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Big Tits

Days and weeks went by and John and Trudy continued to titillate and tease each other through their texts. They just never could seem to find any time to steal to act on any of it. The frustration was building in both of them. It got so bad one night, they went and sat in their grocery store parking lots so Trudy could call and hear John’s voice. That was a first for both of them as they guided each other while masturbating in their cars.

Self pleasure had become a daily routine for both, some days multiple releases were required to quench the fires burning inside.

Spring came and one Saturday Trudy’s husband took the kids to see his parents in the city. John came over to Trudy’s house bearing lattes from Starbucks. Trudy was not necessarily an early morning riser and groggily opened the door. She attempted a smile and invited him in. Her mind may have been full of cobwebs but seeing his face sent a charge to her womanhood instantly causing her juices to flow. She could feel the rivulets seeping between her legs.

She sat him in the rec room and realized she had no makeup and had not even brushed her hair. “I must look awful.” she mumbled. “You look human.” John replied as he leaned in to kiss her. She pushed him away and wandered off to the bathroom.

As John sat waiting for her to emerge all put together and presentable in her eyes, he questioned his decision. She had warned him many times that she was not a morning person and he wondered if this had the potential for a “Now” moment? It didn’t really matter as he knew her family would be gone until late in the evening and he really would be satisfied with just hanging out with his friend.

He saw her coming down the hall in a colorful sundress that made her eyes even more brilliant than ever. As she passed the front window, the morning sun beaming through the pane let John know that there were no obstacles under her outfit. Just as she was about to sit beside him, the doorbell rang. “Well shit” unabashedly came out of her mouth.

She looked out the window and smiled when she saw her girlfriend, Pamela standing outside holding something.

She opened the door and invited her in. Pamela knew Trudy was sans family that day and decided to bring lunch. Trudy introduced John and Pamela to each other as Pamela queried “So this is John?”

Trudy quickly explained that Pamela had been her most intimate female friend for many years and that she knew all of the frustrations surrounding her life. She also knew Trudy had a friend named John in which Trudy also confided.

Trudy put the lunch in the fridge and they all sat in the rec room. Pamela had become Trudy’s workout partner at the gym as they both desired to gain control of their lives. This was her intent for Trudy that day. The three sat and conversed and John realized why these two were such good friends. They were so much alike that he easily enjoyed her company. They talked for a long time and decided to have lunch.

Trudy retrieved the wonderful salad Pamela had provided, grabbed some crackers and a bottle of Pinot Grigio. John got the place settings and some wine glasses and all three sat at the table with Trudy on the end and John and Pamela across from each other. The lunch was wonderful and the wine flowed as easily as the conversation. As Trudy was opening the third bottle she explained to Pamela that John had always had a thing for her. “Oh, really?” Pamela questioned as John’s face reddened.

The conversation at that point took a whole different tack as Trudy began to divulge for the first time some of the intimacies shared between John and Trudy. Pamela felt sheer excitement as a wine induced Trudy told how John had done things her husband would think outrageous and disgusting. Trudy’s juices were soaking her sundress and the seat cushions as her tales kept running on but she was unable to restrain herself from sharing everything with her two best friends. Not sure if it was the wine or her new found obsession with sex driving her on, she opened up about everything.

Pamela was holding Trudy’s hand while her other hand was between her own legs stroking herself as Trudy told her tale. When she had finished Pamela took hold of her with both hands. Trudy immediately noticed the warmth that was present in the touch of Pamela’s second hand. She melted when she looked in her best friends eyes. “John is not the only one who has had a thing for you.” Pamela shared while holding her gaze. “I have wanted you for as long as I have known you. I just never had the courage to tell you.”

Trudy’s eyes welled up. She had no idea how to respond to the revelation. “Do you want me now?” were the only words she could speak. Pamela leaned over and just halkalı escort as her lips were about to touch Trudy’s whispered in a deep tone, “Yes.” Trudy melted as Pamela pressed her lips oh so softly against hers.

She had never kissed a woman before. The softness, the gentleness was so different than the raw passion she experienced with John. She had no idea what was going on in her mind but she knew she didn’t want that kiss to ever stop. The whirlwind of her sexual desires was now controlling her, impelling her to experience things she hadn’t even fantasized about.

As the kiss broke she quickly inhaled when the shiver ran through her body. She looked to John seeking his… She didn’t know what; maybe his approval, maybe his acceptance, maybe even for him to rescue her from her out of control self. His eyes were burning with passion as he said “It’s an amazing thing to feel love.” She looked back at Pamela and her eyes were filled with longing desire and Trudy’s whole concept of herself disintegrated.

Trudy stood while reaching for her two best friends hands and slowly guided them to her room. She kissed both of their hands as she turned to face them. John moved to the wing-back chair setting in the corner and quietly sat. Trudy had question in her eyes as she looked to him. “This is a time for for you to discover.” was his answer. She turned back to Pamela and kissed her, unsure if she could make it as sweet and wanting as when Pamela initiated that first kiss.

Pamela ran the tip of her tongue along Trudy’s lips sending pulses to her brain. She slowly lifted the sundress up Trudy’s body and gently lifted it over her head. As it dropped to the floor Trudy realized that she was completely naked while her two favorite friends were completely dressed. She flushed with heat at the complete exposure. She could feel her juices running down her inner thighs. Pamela urged her to the side of the bed and gently laid her back as she once again explored her mouth.

Pamela lifted her tank top over her own head and released the front catch on her lace strapless bra. As her breasts came tumbling free, Trudy thought they were the most glorious site she had ever seen. She found herself wanting to touch them, to caress them, to suckle them as a child. Pamela pushed her running shorts and lace bikini past her hips exposing her clean shaven crotch which made Trudy rise to even greater heights of desire. She wanted this woman. She needed her beside her. She yearned to feel her skin touching her own.

She looked at John as sat in the chair with his hand against his chin as if deep in thought breathing all of this in.

Pamela laid beside her and cupped Trudy’s cheek in the palm of her hand and stared into Trudy’s eyes. Trudy reveled in the sensations of the Egyptian cotton sheets under her and the silky softness of the woman lying beside her. Pamela could feel the heat exuding from every pore of Trudy’s body. She began to softly kiss her face. Trudy closed eyes as she felt those soft lips caress her eyelids. The warmth of her hand still pressed to her face seemed to relax her as a lullaby. The whole world melted one touch, one kiss at a time.

Pamela rested her head in her own hand as she began to gently stroke the skin of this woman beside her. “You are more beautiful than I ever imagined” she cooed in a sultry tone. Tears filled Trudy’s eyes to hear that yet another human being found her beautiful and desirable. She thought of John revealing that and how it overwhelmed her. Pamela kissed the tears as they leaked down her face.

She started caressing Trudy with her fingers with a touch so light, it felt as if they were made of the finest down. Pamela wanted to memorize every curve of this beauty presented before her.

Trudy felt the goose bumps as her body trembled in fear? excitement? anticipation? She wasn’t sure exactly what she was feeling but only knew she couldn’t stop this if she wanted to. This was so different from the raw savage sex she had experienced with John. Pamela was slowly, gently making love to her and she craved for it to continue.

Pamela’s tongue began running lazy circles around Trudy’s breasts, first one then the other. It was so soft and Pamela’s tongue was deliciously moist. As the circles began to move inward as waves on a beach, blood began to fill Trudy’s nipples making them stand up, begging for attention. Trudy’s mind was exploding as she ran her fingers through Pamela’s short cropped hair. This only encouraged Pamela as her tongue finally found what it was searching for. It flicked across the rock hard tip as Trudy began moaning and writhing.

The first taksim escort orgasm hit Trudy’s body, evidently brought on by pure anticipation for no one had touched her below. Pamela giggled with delight at the ease in manipulating Trudy’s body. She kissed her nipple, sucking it in gently tugging at it with her lips. Trudy reeled as her climax was ebbing. She was completely lost in what her body was feeling.

Pamela returned to kissing her, letting her tongue dip in and out of her mouth as her body massaged Trudy’s flesh. Pamela ran her tongue under and along Trudy’s jaw line, driving her into a frenzy. Trudy was kissing and nipping at Pamela’s shoulder as her desire lost all sensibility. Pamela held Trudy’s head tightly against her as her passion kept building.

Trudy instinctively began humping the soft thigh pressing against her ultra-sensitive nether region. Her hips writhing in delight. She knew she would cum again soon with the heat rising from the friction.

Pamela once again sucked in her breasts one at a time, not just the nipple but much more of the flesh. The sensation made Trudy gasp with pleasure. Pamela’s hands reached behind Trudy and massaged the flesh cheeks of her ass, creating even more pressure against her clit. Trudy, unable to restrain herself pulsed her hips faster and faster causing an explosive climax as “Oh my God” came out in a throaty pant.

The tremors and contractions continued while Pamela was kissing the folds beneath Trudy’s breasts and slowly running her tongue down the center of her stomach. Trudy’s hips raised as Pamela came nearer her pussy wanting more than anything to feel that soft tongue stroke her between her lips. Pamela was in no rush though while her lips were exploring all of Trudy’s most sensitive areas, some Trudy hadn’t known existed.

Pamela was sensing Trudy’s anticipatory frustration as her tongue flicked her inner thighs seeking the honey she knew was awaiting her. Even as she arrived and tasted the sweetness oozing from her lover, she stayed at the leisurely pace, gently teasing her labia. Her tongue ran along the outside causing Trudy to shift desperately trying to coerce Pamela to her burning clitoris. Pamela smiled at making her squirm. She lapped at the pool of juices trapped by Trudy’s exposed pussy while she could see her reddened nub pulsing.

The sensation Trudy felt as the assault began on her clit was unlike anything she had ever experienced before. It was soft yet violent all rolled in one, Her leg muscles unconsciously contracted pressing her thighs against Pamela’s head squeezing her, holding her in place. Pamela could hardly breathe yet refused to cease the love she was giving to her best friend. Pamela’s tongue ran concentric circles around Trudy’s clit while her lips acted as a seal creating a vacuum causing her clit to double in size. Pamela ran her hands up and down Trudy’s thighs soothing her. Trudy felt it begin when Pamela moved from the circular motion to flicking the tip of her clit, much like she had done when John was in her mouth. She was receiving the female version of a blowjob by her best friend. Her body began convulsing uncontrollably as her orgasm overtook her, Her head thrashed side to side as her fingers knotted the soft sheets in her fists. Her moans turned into a low guttural whimper as even her throat muscles contracted not letting the scream escape. Pamela held her tightly as her tongue kept going, letting Trudy ride the full wave of her orgasm.

When Pamela finally felt Trudy’s leg muscles relax, only then did she cease stroking her tongue. She placed very wet kisses over every inch of Trudy’s exposed womanhood letting her tongue gently clean her lover. As the ascent began, Trudy could feel the heated blood flowing through her friend’s skin. When their lips again rejoined, their kiss was wet and loving. Hands were gliding over both bodies caressing, exploring, giving pleasure.

Trudy had had no concept of how wonderful it would feel to have such softness pressed against her. Her lust had not lessened though. She wanted Pamela to feel the love she had just experienced. She sought out the breasts of this woman who had so completely given her pleasure. She pulled Pamela’s tightened nipple in her mouth as her hand stretched to touch the smoothness of her pussy. Pamela parted her legs, exposing herself as Trudy began slowly stroking and caressing. She held Trudy’s head against her breast.

Trudy’s brain was firing on overload with microsecond flashes, desire, guilt, lust, love, abandonment, all of these emotions hitting her at once. She began moving down looking into Pamela’s eyes the whole time. She wanted to witness the expression of pleasure şişli escort as she placed each kiss. Pamela didn’t disappoint her as the fire of passion grew in her eyes as Trudy inched closer to her need. Trudy kissed her down to her feet, the whole time watching. As she started back up her legs, she could feel the shivers run through Pamela’s body knowing the release she was about to receive.

Trudy breathed in the muskiness as she neared her lover’s place. She paused as she was kissing her inner thighs, amazed at the thought that she was about to do something she had never really contemplated. There was absolutely no doubt that at this moment she was exactly where she wanted to be, about to please a woman, her best friend in her favorite way of receiving pleasure.

Pamela’s gaze turned from fire to pleading desire as she whispered “Lick me now.” Trudy did not need a second request as she ran her tongue long the edges of her lover’s labia causing Pamela’s eye to roll into her head and shudders to run through her body. Trudy very gently pulled at the lips parting them, exposing the womanly nectar seeping inside. She slowly lapped at the pool as a kitten to milk. With each touch of Trudy’s tongue, a spasm shot through Pamela’s body. Trudy had always enjoyed her own taste but had no idea how wonderful the taste of another woman could be. In her mind she likened it to her favorite champagne.

More than anything else now she wanted to watch this woman cum as she pulled back the shroud hiding the place she knew would bring pleasure. Her tongue darted out and flicked it rapidly causing Pamela to jump. Trudy held her down as she began a back and forth motion over her clit, stopping every few seconds to softly kiss it. Pamela was panting like a wild animal when she begged in a sob “Please don’t stop!” Trudy increased the speed and pressure, driving Pamela insane. Pamela’s back arched forcing her shaved pussy into Trudy’s mouth as wave after wave of her climax took control of her body. Trudy’s mouth was filled with Pamela’s woman cum which she drank in greedily, not wanting to lose a drop. Pamela held her head pressed into her pussy until the shivers of pleasure ebbed from her body. Trudy kept her gaze fixed on Pamela the entire time and smiled a wicked smile as she came up for air.

Once again their lips pressed together melding the taste of each other into one glorious blend, sweet as honey. Their sweaty bodies were cuddled against each other when Trudy was startled. She saw John, still setting in the chair watching. In her focusing on giving pleasure to Pamela, she had lost all sense of his presence in the room. He had not moved, not made a sound, only sat and absorbed the two women making love. She looked into his eyes, seeing him smile with them as he was apt to do and begged him to come lie with them so she could take care of his needs too. “Not this time.” was his simple reply.

For what Trudy did not know, was that John and Pamela had met many weeks earlier at a function. They realized through their discussions that they had a mutual best friend. John very quickly gleaned from Pamela her similar sexual attraction to Trudy. Over several conversations he devised a manner in which he could return the gift Trudy had given him several weeks earlier. He knew Trudy’s husband made this annual family trip to see his parents. He knew Trudy loathed the event and would stay home. He knew that Pamela was willing to jump at this chance. Moreover he knew of Trudy’s insatiable appetite for sex that was leading her to push her boundaries. She found herself trying things she had never thought of in reality. He saw this as an opportunity for her to break through any remaining walls she had constructed in her idyllic so called life around her.

Trudy drifted off to sleep looking at him loving her and feeling Pamela pressed tight against her body keeping her warm.

She awoke a few hours later to find John still in the chair and Pamela gone. A savory aroma filled the air mixed with the smell of sex which made her smile. “What time is it?” she asked. “Six, and time for me to leave.” he replied as he rose and kissed her with the same passion and softness she had sensed from Pamela hours earlier.

She rose as she heard his car backing from the driveway and tottered from the weakness in her knees. She proceeded towards the smell coming from the kitchen, and paused by the hall mirror. As she stood there looking at the naked image, she finally saw just a glimpse of what John and now Pamela saw when then looked at her. She saw a woman, strong, confident, sexual, free to feel and explore. She also saw, what she deemed the not so perfect but knew that the image of being “imperfect” could not rule her life anymore. She quietly ate the meal John had prepared as she sat and cried. They were tears of joy for she knew that this day, she had been loved, not by one but by two; the two most beautiful people in her life, wondering when would be the next time she would say “Now” to either of them for she knew she would many more times.

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