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Her hair, pinned in a loose top-knot, exposed a graceful length of neck, begging to be nibbled. Tight leather pants encased her long legs and lush ass. Red, of course. The white suede halter hugged her full breasts lovingly, the fringes of it brushing against her hips. Softly tanned skin played peek-a-boo with the fringes. A pair of soft, white leather boots

completed the outfit. Savannah perched on the stool at the breakfast bar, facing outward toward the small group gathered around the pool for an early morning breakfast.

Her elbows, resting on the bar surface behind her, thrust her breasts prominently forward; the nipples peaked when a gentle breeze caressed them. The sensation caused another, more delicious one to thrill her nerve endings, causing her to shudder slightly. Wet heat pooled in her pussy, delicately dampening her panties. Squirming restlessly she briefly considered going up to her room in the luxurious hotel to relieve some of her tension but discarded the idea in favor of an altogether different exercise.

He sat at a table for two on the far side of the pool, alone. She drank in his tall, rangy form. This morning he wore black denim jams, and a casual, white button-up shirt. Not all the buttons were done up; he’d left the top four undone, affording her an interesting view of a nicely tanned chest. His brown hair was a little on the long side, just brushing his shoulders, but neat. A pair of dark glasses rested on an aristocratic nose. But it was his long, lean tapered hands and full sensual lips that grabbed her attention. She sat there imagining all the wicked things he could do to her. Another delicious thrill raced through her and she decided to make her move.

Just as she stood, he did as well, and walked toward the doors leading back into the hotel. Following close behind him she unabashedly investigated his ass. Very nice and tight she thought. A nice handful. One of the elevator doors slid open into the lobby and several people got off. Ahem.) The man walked in and Savannah hurried to follow him inside.

“Thank you” she murmured softly, as he held the doors for her. As the doors slid closed, he pushed his floor number; fourteen. Savannah stretched her arm in front of him purposely brushing it along his chest and pushed her floor number; seventeen. The elevator began its ascent and she trembled at what she was about to do. It was now or never!

She turned to him, intending to smile her come-hither smile. But at that moment the man reached over to the panel and hit the emergency stop button. As the elevator shuddered to a grinding halt Savannah stumbled and the man grabbed her arms, steadying her.

“Oh, excuse me!” she stuttered, not sure what had happened to her nicely formulated plan. He looked down into her dazed face, and slowly drew her body flush with his. Knees to knees, hips to hips, chest against breast, and his wonderful erection pressing into her pelvis. His hips circled ever so slightly, grinding his hardness into her softness. An uncontrolled moan passed her lips.

“You’ve been watching me the last few days” he whispered. His whiskey voice strummed bakırköy escort along her nerves, causing her juices to flow more heavily. “And I’ve been watching you, waiting for the right moment.” His hands did a slow glide to her shoulders, and then down and in to fully cup her breasts. The thin material of her halter was no protection against those rough hands as they squeezed and kneaded them. She reached up to take his glasses off but he pulled his head back out of her reach.

“No.” His hands continued their erotic assault, causing her to breathe more heavily with each squeeze, each caress. Leaning down a little, he nibbled at the side of her neck, lapping her with his tongue occasionally. Her hips moved restlessly in time with his, and she panted a “please” into the wall of his chest.

“Please what?” he murmured.

“I want you” she stated boldly. His hand reached over her, and he pushed another button on the panel. The elevator resumed its ascent with a jolt.

“Not here”, he said. He kept her anchored against him the rest of the trip, continuing his gentle grinding against her. By now Savannah was mewing like a kitten, soft sensual sounds of arousal that echoed off the walls of the elevator. The doors slid silently open and he guided her firmly down the hall to the left. Coming to a stop at the end of the hallway, he slid in his key card, unlocking the door. He ushered her inside to a dimly lit sitting room. The patio doors were open and a soft breeze circulated throughout.

Taking her hand, he led her into his bedroom. The satin bedding was already slightly mussed back, as in anticipation of what was to come. (Ahem.) He sat down on the edge of the bed, removed his glasses, tossing them carelessly on the nightstand. He leaned back slightly on his hands, surveying her from her leather encased feet, to the top of her top knot.

His dark, brown eyes deepened to chocolate, appreciation and lust radiating to her in waves.

“Take off you clothes Savannah, slowly”, he ordered.

“How do you know my name?” she gasped.

“Do as you’re told and I might tell you” he whispered back.

Hesitantly she toed off her boots and kicked them to the side. She reached for the ties that held up her halter, but his “no” stopped her cold.

“Your pants first”, he commanded.

Complying readily she unhooked the fastener at her side, and then slowly slid the zipper down. Turning slightly, affording him a view of her profile, she shimmied her way out of her pants. Hot pink panties, a miniscule scrap of material really, covered her swollen clit. The unmistakable odor of her pussy juices drifted to him. He grinned wickedly at her, enjoying his power over her, she thought.

“Now the top” he said.

She slowly untied the string at her neck and then lifted the material up and over her head. Her braless breasts, firm and proud, made him lick his lips. “Turn to me.” Facing him, Savannah reached for her panties, but again his “no” stopped her.

“Touch yourself, show me how you like to be touched”, he whispered. Moaning, Savannah did as she was told. Her beşiktaş escort palms grazed her nipples, and she hissed with pleasure. She rotated her palms slowly, occasionally tweaking the nipples between thumb and forefinger.

Her head fell back and her eyes closed as her body absorbed the wonderful feelings of being stroked and manipulated by herself, and from knowing she was being watched while doing so. She licked her dry lips and moaned louder as she began to squeeze them together and pulling them apart. Lifting and separating. She rubbed at her nipples frantically. She could feel her body tighten, prepare. It was such a turn-on to know a perfect stranger watched as she touched herself.

“Rub your pussy through your panties”. His hoarse voice revealed his own state of arousal. Savannah opened her eyes, and saw that he had removed all his clothes. His right hand was fisted around his hard cock, stroking it in a steady yet unhurried rhythm. The sight of that cock was almost enough to send her over but she managed to hold back. Keeping one hand firmly on her breast she let the other trail down to the front of her thoroughly soaked panties. Her index and middle finger stroked along the cleft, concentrating somewhat on her clit. Her hips rolled into her hand, while her other hand began to squeeze and pinch at her breast again. His harsh breaths mingled with her own. Savannah spread her legs further apart, the better to stroke herself. Her fingers stroked and rubbed through the delicate material. She dipped her fingers inside her panties, wanting to thrust her fingers into her hot snatch.

Masculine hands grabbed at her panties and thrust them down and then off. Impatiently he moved her hand aside, and replaced it with his own hands. His fingers worked at her pussy, stroking at the entrance, rubbing her clit. Her juices coated his fingers, so when he finally thrust inside he managed to get in all but his thumb.

“Yes, yes, like that” she moaned. The wet flicker of his tongue stimulated her clit and the rest of her nerve endings. Her climax rushed through Savannah and she screamed. He grabbed her around the waist, lifting her off her feet and gently tossing her onto the bed. She lay there in decadent repose, her legs spread open wide, her breasts rising and falling with delicious agitation. He came down on her hard. She felt his rubber encased cock rub along her thigh, poking and prodding at her, teasing her, but not coming to rest where she wanted it most. Her head thrashed on the mattress in frustration. He finally allowed his cock to graze her pussy lips, but that only made her more frustrated.

She arched invitingly, showing her willingness to have him drive him into her but he held back. His rough hands moved her legs, positioning them together and as far over her head as they would go. Savannah grabbed at the sheet under her.

“Oh yes, now, now”, she pleaded. He thrust heavily, pinning her to the bed with his cock. She felt the full length and thickness of him firmly embedded in her eager, grasping pussy. But he did not move. She tried to grind herself against beylikdüzü escort him, but he had her securely pinned. She flexed her pussy, but still he remained still. Looking into those eyes, Savannah just knew that he would not let her set the pace. He was completely in control.

After a few, stressful minutes, he began to move. Side to side, side-to-side, he moved that way for like what seemed forever to Savannah. She begged, she pleaded but he held steady, never deviating from his leisurely pace. She could tell that he was feeling the strain too. His jaw was locked, his teeth gritted together. He pulled back until just the tip of his cock was inside, and then thrust hard and fast back into her. Again, he glided slowly back, and then hard and fast back in.

Another orgasm rolled through her, her high keening cry proof of her pleasure. He jerked her legs wide, and then wrapped them around his waist. He rolled over until she was astride him. His hands mimicked her earlier self-ministrations, his palms and fingers encouraging her to further excitement. Bracing herself on his solid chest, she ground down and back on his cock, her clit rubbing against him. She bounced, and writhed, and squirmed until she came again. He lifted her off, and put her on her knees and hands. He thrust deeply into her from behind, and two fingers ruthlessly invaded her ass.

Sensory overload, thought Savannah. But she did not protest. His hips pumped furiously, fast and sure, his cock buried to the hilt with each stroke. His fingers worked at her ass, rotating and thrusting deeply. Again he pulled out. She felt a warm liquid drip on her ass; he was rubbing lubricant into it. And then his cock was teasing her ass with slow and gentle firm thrusts. Deeper and deeper he went. She did not know if she could take all of him up her ass; he was so thick! But her body slowly accommodated him and then he was pounding away at her.

Savannah let her fingers play at her pussy, paying special attention to her clit. She was on the edge of another orgasm when he stopped. She moaned in protest. He pulled out and rolled her over. He removed the condom, and then straddled her face, pushing his cock against her lips. Groaning, Savannah slid her lips around his cock. Her tongue tip darted in and out of his piss-slit while she sucked strongly on the head. His hands grabbed the back of her skull, moving her head so she would be forced to take more and more of him into her mouth. His hips thrust fast and furious; his breath huffed with exertion and arousal. One of his hands reached back and played at her clit, rubbing her the way she had showed him earlier.

Her hips thrust at those wonderful fingers and she moaned on his cock. The vibration was enough to send him over the edge, his loud growls and grunts an equal match for her squeals and screams. His hot cum spurted onto her face, and eagerly Savannah tried to swallow as much as she could. His finger swiped at his own cum, trailing it into her mouth, and she sucked greedily on his fingers. His still hard cock lay against the side of her face, and Savannah took him into her mouth again. She swirled her tongue around and around. Already, she wanted him to fuck her again. He reached for a condom on the nightstand, his grin tugging at her pussy. And as he thrust into her pussy once again, Savannah could only marvel to herself that she had six wonderful, fuck-filled days to look forward to.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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