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Uh oh, I am in trouble. My daughter Nicole has finally come back home from her celebration. She was furiously clutching the candy canes in her hand. I now know what it is like to be tied to a railroad track and seeing the speeding train only a few feet from you.

In bed with me was my other daughter, Natalie. Nicole and Natalie were cross-state rivals on their respective volleyball teams, unaware that they were identical twins. Nine hours ago, Nicole’s team defeated Natalie’s for the state championship. After the game, the two nearly came to blows when it was discovered that Natalie’s motorcycle was vandalized. Nicole went out with her teammates to celebrate their win. Meanwhile, I took Natalie home and revealed to her I was her father. I had taken Nicole’s virginity two nights before under the Christmas tree she chose, and last night I took Natalie’s virginity under the same tree. I looked at the clock. 5:43am. How ironic that it was exactly at this time over eighteen years ago that these beautiful twin girls were born by my ex-wife, Natasha.

Natalie felt cocky. She actually had to gall to say, “He’s MY daddy now.” With gall like that, you’d think she was my daughter. Oh wait, she is. “Don’t worry, he didn’t pop my cherry in this bed.” Nicole looked slightly relieved. “He did it under the Christmas tree.”


Oh shit.

With that, Nicole jumped over me to lay her hands on Natalie. I’m glad I instinctly placed my arms over my crotch, or I might have been kneed in the testicles. Nicole was trying to choke the life out of Natalie. Myself, I was diving for cover, falling out of my bed with a thump. I reached for my glasses to get a better view. By this time the bed covers were totally off. Natalie was totally naked, while Nicole was only covered by a red satin bra and panties; she must have planned to further celebrate with her daddy her win, only to see her hated rival, who she still doesn’t know is her twin, having obviously fucked her beloved daddy. Any other two females fighting over me I could readily enjoy, but this one I had to be concerned.

Natalie was finally fully awake. She also had more rest while Nicole was partying all night. She managed to force Nicole’s hands from her throat, and then turned Nicole over, finally saying her first words in this conflict, “YOU BITCH!!!”

In their struggle, the twins managed to drop off the bed, nearly kicking their daddy where it would really hurt. I jumped like I haven’t in twenty-five years, landing on my bed in hopes of safety. Nicole’s red satin bra sprung from her bountiful breasts due to Natalie’s machinations, followed by Nicole’s panties ripped from her as well. Now both my girls were buck naked trying to choke each other. They managed to stand up and carry their fight to the main hall. I took the opportunity to put on my sleeping shorts and houseshoes, and then proceeded to follow the carnage. The twins were slamming each other into the kitchen table, knocking off several jars and dishes of Christmas candies we had purchased for the holiday. I had to suppress an urge to express my inner Joey Styles and scream out, “CATFIGHT, CATFIGHT!!!” They nearly knocked my great-grandmothers’ china cabinet over. In it was a crystal fruit bowl that my mother once told me was willed to the first daughter in the line. Nicole always loved looking at it, and was looking forward to turning age 30 and claiming it; if she knew Natalie was 3 minutes ahead in claiming it, I fear this catfight would be even worse than it is now.

They took their fight into the living room, knocking into the Christmas tree. Now Nicole, Natalie, and the tree wrestled each other. It was a mass of pine-covered legs, arms, and tits. Each of my girls were trying to make the other one swallow the tree. It took both of them three minutes to stand up, and only a few seconds to go back at each other. These girls were last in this house together seventeen years ago when it was still my mother’s. Then they were beating their rattles; now bostancı escort they are beating each other. Was it my imagination or were both of their pussies quite wet.

The fight went back into kitchen only long enough to go onto the back porch, and through the back door into outside, falling down the three stairs to the driveway. All the Christmas lights I had hang on the back stairway went with them. My girls were now buck naked fighting outside. Good lord. I’m glad it’s ridiculously early in the morning, so no one would see this. I stepped outside. GOD DAMN, it is fucking FREEZING out here. No snow through, so the girls were rampaging through leaves that fell in October that I have been too lazy to rake. It looked like they were finally starting to tire.

I saw my chance. When they once again stood up after fighting through the leaves, I grabbed each of their lovely buttocks, bending my hand around the still plugged in lights, and stuck the middle finger of each hand up their sweet asses. Both went “AAH!” I knew I had to take charge while I still could. I forced them both inside and had each collapse into the bathtub. I turn the shower on, full cold water and no hot water. Both yelped. Instead of fighting each other, they were desperately trying to protect themselves from the frigid H2O. With my long left hand I held one twin’s hands together, and I held the other’s with my right.

“THAT IS QUITE ENOUGH!” I was trying to quickly regain the authority my fatherhood granted me. “Nicole, meet Natalie…”

“I know who this bitch…”

“SILENCE”, I said in the best Achmed the Dead Terrorist manner. “She is your identical twin sister. I told her about it only a few hours ago. Your mother took her away from us over seventeen years ago.” Dispiritedly, I closed the toilet bowl and sat on the toilet. “I let you fight just now as I figured you two had over seventeen years of fighting to get out of your system. But now…IT’S OVER!”

I looked at Nicole and Natalie. Other fathers would say they had cute daughters or pretty daughters, but I had BEAUTIFUL daughters. They were still shivering from the cold as they used the same towel to warm themselves. It was my bath towel, and I saw they were sniffing it, as if trying to get closer to me. I took my towel and said, “Now both of you stay quiet.” I took the towel and dried both of them. They breasts were jumping forth due to both girls trying to catch their breath. Before I could try to determine who was who due to their preferred perfume, but now the only way to tell was seei ng how much hair their pussies had; Nicole’s was perfectly shaved, and Natalie’s was as shaved as I could get with electric shears. Placing who I believed to be Nicole in my left arm and Natalie in my right, I brought them together in an embrace, holding a breast in each hand. “Now go downstairs.” They hesitated. “NOW!”

We went downstairs and into Nicole’s bedroom. “This is now both of y’all’s room.” They started to speak. “SILENCE!” I took one into my lap, looked at her pussy to see it was Natalie, and flipped her. Nicole was shocked when I gave five quick spanks of Natalie’s lovely ass. “NO…MORE..FIGHTING…OUT…SIDE.” Laying her onto the bed from my lap, I grabbed Nicole and did the same for her. “NO…MORE..FIGHTING…IN…SIDE.” I placed her next to Natalie. “You WILL share the same bed, and I had better not hear any more fighting.” Both of my girls were wide eyed, as if accepting their daddy’s demands. I kissed my fingers on each hand, and laid them on the separate pussies. I entered both girls’ exquisite pussies, and rubbed each of their g-spots for five seconds. I kissed both hard on their lips. “We are all the only ones each of us have; don’t squander it. Now go to sleep. Your daddy’s an old man and needs his shut eye.” With that I touched them into bed, turned on the nightlight, and shut the door. I wearily climbed the stairs. Setting the Christmas tree back up, I went back into my room, and saw that it was 6:31 am. Way too fucking earlier in the morning to be büyükçekmece escort up. Slipping out of my sleeping shorts, I collapsed onto my bed, ignoring the massive erection I achieved due to the early morning’s mishap.

The closing of the front door woke me up. I turned my head; 2:19 pm. I started to wipe the sleep from my eye. I heard footsteps and giggling. I looked down my body; I never placed my comforter over me, and my cock was at full attention. It must have known what was going to happen.

“GOOD AFTERNOON DADDY!!!” Hmm, it was done in stereo. I looked to my right, and saw twin lovelies. Each was dressed in identical white blouse and black miniskirt. VERY shirt miniskirt, especially with their 43 inch legs, barely covering their crotch. One had a fried chicken bucket in their hand, the other a bag. “How about lunch in bed,” was also said in unison. The one with the chicken climbed over me and brought a chicken leg to my lips, which I quickly devoured. The other took a spoon and fed me some cole slaw; I’m sure she dripped some on my penis intentionally. Reminded of my nude state, I took another look and saw that my girls were clad. Well, mostly; the one feeding me chicken had her skirt flip up, and it was obvious she wasn’t wearing panties. Short short miniskirts, long legs, and no panties; were they trying to give me a heart attack?

“Ooh, looks like daddy missed his little girls.” That said, the girl feeding me the slaw went down and licked the slaw juice from my dick. “Yummy,” she said. She then gave me a bite of mash potatoes; thankfully, she didn’t have the hot gravy land on my balls; that would not have been pleasant.

The girl on the left finished feeding me the third piece of chicken; all of which were legs. “Daddy’s finished his third leg; let’s go after his third leg.” With that she greedily gulped my dick. Her tongue danced all over my gland, finishing off by trying to insert itself through my shaft’s opening.

“I go for breasts myself,” said the cole slaw girl. This daughter of mine proceeded to lick me as through I had a breast; still, it felt great. I tried to sit up, placing my hair into each’s hair. “Uh uh daddy, lie down,” said the right one as she admonished me by lightly shaking my balls. “Betcha can’t tell which one of us is which; especially since we totally shaved down there.” With that both girls hiked up their miniskirt to prove conclusively that they were not wearing panties, and equally shaved. Their pussies were glistening with moisture. I had to get some. “Tell you what, correctly identify me and you get to eat my pussy. Otherwise…the rest of this cold cole slaw is landing on your balls.”

“You’re Nicole,” I said with no hesitation.

“HOW DID YOU KNOW!!!” She further replied, “We shaved Natalie’s pussy and cut my hair so you couldn’t tell.”

“Daddies just know these things. Now, I want my prize.” With that, I gave Nicole a spank, forcing her right tit into my mouth. I would never tell them how I could identify them; they might try to remedy that. The secret was threefold. First, each girl wore a distinctly different perfume. Second, Nicole was the more “feminine” of the two in her manner, while Natalie was more tomboyish; it may seem odd that the one not raised by the father was the more tomboyish, but I always stressed Nicole’s positive femininity. Third, Nicole definitely loved playing with my balls, while Natalie preferred paying attention to my dick.

“Silly daddy, the deal was for my pussy.” With that Nicole made her ascent above me and placed her pretty folds right over my mouth. Natalie was continuing to devour my penis. I noticed she finally removed my rod from her golden lips, as if about speak.

“Hey sis, turn around on daddy’s face. I have an idea.”

“Sure thing.”

With that, Nicole briefly arose from me, and sat down, now with her anus in my line view. What a pretty anus. It reminded me how I once tamed her mother before we were married, but that’s a story for another time. Natalie, on the other çapa escort hand, decided that Nicole shouldn’t be the only one riding daddy, although Natalie wasn’t going to use her daddy’s tongue. With a quick “Aaaaah,”, Natalie placed herself upon my dick.

Here I was, one offspring riding my tongue; the other offspring, my dick. Both were riding for all they were worth.






Time for me to respond, “TOOOOOOO LAAAAAAATE!!!” With that, I shot a massive load into Natalie’s pretty womb. It was doing everything it could to swallow every drop of my essence. I was spent.

“NOOOO, SOME OF THAT IS MINE!!!” As Nicole said that, I feared another protracted fight. Instead, Nicole tackled Natalie’s legs, and started to try to suck as much sperm she could from Natalie.

“Nooo, aaaah, Daddy gave that sperm to meeeeeeeee.” Despite her protests, it was obvious Natalie enjoyed what Nicole was doing to her. “Nooo, aaaaah, SIIIISTER, SISTEEEEEEEEEER.” With that, Natalie started to come again.

I gave Nicole a quick spank. “Let’s properly welcome Natalie back home, Nicole.” I twisted my body so my lips faced Natalie’s. I licked at Natalie’s throat, and dragged my tongue up her chin, proceeding to French kiss. Nicole must have decided she was getting all my sperm she could from Natalie’s pussy, as she dragged her tongue up her sister’s belly to her right tit, and then joined me in trying to tongue Natalie. We each tweaked a nipple of Natalie’s, who gave an explosive orgasm when I gave a quick tease of her clit.

I have no idea how much time passed, but I felt my dick harden. It was time to fuck my other beautiful daughter. Before Nicole knew what was happening, I flipped her on her back. I dragged my cock on both sides of her thigh. She was starting to tremble. I said, “I love you both so much.” With that, I plunged all my inches into Nicole’s pretty pussy.


I started to fuck Nicole with every ounce of strength I had left. Natalie started to perk up, and lay beside her sister, tonguing her. Natalie’s sweet ass was too much to resist, and I gave it a quick spank.

“OW!!! DADDY!!!”

I took my right middle finger and shoved it up Natalie’s ass as I continued to pound Nicole’s pussy with my cock. Time stopped as I continued my physicality on my two girls. Nicole was at her limits.


I screamed, “HERE IT COOOOOOMES!!!”

With that I gave my final load of the evening into Nicole’s precious honey hole. Natalie wanted her revenge, and began to suck my cum from Nicole’s pussy.


With that, all three of us joined together in a collapse. Nicole snuggled into my left arm, and Natalie my right. Not wanting to taste my own sperm, I gave each a quick peck on the cheek.

“Nice to see you two getting along so well.”

“Yes daddy. We bonded while you were asleep,” said Nicole.

What did you two do to bond?”

“Well, we found out who trashed my motorcycle,” said Natalie. “It turns out her father is that mechanic. We kicked her ass and turned her over to her father, who says we won’t have to pay. I think he’s going to make her pay, but that’s a story for another day.”

I reflected, “Making a daughter pay can be fun.”

They each stuck their tongue out at me, reminding me how their mother, my ex-wife Natasha, once did the same to me. From there I lost track of who said what. “We also did some shopping.” I felt a sharp pain where my billfold usually rests by my leg. They both snuggled up closer to me, as if realizing they better say something. “We also got to know each other much better,” one said, “just like you said yesterday how you ‘knew’ Mom.” “It’s going to be a Merry Christmas,” both of my beautiful girls said. Christmas was a mere four days away, and Natalie was going to be with us, my Christmas wish for seventeen years realized.

We just had no idea then that Hurricane Natasha was going to make landfall at our house that Christmas morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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