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I wrote this piece for a internet friend and the picture I received back of the results very … let it be said…. very good and very arousing, so I hope you enjoy it just as much as he did.

Stopping in front of my house you could see the only lights burning are those of my room. De activating the alarm you slip in, intend on teaching me a lesson. You were so mad at me, here you were sitting in a business meeting and have serious issues attending to when my call came through. You can still here the eco of my voice, “… baby I’m so hot, listen to this, and you can hear the distant hum of the vibrator, and knowing me you know you’re in for some serious phone sex……….

Listing you can hear the humming change…… clear and them softer and softer and then harder and harder again, moving with the rhyme as the vibrator is going in and out of my pussy. Hot words fill the line, arousing words, shifting in your chair you were getting hot and harder by the minute. “Oh baby, I want to feel your cock …….. oohhhhh honey I want to feel your slide your cock into me inch by inch. Pushing my legs up so that you could penetrate me more, harder, deeper ……. I want to touch your cock………mmmmmm yes baby that’s the way, deep and hard….. oh yes, deeper baby, come on fuck me, please. Please fuck me …………….. yes, baby, yes just like that…..

Getting all hot again you walked up the stairs and hearing the shower running you grin wickedly………… undressing quickly you can see my istanbul escort naked form through the glass panels, laying against the wall with one hands fingers playing and teasing my nipples while the other hand is holding a vibrator, moving it in and out of my pussy then completely out, letting it run over my clit, then slipping back in my pussy, you can see my lips sucking the whole length in and making you wish it were your cock. Standing there watching me pleasure myself you move your hands over your cock and just lightly start you stroke yourself ………. Seeing the rhyme change you can see the slight stiffing of my body and with both hands now on the vibrator I push and pull it deep in myself, you can see my lips sucking on the vibrator, knowing I was about to cum you stepped into the shower and grab my hands just I was about to plunge it back into me. Moaning I opened my eyes and seeing you wrapped my arms around you and immediately starting to kiss you deeply.

With your hands on the vibrator now you don’t move it an inch only letting it keep humming inside of my, you can see that I’m close to cum and are relentless, you were going to make me beg and then beg some more ……..

Moving my one leg up your own I twist it around your leg and moving your arm around my body now you keep sliding your hand over and over my bum, moving it a bit lower you can feel the vibrator in my soaking wet pussy, coating avcılar escort your fingers with my juices you slowly start to push one finger in my ass, pulling out getting it coated and back up again, I was so tight and with your finger slowly going in and out of my ass you can feel the vibrator through the thin skin, vibrating ……..moving your finger your change the direction so that you actually now were stroking the vibrator through my ass, up and down, slowly up and down……

I can feel your hard cock pressing against my stomach, with one hand I reached out and let my fingers run over your tip, I can feel the wetness of your pre-cum leaking out and wiggling in your arms, move my body so that I can take your cock into my mouth, immediately feeling the lost of your fingers in my ass I was only to glad that you didn’t pull the vibrator out of my pussy, kneeling now before you with one hand on your cock and the other on my clit I begin to suck your cock. Letting my mouth move over and over your length, sucking, nibbling ……. Licking ……. And stroking every inch with my tongue, making your cock pulse with need, moving back up I let my tongue run over the tip, dipping it into your slit, sucking over drop of pre-cum that is forming right out of you.

You let me play and tease your cock for awhile before moving away, pulling the vibrator form me you push me back up against the wall, pushing your whole length of cock in one smooth şirinevler escort trust deep in me, filling me up completely, grabbing my legs you help me wrap them around your waist as I was riding your cock now hard with every trust from you. With your hands on my ass you coat your fingers again with our juices and slipping one finger into me again, letting it go round and round, stretching me, making be loose so that you can sunk you whole cock into my ass………….

Feeling close to cumming you slide out of me, turning me around, bending me at the waist you push your cock back in my pussy with one deep hard stroke. Coating your cock you move it out of my pussy up to my ass, teasing me with it, letting the head slip into the tight hole, before moving it back out again, down to my pussy getting it coated up again, doing it over and over make me so hot and each time just to slip your head into my ass, then with a deep plunge back into my pussy, getting closer to cumming to get hold of the baby oil next to the shower stall, coating your whole cock up with oil you again just slip the head in but instead of pushing in into my pussy this time you just continued to push deeper and deeper in to my ass. Making me wiggle but you were relentless I have tease and push your patience to far this time it was payback time, big time, and you were pushing every inch of your cock in my ass, it was so tight you could feel the tightness pulling on you.

You want to fuck me deep and hard, making me beg but the reality was it was so good and so tight you just could hold it anymore, and when the realization hit you your taking my cherry it was one pulse to much, with a few hard deep strokes you cum deep in my ass filling me up for the first time and knowing it would not be the last…………….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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