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I was finally finished. After years of a miserable marriage, I was ready for some fun. I received the papers this morning. DIVORCE FINAL. Now it is time to play. I was completely faithful through the marriage, but I was ready for some raw, dirty fun. Time to celebrate.

I put on my tight, sexy black dress. I complemented my body perfectly. My full C tits slightly revealed, but still left a little to the imagination. My round ass was covered, but not too much. Just the slightest wrong move would show off the fact that I wasn’t wearing any panties to cover my pussy.

Off I went, looking the best I have in a long time. My confidence was at an all time high. I entered the club and went straight for the bar. I got a double vodka and sprite while I scoped the room. I spotted my target right away. He was sitting at a table concentrating on the screen of his phone.

I walked up without him even noticing.

“Can I buy you a drink?” I asked noticing his drink was low. He looked up and I noticed how much more stunning he was up close. I could tell that under his button down shirt, he had a nice muscular build. He had dark hair with a five o’clock shadow, and a slight tan. All I could think about was how big his cock might be.

“Um, sure…yes…please have a seat.” He seemed a little confused, and probably expected me to sit across from him in the booth, but I scooted him over practically sitting on top of him.

“Wow, I wasn’t expecting that, sorry”

“Well, what did you expect? When you buy a woman a drink, I am sure you have certain intentions, correct?” I was surprising myself with my boldness.

“So you are saying you have certain expectations by buying me a drink”

I grabbed the sexy stranger’s hand and placed it between my legs under my dress allowing him to feel how hot and wet my pendik escort pussy was getting.

“Wow, I do have to say this is a first for me. What makes you think I am willing?”

I glanced down at his crotch and notice the incredibly large bulge in his pants. I reach over and caress his leg, moving my hand about an inch from his hard cock. Teasing for a minute, before I move my hand completely on top of it. Wow, it was so hard and fucking huge. He inhaled a deep breath when I slightly squeezed the head.

He gave in quite easily and his hand instantly returned to my now dripping pussy.

“Don’t you even want to know my name?” he asked.

“No need,” I responded. “Your place?”

“I have a hotel room right around the corner. I am in town on business for the next three days.”

“Let’s go…now” I said.

I dropped some money on the table and we were out. We hopped in my car and he let me know where to go. He was playing with my wet pussy while I was driving, making it very hard to concentrate. As soon as I began to turn into the hotel parking lot, he took the soaking wet finger out of my pussy and put it in my ass. I gasped and hit the gas, almost causing me to wreck.

I hopped out of the car as soon as I parked and told him to get me to the room. I couldn’t take it anymore. I was ready to be fucked and I was going to get everything I wanted tonight.

As we entered the room, he grabbed me and kissed me. A moan escaped my lips, but I pushed him back. I told him to take all of his clothes off and get on the bed. He was more than willing to comply. He did it without taking his eyes off of me. I slowly stepped out of my sexy dress and placed it on a chair while keeping my heels on. I walked over to the bed, and climbed toward him.

His cock was massive. I knew I was going to maltepe escort be selfish tonight, so I figured I would start by doing some work on him. He was going to be doing plenty to me.

I licked all the way up and down the ten inches, while stopping to suck lightly on his balls. He moaned loudly. I took the head into my mouth and started to work my way down the huge shaft. I picked up the pace while pumping the bottom of the shaft with my hand. I could feel his cock getting harder in my mouth, so I stopped. He wasn’t going to finish that quickly, I had more planned.

I got up and went to my purse and grabbed a small bottle of lube. I put a little in my hand and set it on the nightstand next to the bed. I stood next to him and began to rub it on my tight, round breasts.

“I want you to fuck my tits with that big cock”

His eyes lit up. I laid on my back and he straddled me as I wrapped my tits around his cock. He started slowly, then quickly picked up the pace. I don’t know why this turned me on so much feeling a hard dick fucking my tits, but it could almost make me cum. I was screaming out as he played with my nipples.

“Fuck my tits like you are going to fuck my pussy. Ohhhhh yeah, that cock feels so good”

The way he was fucking my tits, I knew he was going to tear my pussy up. He stopped and went down to start eating my pussy. He started flicking my clit with his tongue. That was sending me over the edge when he started fucking my pussy with his tongue. He shoved one finger up my ass and started moving it in and out at the same pace as his tongue fucking my pussy. That was it.

“oooooohhhhhh fuck. Yes yes yes yes. I’m cummming. I want that cock. Fuck me with that cock”

Before I even completely finished he slammed the huge cock in my pussy. We both yelled out. kartal escort It was the most amazing feeling ever. I was stretched out in one swift move and was wrapped tightly around his cock. I knew he couldn’t take much more because he was fucking my pussy so hard.

“Ohhhh baby, tear my pussy up. Oh my fucking god, oooooooohhh fuck. Tear it up”

“Oh, bitch I am gonna cum. I am gonna cum in you, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

I felt his hot cum filling my pussy. I started screaming as an overwhelming orgasm consumed me.

He collapsed on the bed next to me.

“Oh, honey you aren’t done yet. That cock better get hard again if it wants to fuck my ass.” I grabbed the bottle of lube and squirted a little on my finger. I began massaging my asshole with it. His cock magically sprang back to life. I fingered my asshole for a minute and began to moan.

He grabbed my arms and flipped me over. It caught me by surprise that he was taking control. He lifted my ass up and had me face down in the pillows. He pushed the head of his cock in my tight asshole. He held my back down with one hand while guiding his cock with the other. The mere fact that he was holding me down was sending me over the edge on top of the fact that he was slowly working that monster of a cock into my tiny asshole.

“Ohhhhh, fuck my ass with that huge cock. Make me your slut and teach me a lesson with that monster dick.”

He fucked my ass hard. He had three fingers in my pussy while fucking me in the ass. I couldn’t do anything but buck wildly underneath him.

“Oh, fuck baby, your ass is so fucking tight. You are so hot. I am gonna fill your ass with my cum. Uggghhhhh ooooohhhhhhh, DAMN I am cummmmmming. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh”

As his pumps slowed, he pulled his cock from my ass with a pop. The bed was a wet mess from both of our cum. He was laying down exhausted. I slipped on my dress, and walked out of the room without a word. I had cum dripping from my ass and my pussy as I got in my car. Ahhhh, that was exactly what I needed. Hmmm…maybe I will have to do that again tomorrow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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