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I take three deep breaths and count to ten before I knock on the door, I fiddle with my hands and think of our first meeting as I wait for him to answer…

Dylan had ducked out to the bar to meet up with his mysterious friend Jack. I was sitting on the couch in his home eating leftovers and watching the movies he never approved of; entertaining myself in his absence. I never thought of this house as ours despite the fact we found it and moved in together a year ago now. His pictures decorate the walls and his couch and big screen TV take up the living room.

He says we picked the curtains and bedding together but I hate the dark shades and gloomy colours. I never quite feel at home here so I don’t think of it as my own, it’s his house that we live in together, nothing more nothing less.

“Shit” I shriek before moving my plate aside and running for the kitchen sink. I grab the cloth and soak it through before rushing back and dropping to my knees to clean the spill before the curry sauce can stain the carpet.

My dress rides up as I work, furiously scrubbing away the mess, and I feel the cool air hit my bare skin. The thought that I’m not wearing panties doesn’t come until I’m satisfied the floor is clean but I don’t bother tugging it down, knowing I’m the only one here. I turn to dump my remaining food in the bin and take the cloth back to the kitchen and gasp as I fiercely pull my dress down to cover my nudity. I thought I was the only one here, it appears I was wrong.

“Good show” the stranger smirks and I glare.

“How did you get in?” I demand,

“Dylan let me in when we got home, he pointed me in this direction and headed for the bathroom, I didn’t expect our meeting to be so open but I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it”

“Who are you?” I question the tall blonde man in front of me dumbfounded by his directness and honesty.

“Jack” he smiled and I think I fell for his smile right then and there.

That was a year ago now and Dylan and Jack’s friendship has only grown. Our chance meeting has never once been discussed but I’m here now, so I have a feeling Jack hasn’t forgotten it. It’s funny how different the guys are, almost opposite in every way. It’s a miracle they get along or have anything in common at all.

Dylan is short and brunette like me. He’s brown eyes match mine and he’s muscular and enjoys his weekly gym sessions. He loves exploring the outdoors and spending hours upon hours at the beach. That’s where we met, I love the beach as much as he does and we make a point to visit the sand and waves whenever we can. I always thought he was the vision of sexiness, and my attraction to him is undeniable.

Whereas Jack is tall and blonde, green eyed, lanky and nerdy, he spends a majority of his time indoors and even works from home. He doesn’t seem out of place or uncomfortable the few times he has visited the beach with us but I get the feeling he’s prefer to be in air-conditioning snuggled up and watching movies. I myself have enjoyed every movie he has recommended much to Dylan’s dismay.

The boys get together on afternoons to relax and have a few beers and listen to music. Music is what brings us all together, the only thing all four of us have in common.

Yes I said four; Dylan, Jack, his girlfriend Sasha and me.

Sasha and I are practically opposites too, me short, her tall, me brunette and her blonde, me pale and her tanned, my boring brown eyes and her glittering blue ones. We get along well too, we often ditch the boys to go shopping together and enjoy some girl time but I never expected this.

Lately I’ve caught Dylan watching Sasha more and more, I was apprehensive about it but I hoped he would talk to me if he found himself attracted to another woman. It was Sasha who approached me first. A little over a month ago now she told me that she liked his attention and found herself looking for his swift gazes. She straight out told me that she fancied my boyfriend.

I wasn’t sure how to respond to a comment such as hers so I laughed it off and joked that she could have him with a roll of my eyes. Little did I know what discussions my joke would cause.

Apparently she talked to Jack who talked to Dylan who in turn came to me.

“Have you ever been attracted to another man, babe?” he questioned me, this was hardly our usual pillow talk but I put down my book and turned to him, assessing his expression to see if he was pulling my leg I guess.

“What do you mean?” I asked innocently.

“You know, have you ever looked at another man and thought he’s not bad or something like that?”

“Well of course I’ve looked but I’m with you and I’d never act on those thoughts or feelings. Why do you ask?”

“Well, I ahh, you see, I um…”

“What’s going on here?” I teased his loss of words.

“I seem to find Sasha… well she’s quite…”

“She’s pretty, isn’t she?” I offered.

“Yeah, she’s gorgeous!” Dylan exhaled, “I mean for a blonde” he amended.

“Yes, for a blonde” istanbul escort I nodded suspiciously. I wasn’t sure where he was going with this.

“Thing is I happen to know something you don’t…”

Did Sasha tell him she was attracted to him too? Are they running away together? Is he leaving me for her? Where oh where is he going with this?

“… See, well… have you ever thought about… how do I put this?”

“Just put it in words will you?” I begged, my thoughts going haywire.

“Well, what would you think about switching?”

“Switching??… What do you mean by sw… Oh” the gears in my head clicked together. Honestly I never even considered it. But what would I do now?

“Because I know that Jack and Sasha would be up for it if we are”

What? Does that mean they’ve talked about it?

“Anyway babe, take a few days to think about it and get back to me when you know what you think” Dylan stammered before rolling over and switching off the light. I guess that’s the end of that conversation.

I considered my options. Now knowing that Dylan definitely wants to sleep with Sasha I don’t know how to act or be around either of them.

The thought has brought a strain to my relationship. Dylan has very seriously considered having sex with another woman, isn’t that as good as cheating?

No, I’m exaggerating. I must be.

I don’t like the thought of the two of them being together at all. And I certainly don’t want him to fuck her then crawl back into bed with me.

But now I know that that’s what he wants, every time his eyes flicker to her the image of their naked bodies’ slick with sweat and tangled together fills my mind. I can’t escape it.

I don’t think our relationship can survive it, but if he doesn’t get her out of his system I know our relationship won’t survive anyway. So where does this leave me? What if I go through with it?

That would mean… shivers run down my thighs at the thought of Jack and me in the same position. Wetness fills my panties as I think of his initial reaction to me. The image of him hiding his hardness as I threw away my leftover curry over a year ago now still turns me on.

But he’s so different to Dylan.

What will this do to me?

I guess I won’t know until we try and by the seems of things I won’t know what to do with our relationship without giving it a go.

So here I stand fiddling my hands outside Jack’s door, wearing a little black dress that I have changed my mind about five times already waiting for him to open the door before I lose my nerve and run for the hills.

Jack opens the door and steps to the side, letting me past and inside his small apartment. I love the colours of this place, the blue longue and orange themed kitchen, the colourful artworks decorating the walls, looking around I immediately feel relaxed like this is somehow where I’m meant to be.

“Would you like a drink?” Jack politely offers and I glance over to him standing in the kitchen, two wine glasses on the bench and a half empty bottle of Chardonnay in his hand.

“Please” I smile put at ease by his knowledge of me, Chardonnay is my favourite. I sit on the longue and am instantly comfortable. I tuck my legs under me as Jack passes my glass to me.

“Thank you. Are you nervous?” I ask, nodding towards the bottle of wine left on the kitchen bench.

He blushes and nods before looking away.

I’m glad he’s feeling the same way I am, in a way his nerves have put mine at ease. I smile as I sip my drink and continue to explore his apartment with my eyes. I hadn’t realised that I’d never been here before until I walked to his front door, mere minutes ago.

I turn back to him and his gaze darts in another direction as if he was caught with his hand in the cookie jar. His expression makes me laugh and in turn my laughter seems to ease him.

“I like your apartment” I compliment him.

“Would you like a tour?”

“Yes!” I exclaim all too excitedly. For some reason I have always liked looking at how people set up their houses and how they feel. I like looking around and imagining how I would do things differently.

Probably why I got into interior design. I suppose being an architect I shouldn’t have expected any less from Jack but still I’m impressed by how homey his place feels.

We walk through the humble abode and he points out room after room and lets me wander into each and every one until I’ve had my fill. Each room has a different colour and I love how they capture feelings, like the orange in the kitchen makes you feel creative and the red in the study encompasses is passion for his work, longue room blue is relaxing and laundry cream is drab as all laundry rooms naturally are. His bathroom is green and reminds me of the ocean, I think it’s my favourite room by far.

“Don’t laugh” I think I hear him whisper as he opens the last door.

I gasp as I gaze into his bedroom. avcılar escort I never knew how complimenting black and purple could be together. His black bedspread is flecked with purple paint splats and the striped pillows match perfectly. He has one black curtain and one purple as if he couldn’t find the two colours meshed together but the creativeness of this shines through and I think I prefer it to if he had found curtains with both colours.

This room is by far the most artistic.

Two wooden side tables flank the king sized bed, one with a purple bubble lamp the other a matching black one. The bed faces a wall made of sliding mirror doors that obviously open to a very spacious cupboard. It’s different to every room I’ve ever seen before and I’m incredibly attached to its unique feeling right away.

I turn back to Jack to find him watching me again, waiting to see my reaction as he has to each room before, his gratification at my appraisals has continuously made me feel like he honestly cares what I think which is such a nice change of pace.

“Wow” I breathe.

Jack lets out a sigh of relief and I get the feeling he doesn’t show many people this room.

“Most people tease me for the colours in this room” he admits with a smile.

“I adore them!” I tell him truthfully.

“I adore you” Jack responds without missing a beat before slapping a hand over his mouth as if he weren’t meant to say that.

“Do you really?” I ask smiling.

“What’s not to adore” he shrugs.

I move closer to him, closing the cautious space he’s always kept between us and reach for his face. I pull his face down, forcing him to bend to my height and stare into his gorgeous green eyes.

“Thank you” I say, letting him see my genuine gratitude in my eyes. He closes remaining distance between us and his lips meet mine. His kiss sends the room spinning around me, purple streaks through black. He tastes like sweet Chardonnay and something entirely him which captures part of my heart I never knew existed.

My arms wrap around his neck and his lift me from the floor. My legs wrap around his waist aligning our bodies perfectly and causing us both to moan.

He spins us and holds me against the door, then his fingers explore my body and I am forced to break the kiss to breathe. He continues kissing down my neck, his right hand on my breast his left pinning my shoulder to the door. I moan as he kneads my boob and my nipple strains against the rough fabric of my bra.

I tug at his shirt and he pulls back, separating himself just enough to pull the material between us and throw it on the floor before resuming his slow torture. Our lips find their way together again and his strong hands grip my ass.

He lifts my small frame again and lays me on the bed, never breaking from our kiss. I feel his hand exploring my bare ass and he grins when he realises I’m not wearing any underwear.

“As naked as the day I met you” he chuckles,

“Thought you’d like the reminder” I admit.

He groans with the knowledge that I remember that day as much as he does.

“I’ve been dreaming of sinking into your wet heat since that day” he confesses causing goosebumps to encompass my skin.

He brings his lips to my neck and bites the delicious place just below my ear, making me moan as my body arches against his. He pulls the sleeve of my halter neck down and kisses the skin beneath it, he kisses my shoulder and trails his lips to my elbow; he kisses that too before moving to the other side to give it the same treatment.

I reach behind my head and pull the knot at the back of my neck apart and push my dress down. My C-cup boobs in a black push-up bra stop Jack’s movements in their tracks.

“You’re beautiful” he exclaims, wonder and desire clouding his eyes. I’ve never felt quite this beautiful before now but in this moment I realise I want to feel like this every day for the rest of my life. His emerald eyes meet mine again and I blush as he slowly brings his lips to mine, not once breaking eye contact until they meet and mine open and his tongue slips inside my mouth. My legs wrap around him again and I pull him flush against me. He pulls back.

“I want to feel your skin on mine” he says and my core pools with desire at the heavy sound of his voice. He pulls me to a sitting position and our staring contest resumes. His hands go to the clasp of my bra behind me, he undoes it in seconds and tosses it over his shoulder.

Jack’s eyes trap mine as he pushes me back and stands to hover over me, his hands grab for my half discarded dress and he tugs it the rest of the way off before it joins my bra on his bedroom floor.

His eyes are still focussed on mine and I admire and respect his restraint. I smile up at him and nod, letting him know I want him to look. And I do, I so desperately want him to look at my naked body, laying before him, open to him. And I want him to want me, as much as I want him right şirinevler escort now, so much it hurts.

His penetrating stare finally releases mine and I watch as he takes in the sight before him. Desire and lust change the colour of his eyes and as they darken I know mine reflect the mutual feelings. I reach for the button on his jeans, longing to free the hard length I can see straining beneath them but his hands grip my wrists and press them into the mattress above my head.

“Not yet” he whispers so close to my ear I feel his breath tickle the lobe. He kisses my forehead, nose, lips and chin, he kisses each collarbone and between my breast before pausing to suck my left nipple into his mouth, his right hand releases my wrist and covers my right boob squeezing it softly before focussing on my nipple, he pinches and teases with his fingers and mouth and I moan as my back arches, my body begging for more. He switches sides and releases my left wrist, my hands tangle in his hair holding him to me as his mouth continues this glorious assault until I can’t take it anymore and I’m begging for release. My body is coiled and teetering on the edge and I need the orgasm I know he can give me.

“Fuck me, Jack” I beg him.

“No, I’m not going to fuck you, not right away anyway. I’ve been dreaming of this for 18months now, I’m going to take my time and enjoy every moment”

I let out a moaning sound, of frustration or arousal I’m not sure but I know that I need him and I need him now. I plead with him with my eyes as he looks up at me and continues kissing every part of me downwards to me belly-button and below. I moan my approval as I guess his destination and violent twitches take over as he blows on the wetness between my legs.

“As shaven as the day we met too, oh god I’ve spent so long imagining your taste on my tongue” I hear him but I’m past the point of responding with words.

He tentively touches his tongue to my folds and licks upwards from bottom to top as my fingers clutch his hair. He brings two fingers to my opening and pushes inside me and my muscles immediately clench against him, letting him know I’m ready to explode. His fingers go in and out, in and out, starting slowly at first but picking up the pace until my body is pushing against him.

I’m riding his fingers and so damn close to the release I crave when his tongue touches my clit and I scream in pleasure. Jack’s tongue laps at my clit and pushes me over the edge, spiralling into the biggest orgasm I’ve had in years. He sucks my clit into his mouth and encourages another orgasm from me, I scream his name as I drown in a wave of pleasure.

I’m panting as I open my eyes and look to him, he chuckles as he wipes my juices from his chin.

Oh he’s proud of himself is he? I’m about to say something cocky when he undoes the button and zip on his jeans and pulls them down, his cock springs free and my jaw drops at the size of it. I’ve never seen one quite as long before and my body tenses at the thought of it inside me.

“Surprised?” he smirks. I’m tempted to glare but it’s that smirk that I love. The cocky smirk he had the first time we met and I can’t stop the smile that takes over.

“This’ll be fun” I smile and he quirks an eyebrow, apparently not expecting my response.

I drop to my knees on the ground in front of him and take his hardened member into my mouth. His gasp of surprise makes me smile as I suck him in to the back of my throat. He moans when he feels himself hit me there and I bob my head back and forth to his moans of approval. I’ve always been good at blow jobs. Dylan has always enjoyed them, sometimes I think he prefers them to sex, but maybe I’m overthinking things.

Anyway now I’m set on returning the favour and I slide my tongue to the sensitive spot near the tip and hear Jack moan again as I up the tempo.

“Baby, oh god, I love your mouth” Jack encourages me as I swallow. His words make me moan around his pulsating member and he groans as the vibrations of my sound pour through him. His hand tangle in my hair and he pulls me back.

Pulls me back?

Is he stopping me?

“Oh god, you’re making all my fantasies come true with your mouth but I need inside you. I need inside you now” he demands.

I smile broadly and crawl onto the bed rolling to offer myself to him. He grabs a condom from the top drawer of his bedside table and tears the foil with his teeth. Holy shit that’s hot.

As he slides the condom on I can’t help but think he’s still being courteous to me even now. He never considered screwing me without a condom before we had a discussion about it first like Dylan had our first time together.

I’m on the pill but I like that Jack took the initiative in this way. He reaches for me and kisses me passionately, his left hand buried in my hair and his right gripping my hip. I’m comforted with it being there. Somehow I feel safe in his embrace.

I wrap my legs around him, positioning my opening against his throbbing cock. He moans as my heat hits him and I capture it in my mouth. Jack breaks the kiss and leans his forehead against mine, his dark eyes looking into mine.

“Ready?” he whispers and in that moment I know that if I said no, he wouldn’t ask for more, he would be willing to stop right now if that’s what I wanted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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