, I almost came just looking at her. She motioned me to her and I rubbed my erection on the lips of her steaming pussy, nothing had ever felt so soft and wet. I nearly came with shear excitement as my balls rubbed her clit. I had to stop or blow my load, I removed her heels and she gave me a dick massage with her stocking feet. I watched her as she played with herself and writhed on the bed. She then spread her legs wide, grabbed my shaft with her hand and guided my hard cock into her lathered pussy. We fucked long and hard, every hole penetrated, nothing was denied. We slept together, like babies, bodies entwined, exhausted, cum dripping from the multiple loads I shot into every hole.

The next morning, I bought her a bikini from the resort gift shop. I bring it back to the room and ask her to model it for me. Holy Shit! That was the smallest bikini I ever saw! It barely covered her clit and the top almost covered her nipples! Her bikini wasn’t hiding her pubic hair, although the thong strap hid perfectly between her smooth buttocks. I volunteered to shave her pubic hair and she agreed, if she could shave me, too. Between eating pussy, shaving, sucking dick, shaving, fucking and sucking our shaved bodies, we managed to complete the objective. It was a wild time and we openly enjoyed each moment.

With each successive day, I saw Mom start to come alive and have a glow about her as she wore her new bikini and it leaving little to the imagination. She wore it like a badge of honor, turning heads everywhere.

On my birthday, dressed in sneakers, short skirt and cropped-off tank top, she decides we should become members of the “Mile High Club”. We catch a cab and rush to the local airstrip, rent a small four seat plane with its pilot. After the takeoff, she raises her skirt, showing her shaved pussy; while rubbing it furiously, she looks at me, smiles and asks, “Do you think he’ll notice?” I grin and say, “He’s like all pilots, busy flying.” I spin around on my knees in front of her, and shove deep inside her. She yelps with pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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