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I am standing on the porch overlooking the ocean as the sun goes down. Feeling the cool air as it passes through me. As I am thinking about the activities earlier, you come up behind me and put your arms around me. I get a slight chill from the warmth of your arms wrapping around me. You kiss my neck gently several times.

You know what that does me. I turn around and face you, and I pull you closer to me, kissing you deeply and full of passion. I can feel every inch of your body growing with desire. I run my hands down your back, un-tucking your shirt and running my bare hands up your back. I can feel how hot you are. Gives me chill bumps feeling how hot you are, and sexy also. You grab my hands and lead me inside the beach house again leaving the patio door open for the crisp breeze and the sound of the ocean hitting the shoreline. I look into your eyes and push you down on the bed. I put your hands in mine while I kiss you softly on the mouth. I gently run my tongue ring down your neck stopping every so often kiss it. Tastes so sweet, so innocent (but of course I know better). I stand up.

Slowly I take my nightshirt off. I have nothing on underneath except for pure desire for you. I suck two of my fingers till they are nice and wet. Slowly I run them down my chest, escort ataşehir pinching my nipples gently to make them stand out even more. Going past my navel and stopping at my slit. Making sure you are watching me and nothing else. I slowly trace my slit with the two fingers. I stop for a minute and walk next to the bed. Lifting one leg up next to you. Again I run my fingers to my slit, feeling how wet I already am I slowly insert the fingers inside of me as far as they will go. I can feel the sweet juices dripping out. I look into your eyes then I lick my fingers clean. Tasting myself. I can see how big your cock is getting. I think it might just burst out of your shorts. J I smile at you. I lick my lips and insert three fingers inside of me. I finger fuck myself while I am staring into your eyes. Seeing the desire within you. I tilt my head back and you know I am going to cum. I look back at you.

Taking my fingers out and I offer them to you to clean off. You suck them clean and almost send me over the edge again. I strip your clothes off. I kiss you on the mouth while my hand finds your hard and still growing cock. I run my fingertips to the tip and I feel the precum. I rub it into my fingers. Slowly grabbing your cock with my whole hand. Running kadıköy escort down the shaft. Feeling every vein pop out. I start kissing you from the earlobe to the neck. Small sensuous kisses that I know drive you wild. Kissing farther down, I kiss the middle of your chest and move one of my hands to your nipple. I rub it and then suddenly I put my warm wet mouth on it. Circling my tongue around it. Slowly I make a trail of kisses to your navel, where I use my tongue to make small circles. I can feel your hard cock against my chest, so I push myself harder onto you, Damn baby I can feel the throbbing.

Not waiting any longer I lick the top of your cock. Tasting all the pre cum out. Taking just the tip into my mouth and moving my tongue just on the tip. Then I trace the veins with my tongue, all down the shaft. I hear you breathing heavy and needing to cum very badly. The anticipation is killing you, and I know this. I am back at the tip. I put it back into my mouth, and suck hard. Slowly I insert the your whole cock into my mouth. Taking it all in. Pulling out while sucking hard and gently scraping my teeth along the shaft. You put your hands on my head and grab my hair. Sends me the chills, so in return I suck your cock, harder and faster each time I take it maltepe escort bayan not my mouth.

I can see that you want to cum but I am not going to let you. I stop and ask if you want to fuck me. You answer yes. I move up to kiss you on the lips, but I smile at you instead. And press my body against yours. I want you to feel how wet I am. I kiss you long and hard. I lift myself up and place your cock at the entrance to my wet slit. Moving your cock up and down. Teasing you without inserting it yet. You grab my hips and whisper please baby I need it. I smile and slowly insert you into me. Filling every inch I have to offer. I start riding you slowly. I want to make it last forever.

Our juices slowly mixing together. The only sounds are of us moaning with pure excitement. I start riding you faster and grinding myself into you. Our bodies coming together as one. I tell you that I want to feel you explode into me. I want to feel your hot cum inside of me. The rush it gives. Faster I ride you. Our breathing is faster now and moans have turned into screams of desire. Another hard slam into your cock and we both tremble with the release. We stay connected together for a few minutes. Finally, I stand up a bit and let your cock slip out. I notice a bit of your cum has dripped down my leg. I take a finger and scoop it up and lick it off. You look at me and smile. I move to your cock and suck it completely clean. I feel it start to rise again. We both look into each other’s eyes and know what we are going to be doing for the next few days…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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