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Trying to fight off the temptation to fall asleep, my tiredness was interrupted by the electronic shrill noise of the announcement “Easy Jet Flight number EZY8621 to Palma Majorca is now ready for boarding. Please approach the boarding gates with your passport and boarding card. We wish you a safe and happy flight and an enjoyable holiday.”

My holiday was about to start!

It was 5.30am at Gatwick airport. We had been here since just after 2.00am in the morning and I was exhausted, but incredibly excited. This was my first holiday without my parents and I was going to one of the flesh pots and sin cities of Europe. Magaluf, also known as Shag a Luf.

I was no innocent virgin, but neither at 19 years of age was I a total whore. I was curious as to what the next week would bring.

“Come on Elaine, let’s go.” My thoughts were disturbed by my best friend and travel companion Sue who was, like me, 19 and about to enjoy her first holiday without her parents.

Looking around us as we joined the queue to board the plane, unsurprisingly, most of the other would be holiday makers were similar to us. An equal mix of guys and girls, aged from our age to mid to late 20’s all intending to have a good time and making the best of the cheap food and drink, the good weather and the party atmosphere of Magaluf. Some were in pairs like us, some in bigger groups. One group looked like they were on a stag do. I wondered what the bride to be would be thinking of her fiancé going to Magaluf and the sexual antics that it was renowned for.

Good natured flirting had already started with banter going back and forth between the groups of holiday makers. Some of the guys in particular had clearly been enjoying a few drinks before boarding the plane and would I assume be totally off their face all holiday.

Sue and I were soon on the plane and I shut my eyes as we roared down the runway thinking what the week ahead had in store. My intention was to have fun, some drinks, not get hurt and come home with a nice sun tan. Sue and I had booked up the holiday very much last minute. We had both spilt up from our boyfriends within a week or so of each other and decided some girl time on holiday was required.

I smiled inwardly as I thought of Ross, my ex, who I had caught in bed with one of my so called friends. He had his head stuck between her legs and by the sound of things had been there some time as she was on the brink of cumming as I interrupted their activities.

My thoughts and dreams were interrupted by Sue nudging me awake.

“Elaine look at them!” she exclaimed pointing at the couple in the seats across the aisle from us.

“Talk about needing to get a room!”

The subject of her intrigue was a couple engrossed in a seriously passionate kiss, her sitting on his lap with his hands under her skimpy top massaging her breasts. Even above the roar of the jet engines and the general noise in the plan her moans of appreciation could be heard by people like us sitting near them.

“Welcome to Magaluf Sue,” I said smiling. “Just imagine what we might see there!”

“Or experience,” she said with a saucy smile.

Sue, like me was no innocent virgin but had probably had a few more experiences to reminisce about than I did. I lost my virginity just the right side of the legal age of consent to a boy I had dated for over 6 months. We split up a few months later. I then had a few, maybe 3 or 4, one night stands before starting a couple of more serious relationships, the last one to Ross.

The antics of the couple were stopped by the flight attendant who advised them, very nicely, that the captain had turned on the seatbelt signs and asked that all passengers return to their seats. I just caught sight of the guy removing his hands from under her shirt and the hard nipples poking through the shirt material. They tried to continue their performance sitting side by side, but soon gave up as the constraints of the seats and seatbelts hindered their wished for activity.

The plane landed without incident and we were soon disembarking, passing effortlessly through customs and looking for the coaches to transfer us to our various hotels.

Sue and I ended up sharing a minibus with 3 guys, about the same age as us, who were also enjoying their first holiday without parents. Not a lot was said on the short journey to our hotel but after checking in, one of them said to us that he hoped to see us around later and asked if we had any plans.

“No,” I answered. “Some catch up sleep by the pool is my first request.”

“Sounds like a good idea,” he answered stifling a yawn. “My name is Mike by the way. This is Ed and he is Sam,” pointing to the third guy still checking in.”

“Hi, I’m Elaine and this is Sue. See you later then.”

We picked up our bags and headed to our room. We made short work of unpacking, having a refreshing shower and were soon in our newly bought skimpy bikinis enjoying our first drink by the pool.

“There are worse ways of spending time,” Sue said as she shielded her eyes from the sun watching escort ataşehir some guys splashing around in the pool.

They had visibly been here some time judging by their burnt shoulders.

We were soon splashed by one of the guys.

“Come on girls, join us in the pool, we don’t bite!” one shouted.

“Well I do, but nicely!” added another.

“Maybe in a bit,” I shouted back. “We have only just got here and are unwinding.”

“I know a nicer way of unwinding,” the first one shouted back saucily.

“We’ll bear that in mind” Sue replied. “But not just now. Thanks.”

The lads continued the fun in the pool and were soon joined by a group of girls.

We smiled as within seconds various bikini tops had been removed and were being thrown around amongst the lads amongst the squeals of fake, we assumed, anger.

Despite the noise I was soon starting to drift off, my lack of sleep catching up on me.

I don’t know how long I had been asleep but I was awoken by some cold water being dripped on my hot stomach.

“Wake up sleepy head, this town never sleeps!”

I looked up to see Mike looking down at me smiling. “Oh hi, it’s you.”

“Yeah, the other guys are swimming with Sue, or trying to as there seems to be a full on game of hide the bikini top going on at the moment.”

“What, Sue’s?”

“No,” he laughed. “Well not yet.”

“Oh, Ok I am sure she can look after herself,” I said sitting up.

“Can I sit down?” Mike asked.

“Sure,” I said moving my legs to give him some room on the sunbed.

“We were planning on hitting the strip early, about 8.00 tonight as it’s our first night and wondered if you and Sue would like to join us? Grab something to eat and few drinks and then see what’s what. Either party till dawn or crash out as we all missed a night’s sleep. What do you say?”

“I think that sounds like a plan.”

We were soon joined by Sue, still with bikini top in place and the two other guys. I did a quick check and all three of them looked fit in their swimming shorts and I could see that Sue and I were also being given the once over.

With arrangements made and agreed, the lads went off to cause more havoc in the pool as Sue and I continued dozing and topping up our tan.

As agreed, we met the lads in the hotel reception at 8.00pm. Sue and I were wearing short summer skirts and vests, the lads were looking smart in polo shirts and tailored shorts. We walked along the road hand in hand; Mike in the middle, Sue and I on either side of him and the other two on the outside, Ed holding my hand and Sam holding Sue’s.

We called in at one of the first bar / restaurants, sat outside on their terrace and ordered sausage and chips, wondering if this was soon to become our staple diet, and a round of beers.

The second round of beers was soon ordered as we got to know each other a bit better. The lads were all 20, came from just outside London and were all single. Mike had recently split up from a long term relationship when she emigrated with her parents. The other two making fun of his seriousness and maturity as they boasted of their singleness and of being stud material.

As the third round of beers arrived, I caught Sam taking a sneaky look down the top of my vest as I stood up to get my bottle that had been placed in the middle of the table.

I didn’t say anything but smiled at him as I sat down. He knew he had been caught but that I wasn’t offended.

Ed was not as restrained, laughing out “Come on Sue bend down a bit more!” as she stood up and leant over to get her beer.

“Hey!” she said smiling, “it’s rude to look!”

“Well if I can’t look, can I feel them?” Ed retorted to much laughter from all of us, Sue included.

“And I thought you were a nice boy,” Sue said looking flirtingly at him.

“No that’s me,” Sam said.

The banter continued as yet another round of beers arrived.

“Oh God,” Mike groaned. “I have to break the seal, the fatal first. I need a wee.”

“Want Sue or Elaine to hold it and shake it Mike?” Ed shouted.

“Yes, but not right now!” Mike quickly replied to much mirth as he headed off to the loo.

Ed and Sam had the same problem and soon joined him. The three of them were soon back.

“Fucking hell, excuse my language,” exclaimed Sam. “You should see what’s going on in there,” pointing to the inside of the bar.

“What is it?” I asked.

“I have never seen anything like it,” Ed answered. “It’s supposed to be a wet tee shirt competition but the girls don’t seem to be wearing any tee-shirts, just dancing naked being hosed down with a hose pipe.”

“Oh My God!” exclaimed Sue. “Let’s go in and see!”

We picked up our bottles and went into the bar. All our senses were then immediately hit by a wall of noise coming from music and shouting, flashing lights and the smell of booze.

Sam led us to the side where there was a platform with 6 girls dancing and cavorting naked, much as he described, as a bored looking man in a bar tee shirt kadıköy escort proclaiming him as “staff” squirted water at them Another guy with a microphone fought a battle with the music to encourage them to kiss each other and rub their boobs and pussy’s.

We couldn’t talk to each other as the noise was so loud, but soon the guy with the microphone was asking for applause as the girls were led off the platform, picking up their discarded clothing as they did so.

“Come on; let’s have some more girls on stage. Free drinks for all participants!” shouted the man with the mic.

“Go on, Sue, go on Elaine!” shouted Sam.

We both looked at each other and laughed.

“In your dreams Sam!” I shouted back.

Soon 6 more girls were on the platform and what started as a wet tee shirt competition soon ended in a wet strip show.

We all moved on as we heard a gigantic cheer come from the other side of bar. Wanting to know what the noise was all about, we soon found out. A topless girl was on her knees, surrounded by 10 guys with their dicks out. She went round sucking each one for a few seconds before moving on to the next one.

“Come on darling!” encouraged another man with a mic. “10 blow jobs in a minute and you get a free holiday!”

The minute was soon up, and one guy had yet to receive the benefit of a few seconds suck!

“Tough luck darling!” yelled the mic guy. “Better luck next time!”

She was helped up and handed her top, only to be replaced by another girl. She was told to remove her top and started the same process, completing the act with seconds to spare.

Loud cheers and clapping ensued as she stood up and put her top back on.

“And her is your free holiday!” the man with the mic said amid much laughter, handing her a cocktail. “The cocktail is called holiday! You didn’t expect to…you did didn’t you?” he said as the girl realised what she had subjected herself to.

“Come on let’s go somewhere else!” shouted Mike.

We all agreed and followed him out of the bar.

“Jesus, I couldn’t believe my eyes,” I said as we left the bar and the noise reduced so we didn’t have to shout to make ourselves heard.

“So where next?” Ed asked.

“I don’t know, but I am sorry to say I’m going to have one for the road and then turn in, I am exhausted,” I said. “I will never last the week otherwise.”

“Oh Elaine, don’t be a spoil sport,” whined Sue.

“I’m sorry, you stay out, and these guys will look after you and have a good time.”

“Oh OK,” Sue said a bit reluctantly as we went into another bar.

The beers were soon finished and I made my good byes, chastely kissing the guys on their cheeks as I bade them goodbye.

“Look, I’ll walk you back to the hotel,” Mike said as I went to leave.

“No, it’s fine. I will be OK; you stay here and enjoy the rest of the night.”

“I insist,” he said forcefully as he took my hand.

“Ok masterful one!” If the truth be known I was a bit concerned about walking back on my own.

I said my good nights again as we walked out of the bar. He didn’t let go of my hand and I felt very comfortable as we made small talk while walking through the busy strip back to our hotel.

“I know you said that was your nightcap, but could I persuade you to have one more, just you and me?” Mike said as we approached the hotel.

I looked at him, “Ok, on one condition.”

“Which is?”

“We have it in the pool, I need to cool off or have a shower!”

“Done, get your costume and I’ll see you in the pool.”

I quickly got to my room and changed, returning to the pool to see Mike standing in the pool with two beers in front of him.

“Thanks,” I said as he handed me one.

We crashed bottle. “Cheers,” we said together.

“We stood with our backs to the pool edge admiring the distant lights and enjoying the quietness after the madness of the strip.

There was another couple in the pool opposite to us. They were oblivious to what was going on as they were entwined and passionately kissing.

“They look like they are having fun,” I said.

“Are you?”

“Having fun?”


“Yes I am, thanks,” I said as I leant over and gave him a kiss on the lips. “Very much.”

“Good, so am I,” as he kissed me back, his lips lingering a bit longer on mine.

We looked at each other and there was a silent acknowledgment of what would happen next.

Mike put his beer bottle on the side and took mine out of my hand and placed it next to his. Moving around in front of me I felt his hands go around me as he pulled me close for a hug, swiftly followed by him looking deep in my eyes as he tilted his head and came in for a kiss.

I felt his tongue open my lips and we were soon in a deep passionate kiss as our tongues fought and he held me oh so tight.

I meanwhile was running my hands over his back as our kiss continued, moaning into his mouth as I grew more and more aroused.

Stopping to draw breath, Mike continued to hold me, now running his maltepe escort bayan hands over my back from the top of my bikini bottoms, up and over the bikini top straps.

“I’ve wanted to do that since I saw you at reception,” he said quietly.

“I bet you say that to all the girls,” I replied.

“True,” he laughed, “But you were today’s girl!”

I playfully splashed him after which he resumed probably the most passionate kiss I had ever had. Boy, Mike knew how to kiss.

Breaking again to regain our breath I asked: “So what else did you want to do since you saw me at reception?”

Mike laughed as he replied, “well it’s very rude, very nice and probably something best not done in a public swimming pool.”

“I am intrigued. So should you show me in your room or mine?”

“Which one is closer?” he smiled.

“Yours, so let’s go so the other couple can have the pool to themselves.”

Mike and I looked over and while I couldn’t be certain I was sure they were actually having sex in the pool.

“I don’t think we bothered them!” Mike said as he helped me out of the pool.

We picked up some towels, dried ourselves and walked hand in hand to his room.

Once in the room, I was engulfed in his giant hug as we continued the kissing I had enjoyed in the pool.

In the sanctuary of his room I felt him stroke my body with one hand and he held me tight with the other. As he exploring hand roamed my back I felt my bikini bra strap being undone. We broke the kiss as I stepped back and removed it, allowing Mike to see my 34B breasts for the first time.

“Oh my god, “he sighed as he gently reached out and cupped them, running his thumbs over the hardening dark pink nipples.

Lowering his head, Mike took one nipple between his lips before taking as much of my boob in his mouth as he could and sucked gently, then a bit harder, then harder still until I indicated that it was a bit too much.

Mike led me towards his bed and I got to see his growing erection in his trucks.

“Shall we remove these”, I said as I gently reached out and touched the waist band.

He nodded.

Carefully I slipped the trunks down and as he stepped out of them I got to see his prick in all its glory.

I gently touched it and got on my knees and as I stroked it, marvelling at how it got harder, I licked the end, tasting his wetness and hearing him take a sharp breath.

“Oh God Elaine, yes!”

Needing no encouragement I took as much of his hard prick in my mouth as I could, licked and sucked him as best as I could. His moaning and the fact that he started thrusting, fucking my mouth, indicated he was enjoying my attention.

“Elaine, I won’t last long if you keep doing that!” Mike whispered.

I stopped and stood up, dirtily wiping my mouth that was covered in my saliva and his wetness.

He held me tight again and kissed me, if possibly, even more passionately than before.

I felt his hand wonder down my back and into my bikini bottoms, feeling his fingers go down the crack of my bum, approaching my pussy, which was now aching for attention.

We broke off our kiss.

“I think it’s time you lost these,” Mike said softly as he undid the ties of my bikini bottoms and dropped them to the floor.

He pushed me onto the bed and knelt down to see my sex for the first time. Freshly waxed, there was not a hair there.

“Oh sweet Jesus, that is beautiful,” he sighed as he gently opened my legs. I felt him gently open me up and his finger easily slid along my soaking wet crack. He slowly slid a finger in me as he lent forward and licked my hardening clit.

One finger was joined by another as the finger fucking quickened and his licking of my clit continued. He was as good at oral sex as he was at kissing and I knew that I would soon cum. Sensing that, he was soon looking for my G spot, something I had found myself but lovers had not yet found. That was it, that set the orgasm off and I was soon exploding as my muscles tightly grasped his fingers in my slick pussy and I had to stop him licking my oh so sensitive clit.

He slowly withdrew his fingers as my orgasm subsided.

“Ok?” he whispered as he joined me on the bed, gently kissing me. I could taste myself on him as he let me climb down from the peak and regain my breath.

“Yes, I am. You are very naughty making a girl cum like that. You could spoil her for life!”

Mike smiled in a self-satisfied glow.

I reached out and found his hard cock, feeling it harden even more as I gently stroked it.

“Mike, I hate to be practical, but I do hope you have a condom?”

“I do, but it won’t be needed if you keep doing that!”

I laughed as he got off the bed, soon returning ripping the top off the packet and putting the condom on his prick.

Lying down beside me, he then slid on top of me and I instinctively opened my legs. Hoisting himself up, I felt for his hardness and guided it into my pussy, holding my breath as I felt it slide all the way in.

“Oh yes Mike, fuck me!” I implored, as I felt him withdraw, then renter and started to build constant thrusting.

Lifting my bum, I tried to match him.

“Oh Mike, I am going to cum again!”

“Good, I can’t last long, sorry!” he cried as I felt his thrusting get faster and more urgent.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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