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Brenda had been seeing the signs for weeks. She had known in the back of her mind that something like this was going to happen, but was still surprised when she got the call.

“Mrs Moore, this is Principal Evans calling.”

“Hi Principal Evans.”

“Mrs Moore, I just want to call and let you know that we are having a situation with Randy.”

A situation? Did he do something? This cannot be good!

“Mrs Moore, I just want to give you a heads up that Randy is failing in school. We just recently suspended him from the football team. His grades are trending right now for 3 D’s and an F in biology and an F in algebra. If he doesn’t start getting his grades up soon he’s not going to graduate.”

“Principal Evans, I had no idea…”

Brenda knew that something was up with Randy lately. In the past few months her sweet young boy had become a loner spending a lot of time in his room.

“And it seems that Randy has become a different person lately. He isn’t interacting with the other students.”

“You know that my husband and I went through a very nasty divorce. Maybe that the reason.”

“Mrs Moore, I know this happens a lot when the parents split up. There is some good news though. First we have a few months before the end of the school term, so its possible that Randy can make a complete turnaround. Also I do know someone who can help.”

“You mean…professional help? For Randy?”

“No Mrs Moore. There is a lady who is working with a lot of the other mothers at school. Her name is Dr Stella Hughes, although she likes to be referred to as Dr Stella. She is a licensed therapist who has become an expert working with mothers who are having problems with their teenage boys.”

“Principal Evans, does Randy see her? Or do I see her? Or the two of us together?”

“I know for a start she would want to see you alone. From then on its her call.”


“In fact she is the mother of three boys herself. Her oldest boy graduated a couple years ago. Her middle son in fact is one of Randy’s classmates. And the youngest? I think he’s in his early teens.”

“Three boys?”

“Yes. So she’s had some experience dealing with teenage boys. I will tell you she’s done miracles here at school. Most of the boys grades have shot up immediately. In fact a lot of them are now on the honor roll.”

“Principal Evans, thanks for calling and letting me know. I will go and make an appointment and see Dr Stella.”

Brenda Moore was no ordinary mother raising a teenage son. She had Randy at 16, the result of a one night stand in the back seat of a car. Her marriage was one of convenience. She and the boy’s father decided to stay together and raise their young son together. Their sex life was once a week for 5 minutes. Her husband would get on top of her and pump away for 5 minutes, then he would go out drinking with his buddies. After a few hours he would come home reeking of alcohol. He had a job which on its own could not pay their bills. He had no ambition, just a total loser.

Brenda Moore in fact at one time became one of America’s best known fitness models. At almost 6 feet tall, she was a striking green eyed blonde. She spent thousands of hours working on her body, having to look her absolute best for fitness contests and magazine shoots. In photo shoots photographers always tried to feature her long muscular slim legs, tiny little round butt and washboard abs. She always kept her hair short for her work. In fact at one time she had done a few racy semi nude photoshoots, but decided in the end not to publish them because she had a young son at home.

In her 20’s Brenda had done a few infomercials, made a series of workout tapes, and as a result had made a ton of money. She had invested some of her money in a local gym. The gym did so well that currently she has a chain of 8 gyms around a three state area.

Even though she is a bit past her modeling prime Brenda still liked looking her absolute best. She liked wearing short shorts and a tiny top around town. She always wore high heels which made her long toned legs look even longer. Every guy at the store or gas station couldn’t wait to see what the hot blonde “milf” was going to wear that day. Brenda was known around town as a tease.

But Brenda’s greatest feature were her tits. A couple years ago, she started noticing that her breasts were beginning to sag a little. So she went out and and hired the best plastic surgeon around. The result was amazing! Brenda now owned a set of melons that drove men crazy! Her tits were a perfectly round set of 36DD’s. They were so firm that they barely jiggled when she walked.

Randy Moore had just turned 18. He looked a lot like his father did when he was that age. He had his fathers jet black hair, green piercing eyes, and handsome face. His young body hadn’t quite filled out yet. Brenda knew he was going to be quite a hunk someday.

Even though every red blooded man in town wanted the gorgeous blonde Brenda had no man in her life. Since innovia escort the divorce she had gone on a few dates. Most of the men were creeps and losers who just wanted to get into her panties. She had even tried looking at a few online dating sites but found nothing interesting out there.

There was one guy who sent Brenda’s blood boiling. A couple years ago she had hired a young personal trainer at the local gym. Andre was a young black boy, in his late teens. He had the body of a beautiful black adonis. He always wore tight workout shorts which seemed to totally display his young bulge to all the women at the gym.

Brenda always made sure she had young Andre assist her in her workouts, in fact she booked him for 2 hours every day. She would be on the floor and doing a series of pelvic workouts, while Andre would stand there and count. In fact a couple of times it seemed that his young black cock was even getting stiff right in front of her. Brenda always tried to make sure that the young black boy had a great view of her fantastic body. In fact several times she arranged her workout bra so that one boob would “accidently” slip out when she worked out. Brenda would always smile and say “oops” when that happened. She wanted to make it clear that seeing her boob was in fact just fine with her!

After her daily workout the horny blonde mother would go home and fuck herself with her new black dildo, trying to picture the black boy on top of her pounding her senseless.

One day she finally got the courage to try and see if something could come of this. Brenda had a magazine photoshoot lined up on an island in the Caribbean. The magazine told her that they were willing to pay for a week at a swanky hotel for herself and a companion. Brenda finally asked young Andre if he was interested in accompanying her to the Caribbean for a week. She told him that she wanted to continue her workouts while on the road, and in fact wanted to make the workouts more “intense.” She told him she really liked him and wanted to maybe see if there was a spark between them.

Brenda got the disappointment and shock of her life when young Andre told her he was gay! It seems that the few good ones out there are gay…!

In the last couple years the hot blonde milf started to realize that she was getting more and more attracted to young boys. She knew that every boy in Randy’s school had the hots for her. In fact there were a couple of Randy’s friends who looked pretty good themselves. She tried to imagine what it would be like to have an 18 year old boy shoot his virgin seed deep in her belly. It seemed in Brenda’s fantasies the boys were always virgins.

That afternoon she was able to get in and see Dr Stella. She was indeed a licensed therapist, the plaque on the wall proving it.

Even though Principal Evans told her that Dr Stella has a son in Randy’s class, she never recognized her before. Dr Stella, as she liked to be called was a good looking brunette. Brenda guessed her to be in her early 40s. She wore a short skirt and heels. Her long hair was pulled back in a ponytail. Brenda noticed she wore a small gold which had a medallion which had the initials “MF.” There were also 20 or so different colored charms adorning the necklace. Brenda assumed that the initials were the name of her husband or something.

“Mrs Moore, or should I call you Brenda?”

“Please Dr Stella, you can call me Brenda.”

“Principal Evans gave me a bit of a heads up into whats happening at school. I hear that your son Randy is starting to fail his classes.”

“Yes he is. I really had no idea. In fact I just found out myself this morning.”

“Brenda…we are here today to get to the root cause of Randy’s problem at school. If we can get to the problem, then lots of times the solution is easy.”

“Well, Dr Stella, my husband and I just went through a very bitter divorce. Randy adored his father but his dad really had no time for him. He just went out and drank with his buddies. We tried many times to get him professional help but his father just laughed it off and would have no part of it. The whole thing has seemed to devastate Randy. He won’t come out of his room.”

“Brenda, you know there are a lot of young boys at school going through the after effects of a divorce. Most of them become loners and their grades drop like a lead balloon. So, the boy ends up spending a lot of time in his room. Is he on his computer a lot?”

“Dr Stella, I think he’s addicted to that thing!”

“Thats very common. Most boys that age spend hours on their computer, doing a lot more than just schoolwork, if you know what I mean.”

“So, you are telling me that Randy is just normal?”

“Yes, in fact I would be more concerned if he didn’t spend time on his computer. Most boys that age have…curiosities. They are curious about a lot of things and its just normal to go and see what’s out there. But I’ve been noticing that boys who come from a divorce are…different. We are istanbul escort finding out that a lot of times the mother…has to become more than just a regular mother.”

“Oh? More than just the motherly things?”

“Brenda, here’s what to do. First of all punishing him for poor grades doesn’t work at all. It causes resentment and friction between the two of you. If there’s a way for you to somehow get on his computer, I am 100 percent sure you will find out on that computer what he really is curious about. And like I said, finding out what he wants is the hard part. Then its up to you as his mother to give it to him or not give it to him.”

“Give it to him? Like a new car? Or a new smart phone?”

“Brenda, we usually find out that whatever is buried in his inner thoughts and fantasies…usually it involves something around sex.”


“Yes. Sex. I bet he’s just a normal teenage boy who is starting to think of sex all the time. Maybe there’s a hot young movie star who he fantasizes about, or maybe he’s got a secret girlfriend at school. But he sounds a lot like my boys. My sons used to spend a lot of time in front of the computer. Now they are totally changed. They are great students, on the honor roll, and…well my boys and I have really bonded in so many ways.”

“Dr Stella, thank you so much for your time. I will definitely start some…detective work.”

“Great Brenda, how about we have a follow up visit in a couple weeks, see how things are progressing.”

“Sounds great Dr Stella!”

The blonde mother drives home. The teenager won’t be home from school for a couple of hours. Hopefully she can somehow get into his computer.

Brenda goes into her son’s room and sees that he has left his computer on. This is easier than she hoped! She opens the browser and clicks on the browser history…

Brenda is aghast as to whats on there! In fact she is shocked beyond belief! It seems that her teenage son has been spending most of his time looking at pornography. She finds out that he is into older women sites. He seems to be obsessed with older blonde women with big tits. Her teenage boy seems to have an interest in two sites, “” and “”

There is also one site he seems to visit every day, called “Swedish Mommy.” The Swedish Mommy is an older blonde woman who spends her days and nights fucking her young “son.” She looks to be in her early forties, but wears a lot of jewelry, high heels and sexy lingerie. Her young “costar” looks very young, maybe as young as 18! But the site claims that all characters are legal age. It seems that Randy has downloaded all of her videos.

In each video the “mom” teaches her young “son” about a different sexual activity. The video series starts when mom seduces the boy and takes his virginity. In their latest video he fucks her ass. Each video features a creampie scene at the end where the boys sperm oozes out of his mom.

Brenda finds she is getting very excited watching this stuff! She is amazed at the chemistry between “mom” and “son.” It is obvious that they are more than just play acting, and Brenda wonders if they are, in real life a mom and her son.

On his desk there is a flash drive labeled “mom.” She puts the flash drive into the computer and sees that it contains most of her photoshoots from years ago. In most of the pictures from those old fitness contests she is wearing a very skimpy bikini. There are several files that Randy has named “mom best pics.” Those contain all the nudes that she made years ago. Brenda was always sure that they were destroyed! How did the little bugger ever get his hands on THOSE?

She also finds a file of fictional stories from a site called “Literotica.” All of the stories in the file feature some sort of incest between mothers and sons. In fact in most of the stories it seems that the boy is a virgin and ends up fucking his mother. She finds a file with over 100 stories. Brenda starts reading a few of them, getting dripping wet just reading them! She looks at the clock and sees that the teenager will be home in a few minutes.

Brenda has finally figured out what her teenage boy wants! He wants…to fuck his mom!

Brenda goes to her room, fixes her hair and make up. Puts on a very skimpy pair of short shorts and a pink sleeveless top. The thin cotton top seems to make her 36DDs look bigger than they actually are. Her nipples seem to stick out . The blonde mother puts on a pair of high heels and walks downstairs and sits on the couch, waiting for her youngster to come home.

“Hi mom…home!” Randy yells.

He finally sees his mother sitting on the couch. She always looks hot, but today she has outdone herself! Her long tanned legs are on full display and her big tits…my godddd! Randy knows he has to get upstairs to his room…and jack off real soon!

“How was your day at school, darling,?” pretending to act like nothing has happened.

“Fine, mom…uh…uhhh…I gotta kadıköy escort go upstairs and start on my homework. It’ll take a couple hours at least.”

“Okay darling…mommy won’t bother you…”

The horny boy bolts upstairs. In a few minutes Brenda will start her master plan!

In about 20 minutes Brenda quietly goes upstairs, goes to Randy’s bedroom. Even though the door is closed she can hear moaning and heavy breathing,. It seems that this has become a daily occurrence. She puts her ear to the door and can make out Randy’s voice…


Its time! Brenda quickly opens the door…

“Randy! I heard you call for me…and…MY GODDD RANDY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING???”

The teenager is in front of his computer, pants down around his ankles. His young cock is stiff and he’s beating it right in front of her…!

“Shit mom!! OHHHH MOMMM!! I’m so sorry!! Mom…I don’t know what to say…”

Brenda can’t believe the size of his cock! He must be around nine inches! She wishes she could just stand there and watch him finish but she pretends to get angry…

“Randy…I think its time…we have to talk! Why don’t you put that thing away…and come downstairs? Get cleaned up and I’ll see you in a half hour!”

“Okay mom…I’m sorry…really really sorry!”

“We have a lot of things to talk about. We have a couple problems and have to have a solution real soon!”

“OK mom…geez, I’m sorry!! See you in a half hour…”

“And…darling…if you want to finish…your business here…you can go ahead and finish whatever you were doing…after I leave.”

Brenda is nervously sitting on the couch pretending to watch some TV. She can’t concentrate on the stupid talk show, trying to get things right in her mind. The time has come for her to finally confront her young son about his failing grades at school, the things she saw on his computer, and the display she just saw.

He’s hot for his mother! Brenda can’t get the vision of her young teenager in front of his computer, beating his meat looking at some old pictures of his mom! Its without a doubt, the hottest thing she’s ever seen, anywhere! He’s not the only horny one in this house!

Hopefully she can always remember the vision of her beautiful young son stroking that big cock of his! She knows that her dildo will get quite a workout tonight!!

She doesn’t know quite how to handle all of this. Doesn’t know where to start and more importantly how the teenager will react. She can hear her young son come down the stairs. He looks very upset, still reeling over what happened a half hour ago.

Brenda smiles at her boy, trying to make him feel a little more at ease.

“Uhhh…hi mom…”

“Hi darling, why don’t you sit down over here on the couch…next to me.”


Randy sits down. Brenda turns and scoots closer to the nervous teenager. She faces him, making sure that her short shorts have scooted up just a bit, making sure her boy gets a real close look at her long tanned legs and big melons. She has gone braless. Randy can see the outline of her stiff nipples through the nylon top she is wearing.

“Darling we haven’t talked in a long time, really since your father left us. I think its time we talked, about a lot of things.”


Shit, here goes, mom is gonna take away my computer…or ground me…!

“Darling, first of all your mom isn’t mad at you…okay?”


“Well, first thing darling. I got a call from Principal Evans this morning. He told me that you are failing in school. Three D’s and 2 F’s as I recall. He told me you are off the football team and also told me you aren’t even going to graduate if this keeps up…”

“Mom…I’m sorry…its just that…”

“Darling, I know things have been tough for you since the divorce. You looked up to your father and all of a sudden he’s not around anymore.”

“Mom, I know dad wasn’t perfect. I knew he drank a lot…and treated you bad…I know why you left him…”

“Yes darling, your father is a shit. He’s just…a drunk and a loser. I tried forever to get him to get help with the alcohol. We had some big arguments about it. A few times they got so bad…he even hit me.”

“Hit you? Mom, if I’d have known that I would have clobbered him!”

“Well, I didn’t want to get you upset, so I never told anyone. But its really nice to know that my baby boy…my knight in shining armour would have come and to rescue mommy…! “

Randy looks at his mom. She looks so fucking hot! Her little short shorts have ridden up her thighs…he can almost see her panties. How is he going to get a good look without being too obvious?

“Well anyway darling. Your dad is out of the picture…forever. Its just going to be you and me from now on.”

“Mom I know that…”

“Anyway, your grades are in the toilet. Do you have any ideas how you are going to improve?”

“Mom…I guess… I’m just going to have to try harder…”

“Darling, just saying you are going to try harder isn’t going to work. And…I’m not going to punish you…or anything like that. But remember from now on we are in this together. Its just you and me. So, I have an idea which just might help you in school.”

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