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(MF, mature, exhib, voy, inc, rom)

I wrote this on a day when I was feeling depressed. I wanted to believe that deep love and wonderful sex could exist after 60. A foolish notion perhaps but I wanted to believe it anyway. This story follows a birthday visit between a brother and sister. A little flashback sets the stage. I enjoyed doing this and I’d like to do more. Come on, there’s got be a few horny sexagenarians out there with a story to tell. Or maybe there’s one you’d like to read. Drop me a line and tell me about it. All characters are 18 years or older.


It was a dull October morning as Tod walked up the steps to his sister Elsie’s home. He stopped on the porch to look around. This was his childhood home, his sister had taken it over after their mom had passed away. She and her husband, Ralph, had lived there until he died four years ago. At 64, she lived alone now.

The rain had just stopped and the rich smell of wet fallen leaves and moist earth filled his nostrils. He loved this time of year. He resumed his trek to his sister’s front door and knocked.

“Come right in. It’s unlocked,” came a voice from overhead.

He stepped back and looked up to a second floor window. Elsie stood with her head peeping out from behind the curtain. She smiled and then disappeared. Tod turned the knob and entered, wiping his feet on the mat before removing his shoes.

Upstairs, Elsie finished toweling herself off after her shower. She picked up a dress from the bed and stood naked in front of her full-length mirror. All the happiness in her heart drained as she viewed her image. Where had the soft glow in her skin gone? She was never proud of her tiny breasts but now even they drooped sadly. She caressed her pussy that at one time became moist at the slightest embrace. Now dry and closed to a world she felt very alone in.

‘ENOUGH!’ She chastised herself. ‘Enough of this foolishness, it’s Tod’s birthday, smarten up.’

Tod approached the staircase below and climbed to the top floor. Peering into the master bedroom he saw Elsie’s naked backside as she lowered a dress over her slim form. His heart skipped. It was wonderful to see her that way once more, after so, so long.

“Nice,” he said, “still exercising I see.”

Elsie was startled. She made a nervous half turn as the garment slipped past her rear end covering her legs. She half smiled. “Thanks. Yah I still walk and hike a lot. I can’t afford your fancy personal trainers with their big hard tits.”

“I could send over my latest one, Ilsa. She gives the greatest nude massages after my workouts. Those hard tits are nice but give me natural ones like yours every time.

“They’re natural, all right, naturally none existent. Thank god I’ve always had good legs and a nice ass.”

“Your right about that, not about your boobs though. How about showing me those legs, it’s been a while you know. Please, let’s call it my birthday present.”

“Don’t be silly, we’re not kids any more. We’re a little beyond, show me yours and I’ll show you mine.”

“Of course we’re not kids but I’d still love to see them. They were pretty terrific as I remember. Come on, just a little show for your horny little brother.”

She feigned frustration and turned to face him. Slowly, she raised the hem of her full-length dress. Up it climbed, past her shapely calves and knees. Still farther up exposing her soft creamy thighs. She halted inches from the top. Her smile was soft and a little mischievous. The sparkle in her eyes gave away her excitement.

“No fair, don’t stop there. Just a little higher, please, pretty please,” he smiled.

She raised the dress quickly the last few inches. Her lovely manicured mons came clearly into view. It was just a flash before she let the hem drop again.

“That was a cheap birthday present,” she chuckled nervously. “Show’s over, get down stairs and pour us some wine. We’ll have a sip before we walk to the restaurant. I’ve reserved our table at Lefty’s.”

Tod went down to the kitchen and poured them both a glass of Chardonnay. Meanwhile, Elsie returned to the mirror and raised her hem again. She needed to see what was so enticing to him. She had felt a distinct tingle in her pussy and she touched herself again. Still dry. She let the dress fall once more and headed downstairs.

Elsie glided into the kitchen moments later. She looked stunning in her long slinky dress that clung to her like a needy child. He had always loved how she looked and moved around. She seemed to float and glide into a room. Raising her glass, she clinked against his.

“Happy birthday again little brother.”

“Thanks, that’s another year on me but somehow it’s never one on you. How do you stay so beautiful and fresh?”

“God, what a liar. If you weren’t my brother…” she winked and took another sip of her wine. “Let’s get going I’m starved.”


Forty years earlier in the same house.

Tod walked into Elsie’s room as she dressed. She was naked ataşehir escort and facing away. He admired her smooth clear skin, her firm ass. Her whole form was so feminine and lovely. He kept staring until she realized he was there. She was examining a dress in her hands and she suddenly pressed it up against her. She turned her head and stared back.

“Enjoying the view? It’s not nice to sneak up on someone when they’re getting dressed.” She relaxed her grip on the dress and turned to face him.

“I’m sorry, sis,” he said after snapping out of his trance. “Your door was open and… I’ve never seen a girl naked until now, at least a grown one. I’m sorry, call me when you’re decent.”

“So I’m your first. Really?”

“Well technically, no, you’re covered up. But it was nice seeing what I could.” He flinched backward in jest, like he was afraid she would attack him.

Don’t worry—I’m not angry. She moved the dress aside and exposed the rest to him. “Go ahead, have a good look. I like the idea of being your first. Besides, I’m kind of enjoying the way you’re looking at me.”

Tod looked her up and down. His eyes darted everywhere. Her breasts were very small. Tiny, actually. But her nipples, now those were spectacular. They were stiff and very pronounced. They stood proudly at the centre of two deep red areolas. She was so slim but her narrow waist gave her figure a sleek seductive look, like a model. There was a nicely trimmed “V” shaped patch on her mons. It looked so inviting and sexy.

She demurely crossed her left thigh slightly against the other, bending her knee a little. The pose was so enticing, like a roman statue of a young goddess.

“I’m sorry Tod, I don’t have much to show I’m afraid. The bottom is pretty good, I think, way better than the top. I know how much you guys love big tits. That’s just not me—it’ll never be me.”

“Could you turn all the way around for me?” he asked.

“Yes sir,” she saluted, “once more around the park.” She held her arms out from her sides and she turned slowly around for him. She kept her eyes on him to enjoy his reactions as she came around.

“Come over here. Come closer,” She said.

He moved up close to her, never shifting his gaze for a second. She moved nearer still and glanced her hand delicately over the bulge in his pants.

“Judging from this I guess I’m not so bad after all,” she giggled.

“Oh God no, you’re fantastic. I’m so hard it hurts. Want to see?”

“Maybe, just not right now. I’ll let you know when I want to see you. Whenever I do, you’ll have to strip for me right there and then. Think you can do that?”

“You mean like any where, any time? No matter what we’re doing?

“That’s right, think you can handle that?”

“Will you be naked too?”

“Maybe, if I feel like it. You’ll never know for sure.”

“That’s kind of a one-sided deal, but I’ll take it. It’s really exciting.”

“Deal, then. Please leave now, I need to finish dressing, alone.”

He didn’t press his luck and he left.

For days after she was all he could think about. Whenever they were alone for a moment she’d lift her dress and flash him her ass or her pussy. She never wore underwear. He desperately wanted to see her again, maybe even touch her if he could.

Every day he grew more excited as well about when she’d ask to see him. Part of him worried it would be in an embarrassing situation, like in front of her friends. Another part hoped it would be just like that. The thought of exposing himself to others was beginning to turn him on.

A day came when they went out hiking. Half way along the trail Elsie stopped and turned to look at him.

“It’s nice out here. The warm weather and exercise is starting to make me a little horny. Strip for me, I want to see that nice cock now. At least I hope it’s a nice one.”

“Right now, out here in the open?”

“Yes sir, that was our deal.”

It wasn’t in front of her friends but it was definitely out in public. This was a busy trail. There was no telling who might walk by. He thought for a minute but quickly gave in. Deep down he wanted to do it too.

He dropped his packsack and removed his tee-shirt.

“Nice pecks and abs little brother. Let’s see what else you’ve got for me.”

He peeled off his shorts and underwear in one swoop, leaving them down around his ankles.

“Hold-on there,” Elsie said with widened eyes. “What have you been hiding from me little brother? Bring that over here right now.”

Tod moved and started to trip. He bent over and pulled everything off, shoes socks and all. Stepping right up to her she reached out and wrapped a hand around his shaft. Her thumb busily rubbed the tip, spreading his slippery precum around. Tod threw his head back at the sensations. He began to moan.

“Like this huh?” she said. “Is this your first handjob too?

“Uh huh, oh fuck that feels so good, I’m… I’m…”

Cum shot into the space between them. Elsie, screamed kadıköy escort with laughter, as spurt after spurt erupted. When it subsided she continued rubbing some of the fresh warm cum along his shaft and down onto his balls. Tod was overcome, his body spasmed and jerked uncontrollably.

“There you go, that’s it, calm down. This must have been a real big treat for you little brother. I never saw a guy cum so quick or so hard. That was fantastic.”

“God, I never felt anything like that in my life. That was so amazing. Tell me you’ll do that again, please.”

“Of course I will, that was fun. I’ll do that and lots more, you’ll see. Now get dressed. As much as I love you all exposed like this, we don’t need to get caught.”

Tod dressed and they finished their hike and went home.

Later that evening, Elsie knocked on his door. He called for her to enter. She was wearing a thin robe and she closed the door behind her.

“I want you to strip for me again. I’m still horny from this afternoon and I want to see you.”

“But Mom’s right down stairs. What if she comes up?”

Elsie opened her robe and let it fall to the floor—she was naked. She sat in his chair and parted her legs. She ran a single finger up the lips of her pussy and her eyes blazed with lust. He hadn’t seen her actual pussy the first time and he was transfixed as he followed the slow erotic movement of her finger.

“Strip. You promised.”

Without taking his eyes off her he pulled his top off and tossed it to the side. His hands trembled as he undid his belt, unsnapped his jeans and slid down the zipper. Her finger dipped in between her moist lips and her back arched. Her lips curled.

Down and off went his Levis and socks. He straightened wearing only his tighty-whities. His hard cock obscenely tented them. Hooking his thumbs in the waistband, Tod pulled them off. His rigid cock stuck out and arched upward. Precum drooled from the tip. Tod stood facing Elsie nervously—hands behind his back.

He moved right up to her as she reached out and wrapped her free hand around his shaft again. Once more she rubbed the tip, spreading around his slippery precum.

“God, this is such a nice one, I love it. There’s probably bigger but I can’t imagine wanting more in me.”

“In you?”

“Uh huh, in me but we’ll get to that soon enough.”

She slid her hand up and down the shaft and leaned in to take a taste. There was a sharp knock at the door and they heard their mother’s voice.

“Just a minute Mom,” Tod called out as he scampered for his robe.

Despite her fear, Elsie couldn’t help chuckling a little too loudly. Their mom opened the door and her face flushed crimson as she stepped in and closed the door.

“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TWO DOING?” She said in a whispered angry tone. “Your father would kill you both if he saw this. Hell, I’ll save him the trouble if you don’t get dressed this instant.”

The two scurried around, Tod for his clothes and Elsie for her robe. They covered up and sat on the edge of Tod’s bed as their mom paced back and forth. Finally, she spoke.

“I can’t believe what I just saw. Both my beautiful children are perverts. INCEST. Do either of you understand the meaning of that word?”

“We weren’t doing that Mom,” Elsie said. “It was just innocent looking and touching.”

“Right, and that’s why you’re on the pill,” her mom shot back. “You left them lying out on your desk yesterday. I’m telling you both right now. Elsie, you’re an adult now and Tod you’ll be one shortly. I won’t put up with any tomfoolery like this under my roof—it’s evil and against God. If I ever discover that you haven’t stopped, you’ll both be out on the street. Don’t think for a minute that I’m bluffing. I’m dead serious—don’t test me.

Tod and Elsie stared at each other and Elsie left the room. The next day they talked when they were alone once more.

“I’m sorry I got you into so much trouble Tod,” Elsie said with a heavy heart. “I never thought Mom would come down so heavy on us. You know we have to do as she says, don’t you?”

“Yeah, I do. I guess I can wait for a girlfriend to finish what you started. Just the same, you still can claim three of my firsts. We’ll always have that.”


“Sure, seeing you naked, watching you masturbate and my first real handjob.”

“That’s right, those are mine, aren’t they. If Mom hadn’t barged in you could have added your first blowjob to that list. We can still do it before Mom gets home if you want?”

“Who are you? Elsie, I don’t recognize you. Have you always been this way or is this something completely new?”

“It’s new but I feel this is the REAL me anyway. I lost my virginity a year and a half ago. I was so shy and afraid at first I thought I’d die. After, though, I wanted more, lots more. I think I’m hooked on sex, it’s all I think about now. I’m going to try everything, it’s so thrilling I can’t get enough.”

“Holy cow. Would you really have let me fuck you?”

“Yeah, bostancı escort I think so. What am I saying, of course I would have. Fuck I’d let you do it now if you wanted. I’m so wet I can’t stand it.”

“Now you’ve got me worried, Elsie. If you don’t calm down you could get into trouble.”

“You heard Mom, I’m on the pill. Sexual liberation, Tod, that’s what it’s all about. I’m going to fuck, suck and enjoy every cock I meet from now on. Women have always had to be the cops with sex. We were the only real losers if things went wrong and we got pregnant. No more—it’s our turn now. I’m just sorry I won’t be able to finish you’re education. I’ve only been at this a while now but I’m pretty good at it. I really wanted to share this with you.”

“I’m really sorry about this too but we don’t have a choice.”

They never tried anything again and six months later, Elsie joined a commune. Sex and free love abounded in her new surroundings and she had no problem fulfilling her every desire. With all the horny young men at her disposal, she went wild and really did get to try everything. She eventually married the leader of the commune. They settled down to a more conventional life in their own home. By then, she had had most of the wildness fucked right out of her—or so she thought.

Tod went on to university. He remained shy around women, only dating now and then. Although he continued down the sexual path, it remained mostly unsatisfying for him. After graduation, he started a company with two other classmates. It was an early internet startup with great prospects and it took off quickly. His business became his life. They all prospered.

In his forties he was even more of a geek as his life continued to revolve around his business. He met a woman much younger than himself. She was an incredible beauty who devoured him like a school of piranha. She introduced him to all the delights of the flesh. Her knowledge, abilities and stamina knew no bounds.

After Tod begged her for three years, they married. Incredibly, the sex only got better. They experimented with everything. Tantric, swinging, bondage and dom—nothing was off the table. The marriage lasted fifteen years. It collapsed with a bitter divorce when he discovered she had another lover for over five years. He couldn’t share her that way. Sexually, yes—not emotionally.

After the marriage settlement, Tod buried himself once again in his business. The company took off and was quickly bought up by larger interests. He was now rich, available and wiser in the ways of the world. He could bed any woman he wanted now—and he did.


Picking up where we left off now, Tod and Elsie are walking arm-in-arm to the restaurant for his birthday dinner. The owner of Lefty’s greets them as they enter.

“Ah, my favorite couple, always a pleasure. I have your favorite table reserved for you—sit, enjoy yourselves. I’ll send the waiter right over.”

They ordered and ate. Two bottles of wine later they were definitely enjoying themselves. The conversation got more interesting as the wine loosened their tongues.

“Say,” Elsie said. “When are you going to climb back in the saddle? You know, find yourself a real woman this time?”

They normally avoided this topic like the plague but this evening, things seemed more open somehow. Tod recoiled but smiled.

“Oh I think she was real enough. For me and every other guy she fucked. But I’ve got to be honest, I’ve never had another piece of ass like her since.”

“You’re kidding,” Elsie gasped. “I don’t care how good a fuck she was. I’ve seen the women you’ve been bedding—shit, I’d sleep with some of them myself. There’s no way that baby-brained bimbo could even touch some of those women.”

“Wow, a little wine has got you really talking. You never talk like that with me, not since we were much younger.”

“Maybe it’s time I did. Maybe I can straighten you out on a few things. You know, most women are pretty good fucks. You just need to pay them a little more attention.”

“Hold on, where did that come from? What or who are we talking about now?”

Elsie blushed. “Yah, you’re right, I guess I changed the subject. Tod, I’m just so lonely since Ralph died. Not that he was ever anything special in bed. Now don’t get me wrong, he was a great provider and partner—my very best friend. But in the sack it was slam bam, thank you mam. Almost thirty years of it.”

“I’m sorry sis, I never knew. I always thought he was some kind of sex warrior. I mean, wasn’t he the leader of that hippie love commune?”

“He was all right back then. While we lived there, he fucked me and a dozen other women like a randy field hand. But he was never really that good at it, he just had a big cock and terrific staying power. He could ram that beauty in me for hours. When we married and left the commune, things changed. He kind of sold out for a good job and money. We had a nice home and more things but our sex took a nose dive.”

“I know what you mean about the loneliness. It’s been hard on me too.”

“Yeah, hard. I’ve seen the women you date. Maybe it’s just you that’s always hard,” she snorted.

“Okay, this is heading down hill now. Let’s start walking back to your place.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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