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I sat silently, in the corner of our bedroom, as I watched my wife snuggle up against her lover. He laid flat on his back, totally naked. She curled up against his muscled body and began to rub her long, slender fingers across his chest. His head turned towards her face. In response, his mouth was met by her awaiting lips. She moved her hand and placed it on his face and drew it closer so that their lips would meet without effort. I watched her tongue dart between his lips. Soon, they were in a deep, passionate kiss, totally oblivious to me and my growing erection. In the semi-darkness, I reached down between my legs and began to slowly rub my growing cock. Their hands began to explore each other’s bodies. Hers, traced his muscled chest, while his cupped her lingerie covered, perky breasts. Things began to heat up, as I flashed back to how this all came to be.

This was becoming a new normal for me. Liz and I had known each other since we were babies. Like many close friends, our relationship had turned romantic as we hit our teen years. During high school, we dated on and off. No matter how often we broke up, we would soon find ourselves back together again. As college approached, we found ourselves at the same school. We became roommates and our relationship finally became permanent. After we graduated, we got married, but I our marriage had a secret arrangement.

While we were in high school, Liz had an insatiable sex drive. Quite honestly, I couldn’t keep up. She would want to fuck before school, after school and even while I was at my after-school job. She was always up for the craziest and strangest sex. We did everything you can imagine. We tried anal, bondage, pissing on each other, threesomes, denial and at one point I wore a cock cage for a few weeks while she teased the shit out of me. I just couldn’t keep up with her constant need for sex. This desperate need, caused many of our break ups. During our break ups, she would fuck as many guys as she could. This would always make me jealous and she knew it. I would always beg her to come back to me and the sex would return to where we left off. She finally professed her undying love for me and told me that she wanted to be with me forever. Her only complaint about our relationship was my sex drive did not match hers. She said she could get passed that, but I knew she could not. By the time we went to college, we had come to an arrangement we could both live with. I got to be with the absolutely hottest woman, that I adored, and she got to have a fuck buddy to fill her insatiable sexual desires, when I couldn’t perform.

At first, our new arrangement seemed strange. We would fuck like rabbits for weeks, then my cock would just finally give up. She would take that as her sign to visit her fuck buddy and wear his cock out for a while. She knew that it usually took me a week or so to get my sex drive back. During that week, she would sleep with one of the guys that she met freshman year in her English class. He was a muscle-bound knuckle head with a big cock. He fancied himself a real ladies’ man and wanted no commitment to any woman. It was all sex to him and not much more. This arrangement fit our needs perfectly. The funny thing is, he thought that Liz was cheating on me, with him. Every time he’d see me, he would just smile and shake his head as if to say he had stolen something from me. Little did he know, he was being used as a tool and nothing more.

Senior year of college, Liz and I got engaged and after graduation, got married. Before we tied the knot, we set some rules we could both live with. The first was, she was my wife and sex with each other trumped sex with others. Second, during my sexual down time, she could fuck anyone she wanted. Her fuck sessions needed to be at home, when I was at the house. I did not need to watch, I just needed to be there and know she was safe. She loved that and told me that she had always wanted me close by while she made love to her other partners. She said that she had always loved me and that looking into my eyes while she fucked someone was her ultimate fantasy. She shyly admitted that she would cum just thinking about looking at me while she fucked other guys. Her one demand was that her lovers could only fuck her bareback. She hated the feeling of condoms and loved the feeling of a mans warm cum flowing inside her. I reluctantly agreed and asked that she only fuck men she knew were clean and that she stayed on birth control. We both agreed to this and began our married life together.

Today was our third anniversary. As it turned out my sex drive was totally gone. For the last few weeks, we have been having sex almost twice a day. Most mornings, I’d wake up to Liz slipping my morning wood into her dripping pussy. It was a hell of a way to wake up and usually it didn’t take long for me to pop one off, deep inside her. As I shoot my load into her, she usually grinds her clit as hard as she can, into me, until I feel her pussy grab my cock and pulse out a rocking escort ataşehir orgasm. Before bed each evening, she teases me with her tight bubble butt and begs me to take her from behind. She loves when I pound her ass hard. We had spent weeks fucking like teenagers but now my balls were empty and my cock was sore.

A few days earlier, I told her that I was totally spent and doubted that I could to give her the fucking she so dearly wanted on our anniversary. When I told her this, I was met with a big pouty lip. She sadly said that she desperately wanted hot, hard, anniversary sex and that she had purchased some new lingerie for the occasion. I felt really stupid and bad. I told her that I was sorry. She seemed depressed and didn’t say much the rest of the evening. Right before bed, she told me that she had asked her lover to fuck her on our anniversary and that I was going to watch. She said that this was my gift to her. She was going to have her hard sex on our anniversary, with or without me. My heart skipped a beat, but I agreed.

However, there was one catch. She insisted that I sit in the comfy chair, by the bed and watch. My heart almost beat from my chest. I had never seen my wife fuck her lovers before. I had always been close by, but never there in the room. To my surprise, my cock began to get hard. Liz put one hand on my chest and one down my pants as she kissed me. Her long fingers gripped my growing cock as the other hand acted like a human EKG. She pulled back and giggled and told me that she wasn’t surprised I got excited at the thought. She said she had always thought that I had wanted to watch and even participate. She then said that she had a gift for me and that she would surprise me with it after her lover left. I was intrigued and anxious to see what she had gotten me.

The night of our anniversary, we went out for a nice dinner. All night, Liz teased me. She wore an amazingly tight dress, with some fuck me pumps that made her legs and ass really pop. At dinner, she slipped her foot out of her heel and rubber my cock with the sole of her foot, from beneath the table. The night was starting out pretty hot. As we returned home, she asked me if I was sure I didn’t want to fuck her. I told her that I desperately wanted to fuck her, but I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to go all the way, my cock just ached from overuse. She slyly smiled and grabbed her phone and sent a short text. She stripped out of her dress and revealed her new bra and panties. The bra was snow white in color, was totally seamless and very smooth. It looked like it was painted on her. Her panties were thong style and matched perfectly with her bra. She was a beautiful sight to behold.

As she strutted around in front of me, the doorbell rang. She turned to me and told me to go upstairs and get undressed. Liz then told me to put on a condom and then go sit in the chair and be totally quiet at all times. Just like a dog, I ran off and did as I was told. Almost immediately, I heard Liz open the front door. She greeted her guest and asked him if he wanted something to drink. He said he did and I heard them move off into the kitchen. I quickly threw my clothes off and fished in the nightstand for a condom. We never used them usually, so the package seemed old and brittle. I tore it open to find the little rubber disk waiting for me. I fiddled with it a bit as I tried to roll it down my semi-rigid shaft. Finally, it was on and I sat down in the chair and waited in the semi-darkness.

About ten minutes passed before a figure appeared in the door. It was him. Her lover had entered our bedroom. He did not acknowledge me and instead stripped off his clothes. He then pulled back the sheets and crawled into our bed. A moment later, Liz came in and made her way over the bed and climbed in next to him. It then struck me, my wife had just crawled into our marital bed with her lover. On our third anniversary, my wife was being taken by another man, while I watched, because I was unable to perform my husbandly duties.

As my mind came back to the scene unfolding in front of me, I focused on the two of them. After they passionately kissed each other, Liz climbed atop her lover and straddled his groin. She slowly stroked his impressive cock in an effort to make it rock hard. My wife then sat up as high as she could and pulled the thong to the side and began to rub the tip of his impressive tool on her wet pussy lips. Her lover moaned loudly. Liz smiled broadly and slowly impaled herself on his shaft. Again, he moaned in pleasure. She then placed her hands on her ankles and began to ride him, like a horse on a gentle trot. The room began to fill with the sound of her ass slapping down on his legs as she purred like a kitten. His strong hands grasped her tiny waist and he began to thrust himself upwards with each bounce. Liz threw her head back as she increased her rhythm. Her lover expressed how good she looked on his cock and how beautiful she was. This only encouraged kadıköy escort her to ride him harder.

Her lover moved his hands up to her breasts and squeezed them tightly. My wife moaned with pleasure at his touch. Her left hand moved down behind her back and began to massage his balls as she rode his hard stick. Every once in a while, I caught a glimpse of her wedding ring, as the diamond caught the soft light from the hallway. The ring I had given her as a sign of my commitment and devotion to her, was now touching another man’s balls. My heart raced at the thought. It seemed so very wrong, yet in some strange way, right. Liz was getting what she wanted, what she needed on our anniversary. Something that I knew I couldn’t do to either of our satisfaction.

Her massaging was working. Her lover began to get rougher with her. I could see that he was beginning to get into a sexual frenzy. Liz sensed that too and began riding him harder. She took the first two fingers on her right hand and slipped them into his mouth. This excited him. She pulled them out to the edge of his lips, at which point, his tongue began to dance on them as if he was licking her clit. She let out a very satisfied growl and began to ride him at a full gallop.

Liz’s breathing became louder and heavier as did her lovers. Like a Vegas poker shark, Liz had her “tells”. She could not hide her build up to orgasm. No, it was obvious to anyone when she was about to pop. She grabbed her breasts with both hands and squeezed them hard. Liz then bit her bottom lip as she threw her head as far back as she could. Then, she slammed herself down hard on his massive tool and let out a scream. She flung herself forward and fell on top of him in an effort to shove his cock inside her as deeply as possible. She ground her pussy hard into his groin. Her hands grabbed his head and she shoved her tongue down his throat, almost gagging him. All the while, her body shook as if it was in an earthquake. It was a sight to see. Surprisingly, her lover did not explode at the same time. No, instead he forced his manhood as deeply as he could inside of her and just allowed her to orgasm herself to ecstasy.

The whole scene was very erotic. To my amazement, my rubber clad cock was rock hard and standing at full attention. Liz had told me to wear a condom just in case I got hard and had an orgasm. She did not want me to make a mess on the comfy chair, I was sitting on. When she asked, I was sure that I was not going to come, fuck, I wasn’t even sure I would get it up. However, not only was I erect, my heart was racing like when I had sex with Liz. Without realizing it, I had been jerking my cock off pretty hard. I was actually pretty close to coming.

After a few minutes, Liz began to come down from her orgasmic high. She continued to kiss her lover intensely. Her passion made my heart beat even harder. She wasn’t just fucking her lover, no, she was making love to him. My body began to shiver slightly, not from cold but from the intensity of what I was seeing. After what seemed like forever, she slowly climbed off of him. She slid down between his legs and grabbed his cock with her left hand and guided it towards her sexy lips. His cock glistened with her juices. Slowly, she began to lick the shaft clean. It was incredibly sensual. Her lovers cock twitched with each lick. All the while, she looked deeply into his eyes. Her lover took her head into his strong hands and began guiding it up and down his shaft. Liz had no gag reflex and easily took his long cock across her warm, wet tongue and down into her throat. Her lover reacted with amazement. I watched intently as my wife sucked off another man, in our bed. Once again, my right hand was flying across my rigid pole.

Just before her lover was about to unload into her throat, she removed his cock from her mouth and gave him a sultry smile.

As she did, she spun around on the bed and looked back over her shoulder. Liz looked into his eyes and told him that she wanted him to fuck her hard from behind. She wanted him to “take” her, “use” her, like a cheap whore. Her lover sprang up off the bed and immediately positioned himself behind her perky ass. The sound of a hard slap rang through the bedroom. She howled in delight. He told her that she was fucking whore that needed to be put in her place. She responded with “take my ass Daddy”.

He slapped her ass hard again and impaled his weapon deep inside her. He shoved her face into the bed with one hand and grabbed her long hair with the other. Her lover then pounded her ass deeply and without mercy. Liz reacted with screams of YES, YES. Her lover then placed his hand on the small of her back and asked her if she was a slutty whore. She responded with a loud YES. As she did, he slid his large thumb deep inside her asshole. Liz let out a surprised yelp, a scream of FUCK, then began to shake violently. Her lover looked down at her and told her to cum for him. To my amazement, she did just that. Her maltepe escort bayan body convulsed as if she was having a seizure. Her knees gave out, but she did not collapse to the bed, as her lover was holding her quivering body up with his hard cock and his thumb deep inside her ass.

I had never seen Liz come like this before. She seemed to be in a trance, unable to breathe normally or even have control of her body. She trembled uncontrollably for quite some time. Finally, her lover could not hold her up any longer. He lowered her spent body down to the bed and pummeled her pussy into submission. Our bed screamed and creaked like never before. Never, had sex been that severe in that bed. I was afraid it was just going to break apart and crash to the floor. Their love making did not resemble ours. Ours was slow, gentle and simple. Theirs was raw, passionate and brutal.

Liz’s amazing lover finally stopped plowing her ass long enough to ask her a question. He grabbed her hair and pulled her face up from the mattress and asked her what a little whore like her wanted. Breathlessly, she responded by telling him that she wanted his hot cum deep inside her womb. She then told him that she wanted him to “plant his seed” inside her. I nearly shit myself when I heard her say that. Cum inside me was one thing, but plant his seed, this comment brought it to a whole new level. Her lover laughed sinisterly and began to bang her ass hard again. He once again used her hair as a handle and jerked her head back hard. He then demanded that she tell him what she wanted, over and over again. She told him she wanted his seed inside her womb. He demanded that she say it louder. She said it again, this time much louder. Again, he demanded she continue. Soon, our bedroom echoed with the sounds of intense fucking and screams of “I want your seed in my womb”.

Her demands for his seed were rewarded as he blasted load after load of cum deep inside my wife. As he did, Liz slid off into another crushing orgasm. Her lover howled like a wolf, as he filled Liz’s womb with his potent seed. Liz screamed in a way I had never heard before. Her lover’s body was glistening in sweat and hard as a rock. He looked like a Greek god, with his sacrifice laying before him. My wife was that sacrifice, laying spent, in front of him with his sperm injected deep inside her. The room was filled with the smell of sex, sweat and cum. As he finished taking his prize, he fell down on top of her. They laid there together in our marital bed for about an hour before he finally removed his now flaccid cock from her pussy.

The sight of their mutual orgasm nearly sent me over the edge. I forced myself to release my grip from my cock and grab the arms of the chair. I desperately wanted to save my potential orgasm for Liz. My body trembled in a way it never had. My cock was as hard as it had ever been. It bounced up and down with each heart beat. I felt like I was going to pass out.

Liz’s lover flipped her over and kissed her as he crawled out of our bed. She reached over and grabbed my pillow and propped it up under her butt so that his cum would not leak out onto the bed. Her lover picked up his clothes and went into the bathroom to get dressed. Liz turned to me and asked me to join her in bed. I stood up and revealed my raging hard-on. She smiled broadly. As I crawled into bed next to her, she whispered to me that she needed some birth control. I didn’t know what she meant. She told me that she really did need some birth control. She then explained that she had wanted to get pregnant and had thought that we would have sex on our anniversary. She had stopped taking her birth control three months ago in anticipation.

I sat straight up in shock. She slyly smiled and pointed down to her freshly fucked pussy and again said she REALLY needed some birth control. Her hand grabbed the hair on the top of my head and guided my mouth to her gaping pussy. She told me that I needed to get busy and shoved my face into her sloppy hole. I nearly passed out as her lovers cum slid into my mouth. My body shook violently. Liz flipped me over on the bed and straddled my face with her pussy. Her lovers hot seed slowly slid out and into my mouth. She told me to suck hard, as she could still feel his warmth deep inside her. I grabbed her ass and sucked as hard as I could. I didn’t want another mans sperm attacking my wife’s eggs. The thought of another man’s baby growing inside my wife’s womb, was overwhelming. I was cleaning up her lovers’ mess without even thinking about it. I had never had any desire to do it, yet I was cleaning her pussy with zeal.

As her lover stepped from the bathroom, my sucking and darting tongue, set her off on a gentle rolling orgasm. He walked over to the bed and kissed her as she rode the waves. She moaned with pleasure. Her lover told her good night and then looked down to see my face totally covered with his messy gift. He smiled then looked to my crotch and laughed. He pointed to my cock and smiled and left. Liz looked down at my cock to discover that the tip of my condom was full of cum. My balls had released their contents without me even realizing. I had gotten so excited that I had filled the tip of the condom up without ever felling that I had an orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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