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The story begins in the spring of 2017 in Houston. It eventually slips into an alternative reality where no hurricanes happened in 2017. Death and destruction don’t make for good romantic fantasies.

When I was a junior at Texas A&M and my sister Nora was a senior at the University of Texas, we both broke up with our significant others a little before spring break, ruining our spring break plans. Instead, we spent spring break at home. My other sibling Beth had already graduated and was living on her own. On Tuesday night, it was just Nora and me as our parents had gone out and wouldn’t be home till late. We got drunk while complaining about our sex lives. At some point, I said, “Let’s fuck!” and to my surprise, Nora was game. What I had hoped would be a little drunk fun wound up a disaster. Nora was very upset and I felt bad for how it had gone. I avoided Nora for the rest of spring break. Over the next seven years, we graduated from college, Nora graduated from law school and we built successful careers. The guilt and disappointment never went away and we were always awkward around each other. Now, we both live in Houston and work downtown. In spite of our proximity, we never find time to see each other – much to our parents’ disappointment. The only time we see each other is holidays at our parents’.

* * * *

I was surprised when Nora’s name came up on my phone. “Hi, Nora.”

“Hi, Greg. Can I come over and talk for a while?”

“Sure. I’m home. Do you have the address?”

“Yes. Mom gave it to me a while ago.”

“Okay. See you soon.”

Nora never called me. Was there some problem with Mom or Dad?

Fifteen minutes later, I let my sister into my apartment, which was on the eighth floor of a high-rise several miles west of downtown. Nora was a lawyer for a downtown law firm and was dressed in gray jacket with matching skirt and a white blouse. She had green eyes and her shoulder-length hair was a reddish-orange that although dyed looked natural. Her hair was naturally a dark blond like mine. She was 5’6″, but in her heels she was close to my six feet.

After I closed the door, I said, “Let me get a chair.” I was nervous. This was the first time that I had been truly alone with Nora since ‘The Night’. Before, there had always been family close by. I hoped nothing ugly would happen.

“Where’s the furniture?” Nora’s voice dripped with…I wasn’t quite sure. Sarcasm? Anger? Contempt?

I got one of the dining room chairs, brought it into the living room and sat down. “My roommate has moved in with his girlfriend and took all his furniture. I’m hoping to find a new roommate with a lot of furniture. Until then, all I’ve got is this love seat and the dining room set.” I was frustrated that Nora already had me on the defensive. “But my furniture isn’t why you came over. Are Mom and Dad okay?”

“Yes.” She seemed pissed that I asked about them.

“You doing okay?”


“You know, we should talk to Mom and Dad about downsizing. Their house was great for raising three kids, but now it’s a lot more house and yard than they need. They could-“

“And you’d get a lot of furniture if they downsized.” She said it like I was planning on raiding their retirement savings.

“Yeah, but-“

“You may not care, but I’m not doing okay. I’ve broken up with Kevin and-“

“Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! We’re definitely not getting drunk and having sex again. That was a huge-“

“I know – huge mistake. We’re definitely not doing that again. That’s not why I came over.”

I could tell I had offended Nora. “I’m sorry. It’s just…”

“Let me talk. As I said, I’ve broken up with Kevin and want to talk to somebody-“

“Why don’t you talk with one of your girlfriends?”

Kevin had been Nora’s boyfriend for the last two or three years. A fellow lawyer; rising star in a big law firm. They had been living together for over a year. Mom had been certain they’d marry. I had told Mom to not count her grandkids before they’re hatched.

“Because then I’ll wind up talking about Kevin. I don’t want to talk about Kevin. I’m not going to say his name for the rest of the evening. I wanted to have a long conversation with someone and I realized that I haven’t had a good talk with you in forever. So tell me what’s been going on in your life.”

We had barely talked since ‘The Night’, so I slowly told Nora about my last seven years – trips I made, girlfriends I had, my steady advancement in the accounting department of an oil company. At one point, I was thirsty and decided to take a break from talking. I stood up and asked Nora, “Would you like a beer?” Then it hit me what I had said. “Just one beer! And I’ll get you some crackers to eat with it!”


I got two beers, poured some Cheez-Its into a bowl and came back to the living room. I continued with my story, ending up with how I currently wasn’t dating anyone and was looking for a new roommate.

I had watched Nora as I had talked with her and there was an odd transformation. At first, her face and body language showed bostancı escort anger; a lot of it. As I talked, the anger slowly went away and was replaced with…disappointment? Frustration? I had no idea why my telling her about my life would make her disappointed or frustrated.

I said, “Your turn. So what’s happened in your life?”

Nora slowly told me about her last seven years. She didn’t mention Kevin. I got the feeling that I got the PG13-version as friends of mine from high school who knew Nora at UT had told me Nora liked to drink and hook up – a reputation that I regretfully discovered to be deserved. Or maybe ‘The Night’ had broken her of that habit. I got us another round of beers, but made sure we stayed quite sober. As she talked, the negative feelings seemed to drain out of her and by the end, it was like the long talks we used to have before ‘The Night’.

When Nora was finished, she stood up and asked, “Which bedroom is yours?”

I pointed to a door.

Nora walked to the other door. “This is a good-sized bedroom.”

“Yeah. Nice building, great location. I won’t have any trouble getting another roommate.”

Nora went into the bedroom, calling out to me, “This is a great location. It’d be a short drive to my office.”

Was she suggesting…?

I leaned against the doorway of the bedroom and watched Nora inspect it. “Where you and Kevin were living is close too. Did he move out?”

“No. He’s so lazy outside of work. He offered me a lot of money if I’d move out and let him have everything.”

“Where you staying then?”

“At a friend’s place, sleeping on her couch.” Nora stopped checking out the room and turned to me. “I hate living out of suitcases. And it’s crazy in the morning when my friend, her partner and I are all trying to get ready to go to work. I need to find someplace else to live.”

She’s really not suggesting, is she?

“You could move in with Mom and Dad.” Our parents lived in The Woodlands, an upscale suburb thirty miles north of downtown Houston.

“I did for a few days. The drive to work was bumper-to-bumper most of the way and I hate stop-and-go traffic. I was exhausted by the time I got there.” Nora opened the closet door. “This isn’t big enough for all my clothes.” Thank goodness. “But there’s enough space that I could buy an armoire.”

“Nora, I can’t believe you’re talking about staying here. We feel awkward around each other. We’ve felt awkward around each other since ‘The Night’. How many awkward moments did we have this evening?”

“Was it a pleasant evening?” Nora turned on the bathroom light. “Did you enjoy talking with me even though there were awkward moments?”

She had me. It had been a pleasant evening and I had enjoyed talking with her. But still…

Nora came out of the bathroom. “I need a bedroom where I can unwind and a bathroom I don’t share. If I don’t get those soon, I’m going to kill someone.” Nora could tell my resistance was weakening. “It’ll be for only a month and a half. Give me that long to find a place.”

I wasn’t happy about the idea of Nora living with me, but I could handle it for a short period of time. “Okay. A month and a half.”

* * * *

Nora went over to her friend’s, gathered her stuff, came back and spent the night on an exercise mat. In the morning, Nora asked, “Would you please go to IKEA with me tonight?”

I had a truck and Nora had a Mini, so it made sense for me to go with her to haul furniture. “Sure. I had nothing planned for tonight.”

“You’ll probably want something for helping me.” Suddenly, the anger was back.

“It’d be nice if you bought me dinner. IKEA has a decent cafeteria. But you don’t have to.”

Nora didn’t seem to know how to respond to that. “Can you take me to work and pick me up there tonight?”

“No problem. I’ll be ready to go in a few minutes.”

* * * *

That night as we ate dinner, I asked Nora, “So what happened to you and Kevin?”

“Lots of problems.”

“And one day you decided it was time to move on?”

“Well, we were fighting a lot about money. I complained about how much he spent on his car. He complained about how much I spent on clothes. After a particularly heated fight, I decided to pull the plug.”

I knew I should change topics, but I wanted to understand Nora’s emotions last night and this morning. “You’re both lawyers. I’d think you’d have plenty of money.”

“And we had plenty of student loans. And we took a lot of expensive vacations.”

“As a lawyer, Kevin should have understood that you need to spend a lot on work outfits. You have to look professional.”

Nora looked pained. “He didn’t complain when I bought work outfits. He complained when I bought underwear.”

“Underwear?” Why would a guy complain about his girlfriend buying underwear?

“Lingerie, okay? I like wearing expensive lingerie.” Nora shook her head and sighed. “When we started dating, Kevin loved that I regularly bought new lingerie. I modeled every new purchase for him. çeliktepe escort But then…” Nora shook her head. “We weren’t really fighting about money. We had a lot of problems we weren’t making any progress on and it was easier to argue about money than those – I wanted Kevin to do more around the apartment; Kevin was really vague about when we’d get engaged and if he wanted kids; Kevin said he thought my career was just as important as his but his actions said otherwise; I worked hard to eat right and keep in shape while Kevin was getting a gut and didn’t care.” Nora waved her hands to stop the discussion. “No more about Kevin.”

As Nora didn’t want to talk about Kevin, I expected her to start talking about a more preferred topic, but it was like she was waiting for me to discuss something. Finally, I said, “Any ideas on what furniture you’re going to buy?”

We talked furniture until we finished our meal. As we talked, I kept getting the feeling Nora expected me to bring up some other topic but I had no idea what.

As we walked around the store, Nora asked, “What happened to the furniture from when you lived with Shannon?”

I had lived with Shannon for almost year and had broken up with her six months ago. “Our split was that I got the TV and the bedroom furniture. She got everything else.”

Nora switched gears by asking, “What do you normally do for dinner?”

“Nothing special. Sometimes a sandwich, sometimes soup, and sometimes leftovers from the last time I ate out.”

“What would you like to do for dinner?”

“What would I like? When I was living with Shannon, she was in charge of meal planning. On weekends, we’d make a big pot of soup, a big pot of chili, a lasagna and a casserole. Then we ate leftovers the rest of the week.”

“Is that what you want to do?”

“Somewhat. I don’t like planning meals. I was happy cutting up the veggies and opening cans while she did the actual cooking. The trouble was that Shannon was fine eating the same six or eight recipes while I grew to hate them. I started eating out at lunch because I couldn’t stomach the same leftovers again. And that got Shannon upset as she thought it was a waste of money and an insult to her cooking. One of many reasons we broke up.”

“Okay. So if I do the meal planning, you’re willing to cut up veggies and open cans.”


“I think I can make that work. Grocery shopping?”

“Give me a list and I’m happy to go to the grocery store.”


* * * *

Two nights later, we had some stir fry and a salad. I cut up the veggies Nora told me to cut up and she pulled everything together. She had changed into a white T-shirt and shorts and as she cooked, she sweat enough that I could faintly make out a lacy red bra under her shirt.

As we ate dinner, I said, “I can’t believe a guy would get upset about his girlfriend buying lingerie.”

Nora smirked at me. Had she seen me checking out her bra? She asked, “Did Shannon ever wear lingerie?”

“Rarely. Only on special evenings.”

“Do you wish she had worn lingerie regularly?”

As she had said that, she had leaned back in her chair and I could swear she had slightly thrust her chest forward. My eyes drifted down to her chest and I tried to remember what her bra had looked like. I felt my dick stir.

I snapped out of it and said, “What guy doesn’t want his girlfriend to wear lingerie?” Nora gave me a big smile.

We ate a bit more and then Nora dropped some stir fry on her shirt. “Damn! I need to treat that right away.”

I finished eating, put my dishes in the dishwasher and then turned on the TV.

“Whatcha watching?”

My eyes nearly bugged out. Nora had changed into a thin white blouse and it was obvious she was wearing a lacy red bra.

“Ummm…Yeah…Baseball game.”

Nora sat on the love seat and turned to give me a great view of her chest. “Who’s playing?”


Nora didn’t seem bothered by my staring at her. In fact, she seemed to be waiting for me to say or do something. Almost eager. I had no idea what she wanted me to say or do.

Pull yourself together. This is your sister. I turned back to the TV and said, “Just killing time until the Astros game.” Then I had a thought. “The Astros have a home game tomorrow. Would you like to go?”

“Invite Dad?”

Dad was a huge Astros fan. When Nora and I were kids, he had taken us to lots of home games. He watched almost every game on TV.

“He doesn’t like going to the games any more. Costs too much, food is way overpriced and the traffic is awful. I can get him to go only once or twice a year.”

I turned back to Nora with a bland look on my face. She seemed disappointed that I wasn’t responding any more. She said, “Sure, I’ll go.”

* * * *

A month and a half later, I said over dinner, “Another wonderful meal. Thanks for making it.”

“We made it together. Cutting up vegetables has always been the part about cooking I’ve liked least.” Nora stood up. She was wearing shorts cihangir escort and an oversized Astros jersey. We had caught Astros fever. The Astros were in first place in their division with the best record in the American League. We had gone to a number of home games together and had watched their other games together on my TV. Nora bent over to grab my plate. As she did so, her jersey dropped down giving me a full view of her bra-covered chest. Purple tonight. I knew I shouldn’t look down my sister’s shirt. But I couldn’t resist. In fact, she seemed to go out of her way to give me a look at some point every evening.

I got up and helped her load the dishwasher. I said, “Good timing. The game is about to start.”

After we were done, I went into the living room, turned on the TV and sat down in the love seat. Nora sat down on the dining room chair we kept in the living room.

Nora asked, “When are we getting more furniture?”

“Weren’t you going to move out by now?”

“Weren’t you going to find a new roommate?”

“I decided to wait until you found a new place before looking for a roommate. When are you going to move out?”

“I’ll start looking for a new place once you’ve done something stupid.”

A chill went over my body. “Nora, I promise I’ll never…”

“No, no. Not that kind of stupid. You’ve been great about not crossing any lines. I mean stupid like in expecting me to do all the cooking and the cleaning and the laundry.”

“We’re roommates, not a couple. Why would I expect you to do any more around the apartment than I do?”

“Because guys always do. Kevin certainly did. He’d come home and start playing a video game, expecting me to do the cooking and cleaning. It pissed me off so much. We spent a lot of money eating out and having our place cleaned to avoid fighting over housework. And I had trouble maintaining my weight because we ate out so much.”

“I’ve lost weight since you’ve moved in.”

Nora smiled. “So have I. It’s been a lot easier to eat right living with you.”

“You look great. You really do.”

Nora blushed. “Okay. So I’m staying here for the near future. So what are we going to do about furniture?”

“This weekend, I’ll buy a couch.”

“I’ll help you pick it out.”

We watched the game, rooting on the Astros. During commercial breaks, we talked about work and such. We had glasses on the coffee table and occasionally Nora would bend forward to pick up hers. Every time she did, I tried to look down her jersey. I knew I shouldn’t, but I couldn’t resist – I loved checking out her bra. I hadn’t seen this bra before. It had a small amount of lace over the top of the cup while the cup itself was purple lace with a white background. Nora’s tits nicely filled the bra. I always made sure to have my eyes back on the game by the time Nora sat up again.

During the seventh inning stretch, Nora stood up and then bent forward to pick up our glasses, giving me a great view down her jersey. She went into the kitchen to fill our glasses and when she came back in, she gave me another great view as she set the glasses down.

Once she was seated, Nora said, “It’s a new bra.”

I was so embarrassed. She knew. She had caught me. “I’m sorry, Nora. I know I-“

She made a stop sign with her hand. “It’s okay. I’ve been fine with you looking. I’ve been intentionally giving you looks. I told you I love wearing lingerie, right? Well, it’s only fun if someone appreciates how good I look in it.” Nora gave me an assessing look. “I’ll continue giving you looks if you promise to never try to touch.”

“I promise. I’ll definitely never touch.”

“Good. Do you like this bra? Like how it looks?”

“I like it a lot. I like the color and I like the lace pattern.”

“Thanks. Like I said, I work hard to keep at a weight where I look good in lingerie. It makes me feel good when someone appreciates my hard work. I don’t want anyone at work to see my lingerie. Eventually, I’ll feel like dating again but I’m not there yet. So that leaves you. For now.”

“For now. And I promise to only look.”

* * * *

The next night when she changed into something more comfortable than her work clothes, she left on the white blouse she had worn to work. She unbuttoned several buttons, allowing the shirt to gap. As I cut up the vegetables, I took frequent looks at the bra she was wearing. In some ways, it was a simple light pink bra. No lace or fancy material. But the bra cups instead of being a circle had a cut that went from high on the outside to low in the middle. It showed off a lot of boob flesh. If it were cut any lower, it would show some of her nipples.

“You wore that bra to work?” I asked.


I shrugged and went back to cutting vegetables while sneaking looks at Nora’s bra.

“Don’t cut yourself,” Nora said. “Do you think there’s something wrong with me wearing this bra to work?”

“No. I mean…I guess…What’s the point of wearing a sexy bra to work?”

Nora smiled. “You think this bra is sexy?”

“Yeah. Oh, yeah. It’s great to look at.”

“Do you think I’m a slut for wearing a bra like this to work?”

“No! Not at all!” Why was she taking a simple question so wrong? “You’ve been letting me see your bras for a while now. And they’ve all been sexy. Did you wear all of them to work that day?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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