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It was evening and he was sitting at the kitchen table, barefooted, in jeans and a t-shirt, reading the paper. I was off puttering around, doing I don’t remember what, while Don was absorbed in the news.

Suddenly, I had a strong urge to do one of those things that really turns me on once in a while. I went to our room and put on my short bathrobe. Then I went to the kitchen and stood next to Don until he looked up at me curiously. “Honey,” I said, “I’m in the mood to get a really good spanking.”

I didn’t say ‘and some really good sex’, because I knew I didn’t have to. Don reached over to touch the back of my lower thigh. His fingertips drifted slowly upward, under my robe, between my legs. The touch of his hand brushing my pubic hair excited me! The top of his hand pressed lightly against my slit. He felt my warmth and the beginning of moistness. Ever so lightly he teased me. He did all of this while gazing away, across the kitchen as if pondering something he recently read in the paper. I became wetter and began to ride his touch, seeking closer, firmer contact!

He looked up so that our eyes meet. I read strengthening desire in his.

“Take your robe off,” he ordered. I dropped it to the kitchen floor. He turned his chair to face me as his hand moved to touch me from the front. He inserted two fingers, to more approximate the thickness of the cock I so dearly love to ride! As his fingers sawed slowly in and out of my now soaked pussy, his tongue blazed a wet trail across my belly, stopping to dip into my navel. Soon I was riding more quickly! I rushed headlong toward the edge, then… I was over! My knees almost buckled with the release, but his strong arms kept me upright.

“Was that good for you, baby?”

Breathing hard, I simply nodded and smiled.

“Good! Now go into the bedroom and kneel on the bed. Put your hands on the top of the headboard and wait for me that way.” He licked the fingers that he’d withdrawn from my pussy. “It tastes like you’re ready,” he chuckled.

Don tarried a bit. His theory is that anticipation is good for you as long as there’s a payoff, and Don always guarantees a payoff! He took extra time to decide what his approach would be that night. He hates to be predictable! In his mind, no matter how much fun the first time doing something is, doing it the same way over and over gets to be boring… and he will NOT bore us!

After ten minutes or so he came into erotik film izle our bedroom. I had followed my instructions to the letter, and I could tell it pleased him. I looked back over my shoulder to watch him take his t-shirt off. He tossed it behind him, not caring where it fell. He made a small production out of unbuckling his belt. I heard the tinkle of the prong against the buckle’s edge. Don realizes that sound always plays a role in the granting of my wishes. There is a quick whoosh as he draws his belt through the loops of his jeans. I’m sure he sees a little apprehension in my eyes! He knows that I’m perfectly aware that when my need for a spanking is about to be met, there’s always the risk of “The Belt”. He once told me, “your pretty ass has reconciled itself to a continuing affair with it, so your anxiety is not too great to bear.” He knows me so well!

His jeans fell to the floor and he kicked them away. His shorts followed, landing in a corner somewhere.

As he picked up his belt I turned away and arched my back so that my ass presented a target I hoped he’d find attractive! He seemed to have other plans, but I can tell he appreciated my eagerness!

“Baby, back up and lay your head on the pillow, but stay on your knees. Now put your hands behind your back.”

I complied without question. Once I learned what Don was all about I realized I didn’t need to question him anymore. We have nothing if not trust. He formed a loop with his belt and slipped it around my wrists. Then he wrapped the strip of scarred, thick leather around and around until my hands were bound tightly!

Don began to speak, slowly, hypnotically…

“Close your eyes, Jackie. Imagine… sometime in the 16th century. You are on a platform in a slave pen. One of many in a slave market. Some of them hold other women. Others hold men. You are all captives from another land, and you are all there for one purpose… to be sold. Your fate depends on pleasing someone, anyone! A pretty one like yourself can expect a future as a pleasure-slave, but there is hope for more. If you please your master or mistress greatly, you might become a concubine of some stature and privilege. It’s remotely conceivable you could achieve more! You are aware of all of this because you are intelligent, and because you have perspective from your previous life. But it all starts here.

A small group of men stop to examine you. You listen as film izle the slave master extols your qualities. “She’s of good stock, noble family I’m told. Smart enough to know her new place though. Shouldn’t cause any trouble. And broken to the lash.” With those words you feel a sharp thwack on your buttocks! “Look at her ass, too. Firm and unblemished, since she’s only been a slave for a short time. We haven’t even fucked her there yet. Supporting a higher value you see.”

You hear a voice that’s smooth, modulated, confident, and accustomed to command. “So slave master, are you telling me she, or at least her pretty bum, is a virgin?”

“Ah, no Sahib. There’s no telling for sure what she did in her native land. But if you look closely, Sahib, it’s clear her hole is still tight and fresh.” Fingers spread your cheeks as if to check you. You feel a finger slip into your cunt as long as it’s right there anyway.

“Hmmm? Her front hole appears not so much used either.” To much laughter, one of the men tells the group that perhaps it’s a matter of the plow for this particular furrow having been unusually small.

The slave master sees that the leader has interest. He runs his hand over your head, feeling the texture of your hair. He lifts your chin to peer into your eyes. They are clear and he sees intelligence there.

The slave master commands you to open your mouth. When you do the leader runs his fingertips over your lips, then pulls them back slightly to check your teeth. Smelling a profitable sale the slave master offers him the use of you, a test drive so to speak. The leader opens his robes to reveal an engorged and erect phallus. When he places it near your mouth you open to take him, looking up for a clue as to what he would have you do. He simply nods, and you take him in deeply. He strokes into your lovely mouth, repeating the motion over and over. His retinue watches intently, with favorable murmurs. A flick of his hand dismisses you momentarily.

He moves behind you. He checks, and to his pleasure you are already wet. He slips into you effortlessly! As his thick penis slides in and out of you he watches the folds of your flesh grip him. They have a healthy pink glow and your copious juices impress him. The others are almost envious, especially when moans of pleasure escape you. He looks at each of his companions in turn to see looks of approval on each one’s face. Your test goes on. For long minutes seks filmi izle he strokes in and out of you at varying speeds! Several times it is obvious you achieve orgasmic pleasure. The comments of his companions become more enthusiastic. The slave master is beaming!

“Try her nether hole, Sahib!”

He must be VERY confident of a sale! The leader removes his wet hardness from your sopping cunt. Slowly he inserts his thickness into your small, tight asshole. It truly is a snug fit. Your gasps indicate you are not used to accommodating a man there, at least not one of his size! He begins to use you in a way that will be repeated countless times. Your individual moans turn into one continuous low groan as his thick manhood fills you again and again! In a short while it is obvious you have reached the pinnacle of pleasure once more, but of course he continues. His friends’ remarks are now suffused with praise, and they wonder at his good fortune with this lucky find! Even the slave master is surprised at the golden nugget he has in his pen.

One more test awaits! He fucks the smooth white ass in front of him with vigor now, and as he does his strong sword hand begins to slap your cheeks hard… then harder! Soon the slap of his hand on your flesh almost, but not quite, drowns out the moans of pleasure cascading from your lips. He stops stroking. For a minute he throbs every few seconds inside of you! With each throb comes a sharp slap to one cheek or the other! “Yes! Yes!” you groan! With a roar, he assaults your tightness once more! Others gather to watch. Over and over his staff slams into you! Over and over you urge him on! Finally, he raises his face toward the sky and shrieks the shriek of the war eagle! It mingles with the cry of the savaged doe that comes from your own beautiful lips! His seed spews deeply into your bowels! A few seconds later he pulls his cum-coated cock from your ass with a wet plop. A few white strings follow. The crowd is hushed.

When he nods to a companion, the man tosses a bag of gold to the slave master, who doesn’t even bother to count it. The crowd cheers wildly!

He wraps you in his cloak and leads you away!

I was laying face down on the bed when Don turned me over. I spread my legs so that he could lay down on me comfortably. My heavy breathing was finally subsiding.

“Does your ass hurt, baby,” he asked?

“Oh, yes. Delightfully so. That is just what I needed.”

“I’ll stay right here until you go to sleep. When you’re done with your nap… come find me.”

A long kiss, and I felt my eyes close. My last thought before sleep was, “I certainly will, honey. I certainly will.”

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Revelation, Penetration, , Swaps

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Group Sex

*Continuation of “Tease, Party, Peg”*

A little past midnight, Lynn gave Marie the signal. Most of their friends were already gone, and Anne was passed out on the couch with a glass of white wine in her hand. If it was red, Marie would have taken it away from her, but that might have woken her up.

She found Andy and James cleaning up in the kitchen. They were basically finished, so she sent James upstairs to find his wife. He had some preparations to take care of before things could begin. Andy smiled to her while he did the last of the dishes, and she came up and wrapped her arms around his waist.

“I didn’t get to thank you for earlier,” he said, giving her a peck on the cheek. “That was something else.”

Marie blushed. She’d worried that he would have figured it out – that it was James who blew him earlier – but Lynn had guessed right. All Andy knew was that he’d been sucked dry by a hot, wet mouth, and he naturally assumed it was hers. She could just imagine James there, between his legs, with a mouthful of black cock and white semen. She was dying to see the video of the incident, but maybe she could get them to repeat it later. Or maybe even the other way around…

“Well, you can return the favor whenever you want,” she said. She didn’t think he’d actually do it, but she could imagine him with James’ cock in his mouth. God, she needed to fuck.

He gave her a more passionate kiss, spilling a little water from the sink. “I’d be happy to,” he said in a low growl.

She gave the bulge at the front of his pants a squeeze, then went back to putting things away. After a few minutes, they both climbed upstairs and into the bedroom.

As soon as he closed the door, Andy’s hands were on her, and he pressed his lips to hers with vigor. He smelled like tequila, but he was rock solid against her leg, so she didn’t have to worry too much about what effect the alcohol might have on him.

He was rougher than usual with his caresses, but she wanted it. She’d been wired all night since Lynn showed her the video of Andy getting pegged, and now it was time for her patience to pay off.

“I have a surprise for you,” she said as he kissed her neck, one hand on her ass, the other against her crotch. “I’ll be right back.”

She pushed him into the bed, and went into the bathroom. Her lingerie was hidden under the sink, and she moved quickly to change into it. Her panties were soaked, and she ran her hand through the wetness with a wave of pleasure. She sucked the juices off her fingers, then pulled on the crotchless thong and bustier that she and Lynn had agreed on.

She checked herself out in the mirror, and grinned. She was flush, and her eyes were as big as saucers; she looked like a bitch in heat. It was good. She had worried that she would be awkward for this. Now, she just wanted to fuck.

She came out, and Andy was waiting for her. His dark skin was framed against the tan bedspread, and his cock was pointed straight out for her. Still, she resisted the urge to jump right on his hard shaft, and came around to the other side of the bed, lying beside him on her stomach.

He looked confused, but she had him lean back on his elbows, her face very near to his hips. She gave his cock a lazy stroke, and precum oozed out of him with a shudder.

“I had something different in mind for tonight,” she said, trailing a finger through the stream of clear liquid rolling down his shaft.

He raised an eyebrow, but Lynn heard the cue. The door creaked open, and her friend came in wearing the same bustier and crotchless panties. She smiled seductively and let Andy soak her in.

“Wow,” he said, looking between her and Marie.

Marie gave another tug on his cock. “Do you want to fuck her?”

He nodded.

“Good,” said Lynn. “I want another shot at that monster.”

She sauntered over and straddled him without another word. Marie held onto Andy’s cock and lined it up with Lynn’s slit. She was just as wet as Marie, but a little messier. Perhaps James had been warming her up in the other room.

Lynn slid onto Andy’s cock with a sigh, and he grunted in pleasure. Marie grinned and retracted her hand, finding Lynn’s phone on the nightstand. She started recording. There was something exhilarating about filming her fiancé fucking another woman, and it was driving Marie wild.

“Do you like my pussy,” said Lynn as she started moving, her hips curling against his dick in nearly locomotive arcs.

“Mmm, it feels good,” said Andy, rocking his hips slowly in time with her.

“I’m glad. I’ll tell my husband you enjoyed it.”

Andy froze, throwing off their rhythm.

Lynn laughed. “Don’t worry. He’s fine. Besides, how else was I going to get DP’d?”

Andy cast a worried glance to Marie, but she smiled and held the camera steady as James came in. He was naked as well, but Marie could see the plug in his ass as he turned to pick up the duffel bag. He didn’t look totally comfortable, but he knew the plan and didn’t waste any time. If he stopped to say erotik film izle anything it might get awkward.

He dropped the duffel by the bed and retrieved a small bottle of lube. He squeezed a good sized portion into his hand and got to work coating himself and Lynn’s rosebud.

Andy stayed silent as well, eyes glancing between them the girls and James, but Lynn kept his focus by placing his hands on her tits. Her bustier was pulled back, and her nipples stood out like leather studs.

“You’ve got this side,” she told him. “Just keep fucking me, and try not to cum for a while, okay? I don’t want your sperm in my cunt tonight.”

Andy nodded, and after a few more moments, James was ready as well. Marie moved forward for a better angle as James plunged himself into Lynn’s ass.

She squealed with delight, but had to stop for a moment to adjust to the new cock. Marie rubbed herself furiously, immediately and deeply jealous of her friend. She’d tried two dildos at once before, but two pulsing, hot cocks was something else. Lynn had better cum quickly, or Marie would push her out of the way.

James and Andy looked at each other, forming some unspoken agreement, now that they were both inside Lynn. Marie could see James’ balls resting on Andy’s cock.

Lynn turned and smiled for the camera, her eyes as wet and wide with anticipation as her pussy. “Okay, boys: give it to me.”

They obliged, pumping into her with irregular thrusts. Soon, though, they got into a rhythm and started fucking her for real. Lynn’s face was ecstatic, and she was gasping and moaning like a porn star. Some of it was undoubtedly for the camera, but Marie could swear that Lynn was looking past the phone at her…and she liked it.

“Oh god yes, fuck me,” Lynn cried, eyes closed, mouth gaping open. She was so horny, if there had been another cock there before her, Lynn would have been blowing it. Marie imagined her friend taking three cocks at once, her mouth flooded with cum. Missing that, Lynn kept up a constant stream of curses and encouragement.

After a few more grunting minutes, Lynn turned to the camera again and gasped, her pretty face screwed up with pleasure. She looked right at Marie, begging for release. Lynn shuddered and the boys stopped pumping while the orgasm rolled over her.

When she was done, Lynn settled back against their cocks, rocking and squirming.

“Oh no you don’t, bitch. It’s my turn.”

Marie stopped the video and dropped the phone on the bed. She was aching. For Andy, for James – hell, if Lynn brought her strap-on, Marie would bend over happily for her. She had waited long enough!

“I was going to go for seconds,” said Lynn with a lazy smile, but she slowly moved out of the way. Once she was free of the boys, she sprawled back onto the bed with a heavy sigh, her forehead slick with sweat.

Marie grinned like a wolf and took in the sight of the men before her. They were both flush with the exercise, and clearly ready for more. Still, she could see them nervously glancing at one another, all too aware of their closeness and nudity. If only Andy knew whose lips were on his cock earlier this evening…

She pulled herself on top of Andy and lined up with his cock. She was drenched and ready for him, and he slid inside of her with one filling stroke. She gasped with pleasure and ground her hips against his pelvis. It was a marvel she didn’t explode right there and then. But, then she wouldn’t get to enjoy her turn with both cocks.

“You too,” she said, looking over her shoulder. James’ cock was stiff and pulsing, and she remembered how it felt inside her ass when they’d fucked by the hot tub on vacation.

James didn’t need any more encouragement. He repeated the lubing process, though he spent some time fingering her asshole for good measure. She rocked herself against his fingers, but it wasn’t enough – she wanted his dick in her! By the time he was ready to fill her with his cock, Marie was fit to burst. His hard rod slipped past her rectum just as she began to cum.

“Aaah! Yesss!”

“Oh, shit,” cursed James, and Marie felt waves of hot cum fill her ass. It was too much at once, but it felt so good! The sensation was amazing, feeling his orgasm meld with hers, while Andy kept pumping away at her pussy.

When Marie finally came down, James pulled himself out of her and lay next to his wife on the bed. He looked pleased with himself, and a bit drained.

“Couldn’t keep up with Andy,” asked Lynn with a smile and a kiss for her husband.

“She caught me off guard, but I’d been wanting to cum in her ass for a while now,” said James. “I’m going to get this plug out and clean up a little.”

Lynn nodded, and James left for the bathroom.

Marie didn’t move down from Andy’s cock. He slowed down during her orgasm, but he was still hard as rock and going strong.

“It looks like your ass could use some attention,” said Lynn.

Marie looked over her shoulder and saw her friend going through the duffle bag. Lynn came up film izle with her large, purple cock in its harness. Marie felt a jolt of excitement at the thought of where that cock would be shortly. She wasn’t all that into women as a rule, but Lynn’s strong-willed nature and protruding cock were making her horny as hell.

Her ass was already loose and slick with James’ cum, so Lynn had no problem sliding herself in. Marie could feel her friend’s tits against her back as she rocked her strap-on into place. Andy watched her with a beatific smile as he enjoyed the view, barely even fucking her. She clenched down on his cock to keep him moving.

Soon, James came back and lounged upon the bed, taking the occasional photo with Lynn’s phone. He wasn’t hard anymore, but he was definitely enjoying the show.

Marie came again with a muffled shout, her senses on overload. Her ass was getting sore, and her pussy was aching. She could have contented herself and laid back on her bed, but there was still something else in the plan for the evening, and she really wanted to see it.

Andy and Lynn faced each other after Marie pulled off their cocks, and Lynn was grinning maliciously. Andy was still hard. He sometimes had trouble cumming from sex alone, and Marie was finding that a little anal stimulation went a long way with him.

“See something you like,” Lynn teased, indicating the cum covered purple cock.

Andy glanced nervously at James and Marie, but Lynn wasn’t going to let him chicken out now. She took hold of his cock and gave him a quick suck, tasting pussy and precum.

“Hands and knees,” she ordered, giving his shaft a tug for emphasis.

He reluctantly obeyed, and Marie drank in the sight of him, ass high and waiting to be fucked. Marie saw him looking at James, as if he needed his friend’s seal of approval to be pegged. Or maybe he had noticed the hardening of James’ cock as Lynn came up behind him.

Andy was pointed horizontally on the bed, giving James and Marie a good view of the action in profile, but Lynn shuffled him around so that his head was closer to the headboard.

“Are you ready for my cock, Andy?”

He nodded, not looking up.

“Are you sure? You haven’t really warmed up yet,” said Lynn. “Maybe I should help loosen you up first. I always make James wear a plug before I fuck him, so his ass is prepared for my big purple cock.”

Andy pushed back against Lynn, and gave a low growl. “Whatever you say,” he said.

Lynn poured some lube on her fingers and pressed them against his ass. “That’s what I want to hear. Now relax.”

He did, and Lynn prodded her fingers inside him, one by one. Marie looked over to James, saw his hard-on pointing straight out, and winked to Lynn.

“So, how did you enjoy your blowjob earlier,” Lynn asked Andy while she fingered him. James looked moderately alarmed.

“It was great,” said Andy, his voice a bit airy from her intrusion into his ass.

“And you said you’d like to return the favor, right?”

“Yesss,” he said, more like a moan.

“Perfect,” said Lynn with a wicked grin. “James, can you scoot forward please? It will be hard for Andy to get his mouth over your cock from this distance.”

“What!?” Andy looked up at James, incredulous, but Lynn held him firm.

James coughed, but didn’t move forward as he was told. He was ramrod stiff and oozing precum, but he seemed fixed in place, watching Andy for a reaction.

Marie was nervous, but Lynn didn’t seem to mind her husband’s timid response. She probably expected it; swapping blowjobs was serious business.

Lynn thrust her cock into Andy and gave him a slap on the ass, eliciting a small gasp. “James has been harboring the idea of sucking cock for a while now. Just something to try, you know? So, I took advantage of the situation and gave him a the chance to live out one of his fantasies. You didn’t mind, did you?”

Andy glanced back at her, but another quick thrust of her purple cock, and he could only grunt and moan. James didn’t look away from the spectacle, and his cock hadn’t wilted in shame. Marie took hold of it, just in case, and stroked him slowly.

“Good,” said Lynn. “I’ll show you the video later, if you want. I know Marie is dying to see it.”

Marie gave Andy an encouraging smile, and it seemed to give him some confidence. But now came the hard part…

“Still, there’s something else that James has been dying to try,” said Lynn. “Something only you can help him with, Andy.”

James gulped visibly, looking up at his wife with pleading eyes. Whether he was pleading for her to be silent, or to keep going, Marie couldn’t tell.

Andy watched his friend and said, “Yeah?”

Lynn reached down and stroked Andy’s cock, grinning at James. “He would like you to cum in his ass. He wants to be fucked.”

The boys looked at each other, eyes locked in silent conversation. This wasn’t something you asked your friend to do, normally, but Marie was hoping the normal rules were out the window. They’d both fucked seks filmi izle the girls, the girls had pegged them in kind, and James had already wrapped his lips around Andy’s dick. What was a little ass pounding between friends?

Marie was willing to tip the scales a bit. She reached over with her free hand and slipped a finger in James’ still loose ass. He sighed. “Tell him what you want,” she said in his ear.


Lynn was stroking Andy slowly, her cock buried up to the hilt. “Give him some encouragement; reach out and feel his cock, Andy.”

Andy slowly held out a trembling hand, and Marie helped him to his target. He wrapped his fingers around the shaft of James’ cock, and gave it a few cursory tugs. James gasped and leaked a stream of precum down the head of his cock.

“Fuck me,” he said quietly.

“You’ll have to do better than that,” said Lynn, building her momentum on Andy’s ass. “Tell him what you want, dear.”

James looked down at his friend’s hand around his cock, then back to Andy. “P…please cum in my ass. Fuck my ass.”

Andy nodded, groaning with pleasure with every sharp thrust from behind. “Okay,” he said.

Lynn beamed with delight. “Excellent. But first, let’s see what you can do with your mouth.”

Marie urged James forward, and this time he didn’t shy away. He moved up to his knees, bringing his cock in line with Andy’s face. Marie had to remove her finger from James’ ass to grab Lynn’s phone and start taking pictures.

Andy opened his mouth hesitantly, but he took James by the shaft and began licking the head without protest. After a minute, he took the whole head of James’ cock in his mouth, and was being spitroasted by the couple. Lynn thrust forward, pushing James down Andy’s throat. Andy coughed, but recovered quickly and kept sucking. Marie came before she even realized she was fingering herself.

When she decided they were ready, Lynn stopped and pulled out of Andy, and James backed off as well. Andy’s face was covered in saliva and precum, and he looked wild with anticipation. He hadn’t cum yet, and his cock was pulsing with the excitement of Lynn’s pegging.

“Alright, Andy, go stand by the bed and get lubed up,” said Lynn. “James, come here.”

She led her husband to the edge of the bed and pushed him onto his back, so his legs dangled over. Lynn positioned herself next to him and pulled his legs into the air, exposing him to Andy’s view. Marie got a good shot of Andy eyeing up James’ ass while he covered his own cock with lube.

Lynn kept her gaze on Andy, egging him on. “He’s all ready for you,” she said. “He’s been practicing at home with our own big, black cock.”

Andy smiled at that and approached James’ proffered backside. He put his lube slick hands on the backs of James’ legs, letting Lynn free her hands. His cock pointed out towards it’s goal, but held a few inches away, as it waiting for further instructions.

Lynn leaned over and kissed her husband, looking him right in the eye. “Are you ready?”

He nodded and looked down. “I’m ready.”

“Tell him what you want,” she said.

James looked to Andy. “Fuck me.”

Lynn turned to Andy, eyebrows raised in seductive challenge. “Well, don’t keep him waiting.”

Andy took a deep breath and pressed forward. His cock met James’ rosebud hole and pushed through with little resistance. James gasped softly. Marie nearly forgot to keep taking pictures, but remembered herself after a moment. They would all want to see them later.

“How is that,” asked Lynn.

James sighed, but Andy grunted and said, “Feels like it could use a good pounding.”

He picked up speed as James’ ass stretched to accommodate his large dick. James’ own cock bounced against his stomach with every thrust from Andy.

Marie watched with mute elation as her fiancé fucked his friend, his dark flesh meeting James’ white ass. She was recording a video now, but it was mostly neglected while she enjoyed the view.

Lynn, for her part, kept up the banter. “Do you like that, hon?”

“Mmhhmm,” moaned James.

“Is this what you wanted? Is it everything you hoped it would be?”

He nodded vigorously.

“Do you want Andy to cum inside your ass? Do you want his hot sperm spraying inside you?”

“Not inside,” he said, then gasped as Andy rammed him with a particularly deep thrust.

Lynn turned to Andy with a smile. “You hear that? He wants your cum on his face.”

“He’ll get it soon, I think,” said Andy. Perspiration formed on his brow, and he was fucking James with longer, more regular strokes.

“Good,” she said. “Just keep pounding his tight little ass, nice and deep. I want to see you cum all over him. Are you ready for it, hon?”

James moaned and nodded. “Yesss!”

Lynn grabbed his pulsing cock and jacked it in time with Andy’s thrusts. “Cum for me, bitch. Cum with his cock in your ass.”

James panted and tensed, and Lynn pointed his cock up towards his face. Jets of cum sprayed all over his chest, neck, and stomach, and he cried out in ecstasy.

“Fuck, that’s it,” said Andy, and he pulled out of James’ ass just as his own orgasm hit. His long, black dick arced thick ropes of white cum onto James, coating his face in it.

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Rachel’s Private Yoga

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Female Ejaculation

Rachel Masdale walked into the yoga studio wearing purple yoga pants and a blue sports bra. Rachel was a dumb blonde white girl who had c cup tits, but an ass comparable to Sofia Vergara’s. Rachel was a girl who’s ass you could grab and convince that you slipped and it was an accident. Rachel was never flexible so she thought this class would help her out.

“I’m assuming that you are Ms.Masdale?”

“Yes, but please call me Rachel, and you are?”

“Peter Gregory, just before we start I have a couple of questions.”


“What is your I.Q?”

“Uh, I think that doctor guy said that it was like 81, all I remember though was that my parents alsmost took me to a school for special kids for it.”



“Bra size?”

“C 32.”

“What are you wearing under your pants?”


“When did you lose your virginity?”


“Do people call you stupid?”

“Yeah, but most guys say erotik film izle that that’s cause they are jealous of my ass.”

“Well it is big, I need to grab it to see what I am going to do.”


Peter pulled Rachel up to him grabbed her big, juicy, round ass.

“Alright so the first thing I want you to do is press your body up against my, so I am looking at your back. Good, now I want you to thrust your hips in and out.”

“How far?”

“Make it so your ass hits up against me.”

Rachel started and her round ass started to hit Peter’s crotch.

“Am I doing it right?”

“Stop thrusting your arms with your hips, here I help you.”

Peter then wrapped his hands around Rachel so that she could not move her arms.

“Thanks peter.”

Peter then started to hump Rachel creating noise each time her ass and his cock collided.

“Hey, my ass is making noise.”

“It sure is baby, oh and I forgot to tell film izle you, I like my students to call me daddy.”

“O.K daddy.”

“O.K time for a different pose. Now I want you to bend over.”

Rachel bent over, showing Peter how large her ass could get. Peter then placed his hand behind her knee and moved his hand up her leg, slowly moving up to her juicy thigh, and then put his hand around her ass.

“Excellent form Rachel.”

“Thank you daddy.”

“Walk with me.”


“I am going to give you your gift for being a special girl.”

“Yay, what is it.”

“Put your hands against the wall and lean your ass out.”

“Like this?”

“Yeah and spread your legs. Good. Now time for your special gift.”

Peter then started to slap Rachel’s ass.

“Is this my gift?”

“It is the beginning of it.”

“Should you really be slapping my ass daddy?”

“Yes baby, you see when I slap your ass it seks filmi izle means that you get to stay with me forever and fuck me when I want you to, and only special girls like you get to.”

“O.K then spank me daddy.”

“I’ll do more than that.”

Peter ripped her pants open took his cock out and shoved it up her ass.

“Remember that thrusting thing I had you do?”


“Do that.”

Rachel started thrusting her ass in and out.

“There’s that sound again.”

“You like that sound Rachel?”

“Ooh yeah daddy, I really like it.”

Rachel let out a big scream as Peter’s ten inch cock went all the way into her ass.

“Holy fuck!”

Peter then shoved 3 fingers up Rachel’s pussy as he continued to thrust his rod into her. Then just as Peter was about to reach his climax, Rachel started to cum, causing Peter to shoot the white fluid right up her ass.

“Can we stop daddy? I’m tired.”

“How about you come to my house and take a nap, the we pick up where we left off when you wake up”

“O.K daddy.”

Once Rachel fell asleep in one of Peter’s bedrooms, Peter handcuffed her to the bed and locked the door on the way out.

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Portland Rain

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I left the club and walked toward my hotel. Along they way a short, rather heavy young lady was working the street. It was pouring down rain and while she was trying to stay under a marquee, she had gotten soaked.

“Care to join me?” I asked stopping to face her. I held up two 20’s and said that’s all I have left ’til tomorrow. But the up side is a nice dry place to spend the rest of the night, a bathroom, and a shower to freshen up in the morning.” She took my proffered arm and we walked into the next block and up to my room in the Savoy On The Quay.

Inside she began to undress as I watched, then joined her in shedding my own clothes. She was perfect for me in every way, long haired, plump, short, large breasted and with quite the hairy pubic bush. “How would you like me, hon?” she asked.

“What’s your name, first?”


“Pleasant meeting you, Donna.”

“Same here … uhh …”

“Oh sorry. Richard,” I told her. I stepped up to her to embrace her and to hold our naked bodies together.

“Do you kiss?” I asked her.

“Usually not. You know …”

“Yeah. Oral?”

“Yeah. But …” she started to say as I erotik film izle raised her face up to mine, placing my fingers under her chin. She opened her mouth and I kissed her with mine opened as well. After a few seconds our tongues met and we French kissed for another extended period of time. Cupping a breast in my hand, my other arm around her, I pulled her tighter against me and felt my cock growing between us. Sliding my hand down to her bare butt, I pressed my fingers into her bottom crease and felt the slippery, greasy area around her anus.

“Ohh, gaaawwwd, baby, that feels goooooood,” I told her.

“You can do me there, if you like,” she said.

“I might want to,” I told her, pressing her back toward the bed and against it. Letting go of her then, she layed back onto the bed and I raised up onto it with her. She let her thighs spread apart as I settled between them, face first into her pussy crease.

“Ohhhhh RICHARD … I usually don’t …. let … mmmm … oh Richard, I must smell …. Ohhhhhh …,” she moaned out. “There was a guy earlier … OH RICHARD … that feels soooo goooood! But …”

“No buts, Donna. No worries. I love film izle this.” There WAS the decided flavor of another man’s cum in her rich pussy juices and pissy flavor. I thoroughly enjoyed licking at and sucking at her hairy lined cunny. She reached down to herself opened and I licked and kissed and sucked at her fingers as she masturbated along with my licking out her pussy. While she rubbed her clit I dipped my tongue down between her bottom cheeks and found her soiled anus. It was somewhat dirty and heavily ladened with her musky anal secretions. I lapped at it voraciously as she pushed down on herself inside and I cleaned the creases and folds of anus, pushing my tongue up inside of her and feeling the end of her next poo ready to come out of her rectum. She let herself close and my tongue slipped back out of her tasty little brown hole and I moved back up through her twat, up into her pu bush and up her tummy, licked and kissed around her belly button and up to her ample titties. My mouth closed around first one and then the other nipple and areolar ring, gave each a little sucking and moved up to her throat and chin and mouth.

My cock didn’t even need the seks filmi izle guidance of my fingers to enter her, and it slid in past the head and up inside of her loose, wet canal. Her mouth and lips and tongue seized my own, kissing, licking, sucking as she fucked my cock with her pussy. I held myself still for SEVERAL seconds and felt her vaginal muscles working up and down my cock, letting me slide in and out of her. I moved my hips up and down a few more times and stopped again as her pussy virtually sucked me to a HARD ORGASM.

“Ohhh gaaawd, baby … OH YEAAAH,” I gasped as I fucked her harder, in and out and JAMMING MY COCK up into her as far as I could get it … out a little and HARD and DEEP up into her again, squirting gobbet after gobbet of my cum up into her pussy. She ground her hairy mound up against my own as I finished inside of her and began to slip out. “That was VERY nice, honey. Thank you.”

“Thank you for a place to stay the night. I really have nowhere to go.”

“Well, stay the night. Get up and clean up in the morning. Take your time. I don’t have to be out of here until eleven o’clock and don’t have to be at the airport until after three in the afternoon. Care to have lunch with me? Breakfast too for that matter?”

“Sure. Again, thanks,” she said as she turned her back to me and I cuddled up against her and awoke in the early light of the morning.

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Piercing for National Nude Day Ch. 04

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Firstly a big, “Thank You” to all readers for your votes. Gussie hopes you continue to enjoy the story – it can develop more and more!

Dear Readers: Please read the other Piercing for National Nude Day stories to understand this tale – Thank you.


In forty odd years I had only ever shared my bed with one divine creature, until our interest in piercing.

Then we heard about National Nude Day………… Now, within a week, here I was sleeping with three beautiful girls.

July 14 has a lot to answer for!

After sleeping for about an hour I stirred, nearer to sleep, than to being awake, yet conscious of the others breathing quietly around me. One was the wonderful child, who had just surrendered herself to me, yet whom, I had only known for a few weeks.

She had given herself to me with my partner’s full permission. The latter watched everything, and, with another dear friend, prepared her for bed. They were her attendance, her guardians.

I could feel the gently breath of my virgin. It was the beautiful young girl for whom my partner, the jeweller, had fashioned a collar in solid gold. This gentle creature, manageress of the piercing parlour, where we had our nipples pierced, was now her slave.

Suddenly I woke with a start. Over dinner we had agreed to purchase the parlour. I remembered that I was to meet the restaurateur at my attorney on Monday, at midday, to go through the legal minutiae. I began to think of this.

Then I thought, “Well who cares, we will sort it out then, in the meantime, I am with three beautiful women, and we have the whole weekend ahead of us.”

My eyes had become accustomed to the dark. I could detect my sleeping partner, in a spoon position close behind Parlour Girl. Her left hand was flat on the girl’s belly. It was holding that place where a single sperm may have won the race to her egg. Where at this very moment a new life might already be.

I remembered that she would still be wearing the butt plug, and the spreader, but that her clit would be free. She was obviously at ease with this. Then I remembered that only an hour before I had gazed past her gold ringed cunt into the hole of eternity. Then I had gently inserting my cock as she offered us ultimate gift, her virginity.

I stroked down her sleeping face with my little finger. She stirred. I kissed an eyelid, it fluttered, and I whispered, “Are your comfortable, my darling little one.” There was an imperceptible movement of her left leg. She lifted a little to expose the butt plug, and her hole. I traced her perimeter with my fingers

I asked if she wanted me to remove it. She mouthed, “No”, but her small hand found my limp penis. Her fingers stroked down to the ring, it was loose for the first time in hours. She eased it gently off, brought it up between our faces. She kissed it, and then we licked it clean together.

It tasted salty, of our sperm, of her cum, and of a unique additional something. I doubted that I would ever taste it again. It was virgin blood.

The others did not stir, a hand still rested on her flat tummy, and one on mine. Our Chestnut haired friend lay spooned close into my back, her right arm over me in an intimate embrace. I sensed her regular breathing on my hair.

She lifted the sleeping hand from her stomach, and slowly imperceptibly eased down my body. Her mouth came level with my flaccid cock. It hardened slowly as she licked it completely clean. She wriggled back. We were face to face. We kissed, and I tasted her heaven again.

The two of us were alone in love, yet with the others around us in their love. It was a unique feeling.

She took the sleeping hand, and replaced it on her stomach. The others were none the wiser.

We slept again.

Hours later the sun was streaming in through open windows, past curtains, which I can never remember seeing drawn shut. We were not overlooked, so we never drew them. My partner had quietly slipped out of our bed, she had moved silently around gathering up the pieces of gold. She found all the jewellery that had been cast off as we prepared for me to penetrate our virgin. She hunted around to find the four beads that I had shot, from my mouth, at Chestnut, and her, as they waited in attendance. She found them all.

She also found my vertical nipple bars, and realised that these needed to be back in place as soon as possible, otherwise the new holes might seal. They may already have started to seal, or infection might have started. Removing them had not been sensible, but then, who is sane in the one great moment of love.

It worried her, so she gently woke me. Parlour Girl had rolled onto her back, Chestnut was sleeping with her newly pierced bars in place.

I kissed them both tenderly, and wriggled to the head of the bed. I swung myself to the floor, gorilla like, using the top rail of the four poster, at the head of the bed, as a support. We went into her workshop. She sat naked on her work stool, erotik film izle dressed only in her nipple, and clitoris bars. She had found antiseptic. It stung. She washed the rods in antiseptic, and gently eased them in. It stung again. Both nipples only hurt for a moment, and we hoped that it would be OK.

Later Parlour Girl looked at our handiwork. She had seen many piercings, had undertaken many more, and she thought that we were right. We all had our fingers crossed. Once the bars were screwed home we sat, and talked through the last 24 hours. I drew up another stool, her knees were between mine, touching skin on skin. We were stark naked, facing each other, hands clasped in hands, and clasped in love.

We talked of our lives, our love for each other, and our deepening love for the young woman. We talked of she, who might now be part of our life to eternity. She, who might give us the child, or, dare we think, the children, that we could never have ourselves.

We talked of Chestnut Hair, of her transformation in one week. On Monday she was a woman of despair, who placed her naked breasts on our dinner table. Now she was a ravishing beauty, who walked tall, with self assurance.

Had all this come about through nudity, through Nude Day, through “Play Piercing”, and our wish to have our nipples pierced?

We decided it had.

We had also decided that I should shower, and then wake the sleeping beauty. I was to ask Parlour Girl how sore she was, and if she wanted to continue to make love over the whole weekend. If she said yes, then…………… My penis grew at the thought.

I explained how my cock ring, and penis had been lovingly cleaned while she slept.

What man could refuse and invitation, arranged by his partner, to continue to fuck such a gorgeous creature, as often as possible, for the next forty eight hours? Not me!

She led me out of the workshop, using my cock as a lead. We showered together, something we have done all our lives, and continue to do. We washed each other in the same guest bathroom that I had used before I came to our room last night. I washed and cleaned every intimate part of my delicious friend. She had removed the chains before coming to bed. She had removed the starburst on her cunt, but her clit bar was in place.

I slipped two fingers into her anal hole washed it, more fingers slipped into her cunt. It was washed. They traced up between her swollen leaves to her clit. I washed and rinsed with intimate care. I knelt and kissed her bareness, sucking hood plus, the whole erect clit and bar, deep into my mouth. She was stirring; I had to bring her to the climax that she so richly deserved.

She pressed her back against the tiles of the shower, forcing her pelvis to my mouth. If I could have swallowed her all, she knew that I would have done so. My hands traced up to her breasts, again she had removed the diamond dangles, but the starbursts still covered more than half of her peaks.

It was an extraordinary journey of mutual understanding. She felt me massage her nipples to their fullness. She whispered that the tips were ever so slightly sore from the diamond buttercups that she had pressed into their heads.

She held the inner ball of each horizontal bar, while I undid the outer ones. She pulled the gold rods through her teats; she held the top balls, while I undid the lower ones, she pulled vertically upwards. The starbursts were free.

I continued to suck her ever growing clit into my mouth; I chewed on it, and rolled it around my tongue. I began to rotate the stars on her nipples. They responded by becoming harder and fuller.

She began to shudder. She was coming. All the signs, that I knew so well, were coming together as one. She came as I clamped my teeth on her whole clit, ran them to her bar, and pulled it all far out from her body. I wrenched the stars from her breasts. The shower was still cascading over us. She sank down. We were together. We collapse onto the floor of the shower. We kissed, and kissed.

We dried each other, she sucked, and kissed my cock, but simply said, that was for another for the weekend. She led me by the hand to the door of our bedroom. She stopped, a stark naked beauty, leaning against the doorpost. She was watched.

I walked to the bed, pulled back the sheet that had covered us all during the night. I could not draw my eyes from the two sleeping girls. They were too beautiful for words.

Chestnut was on her back, hair wantonly spread all over the place. Her legs were apart, possibly by a foot or so, but with her clit, and cunt, completely hidden in her forest of love. Her globe breasts rose and fell as she breathed. A single bar pierced each nipple. These had become her crowning glory. It made her, and was what she had so desperately wanted.

Our delicious virgin of the night was sleeping on her front, legs slightly apart so that her butt plug, and cunt hole were exposed. There was very little dried semen; there very film izle few signs, a trace of blood, her cunt ring was holding it in.

I crawled between her legs, slowly moving them further apart, then further still. They were pointing at the corner pillars of the four poster bed, to which I had tied my partner, when we began to “play pierce”.

I arrived, my face an inch, or so, from her butt plug. I was lying on my belly between her slim legs, within inches of her love hole.

The fingers on both hands played music up, and down, the back of her thighs. She stirred, but did not wake.

I continued to play tunes with one hand, brought the other hand to my mouth, and wetted it thoroughly. I formed my fingers, and the palm of my hand into a spoon, and filled it with spittle. I poured it into the little dimple at the base of her spine. I began to draw streams of love down towards the gold cap. I traced little rivers around, and down towards her gaping hole.

I took a second helping of spittle, and poured it onto the first. I mixed them up, took my hand between my legs, and milked pre-cum form the end of my slowly hardening penis. There was more than I had expected. I added it to my soup.

All this time the darling girl had been standing watching, leaning against the door pillar. She came to me, as quiet as a mouse. She stretched over, breast dangling, and held out her hand, spooned like mine. It was full of her cum, the juices of her love, to which she had added more spit. It poured onto my hand, and was transferred to the dimpled pond on the sleeping back.

Neither beauty stirred.

I remixed the soup, and continued to form rivers of love around her butt plug, down and into her stretched hole.

I bypassed the hole and began to prise the “V” wings from her lips. I found that my first finger and thumb would just fit under the widest spread. This freed her clit, and they met at her tip.

She stirred again, and her hips rose slightly from the bed, I rolled up the finest down pillow, and drew it under her body at the rise of her stomach, above her clitoris. She did not move down. I assumed that her hips had been an involuntary movement of stimulation in sleep.

I looked round at my partner, and mouthed a silent question, she nodded her approval. With slow movements, so slow movements, I began to lift the root of the butt plug. It moved out of her body, millimetre by millimetre until the base of the egg began to form.

Her anal skin was slowly stretching, but I moved so slowly that inner skin of her back passage did not deform, and pull out. I held the egg in one hand. I scooped with the other hand, and fed more goo from the pool. I massaged it around her hole.

I pulled a little more; we were at the largest diameter of a big chicken’s egg. I stopped with the egg half in and half out. The surface was bright polished gold, her tiny hole had been stretched to a huge “O”. I pressed very gently on the top, and lifted at the same time. The whole egg eased free of her bum.

I still believe that she slept, through it all, deep in the sleep of happiness.

I kissed, then rimmed her hole with my tongue. Slowly it began to close. She murmured contentedly for the first time. I eased the fingers of one hand around the cunt ring, and gently pulled it from her entrance. I moved it free of her wonderful body, and she stirred again.

I eased the clit tube, and the fanned “V” away. She was separated from her gold for the first time in fifteen, or sixteen hours.

I placed my hands either side of her hips, and levered my body so that my head would be against hers when I bent my arms. My penis was now hard, and very close to her cunt hole. I was not going to enter without her permission.

I lowered myself onto her slim form until we were touching everywhere. This time my weight drove air from her lungs, and she turned her face to mine. I whispered, “Good morning, our darling, pregnant one.” She smiled, and we kissed.

Then I whispered that I had been told to make love with her again, and again, all weekend. Her simile widened over her face at the thought.

She said, “I am sore, I will be sore, but I want you so badly. You may have to carry me everywhere if it becomes too bad.”

We lifted our hips in unison. I rested on one arm, while I puffed up the pillow under her stomach to twice the depth.

She wriggled her hand deep between her legs, found my hard member, and began to guide it into her cunt. We coupled, and I eased into her virgin hole for the second time in seven hours. Slowly, very slowly, completely wetted by juices from her, from me, and from my darling partner I eased in. My balls touched her lips. I had returned home again.

We lay still as she gathered herself to the morning, then she kissed me and was ready. We began a long slow deep fuck.

I moved my hands to the side of her breast, first turning them so that I was resting on my wrists, and pushed under her. She lifted seks filmi izle so that her nipples were clear of the sheet. In doing this she showed an extraordinary understanding of the arts of love. I took each nipple between a finger and my thumb, and began to roll them both.

I took the outer bars, and pulled her down onto the flat of my hand. I rolled the ends of her nipples around with one finger on each had and began to fuck her cunt harder.

She whimpered a little. She must still have been sore from my piercing her hymen the night before. It was the noise of the brave, made in love. We were closing to climax together.

I massaged her whole breasts, those round seductive wonders, that we hoped would now fill to give milk for her child. We came together.

I lowered my whole body gently onto her. We lay a long time when we had finished. My cock slowly shrunk, and slipped out of her cunt, and it was clear. It nestled between her lips. More sperm had filled her body.

It would now be rushing around wondering where to go, and if her egg had been fertilised, by their kin, last night. Soon we would see.

The pillow under her middle still deliciously raised her hips. Her bottom was fuller and more round in this position. It was very inviting.


Her anus was still slightly open from the butt plug. She wriggled her backside, seductively. She whispered, “Will you put your thing in my arse?”

What an invitation, it was too much. In an instant I was becoming hard again. I raised my whole body above hers. My arms were flat on the bed either side of her chest. Once again my prick rose to the occasion. It always did if there was a chance of anal sex. My penis continued to become harder, and more engorged. It was reaching that steel hardness that is almost unreal, all at the thought of a virgin anal fuck.

It pointed directly at her open hole. I lowered myself quickly, as though I was about to do twenty press ups. My body was rigid, resting on the bent up tips of my toes.

I plunged the steel hard rod straight in without stopping. All my weight crushed her. She let out a gasp as all the air was forced from her. Then my arms began to straighten again. My prick came away, it stopped an inch above her hole, and I plunged in again.

My darling partner had been expecting this as an answer to her invitation to fuck her arse. It was our favourite anal position. She moved from the door to the bed. She took one of Parlour Girl’s hands in her own. She turned the palm so that it would be against her stomach. She slipped it against the lower part, where her pubic hair used to begin.

There was a yelp of surprise, and the virgin screamed, “I can feel him against my hand. He is pushing right through me.”

I continued my press ups!

I plunged in and out; she lifted her hips to meet me on each downward charge. My partner asked if she was OK.

She gasped, taking deep breaths as I pulled up. She tried to reply as each breath was expelled as I landed back on top of her body, “If I had known it would be like this, I would have given myself anally years ago, but I would have kept my cherry for last night”.

What an extraordinary girl she was.

By now two hands were rubbing her clit, fingers where everywhere. Some pressed deep into her cunt as though to hold the fluids into her. One of her hands remained pressed hard, and flat, on her stomach. It moved out as I charged fully home, then pressed hard back as I withdrew. She had a natural understanding of the arts of love. She was a wonderful pupil.

I screamed that I had to cum in her arse. I could not risk charging into her cunt directly from her back passage. Both girls shouted, “Yes”, and we came together in a huge tumble of ecstasy. Not much sperm was wasted. Most of my cum had been pumped into her virgin cunt a while earlier.

Although it was her favourite of all coupling positions, my beautiful partner had never been able to watch a vertical anal assault. We called it our “press up” sex.

She was entranced as my pole hit the virgin opening time, after time, after time. She saw it pull right out, leaving a large, inviting, gaping, hole. She watched me plunge straight in until my balls were squashed against her cunt. She had been there herself; she had felt the push of my penis on her stomach. She had clasped my hands tight onto her belly, so that I could feel my own probing tool. But she had never seen it.

She was on fire with lust, and desire.

She was even more astonished after we had all come together, and I had rolled to one side. Our virgin began to move. She wriggled up to my middle, prised my legs apart, and nuzzled up to my cock. Her tongue came out; she opened her mouth, and popped my now flaccid member fully into her mouth. It was like a gob stopper. She rolled, and chewed, it around. It raced to a larger size. She let it fall, then proceeded to clean it all over.

It was my cock that had come straight out of her arse.

She rolled my foreskin back with her teeth, and licked into every corner. She hummed, and murmured, to herself, lost in a world of lust. She sucked on my hole. I was in ecstasy, rigid as steel again.

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Warrior Princess

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I remember the moment I first saw him, in the Great Hall of Morden Castle – a tall, striking figure dressed in the black habit of the Benedictines, head slightly bowed, standing calmly before my father’s throne. It was the way he held himself – straight backed, square shouldered – not a hint of nervousness, as the gossip of the court swirled around him.

“Too young to be a monk,” they whispered.

“Must be a novice.”

“How old is he?”

“His hair is untonsured.”

“From the Abbey at Chertsey, apparently.”

“And he scared off a longship?”

“I heard it was five.”

I sat to my father’s left side, aloof and impassive as the spectacle was prepared. How I despised the court and its participants – the pompous loudmouths who jostled for position – the spineless snitches who’d do anything to get ahead. They were the reason the kingdom was so imperilled – long on talk, little on action – a council paralysed by indecision.

The prisoners were being brought in now – the long-haired Vikings, stripped of their armour, hands tied tightly behind their backs. There must have been forty or more, each one shoved roughly to his knees on the cold stone floor. The murmuring of the crowd was getting louder, eyes wide, fingers pointing, as the captives slumped wretched in defeat. This was a rare victory for the Kingdom of Surrey – unprecedented – few had seen the raiders humbled in this way. The castle jail would be full tonight.

My gaze rested again on the tall figure in the black habit. He looked a little older than me, but still in his early twenties. There was no denying he was attractive – his jet-black hair cascaded over his forehead in thick curls, half-concealing his deep blue eyes.

There was something mysterious about him – compelling even. My heart beat a fraction faster.

The young man glanced up, his eyes meeting mine for a split second. Hurriedly I looked away, my cheeks reddening – he’d caught me watching him. I cursed my self-consciousness – why on earth should I feel embarrassed? A royal princess could look at whomsoever she chose – especially one so humble as him. Why should he be any different?

The heavy oak doors at the far end of the hall clanged shut, rescuing me from my awkwardness. A hush descended as Sigweard, Thane of Chertsey, strode forwards, swaggering towards my father’s throne. His son Sigbehrt followed behind, smirking at the courtiers on either side. I stared forwards disinterestedly, trying to avoid his eyes.

“Lord Sigweard, you bring us report?” King Frithwald asked in a clear, authoritative tone.

“Your majesty,” came the reply, his voice booming around the hall. “I beg leave to present news of a great victory…” The showman bowed low, pausing for dramatic effect. “The capture of five Viking longships.”

A gasp went up from the obsequious courtiers as the thane swept his arm to indicate the captives.

“We bring the prisoners to receive your justice,” he proclaimed. He gave another low, theatrical bow. Sigweard always revelled in the spotlight.

“Then tell how you accomplished this heroic feat,” commanded the king.

“Your majesty,” the thane continued, “my men were patrolling the banks of the Great River, when we espied in midstream the longships in great distress. Two small boats had been set on fire and were drifting in the wind towards them.

“The crews were panicking. They tried to row away from the flames, but the longships foundered on the shoals and my men waded out to them easily. We arrested them all.”

Another sweep of his arm to indicate the wretched Vikings.

“And the fireboats?” my father asked, letting a note of excitement colour his voice. “Who set them against the raiders?”

“Your Majesty, that was me,” said the tall young man, his voice bold and clear.

Astonished gasps sounded around the court as all heads turned to the tall figure in the habit. Who would dare to speak uninvited before the king? A stern rebuke would surely follow – the novice might even be expelled from the court. The thane’s brow knotted in frustration.

“Step forward. Tell us your name!” King Frithwald commanded, ignoring the breach of protocol.

“I am Cedric,” the young man began, “novice of the Abbey of Chertsey, your majesty. My lord abbot sends his most loyal greeting.”

He spoke calmly and clearly, completely oblivious to the stunned reaction of the court. Sigweard looked on, more than a little peeved, his thunder stolen by the newcomer.

“Then pray tell us, Cedric of Chertsey – how did you set these boats of fire on our foe?”

“Your majesty, I was making my way across the town bridge, the night before last,” Cedric began. “I looked out across the Great River and saw a longship coming upstream. But the wind and the current were against it and the oarsmen were struggling.”

“Your majesty…” Sigweard interrupted, trying to regain my father’s attention.

My father held up his hand to silence him. The thane shrank back, his face a picture of injured pride.

“Indeed,” said ankara iri göğüsleri olan escortlar the king thoughtfully, turning back to Cedric, “there was a full moon that night and from Chertsey Bridge one can see a long way down the river.”

There was a pause. The courtiers waited with bated breath.

“Pray, continue,” nodded my father.

“I saw two rowing boats filled with rags – the type the local fishermen use. They were tied beneath the arches. I climbed down and set the rags aflame with the oil from my lamp,” said Cedric. “Then I cut the moorings and let the current take the boats towards the longship.”

My eyes darted across to Sigbehrt. I’d expected him to be purple with envy as Cedric’s tale of heroism unfolded. But no, he was looking up at the hammer-beam roof of the hall, that same smirk still written broad across his face. A man, only a few years his junior, was stealing the limelight – surely he was hating every moment?

“The oarsmen panicked,” continued Cedric. “And a gust of wind took hold of the longship and pushed it to the bank.”

“And your men were waiting there?” asked my father, turning away from the Benedictine and directing his question to Sigweard.

A wave of relief passed across the thane’s face. He was back in control.

“Yes, your majesty – a cohort of my finest men had been tracking the longships from Kingston. We were ready to confront the Vikings when they came ashore. They crumbled when they saw the strength of our force.”

“And these are the prisoners from the longships?”

“From the first longship, your majesty,” Sigweard bowed low – an unnecessary gesture. “We could not bring all five crews, for they number almost two hundred. The others languish in Chertsey Jail and await your pleasure.”

My father placed his hand on his beard and stroked it thoughtfully, knotting his brow as he contemplated the accounts. He rose to his feet.

“Guards!” he called. “Take the prisoners to our dungeons!”

Dozens of soldiers, dressed in the dark blue uniforms of the Surrey army, ran forwards and manhandled the unresisting Vikings away. The great oak doors slammed shut behind them and silence descended on the court.

The king turned to the young man in the black habit. “Cedric of Chertsey, we thank you for your loyal service. You will stay in Morden Castle as our guest tonight and tomorrow you shall return to the abbey, with our thanks and a gift for the lord abbot.”

The novice bowed.

“I thank you, your majesty,” he said humbly. “I live only to serve.”

My eyes fixed on the young man. His words were clever, but the double meaning would not be lost on anyone – as a Benedictine, his allegiance was to a higher power.

“Step forward Sigweard, Thane of Chertsey,” commanded my father.

I watched as he reached for his ceremonial sword – a reward was coming, a new status would be conferred.

“My Lord Sigweard,” declared the king. “You have served me honourably for many years. For your loyalty, I elevate you to the Earldom of Guildown.”

Lightly he tapped the new earl on each shoulder with the sword.

“Arise Sigweard, Earl of Guildown!”

Around me the courtiers burst into applause, cheering their approval. Dutifully I smiled, but inside a numbness gripped me – this was either a master strategy or a demonstration of abject weakness. Sigweard would now control the western half of the kingdom – it was only a matter of time before he set his sights on the rest.

I looked across at Cedric as the cheers sounded around us. Our eyes met, but this time I held his gaze. His expression betrayed his concern – he shared my fears.

My father held his hand for silence and spoke again, “Step forward Sigbehrt.”

My heart sank – I knew what was coming.

“For your loyalty and service, I declare you Thane of Chertsey.”

Again the applause thundered around the hall. I forced another smile onto my face, but the panic was rising in my chest. Sigbehrt now had a title of his own – and a powerful one at that. There’d be no stopping him – he’d made no secret of his intentions -undoubtedly he’d seek my hand.

The new earl and thane bowed low before the throne. My mother stood and together the king and queen made their way to the doors at the back of the dais.

Dutifully I followed behind, playing my part – Princess Elspeth – the younger daughter of King Frithwald of Surrey. I glanced back towards Cedric – I could have sworn he gave a gentle smile as he caught my eye for a third time.

Quickly I turned my head away, looking down at the floor as I followed my parents through the entrance to the royal residence. What was I doing? What was I thinking? A princess could not marry a monk. But as my eyes had met with his, perhaps I’d felt something I’d never felt before.

I took a deep breath as the door shut behind me, relieved to be hidden from public view. In the morning the novice would be back in Chertsey – I would never see him again. The next day I’d have forgotten all about him elvankent götü büyük escortlar – or so I told myself.

There was a feast that night. The Great Hall was full. Long tables were laid with sumptuous food. The wealthy and powerful were assembled. This was a celebration the kingdom could ill afford, but one it needed to have. A victory over the Vikings was all too rare.

I tried very hard to enjoy myself on these occasions, but I hated each one more than the last. Sitting there demurely like a doll, the dry make up plastered on my face, black hair plaited and pinned in painfully tight curls – my job was to look pretty and listen in awe as the self-important bores debated politics, religion and the law.

Still, the old men were better than the women – the gaggle of opinionated harpies who spent their time gossiping about my suitors. But even they were preferable to the young bachelors of the kingdom – they were the ones competing for my favour, jostling in position as they waited to dance with me. Their elder brothers had done the same for my sister – she’d loved every minute, revelling in the attention they gave. I’d always find an excuse to take the air or retire to my bedchamber, to get away from their clammy hands and stinking breath. But the time was coming when I could avoid them no longer.

I looked to the other end of the table, expecting to see Cedric of Chertsey sitting quietly – a lonely figure, overwhelmed by the cacophony of the feasting. But no – there he was, talking animatedly to his neighbour, laughing and joking with the man next to him. I frowned – were my eyes deceiving me? Was that really my father’s finance minister? The treasurer was the most boring man in the kingdom, jealously guarding the dwindling gold reserves from any spending he considered frivolous. He hated these occasions even more than I did – he’d sit morosely, ignoring those around him, watching suspiciously as each platter of food was brought in. But there he was – bantering with the novice as if he had not a care in the world. What had Cedric done to him?

The lower tables were being cleared away now, making space for the dancing to come. Up in the gallery, the minstrels were reorganising themselves, getting ready to change the pace. This was the part I’d been dreading the most.

A hand grasped me by the shoulder, pinning me sharply, making sure I couldn’t escape. I knew immediately who it was.

“My lady,” crowed an oily voice, “might I have the honour of the first dance?”

I looked up at him as he leaned over me. The new thane was drunk – his breath smelt even worse than usual.

“Lord Sigbehrt,” I replied as disinterestedly as I could. “I must congratulate you on your elevation.”

I turned to face him, but he kept his tight grip on me. There was that smirk again – even broader than before.

“His majesty is gracious to recognise my faithful service,” he answered, his voice dripping with sycophancy.

“But my lord, ’tis reward for the greatest act of bravery,” I persisted, unsure why I was trying to flatter him. “So many Vikings taken on a single night!”

Sigbehrt smiled again, preparing to launch into a boastful retelling of his role, but he stopped himself short.

“Were it not for the young Benedictine, the longships would have sailed through Chertsey Bridge and on to Wessex,” he replied, indicating Cedric with a nod.

I turned and looked across at the novice. There he was, listening intently as the usually tight-lipped treasurer poured gossip and indiscretions into his ear.

Sigbehrt prickled and gripped my shoulder more tightly.

“Now we shall dance,” he demanded.

I sighed inwardly. It was better to give him what he wanted – the first dance was always formal, with minimal contact with the partners. If I was civil to him, he’d be civil back. I could make an escape thereafter.

“The honour is mine,” I replied, forcing a smile.

And so we danced – or at least I tried to. Sigbehrt stepped on my feet twice in the first minute and several times after that. But he neither noticed nor cared. He was too busy making sure that everyone knew, that everyone saw – I was his prize that night.

Except I wasn’t. The music ended, I feigned exhaustion and fled the Great Hall, leaving him jilted and shaking with rage. Not that it mattered – he’d be back in Chertsey the next day – with any luck I wouldn’t see him for months.

I pretended to withdraw to my bedchamber, but gave the ladies-in-waiting the slip and instead headed out into the cold night air. It was already dark outside. I lifted the hood of my cloak over my head, completing my transformation to anonymity – it was a disguise I used so often – no one would give me a second glance.

Past the castle dungeon I crept, glancing down at the metal grating that let minimal air into the cells below. I imagined the prisoners, huddled together, listening to the sounds of celebration as they lay in their misery on the damp, earthen floor. Perhaps there’d etimesgut çıtır escortlar be a noble or even a prince among their number – my father would extract a hefty ransom if there was. The rest would die – there was no doubt about it. They’d hang in towns across the realm – a warning to those who’d challenge King Frithwald.

Slowly I climbed the steps to the castle walls. I loved gazing out from the ramparts, watching as the world retired for the night, wondering what it would be like to be free of the shackles of royal life. The moon was hidden and the lights of the town below me burned brightly. The streets were empty, the common folk were already asleep – just a handful of guardsmen keeping watch in the market square.

Silently I crept behind the turret at the north-western corner of the battlements. The sounds of celebrating soldiers reached my ears. I frowned – they were not supposed to drink on duty. But what was the harm? The tide of war had run against us for so long – who would begrudge them this moment?

Who was that – standing alone on the western wall, holding aloft a flaming torch, staring down into the forest beyond the river? That silhouette was unmistakeable! But what was he doing here?

Cautiously, I moved towards him, doing my best to hide the sound of my footsteps. He heard my approach and turned towards me. It took a second for him to recognise me in the flickering light, but then he bowed low.

“My lady,” the young Benedictine mumbled deferentially. Perhaps he expected admonishment.

I glanced over the battlements. Was that another light I saw at the edge of the forest? Rapidly it disappeared. Perhaps my eyes were playing tricks – doubtless a peasant securing his animals for the night.

“The hero of the kingdom!” I replied wryly.

“I am no hero, my lady,” Cedric said quietly – it was the sort of self-deprecating answer I’d expect of a novice.

“But you are!” I insisted teasingly. “You made the Vikings panic – you pushed them ashore when they were ill-prepared for a landing, right into the hands of our soldiers.”

He shook his head. His expression was one of seriousness.

“I set two fire boats – the simple rowing boats the peasants use – barely big enough for two grown men. How could they panic two hundred raiders? Surrender five longships – for that?” he asked incredulously.

His tone alarmed me, pouring cold water over the euphoria of victory. I’d been so caught up in the humbling of the Vikings and the likely consequences of Sigbehrt’s promotion, that I’d never stopped to ask if the story made sense.

“Doubtless there were others, but without your actions, they could not have played their part.” I was attempting to flatter him, more for my sake than his – but I could hear my words ringing hollow.

Cedric made as if to speak again but thought better of it.

“And now,” I continued, “there are forty prisoners here in our jail and eight score more at Chertsey. The Viking king will pay a heavy ransom for their lives.”

Cedric frowned, hesitating for a moment.

“Your father is a skilled negotiator,” he said slowly. “If anyone can make peace with the raiders, it is he.”

I nodded. Surrey was poor and weak, but the cunning of my father’s diplomacy had preserved the kingdom from attack by our neighbours several times.

“But the Vikings – they will not be satisfied,” Cedric continued. “Maybe they will leave their attacks on this kingdom for a few years, but they will turn their fight to others. Already they harry the coast of Sussex. Mercia will be next – they sense its weakness.”

I looked at him incredulously. Who was this novice monk who dared to predict the enemy’s next move?

“And how do you presume to know the mind of the Vikings?” I challenged.

“You hear much talk when you wait on the abbot’s table,” he replied.

That was probably true, I reasoned. Chertsey was in the far northwest of the kingdom, close to the borders of Mercia and Wessex, on one of the few bridges over the Great River. High-status travellers passed through the town every day and would seek a bed at the abbey. An attentive novice would learn much from their stories.

“The idle talk of common merchants and travellers is of no concern to a wise ruler,” I countered dismissively. “Mercia has little to fear. King Beohred is wise, he will see off the raiders. They will not trouble his lands.”

Cedric let out a snort of derision and threw his head back in mirth.

“Beohred is a fool!” he cried. “What has he done these past three years? He should have been building forts, training men, repairing the stone walls of Londinium – but nothing – he has done nothing! His men lounge around in Lundenwick, watching as the raiders attack your father’s lands. If the enemy turns north, they will be crushed.”

“Hold your tongue novice!” I snapped. “You speak of things you do not know. King Beohred is my brother-in-law. He is a brave warrior, he will defend his people. Mercia has nothing to fear from the Vikings!”

Cedric bowed his head. “Forgive me, my lady,” he said apologetically. “I spoke in haste. Your father has made a good match for your sister.”

I stared at the novice in disbelief, dumbstruck by his confidence. The insult to my brother-in-law was verging on treason. I should shout for the guard, have him carted away for his slander.

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The Weekend Guest Pt. 02

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Note – The events related here go back to the late noughties. My wife Sara and I had moved to Amsterdam when the business we worked for relocated an office from the south of England to take advantage of lower business taxes. We both got a relocation package and were living in some style in a large apartment overlooking the Amstel River. Around forty staff and their families had moved over, and we spent a lot of time socializing together, especially in the first months we were there. This particular weekend, we had arranged to have Stuart, a friend and colleague stay with us. We had had an eventful Friday, described in The Weekend Guest Part 1.

It was almost ten before we surfaced on Saturday morning. Sara and I lay in bed and talked about our plan for the day; museums and cultural stuff before and after lunch, then spending the late afternoon in the Red Light District. Sara checked her phone and saw a message from our friend Astrid. “Great. She’s found someone to join us tonight.”

“Who?” I asked.

“One of their friends, Saskia. Astrid thinks we’ll like her. We’re going to meet at the usual place at eight.”

“Great. Are Astrid and Rob coming?”

“Yes. They were going to visit relatives this weekend, but they cancelled.”


Sara smiled, “I told Astrid how big Stuart’s dick was… Speaking of who, I’m going to check on him.”

“You mean fuck him?”

“No. You know I’m not a morning girl.” Sara got out of bed, put on her dressing-gown, and left the room. I could hear her chatting to Stuart as I showered and dressed. I left the room to see them both in the living room. “I was just telling Stuart we are on for tonight.” Sara said, “Now, I’m off for a shower if you two want to sort out breakfast.”

I prepared coffee and toast and Stuart and I talked about the plan for the day. “So, this club, how does it work?” he asked.

“Well, we’ll turn up around nine, have a few beers, then get changed.”

“What into?”

“Underwear is the dress code, but there are some who just wrap themselves in a towel.”

“I’m not sure I have anything suitable.”

“Don’t worry, I’m sure Sara will help you find something in town later.”

“And after we get changed?”

“Depends. When Sara and I are there on our own, we check out the other couples and see who we like the look of. Then try and make eye contact, see if they are interested. If they are, we just take it from there.”

“And do you just go with one other couple?”

“Depends, sometimes yes, ankara moldovyalı escortlar other times we might do more, or have a bigger group. Every time is different.”

Sara returned from our room wearing a pale blue summer dress with her hair in a ponytail, “I’m going for the wholesome look today.” she said.

“You’re nailing it. And tonight?” I asked.

“Wait and see…”

We had breakfast then got our bags ready for the day. “By the way, Stuart needs to find something to wear tonight,” I told Sara.

“No problem, I know just the place.”

The three of us left the flat and caught a tram to the museum district, where we spent a typical tourist morning; the Van Gogh Museum first, then the Rijksmuseum, followed by a light lunch and people spotting at a canalside café until mid-afternoon.

Around three o’clock, we got the tram back to Dam Square, where Sara led us to a street just off the main shopping area. There were two shops side by side, one with a selection of women’s lingerie in the window, the other similar but with men’s underwear. We went into this shop and Sara exchanged a few words with a camp looking guy standing behind the counter. Sara gestured to Stuart to follow her and went into a changing room at the back of the shop. The assistant gathered up several items from the shelves and passed them to her through the curtain. I sat down in a chair opposite the changing room and checked my phone for messages. The assistant walked over to me “That’s one lucky girl. She said he was huge.” he said, mock-scandalized.

“He is,” I replied. “It’s absolutely enormous.”

“I should be so lucky.”

“Be careful what you wish for. His wife hates it, won’t go anywhere near it.”

“Is that not his wife?”

“No. That’s my wife actually.” I smiled. This time, I think the assistant was just a bit scandalized.

Sara walked out of the fitting room with Stuart in tow. “He’ll take these please,” she said, handing over a pair of black mesh boxers. Stuart handed over his card and paid, then we headed to leave. “Bye. And enjoy you lucky thing!” the assistant said, holding the door open.

We got to the pavement and Sara immediately walked towards the shop next door. “I think I’ll have a new outfit for myself,” she said, opening the door. Stuart and I followed. Again Sara spoke to an assistant, this time a glamorous-looking woman. They disappeared behind a rack, talking in Dutch. Stuart and I sat on a bench opposite the changing room and watched as Sara ankara ukraynalı escortlar went in with a few items in her hands, followed by the assistant. We chatted for a while until Sara came out. The summer dress was gone, and Sara was wearing a white basque with a matching thong and stockings. The basque had no bra cups, so Sara’s big tits were on full display. “Well, what do you think?”

“Wow.” Stuart and I replied simultaneously.

“I’ll take that as a positive. Wait there,” she replied, turning and returning to the fitting room.

About five minutes passed and Sara appeared, wearing a similar outfit, but this time black. “How about this?”

“Also wow,” I replied.

“Stuart, you’re the guest, which do you prefer?” Sara asked.

“I think white. Keep with the wholesome look!” he replied.

Sara went back into the fitting room. Shortly, the assistant returned with the white outfit and wrapped it up. I paid and Sara emerged from the fitting room again, back in the summer dress. “Let’s go boys.”

We walked the short distance to the Red Light District and strolled around the narrow streets. Even at this early time, it was busy, and many of the windows had lights on, but curtains drawn, indicating it was occupied. Stuart was intrigued by one place; ‘The Banana Bar’. “What’s that?” he asked.

“No idea. They don’t allow women in,” Sara replied. “Maybe you boys can go another day and tell me about it.”

Further along, we came to a building with a neon sign outside: ’24hr Non-Stop Cinema – 100% Hard Porno’. “How about this?” Sara said, gesturing for Stuart to enter. I paid for three tickets and we walked along a short, dark corridor and into the cinema. Stairs led to five tiers of seats with around fifteen seats in each row. On the far wall, hardcore porn was being projected. There were around twenty people in the room, mostly single guys, with a few couples in the back row. Sara led us to the far end of the second row and we sat down, Stuart and I on either side of Sara.

We watched the film for a few minutes, Stuart and I each feeling Sara’s tits and pussy through her dress, while she manoeuvred each of our dicks out of our pants and began to slowly wank us off.

I noticed a quite few of the other guys in the cinema had moved to get a better view. “We have an audience,” I whispered to Sara, “I know,” she replied “Let’s give them something to see.” Sara pulled her dress up over her hips to reveal her bare pussy.

“Fucking hell… sincan minyon tipli escortlar What happened to your knickers?” I asked.

“In the bag, I took them off at the shop…” she smiled. “Now, is one of you going to fuck me?”

Stuart and I looked at each other. “Your turn to go first,” he said.

I stood behind Sara and slid my cock into her wet pussy. Stuart moved in front of her, and she eagerly took his dick into her mouth. By now, nobody in the cinema was paying any attention to the film. Guys stood around watching as Sara and I fucked rhythmically, Sara grinding herself against my hips. We continued, going faster and deeper now “Fuck yes… Yes. Yes. Yes… Harder!” Sara exclaimed. I was getting close and pounded as hard as I could until I couldn’t hold on any longer. I pulled out as my balls spasmed, pumping a thick rope of cum over Sara’s ass and back. I paused for a few moments, then moved aside and motioned to Stuart to take my place. “Condom?” he asked.

Sara shook her head, “It’s OK. Just fuck me.”

Stuart didn’t need a second invitation. He grasped Sara’s hips and pushed himself inside her. “Oh god,” she moaned, gripping the back of the seat, bracing herself as he thrust deeper with each stroke until his entire length was inside her.

“Right there, yes,” Sara moaned, “Yes, yes.” Stuart was thrusting like a machine, slowly pulling his cock back until it was almost out, then pushing powerfully into Sara’s engorged cunt. Sara moaned gently as he fucked her. I could see her gripping the seat back as Stuart started to thrust harder and faster. “Fuck me. Fuck me hard!” Sara was shouting now, as Stuart’s hips were practically a blur. “Yes, yes,” he groaned.

“Cum up me!” Sara ordered.

Stuart looked at me.

“CUM UP ME!!!” Sara screamed breathily.

I nodded at Stuart, but he was already there, his body shaking as he unloaded into Sara. After a few moments, he pulled out, his already half-erect cock glistening from a mix of spunk, sweat and Sara’s pussy juices.

Sara stood and got back into her chair. She spread her legs, placed her feet on the back of the seats of the row in front, and began to frig herself as creamy rivulets of Stuart’s cum oozed from her pussy. Within minutes, Sara brought herself to a massive climax, oblivious to her audience, then sat back and closed her eyes. One of the couples on the back row had started to fuck, and most of the guys moved away to watch them.

After what seemed like an age, but was probably only five or ten minutes, Sara sat up and reached into her bag, pulling out a pack of wet wipes. “Just as well I packed these, huh?” she smiled, as she began to wipe herself down. Eventually, she stood up and pulled her dress back down over her hips, “Right boys. Let’s get some dinner. We have a big night ahead!”

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The Big Tits Club Ch. 49-50

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THE BIG TITS CLUB by bluedragon


— CHAPTER 49: Power —


Sam didn’t show up for our shared first period.

Or second period.

Or recess.

She didn’t show up to school, period, and nobody knew where she was. So naturally, everyone asked ME. I mean, she was living at MY house, right? I told them truthfully that I had no idea where she was. Since she’d eaten dinner at Zofi’s house and had a conversation about the status of her relationship with me last night, Zofi was quick to ask if anything had “happened” between us since then.

I didn’t have to respond verbally. Everyone could read the answer on my face.

I mean, I didn’t admit to the girls that I’d told Sam I was in love with her. I didn’t admit to the girls that I’d told Sam she was my favorite. I didn’t admit to the girls that my last thoughts before falling asleep were of Sam, or that nothing in the world made me happier than waking up to find her in my arms.

Sam was the total package: intelligent, funny, kind, hard-working, and of course: ridiculously gorgeous and sexy. She was an onion, but in a good way, because every time I peeled back another layer, she made me fall in love with her a little more.

I couldn’t say any of that stuff out loud, of course. Naimh and I had just gotten to a comfortable place accepting our friends-with-benefits relationship knowing there would’ve been a time limit on a romantic relationship anyway. Belle walked the razor’s edge between content “little sister” and obsessive/clingy yandere. And even Mari still wanted to enjoy the time she had left with her “boyfriend”. Any admission of love for Sam would throw a monkey wrench into all three of those relationships. My world was not the same as when Naimh and I had asked for (and received) permission to try “dating”.

The key difference, of course, was the fact that at that time Naimh had been equally interested in dating me. Sam, on the other hand, had almost literally run screaming out of the room and was still AWOL at this very moment.

At lunchtime, I pulled Zofi away from the others for a bit to have a private conversation. “You’re her best friend. She’ll come to you first, maybe even come over to your house. Will you please call me when she does that?”

Zofi gave me an apologetic look. “Like you said: I’m her best friend. If she comes over to my house, I’ll ask her whether she wants me to call you or not.”

My shoulders slumped, but I nodded. While I didn’t like her answer, at least I understood it.

“What happened?” Zofi asked. “What did you do?”

I sighed and shook my head. “She’s your best friend. I’m sure she’ll decide what she wants to tell you. But this one you can’t get from me.” I turned around and walked back to the table.

It was “Zofi and Sam Wednesday”, but neither girl came over to my house that afternoon. Zofi didn’t call me, either. But that didn’t mean I spent the afternoon alone.

Normally in such situations I’d talk to Belle, but I knew better than to light a match and toss it into a canister of gasoline like that. Instead, I called Alice.

“Hey,” I began with a weary sigh. “I know you’re probably busy, but–“

“I’ll be right over,” she interrupted, and then the line went dead before I could say anything else.

Alice showed up ten minutes later, gave me a fist bump, and sauntered into my family room. She dropped her backpack on the floor and slumped onto the couch. Her left arm went to the armrest and her right draped across the top of the backrest. And she kicked her legs up along the length of the couch before fixing me with an interrogative look. “So the way I see it, there are two most likely scenarios. Stop me if one of them is correct.”

Curious, I folded my arms over my chest and sat down on the padded armrest of the armchair, not the seat.

“So we both know Sam’s in love with you, only she doesn’t have the time to be in love with you with her busy schedule and all. Spending all this quality intimate time together ever since she moved in stripped down the walls she’d put up from actually being in love with you, but then you realized how much things were escalating and you tapped the brakes, kicked her out of the house Saturday morning, cut her off for a few days, and now she’s mad at you.”

I frowned and arched both eyebrows expectantly, leading, “Or…”

“Or…” Alice scrutinized me with narrowed eyes for an extra few beats. “Or spending all this quality intimate time together ever since she moved in made YOU fall in love with her, you tried to tap the brakes but couldn’t help yourself because… well… Sam’s kinda awesome… and you admitted you were falling in love with her and she went running for the hills.”

I scowled and looked away.

“Thought so.” Alice smirked. “I have to admit: Can’t really blame you. Like I said: Sam’s kinda awesome. She’s perfect for you. You love strong women who take charge, but that little Master/Slut thing she does is just… nngh!… She’s super-smart, independent, obviously has no problem sharing you with ankara escort bayan her friends, fuckin’ sexy, and for the most part requires no relationship maintenance because she just wants to go off and do her own thing most of the time. It makes sense that you’d fall in love with her.”

“I wish I hadn’t.” I rubbed my face with my right hand. “This whole thing is a disaster. Years of building up the BTC into this incredible circle of friendship is about to get flushed down the toilet because I can’t keep my emotions in check.”

Alice frowned. “Why would you think this would flush the BTC down the toilet?”

“Neevie and Belle, for starters. Mari, a little bit. You and Zofi are the only two I can trust to not be bothered by this. Zofi would wish for Sam’s happiness–“

“As would I,” Alice confirmed with a nod. “But I think you’re overblowing the way the girls would react. Mari doesn’t believe she has a real shot with you anyway. Neevie’s not competitive with Sam anymore – well, okay she’s still a little peeved that Sam got your cherry and not her. But she’s made her peace with going to UCLA with me and knows there’s no future with you. She’s content with what she gets from you nowadays and as long as she doesn’t get pushed aside and lose what she currently has, she’ll be fine.”

“I can’t say the same for Belle. Two weeks ago she was mentally decorating the apartment we were going to share together in Berkeley without the rest of you and she actually cracked a joke about us getting married.” My eyebrows went up. “And I’m pretty sure she was only half-kidding.”

Alice sighed. “You said Belle was more terrified of you leaving her than anything else, and you said yourself you believed your relationship was much better (and more stable) as siblings with benefits than with her as a romantic partner. I think what she fears most is you hooking up with some hottie she doesn’t know who might take you away from her. If you end up dating Sam, she already knows Sam wouldn’t do that to her. I think that she’d actually welcome you starting a relationship with Sam.”

“Maybe,” I conceded. “Belle herself said something similar when we found out Sam was coming with us to Berkeley.”


“Not that any of this matters. I told Sam I loved her and she took off. I don’t think becoming my girlfriend is part of her master plan.”

“Well, maybe not. You and Sam may never formally get together. The two of you and Belle might end up just fucking each other’s brains out for stress relief for four years and never date anybody else until you graduate.”

“Yeah, right. My relationships with those two haven’t been stable for four months, let alone years.”

“Perhaps. But for all you know becoming your girlfriend IS part of Sam’s master plan. Maybe she’s gonna walk through that door in five minutes saying, ‘Matty, I love you too, but we need to talk.’ And then she’s gonna lay out her detailed multi-year itinerary for getting her Bachelor’s Degree, interning at some hoity-toity law firm (maybe your Mom’s), and then getting her J.D.” Alice smirked. “And then finally, after banging you on the side for like ten years, she’ll say, ‘Okay, I’m finally ready’ and then you two can start dating.”

I made a face. “I hate that every word you just said makes perfect sense.”

“Can’t wait that long?”

I rubbed my forehead. “How the fuck should I know if I can wait ten years? I’m eighteen. Ten years ago I thought girls had cooties and I was memorizing dinosaur facts.”

“A surprisingly mature thought out of you. I half-expected you to get some dreamy faraway look and reply, ‘She’s worth waiting for.'”

“She IS worth waiting for, but at this very moment I don’t even want to date her NOW, let alone ten years from now. I’m serious: me dating Sam is NOT a good idea, and I told her as much this morning. I’ve always known she doesn’t have time to date me–“

“Even though we’ve all got our colleges lined up,” Alice cut me off, “so there’s really no reason why she can’t spend more time with you. It’s not like she needs to do anything else for the rest of the year to pad her applications.”

“That’s beside the point.” I waved her off. “She’s made clear from the beginning she doesn’t want to date me. Show up when convenient for her, get a coupla nice orgasms, and go on her merry way: THAT’S what she specifically asked for. The idea of keeping the BTC ‘in balance’ wasn’t total bullshit, for me OR her. The BTC is too important to both of us, and regardless of how we may or may not feel about each other, NOTHING is going to change. I’m the BTC’s boyfriend because I love ALL of you, collectively, and I’m NOT gonna do anything to fuck that up. Alright?”

Alice sighed and shrugged. “Alright.”

Just then, the sound of a key jiggling in the front door made my heart start racing. Both Alice and I sat up straight and looked over in that direction, even though the door itself was out of sight from our current vantage points. A few moments later, the door opened and closed in rapid succession, and excited footsteps came ankara bayan escort echoing down the hall.

But to my surprise, Belle and Mari turned the corner and came in. I sighed, shook my head, and muttered, “I never shoulda given you that key back.”

Belle pouted. But Mari was already chirping enthusiastically, “Okay, we figured it out! I mean, we think we figured it out and we just need Matty’s confirmation.”

Alice looked up at them and drawled, “He’s not gonna wanna talk any more about this.”

“Well we already know Matty won’t tell us anything,” Belle commented nonchalantly. “But he can’t stop us from speculating in front of him while we watch the way his expressions give him away.”

I groaned and covered my face with both hands. “Speculate on THIS expression,” I muttered.

Alice gestured towards me and explained, “He fell in love with Sam, told her, and she freaked out.”

“We KNEW it!” Mari exclaimed and she turned to give Belle a high five. “We’re total love detectives.”

Belle giggled. “But he’s probably all terrified I’m gonna go crazy stalker and murder Sam in her sleep if I find out or something, right?”

I groaned and rubbed my forehead a little harder.

Belle laughed. “C’mon, Matty. Didn’t I TELL you I’d be thrilled for you to date her so I wouldn’t have to worry about some greedy bitch at Berkeley taking you away from me?”

“Doesn’t matter,” I insisted. “Sam and I are NOT gonna start dating. No way, no how. The BTC means too much to both of us.”

“But why not?” Belle looked confused. “Were you worried about how the rest of us would react? Because I actually think everybody would be fine with it.”

I shook my head and looked over at Alice. “Are we really gonna have this whole conversation AGAIN?”

Alice threw up her hands. “We could skip past rehashing the same conversation, all get naked, and have a wicked foursome instead,” she suggested. “It’s not like any of us is gonna get any homework done.”

“Works for me,” Belle chirped, reaching for the buttons on her blouse.

Rolling my eyes, I stood up and started walking out of the room.

Behind me, Belle drawled, “Did we seriously offer to have a wicked foursome with him and he just up and walked away?”

Mari sighed. “He’s actually in love with Sam. I think it’s sweet.”

Her comment brought me up short. I stopped walking at the edge of the room and turned around. “Sweet?”

Mari blinked twice. “Yeah. It’s sweet.”

I frowned. “I would’ve thought you’d be disappointed.”

The light in Mari’s eyes dimmed just a little. “I fantasized about you and me falling in love, sure. But I always knew it was a long shot we’d end up like that. I’m not your type.”

Belle reached out and hefted one of Mari’s big breasts. “Well these are definitely Matty’s type.”

Mari blushed and batted Belle’s hands away. “He likes the confident, outgoing, sexy types.”

I smirked. “You’ve always been sexy. And you were pretty confident and outgoing for your week as Queen Mari.”

“Around the BTC, sure. Not in public.”

Belle pushed her bestie in the shoulder. “You’re getting there. You’ve grown so much this year.”

Mari blushed again. “Maybe. But while getting a week to play Queen Mari was fun – and I wouldn’t mind another week, if that’s on the table – I’d never lose my head enough to believe you and I would walk off into the sunset together, especially now that I’m going to Caltech. I think you and Sam would make a great couple, and I genuinely hope things work out for you two.”

I arched an eyebrow. “What happened to Team Belle?”

Mari exchanged a loaded look with her best friend.

Alice leaned forward. “Yeah, what happened to Team Belle?”

Belle herself screwed up her face and finally answered, “I’d be a horrible girlfriend for you.”

Alice sat up straight and frowned. “What makes you say that?”

Belle pointed at herself with both index fingers and deadpanned, “Crazy stalker. Murdering Sam in her sleep.”

I waved her off. “I never worried about you murdering Sam in her sleep.”

Belle cocked her head to the side. “But if I told you I’d intercepted Sam’s Berkeley paperwork, shredded it, and then forged a letter declining the offer, you’d believe me capable of doing so, wouldn’t you?”

My mouth went dry. “Please tell me you didn’t do anything like that.”

“Of course not, and you’re proving my point.” Belle sighed, looked up, and took a deep breath. “The fact that you want me to reassure you I didn’t shred Sam’s paperwork proves just how little you trust me right now.”

“And that means you decided you’d be a horrible girlfriend for me?”

“I would be a horrible girlfriend for you. If you were mine – as in ‘officially mine’ – I’d turn into a possessive jealous bitch. We saw how I acted around Holly, and that was me TRYING to be nice and let her in.” Belle sighed and gave me an apologetic look. “Even as it stands, I’m gonna have to control my impulses to judge and hate every other girl you so much as look at for sincan escort bayanlar the rest of my life.”

I made a face at that pronouncement.

Mari chimed in again, “Hence, Matty getting together with Sam solving all your problems.”

Belle looked glum. “Much as I would agree, so again I wouldn’t have to worry about some random greedy bitch taking you away from me, it’s not gonna happen. Sam’s never gonna date you.”

Alice’s eyebrows went up. “So sure? She clearly loves him.”

“So do we all,” Belle remarked. “But she’s still not gonna date him until after she’s graduated college at the earliest. She’s been VERY clear on that point.”

“She has,” I agreed. “And I told her flat out I wouldn’t ask her to be my girlfriend or in any way try to change the status of our relationship.”

Alice frowned. “You didn’t?”

I shook my head. “I didn’t.”

“Then why’d she freak out?” Alice cocked her head. “Just you telling her you were in love with her?”

I waggled my head, replying, “More or less.” I did NOT want to tell the other girls that I’d deemed Sam my ‘favorite’.

“It’s enough to freak her out,” Belle muttered and stared out into the middle distance. “It’s the same reason she wouldn’t become a Girlfriend of the Week. She’s focused on this master plan of hers, and she knows the only thing that would derail it would be starting a relationship with Matty. He’s the one thing that would tempt her to give up her dreams. She told me: if given a choice between going to some awesome law school across the country that would put her on the perfect career path, or settling for some second-tier law school that would keep her close to him, she’d be VERY tempted to stay with him.”

My eyes got big. “Waitaminute. Is THAT the real reason why she chose Berkeley over Stanford?”

Belle shrugged and gave me an uncertain look. “I dunno. I’d like to believe she meant every word of trying to get out of her dad’s shadow at Stanford. But… maybe?”

Alice raised both eyebrows at me. “And yet you two still aren’t gonna date each other?”

“Well, certainly not for the rest of high school,” I said. “The BTC means too much to both of us. I belong to the collective, and vice versa. That’s not going to change until college finally separates us.”

Mari leaned forward, eyes twinkling. “And then what happens when it’s just the three of you at Berkeley?”

Belle answered, “She’ll still want to focus on her academics.”

Mari’s eyes narrowed. “So what: the three of you just fuck each other’s brains out with no formalized relationships?”

“For Sam, Matty would be a dependable booty call to get uncomplicated stress-relief. For me, Matty would be my big brother with benefits.” Belle smirked. “Is it really any different from what we’re doing right now?”

“I suppose not,” Mari conceded with a sigh. “But the romantic in me still hopes at least ONE of you two pulls her head out of her ass and finally loves this gorgeous man the way he’s meant to be loved.”

“Well, you could always pull your head out of your ass,” Alice teased, “rescind your Caltech admission, and love this gorgeous man the way he’s meant to be loved.”

“I AM tempted.” Mari blushed and fiddled with her fingers. “Neither Alice nor Zofi seem interested, Belle’s withdrawn her application, Neevie didn’t get into Cal and seems content to just fuck your brains out as friends for the rest of the year, and Sam outright refuses to date you. The position would seem to be available.”

Belle looked down and muttered, “You’d come to Berkeley with us, I wouldn’t have to worry about greedy bitches stealing him, and obviously I know you’d share.”

Mari eyed Belle warily. “YOU were the one insisting Caltech was too good of an opportunity for me to pass up.”

“I was, and I still do.” Belle sighed. “My head knows it’s the right decision, but the selfish bitch inside me wants what’s best for Belle. You coming to Berkeley as Matty’s girlfriend would solve a lot of my problems, not the least of which is that I don’t wanna miss my BFF.”

Mari looked up at me, her eyes quietly intense. “So let’s just say I can relate to how hard it is for Sam to make the decision between her personal goals and being in love.” Mari’s eyes narrowed for a brief moment as the room went silent. Alice and Belle exchanged glances with each other, and I took a deep breath and gave Mari an apologetic look.

My expression apparently sealed the deal for her, though, and she started shaking her head. I knew I was in love with Sam, not her, and she knew it too. I apologized, “I’m sorry, Angel.”

Mari was already waving me off, saying, “The difference for me is that I know he doesn’t have the same depth of feelings I have for him; it makes my decision easier. I can rest easy at night knowing I didn’t miss out on the greatest love of my life because… well… I know I’m not the greatest love of HIS life. But for Matty to tell Sam he DOES love her like that?”

Mari turned to face me and shook her head sadly as she finished, “Good lord you’re fucking with that girl’s mind.”


After Mari’s pronouncement about how much I was fucking with Sam’s mind, I finally did get up and walk away from the conversation. I went up to my room, opened my textbooks, and proceeded to stare straight at the wall for far too long.

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Nelly Ch. 01

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It is night.

I am standing in the middle of a second floor studio apartment in the center of town while it’s occupant, Nelly, a 19-year old student of mine, is down on her knees sucking my cock.

Amber light from the street outside glows through the front window and falls over her angelic face. The flowery scent of shampoo rolls off her blonde hair as her head oscillates back and forth.

Perhaps this is a typical story, the new adjunct professor fresh from his doctoral studies, involved in a seduction with one of his students. The story would be typical if it weren’t for the fact that while Nelly is devouring my cock, her 21 year old lesbian sister, Ingrid, is kneeling behind me eating my ass.

I look around Nelly’s apartment and try to take it all in. To verify that it is real. There is the well-worn green fabric sofa up against the wall, potted plants on the marble window sill, and the pride flag hanging in the doorway between the bedroom and the sitting area–which I assume is more a symbol of Nelly’s acceptance of her sister’s lifestyle than anything else.

So how did I end up here?

It all started with a dare.

Nelly dropped by my office one Tuesday afternoon to ask me a question about her thesis on the rise of Dutch feminism during the period of the Northern Renaissance. But when she sauntered into my office that day and slouched down on the old vinyl chair next to my desk, there was something about her that told me she was not really here to talk about the intricate details of Dutch feminism during the Northern Renaissance.

It was her eyes. The way she looked at me with those ice blue eyes set wide in her innocent round face framed by platinum blonde hair. They radiated a subtle naughtiness underneath a thin veil of innocence. She would ask me a question or describe her confusion, then sit back nonchalantly and wait for my reply. Her lips pressed together in a squiggly pout as she contemplated my answer.

“I don’t know, I mean one thing I don’t get how is how Vermeer in his paintings portrays women, you know, with their glistening eyes and moist lips he attempts to show them as independent sexual beings, but yet they are locked in by the cool, controlled order of the rooms doing domestic chores.”

“Good observations, but don’t you think the images are at the same time liberating?” I shot back.

“Maybe, but they are still prisoners.”

I let out a little laugh. I shouldn’t have.

“Now you’re making fun of me,” she returned.

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t making fun of you,” I said, sitting forward in my chair trying to recover from my gaffe.

“Then what is it that I don’t understand?” she continued.

“Well, Vermeer is complicated.”

“I can tell.”

“Behind those polished surfaces is a mix of contradictions. He paints life in the physical sense as it presents itself to us while at the same time conveys some of its underlying contradictions.”

“Oh, you mean he’s a bullshitter?” she interjected.

I laughed again, but this time she genuinely amused me.

“Now, that’s a good one,” I said.

“Thank you,” she returned, her face lit up by a big wide smile.

I suddenly felt a connection to her. Something that transcended the normal student-teacher relationship.

“Listen, Nelly. You’re a bright girl, you always have some good insights. You ask very good questions in class, and so far your writings show a keen curiosity that doesn’t come natural to many students.”

“Well, that must be because I have a good teacher,” she said faking a shy smile.

“Thank you,” I returned. I felt my face flush red.

“Do I make you feel uncomfortable?” She asked after a brief pause.

“No, not really, why should I feel uncomfortable around you?” I replied.

“Come on, I mean, you’re not THAT much older than me, and it’s obvious we find each other attractive,” she went on.

“You think so, huh?” I was buying time. I enjoyed the flirt, but this was crossing the line. I was newly married with a new teaching post at a good university…whatever I did next could make the difference whether I would hold on to what I had or throw it all away.

I asked her if she had a boyfriend.

“No,” she giggled.

I asked her why not.

“I don’t know, just haven’t met the right one.”

“Have you ever been in love?” I asked, hoping this would deflect the conversation away from me.

“Maybe. Well, I would say I has close once.”

“But you weren’t sure?” I continued.

She shrugged. “I guess I was always afraid of giving myself up totally to someone. When you’re in love, you’re vulnerable.”

“That’s true,” I replied, but didn’t feel like elaborating. What the hell did she know at her age about love and the complexities of human relationships?

“Do escort ankara you have any brothers and sisters?” I changed the subject.

“One younger brother, and one older sister.”

“How old are they?”

“Well, Erik is fourteen, and Ingrid is twenty one”

“Does Ingrid have a boyfriend?” I asked.

“You’re trying to change the subject.”

“Well…” she paused. “She actually has a girlfriend.”

“You mean she’s a….”

“A lesbian?…yeah, at least that’s what she says.”

“What do you mean, at least that’s what she says?”

“I mean, I don’t know, she’s been with plenty of guys. I mean, I used to catch her fucking them on our couch all the time when we were in high school. She was quite the slut, then all of sudden she was into girls.”

My eyes widened. “Just like that?”

“Yeah, just like that.” She leaned forward and licked her lips.

“You know you’re really pretty.”

“Thank you,” she pulled back with a giggle.

We spoke for a while about her sister, Nelly’s theories on why she got into girls all of a sudden, then turned to Nelly’s sex life. I learned about her first time, a boy named David, who fucked her from behind on her parent’s couch, which had become a kind of sexual playground for both her and her sister.

I was definitely way over the line at this point. But what the hell, I kept going.

“So, how’s your sex life now?” I asked.

She puckered her lips and blew a loud raspberry while giving a thumbs down.

“Wow, that surprises me. I mean a good looking girl like you…”

“Means nothing. Can’t find the right guy. Now I know why some girls get into girls.”

“Like your sister?” I asked.

She paused for a moment, then replied sourly, “Not sure what her deal is.”

I nodded.

“I’m so fucking horny right now,” she squealed as if asking for sympathy.

“Nelly, listen. I’m married and I’m your teacher, we better stop this now.”

“But I need to get off.”

“So how are you going to deal with it?” I asked, still semi-curious on where this might lead.

“Like I always do, I fucking masturbate.”

I nodded, not sure what I could say.

“Do you want to see me to do it?” she asked.

I locked the door.

“Aw fuck,” she exclaimed then reached up under her red and white flowered dress and pulled down her white cotton panties. Then she pushed back the the vinyl chair and put her feet up on my desk. I caught the faint whiff of cunt.

She thrust her hand between her legs and let out a loud exhale. Her pink lips curled and contorted into a variety of shapes as she cooed and moaned. I watched her hand vibrate under her dress as she worked herself closer to orgasm. Her eyes were two slits, crammed shut. I wondered what image she held in her mind to help her get off.

“Oh God,” she cried. Her head shot forward. Blonde hair whipped in a wild tussle.

I was caught between the sensations of intense sexual arousal and bewilderment.

She shuddered violently as she rode the waves of orgasm. When it was over she lay back in the chair, her chest heaving. A shiny pool of her juice smeared the chair between her legs.

Neither one of us said a word for what seemed like an eternity. I sat there and let her compose herself while she stared up at the ceiling.

“I need to go,” she said finally while sitting up. Her flushed face had the look of embarrassment.

“That’s okay,” was the only thing I could say. I felt like a schmuck. Did I lead her into something she was now going to regret?

She stood up and picked up her panties. It didn’t feel right to watch her roll them up her thighs, but I did it anyway.

As she approached the door to leave, she turned to me and said, “You’ve got meet my sister so you can see for yourself.”

“To see what for myself?” I asked.

“Since you’re so good at reading people, I’d like for you to meet Ingrid.”

“Sure,” I replied. I was in.

“Stop by my apartment tomorrow night, she’s coming over to see me.”

“What’s your address?”

She told me her address. I wrote it down.

“I dare you to get inside her head and explain her to me,” she continued.

“I’ll do my best,” I tried to sound nonchalant.

She continued towards the door with a devilish smile. She turned and winked as she closed it behind her.

That night I fucked my wife harder than I ever have in years, then I masturbated again at 3am when I got up to take a piss.

When I arrived at Nelly’s apartment, Nelly answered the door with Ingrid standing about a meter behind her.

Nelly invited me in. I closed the door behind me. She introduced me to Ingrid.

“Nice to meet you, professor,” she said cheerfully.

“Please call me Axel,” I replied.

“Of course, Axel.” ankara escortlar she responded. I wasn’t sure if she was being sarcastic. This whole thing started to feel awkward.

Ingrid had the same high-cheekbones as Nelly, the same blue eyes, and same fair complexion. But Ingrid’s hair was a little darker, her lips were fuller, fluffier, and I imagined would feel incredible wrapped around one’s cock.

We sat on the couch and Nelly fixed us some drinks. An uncomfortable tension was in the air made worse by the fact that Ingrid had this shit-eating grin on her face the whole time. It seemed I was the only one who was nervous.

Nelly handed each of us a beer. We made some small talk, then when the loosening effect of the alcohol took hold, the flirtatious look in Nelly’s eyes returned — the same look she had the other day when she entered my office.

Ingrid took a long pull from her beer then wiped her juicy lips. When she put the bottle down she started in a big round voice, “So, professor…”

“Axel,” I corrected her.

“Okay, Axel. So, how the hell did you get my little sister to masturbate in front of you?”

I looked over at Nelly and laughed. She dropped her eyes and giggled with embarrassment.

“I don’t know. I didn’t do a thing. She was the one who volunteered to do it.”

“Volunteered!” She yelled.

“Well, yes…” I replied.

Ingrid stood up holding the beer in her left hand while sweeping her right hand across the room and cried out to an imaginary audience, “Ladies and gentlemen, and now for my next act, I need a volunteer from the audience…”.

She stooped down low with wide eyes and held that position for effect.

“No one? Come on!” Ingrid continued addressing the imaginary crowd. “Don’t be bashful now…just need one brave soul to engage in a single act of debauchery…”. She put her flattened hand up to her forehead pretending to shield the sun as she scanned a distant horizon.

I started to laugh.

“How about you, professor,” she darted her head in my direction. Her blue eyes were ablaze.

“Me?” I tried to play along, but not sure where this was going.

“Come on, professor, I dare you…” she darted back at me.

“You dare me…” was all I could muster.

“Yes, professor Axel. It is I who dare you.” I felt a surge in my loins.

“Okay, I volunteer,” I said comically, while waving my hand in the air.

“Excellent! please stand up and take center stage,” she beckoned to me.

I stood up and moved to the middle of the room.

“Nelly, turn off the lights,” she called to her sister.

There was a click and the room was dark.

She dropped the side show barker routine and led me by the hand to the center of the room. She called for Nelly to join us.

Ingrid whispered in my ear, “I want my sister to suck your dick while I give you a little surprise.”

Ingrid and Nelly both started to undress. I followed their lead and soon all of our clothes lay in piles scattered across the floor.

Their pale nubile bodies flashed in the ambient light and my cock raged at the sight of the fair-haired thatches between their legs.

Nelly sunk to her knees and took my cock into her hands and fondled it. I felt the searing wetness of Ingrid’s tongue flickering across my ass. Nelly gave the tip of my cock a few circular licks before closing her mouth around the entire piece of meat.

Ingrid’s face was buried between my butt cheeks while she lapped her tongue up and down my tingling hole. Occasionally I felt a squeeze as she stiffened her tongue and thrust it up into the deeper reaches of my rectum.

The feeling of Ingrid’s gelatinous tentacle reaching working its way around the sensitive opening of my ass, while the wet warmth of Nelly’s mouth engulfed my cock sent jolts of electricity throughout my body. It took everything I could muster to hold back and let this moment last as long as I could.

Nelly was looking up at me with those innocent ice-blue eyes that were a foil for a girl with a naughty soul. Nelly’s plan was for me to try and figure out her sister, Ingrid, but at this point, I would conclude that both of them were pretty kooky.

Nelly pulled back and took several deep breaths. Her saliva-covered face glistened in the dim light. She seemed oblivious to the slobber running down her chin.

Suddenly Ingrid pulls her face out of my ass and gulps at some air.

“How you doing little sis?” Ingrid’s voice.

“Good,” Nelly whimpers between labored breaths.

“Wanna switch?”

Nelly hesitates for moment, then replies, “Sure.” But she doesn’t sound so sure. Her mind seems focused elsewhere.

They change places by scooting around on their knees.

Now. Nelly’s face is in my ass, sincan kaliteli escortlar Ingrid’s mouth on my cock.

Ingrid sucks gently at first, not using her hands. The gentle motion of her head is like an ocean tide, coming and going in a soft cadence. She concentrates with closed eyes, as if playing a violin solo.

Nelly licks my ass tentatively, lacking the confident gusto of her sister. This round lacks the previous fury of before, but now the act contains a certain tenderness and beauty.

An orgasm starts to well up inside me. I’m going to come. My breathing reveals it. The girls know.

Who’s mouth will I blow in? The question amuses me.

Nelly’s stops licking my ass. I hear her labored breath.

“I want this,” Ingrid answers the implied question, then commands Nelly to keep licking.

Nelly’s draws her warm tongue up and down my rectum. Ingrid takes me deep. My cock explodes.

Ingrid’s mouth squeezes harder. She looks up at me with wide eyes. Her swollen lips sealed around my shaft resemble an over-inflated inter tube. The depression caused by her sucked-in cheeks makes her face look skeletal, and coupled with her bulging eyes she looks like a person possessed.

Nelly shoves her tongue up into my ass. I shudder. Another wad of come squirts into Ingrid’s mouth. Her throat contracts. I continue to come in waves, she swallows with each delivery.

Nelly senses it is over and moves around to my front. She kneels next to her sister.

When my balls are drained, Ingrid pulls my cock slowly from her mouth. She offers it to Nelly.

“Here, have a taste,” she whispers.

Nelly gingerly licks the underside of my shaft.

“Ewww, I can taste your spit,” Nelly complains half-jokingly.

“You love the taste of my spit, admit it,” Ingrid replies in a muffled voice. She is holding some of my come in her mouth.

Nelly shrugs then puts my still-hard cock into her mouth. Although I just came, I felt ready for some more.

Ingrid puts her hands on Nelly’s shoulders while she sucks. After a few minutes Ingrid pulls her away and gently guides her to the sofa where she lies down. Ingrid leans over and moves her face closer to Nelly’s. It looks like they are about to kiss.

Ingrid pauses for a moment and caresses Nelly’s cheek. It is a tender act that speaks to Ingrid’s role as older sister–protector, agitator, friend, rival. Which one is she now?

Ingrid’s lips part slowly revealing a viscous white fluid inside her mouth. Nelly looks up at her with a look of fear and revulsion.

Ingrid’s cracked lips open wider. As if on cue, Nelly opens her mouth. A syrupy stream of jism mixed with Ingrid’s saliva falls from her mouth and lands on Nelly’s waiting tongue.

Nelly pulls it into her mouth and let’s the wad dissolve slowly. She then swallows the corporeal mixture as it melds together with our own saliva.

An image of them as youngsters flashes into my head. It is early evening, they just had dinner. Ingrid has Nelly pinned to the ground on the cool grass after a frantic chase. Nelly had taken something of hers; a doll, a piece of jewelry, whatever it was, it was something that Nelly knew would trigger Ingrid’s intense fury. Nelly knew there would be consequences, but she was willing to suffer them. It was worth the sense of satisfaction of getting her sister’s goat.

Ingrid pops a loogey out of her mouth and let’s it hang from her lip. Nelly screams for her to stop. She is sorry, she’ll never to it again. Ingrid sucks the loogey back into her mouth and makes Nelly promise to never do it again. Nelly promises. Ingrid teases her again with the loogey. Nelly screams that she promises.

After threatening her with the loogey a few more times, Ingrid is satisfied that Nelly is sufficiently tormented and let’s her go. Nelly runs home. Ingrid swallows the loogey and follows after her.

Ingrid now makes a hawking sound as she collects the rest of the come-saliva from her mouth. Nelly opens again.

There is a puckering of Ingrid’s lips as another wad squeezes out of her mouth. This time the fluid is clearer, less viscous; more spit than come.

Nelly takes it. Her lips close. Her throat bobs. She swallows.

Ingrid stands up slowly. Nelly remains on the sofa staring up at the ceiling. She looks like she is in a trance. Ingrid grabs a wool blanket from the back of the sofa and covers Nelly.

She then takes me by the hand and leads me into Nelly’s bedroom.

“What about Nelly?” I ask.

“She’ll be fine. Let her rest there for a bit.”

In the street light screaming through the window, I take in the attributes of Ingrid’s body. In her nudity, she has a confidence and authoritativeness to her. She is not athletic, but is fit and nicely shaped. Fair skin, the type that never tans but only burns leaving her red and sore after a day at the beach. Small, but not tiny tits. Nice round butt. The small swell of her belly has a particular sexiness to it.

I wonder if Nelly ever gave back to her whatever she stole.

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Reporter’s Dilemma Pt. 12

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“Gregor, Cindy, and I have made a movie idea for ourselves, that we think the fans will love.”

Caroline and Cindy were in Gregor’s office, and as they told him the idea, he got very interested. When they told him that they had done a rehearsal at home, and how good it had felt, he gave them the go-ahead.

Caroline and Cindy were ready, the idea of sweet soft lovemaking on camera, really pushed their arousal up. Gregor quickly got the sets ready, the cameras rolled, and Caroline and Cindy started the plotline. They were sitting on a couch, and Caroline was talking about her marriage

“Susie, you are still such a tease!” Cindy purred. She stood up and moved over to Caroline, stroking her face. “How about we get naked and get hot? I’ve seen the way you look at me, I know you still find me desirable, and I don’t think getting married had tamped down your lesbian desires.”

Caroline looked up into her bright blue eyes. “Carlotta, if anything, it has made it stronger. Being lovers all through college, we couldn’t get enough of each other. Remember all the racy things we did, the riskiness of what we did made it hotter.”

Cindy started to unbutton Caroline’s blouse, and she said softly, “Getting frisky out in public really made us extra hot and horny. I remember being on my knees among the library shelves, my face under your skirt, plastered against your dripping snatch, doing my best to bring you off before someone caught us going at it, while you fought to keep yourself from crying out in orgasmic pleasure.”

Caroline started to copy Cindy as she started to unbutton Cindy’s blouse, she purred. “Going to the park, finding a stand of trees, and going down on each other in a heated 69, both of us crying out as orgasm seized us.”

Cindy slipped the blouse off Caroline’s shoulders, her tits were bare, and Cindy’s hands came up, cupping the perky tits, bringing a moan from Caroline, as she continued the narrative, “At that fancy restaurant, when I slipped under the table, hidden by the tablecloth, hiking up your skirt and eagerly licking at your heated cunt, you were so juicy wet and delicious as you did your best to keep your face neutral.”

Caroline was copying Cindy’s action, she had her hands on Cindy’s bare chest, making her coo with pleasure as she said, “And out on the shore of Copple’s lake at sunset, the way you fucked me doggy style with your 8-inch strap on dildo, driving me to a gut-wrenching climax. I may have stopped our lesbian loving when I got married, but I couldn’t stop fantasizing about our hot fucking and sucking. It’s been 9 months since I was married, and I need you so much, it’s like a pressing, sharp pain.”

Cindy pulled her in close, their bare breasts pressed together and their mouths quickly found each other, lips warming quickly as the passion rose. They clung to each other, feeling the rising lust. When Cindy broke the kiss, she ankara iri göğüsleri olan escortlar cooed, “Come with me Susie baby.”

Caroline was on the bed, legs spread wide as Cindy was in between, feasting on the hot, shimmering pink hole. Caroline didn’t need to act as she cooed, “Mmmm, oh yes, you lick so nice. Just as good as the first time you went down on me.”

Cindy was giving Caroline her best lick job. Cindy was in heaven, her cousin’s cunt looked and tasted so hot and sexy, totally bald made for a fantastic licking, no pubic hair getting in the way, and she burrowed her face in, her tongue swirling wildly. The idea that this was going to be seen by a horny audience of Taco Buster’s customers just made it even hotter. Their rehearsal at Cindy’s house yesterday had been hot, this was lava hot. They were both aware of the cameras recording the action, and they ignored them, not looking at the camera lens. They wanted it to be like the customers were watching them without them being aware of it. Also, keep the moans and cries of pleasure down to the believable level. Some of the mainstream porn was nothing more than overly loud junk. And no cheesy porn music. The natural sounds, just do what they did when they rehearsed it in the privacy of Cindy’s bedroom.

The sounds of hot licking and slurping rose in volume. Caroline reached down, cradling Cindy’s head against her pussy, letting out gasps and moans of pleasure.

“Mmmm, so good Carlotta, so good, you know what I like, shove a finger up my ass, finger bang my tight pucker, make me cum lover!”

The sounds of groans and cries of pleasure increased, as Cindy swirled her middle finger through the wetness, running her finger down over the taint, poised, and Caroline’s loud cry of pleasure as Cindy’s finger drove in, as far as she could go. Cindy started to finger fuck Caroline’s sweet tight asshole, eager to make her cousin explode.

Caroline clutched at the headboard with both hands, moaning with her head thrown back in ecstasy. Oh yeah, Cindy was a natural at cunt licking, Caroline was rocking her hips, fucking Cindy’s mouth, whimpering and moaning. Caroline’s body was quivering, breasts heaving up and down, her body tensing up, reaching for her orgasm.

It all came together, Caroline gasped, “Oh fuck, gonna make me do it, you sexy cunt licker, yes, yes, EEEEEEEEEEEEE!”

Her shriek filled the bedroom, and a rush of juices poured out, giving Cindy a hot juicy facial. After Cindy had licked the last spasm from Caroline’s juicy heat, she slithered up her body, coming face to face, their mouths clung to each other, Caroline was getting a rich taste of her own pussy. They lay back, floating on the afterglow.

After a few minutes they moved into a 69, and eagerly applied their oral talents to each other. Breasts on bellies, mouths cleaved to each other’s sweet holes, licking, elvankent götü büyük escortlar sucking, slurping, the hot wet sounds mingled with their grunts, moans, and cries of pleasure into a symphony of lust, their bodies writhing sinuously against each other. Their movements became faster, sounds of pleasure now non-stop, building up.

The two bodies entwined started shaking wildly, and muffled screams of pleasure sounded as they both caught that orgasmic rush, licking each other to climactic joy.

Resting in the afterglow, Caroline said, “Carlotta, I now know that I need sexual pleasure from both you and my husband. One side of the coin is just not enough. Your soft, smooth silky skin, the tender touching, gentle hands, lips, and tongues urging me on to explode, it had been like torture, trying to deny what I am. Bi-sexual, I can live with that.”

Cindy cooed, “Oh yeah, I want you a lot more my love. Let’s go and take a shower baby.”

Inside the bathroom, Caroline reached in and cranked on the shower taps, once it was adjusted, they slipped in, and let the water pour all over their bodies. Cindy purred, “Let me wash your back baby, then you can do mine.”

Caroline felt a rush of pleasure as Cindy’s hands stroked thick lather all over her body. When Cindy whispered, “Grab those sexy cheeks and pull them apart,” Caroline let out a long, drawn-out moan of pleasure as Cindy lathered up her tight ass, cooing, “Going to get your tight little asshole nice and clean for what I’m going to do to you.”

Caroline was letting out soft moans and purrs, as she cooed, “Mmmmm, I love having my tight little asshole played with, feels so good.”

When Caroline took the soap, she purred, “Your turn lover, spread ’em!” Cindy started making loud sighs of pleasure, her asshole was incredibly sensitive, and the feel of soft soapy hands playing with the tight rosette made her lust roar. Cindy cooed, “Oh yes, finger my tight little hole, I love it.”

When they got out of the shower, Cindy cooed, “Let’s towel off baby, and play with our nice clean assholes.”

They left the bathroom and walking naked, side by side with an arm around each other’s waist, they made their way back to bed.

Cindy growled, “On the bed lover, hands and knees!” Caroline quickly did so, her mind was swimming in a sea of lust as Cindy knelt behind her.

“Susie, my sweet lover, you have the most beautiful, sweetest pucker hole, I’m going to love kissing it.”

Caroline could feel her body quiver as Cindy’s hands gently parted her cheeks, her head nuzzled between the sexy moons. Caroline let out a long, shaky breath as Cindy’s lips pressed hotly against the rose-shaped pucker of her asshole.

“Mmmm, oh god, it’s beautiful, feels amazing. Give me your ass Carlotta, I want to lick you at the same time.”

They got into a 69, and each grabbed the other’s etimesgut çıtır escortlar cheeks, adjusting their hips, and twin growls of pleasure filled the room as Caroline’s tongue found Cindy’s sweet ass hole. Being in a hot analingus clinch with her cousin made this movie a joy.

Cindy purred, “You’ll like what’s next baby,” as they broke the clinch.

Cindy had a large, oversized purse and she reached into it saying, “I call this my goodie bag.” Cindy had a lust-filled grin as she lifted out a small handheld control. Two wires protruded from one end, and at the end of the wires were two white plastic egg shapes.

Cindy cooed, “This is a set of dual vibrating eggs, can you guess where these eggs are going to go?” She gave Caroline a most wicked smile as she spread some lube on the eggs, and purred, “Spread your cheeks Susie baby.”

Flicking the switch, the eggs began humming and vibrating. Caroline was breathless as Cindy pushed the egg against her ass hole, and slowly pushed in, Caroline let out a long moan of pleasure as her tight little ass stretched to take it when it slipped inside, Caroline gasped, “Oh god, it’s vibrating away inside my ass, it feels so good!”

Cindy whispered “Lay back baby,” as she climbed on top of Caroline. She held the other vibrating egg against her tight pucker and slowly pushed, and Caroline saw Cindy’s body shudder, letting out a soft ahhhh of pleasure as it slipped in.

Cindy lowered her body, cooing, “I want our pussies to kiss each other,” then matching purrs as they came together, mound to mound. Cindy reached down between where they were joined, as they started to rock, purring, “I’m going to spread us open, really let out sweet cunts kiss each other.”

Cindy was holding the control, and she dialed up the vibrations from LOW to MEDIUM. They both felt the sweet tingles growing, a moment later, they pressed hard against each other, Caroline called out “Oh yes, kiss me right there.” They started to rock together, Caroline pushing upward, Cindy grunted, “Let’s rub our clitties together.” They started to hump at each other with increasing vigor as Caroline grunted, “Oh yes, I can feel your clit against mine baby!”

Cindy fired the control up to FULL, both of them were now getting their sweet assholes vibrated wildly. Both of them were letting out grunts, moans, and cries of passion as orgasm beckoned. Caroline was writhing and whimpering under Cindy’s thrusts, as Cindy pressed down hard, eager to plaster her dripping cunt lips as tight as possible against her lover’s matching seam. Their clits stood up, stiff, rock hard with passion, and they were rubbing against each other, the pleasure was almost too much to bear. Their bodies were squirming wildly, crotches locked together, grinding hard at each other, bolts of passion that were starting to surge as they rode. Caroline reached behind Cindy’s head and pulled her down, lips locking together, it took only a few more moments before they broke the kiss, and twin screams of passion split the air, cumming wildly, their bodies writhing together in blazing passion.

They flopped back, gasping for breath, getting their wits back. Both of them were hot and eager, as Part 2 was just about to start.

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