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One year, four months and fourteen days; I’d looked at the calendar and was sure— a long time in the desert, I suppose. It didn’t feel so pathetic doing the math while waiting in the Hilton lobby at noon on a Tuesday. Sarah had asked how long it had been for me.

“I think I want to give you a post-valentine present…”

When I heard her say it I momentarily stopped breathing.

“Can you find a hotel somewhere halfway between us?”

Her voice seemed quieter than normal and there was gravity when she said it. She wasn’t joking and this wasn’t an impulsive suggestion. She knew what she was doing.

Married people with needs are the living embodiment of the biological truth that sex is resilient and persistent. We’re like small plants who find cracks in the sidewalk to live in, and we find each other— small, blind, green tendrils in inhospitable places entangling and holding onto each other.

My inhospitable place was an otherwise happy marriage to an asexual woman, Sarah’s was a sexual home without adventure or appreciation. None of it mattered, though, when we what— Talked online? Chatted?

“What is the verb I’m looking for here?” I had asked her once.

“EXPERIENCED!” She had said.

Yes! That was it— none of our “inhospitable homes” mattered while we experienced one another. The delirium of experiencing her dirty mind freely thrilled me. I often fell to sleep imagining her in my arms, my face between her thighs; I drifted off warmed knowing that she’d love that I wanted her so fiercely.

I watched the entrance to the hotel casually and was surprise when I felt a tap on the shoulder and a quick hug from someone behind me.

“I found you!” She whispered in my ear.

The embrace was quick but it triggered something. I was so filled with lust and anticipation that it felt as if time slowed. I could remember every detail— The color of happy flush on her face, the blurred-fur softness of the cashmere kadıköy escort sweater she was wearing, the vague warmth of her face close to my ear, and as she withdrew, the lovely smell of her hair.

She was so beautiful! I felt the world dimmed as she smiled and put her hands on her hips laughing slightly…

“Well?… where are we staying?” She winked at me as I croaked out the room number and picked up her bag.

“Sarah, what’s in the bag? It’s not an overnight thing, right? Did I misunderstand something?”

“It’s a surprise for you— well maybe me too— but you don’t get to see right away!” Now I was REALLY curious.

“The key card is in your pocket right?” She asked me as the elevator door closed.

She faced me and hugged me and I felt her hand slip into my pocket looking for the card. The back of her hand caressed my hardening cock as she looked at me and raised her eyebrows. She smiled and took her time finding the card.

“You see I like sliding the card in the slit… it’s sort of suggestive, don’t you think?”

She was rubbing me slowly and smiling still. When the elevator opened she pulled the card from my pocket and took my hand. This was happening.

As we entered the room I dropped the bag and came to face her. We kissed. It was gentle; subtle. I could feel her body against me as our kiss opened and our tongues gently enmeshed. It was soft and sweet and beautiful and began building. I wanted this woman so much! I could feel her breath and soft moan as our exhalations mingled.

“Hold on” She said pushing me gently in a for-the-moment gesture.

“So here is your present. I want to be yours today. Use me. I want you to do any dirty thing you want to me. I trust you. I’m yours… so…tell me what to do, you understand?” I did.

“I want you to take off your clothes… but slowly. Start with your sweater. üsküdar escort And slowly.”

She peeled it off seductively. She watched me watch her. The sweater dropped to the floor and I wanted her so much. I kissed her naked neck. My breath brushed past her ear along her neck to her collar bone. She seemed delicate and beautiful. As we kissed I felt intoxicated by the moment. I felt her breasts against my chest— her bra strap fell from her shoulder as my hands explored her shoulders and ass. I undid her bra and let her breasts fall naked against me. I stepped back to look at her beauty. She caught me admiring and laughed.

“More?” She asked.

I nodded and she stripped. I kissed the uncovered parts as she did. When the last of her clothes came off she lay down on the bed. She looked at me happy as I sat next to her and watched.

“Are you going to fuck me now, huh?” She asked as the opened her legs seductively showing me what I wanted. “I want to feel you inside of me, you know…” her hips raised toward me and invited me to her.

“I want to watch you touch yourself first.” “I want you to show me how you like to be touched.” Her eyes closed as her hand closed over her pussy.

“Sarah, I want you to watch me while I take off my clothes for you. Touch yourself as you do.”

She was obedient. Her eyes were on me the whole time as I greedily watched her stroke her pussy. When I was naked I could feel my cock pulsating against my stomach in a quiet thrum. She looked at it. She looked hungry for it.

“Keep touching yourself, Sarah, I want a closer look.”

I began to follow the movement of her fingers with my tongue. She tasted musky, lovely, full of lust and desire. Her hips moved toward my mouth as I kissed her pussy. I heard her moan and her hands gripped my shoulders pulling me into her. I could feel the small lump of her clit as I kissed and licked and explored.

I tuzla escort moved toward her and kissed her again. I slid a finger inside her and felt the slight give in her jaw as she quietly said, “ohhhhhh”. I could feel her hand on my cock and it made me aware of my own building desire.

“Suck my cock now Sarah.”

I closed my eyes and felt the wetness of her mouth take me in. I groaned as she explored me. Her hand gripped mine as she sucked soft and passionate and then hard and in rhythm. I felt my orgasm coming and didn’t want it yet and so I slipped my cock from her mouth and kissed her again.

She smiled at me as I explored her breasts and neck.

“I want to taste your cock again” She said.

I laid on my back and felt her head embrace me again. I watched her envelope me and felt the rising of orgasm building again.

“Sarah, I want to see how we fit for sex. Would you put me inside you?”

She straddled me and guided my cock as she slid me inside her.

“Oh my God, WE… FIT… SO… GOOD!” She said.

I sat up and kissed her, still inside. Her legs wrapped around me. We were joined. And then we were fucking. She lay on her back and I fucked her slow and deep. We kissed as we fucked. Her hands on my ass moved in sync to our movement. She pulled me into her.

“Harder, harder.” She said.

I could feel her tightening around me— Around my cock as I fucked her fast and hard, around my body as her legs embraced me and pulled me deeper and deeper. I could feel the rhythm of her orgasm as I was reaching the precipice of my own and then I was there in that momentary, eternal release. I felt myself empty inside of her in large rhythmic torrents and felt her hands on my back and the sounds of our ecstasy present in the lovely, disordered cacophony of orgasm.

“Oh my God, Sarah. Wow.”

We lay entangled with each other. Our bodies embracing and looking at one another in bewilderment— Kissing and laughing occasionally. It seemed longer than days that we held each other. And then she broke away.

“OK…” She walked to the bag. “Happy late valentine, but we aren’t done.”

She pulled handcuffs, rope, a vibrator and blindfold.

“I got toys to try out, see?” I was elated. The girl knew how to play.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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