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Hard Cock

Pennies from heaven, she thought, reaching out for the check. Camera flashes came from everywhere and tried to blind her. It hadn’t sunk in yet the amount—a million, even. She was calm and collected, although her hands shook a little as the check passed into her hands. Oh jeez, how she needed this money, she was in debt and then some. The money would change everything; her mind raced, going from one place to another.

She wasn’t very social and hated crowds and wanted to go someplace quiet and think. The guy handing her the check obviously expected some sort of speech from her, but not caring, she disappointed him by saying a simple thank you, shook his hand and walked off the stage and out of the cameras’ lights. Two armed guards escorted her to her car and she locked all her doors and headed to the bank.

The bank was prepared to receive her and she was ushered to a room away from regular customers and given the royal treatment from some guy hovering around her calling her ‘Madame’. When the deed was done, the check safely deposited into her account, she started to realize the full range of what a million bucks could do. First her debts would get paid, second she would find a better apartment and third she would enjoy some kind of trip.

Elizabeth Clayton was a woman used to having things her way. She was confident in her abilities and although she worked in a crappy little diner she practically ran the place. It wasn’t’ unusual for her to take charge when no one else seemed to want the task. Taking control of situations was a strong point and while she didn’t force her ways on anyone she didn’t have a problem with doing things her own way and getting the desired results. The money she’d won in the lottery was an enormous benefit; it would pay off her debts and allow her to pursue something more interesting than the local diner.

She imagined a trip on a cruise ship, in a nice sunny country, would be a good start. The problem there was, she had no one to enjoy a trip with. She was good-looking and all and had a fine body; she took care to keep herself in shape and had many boyfriends at different times, just…not one at the moment. She had one good female friend but was thinking of something a little wilder than a boring trip with a woman friend who would balk at any fun she might get them into and thought sex was a thing she had to give to a man for his pleasure only.

She knew better. She wanted some fun—not the kind with men, who would have quick gratification on their minds. She had failed miserably at finding one; the men she had dated weren’t willing to explore the many facets of the act or give her the kind of attention she really craved.

Oh, wow, she thought this money would change everything! This could be good. If she couldn’t find a guy, hell…she might try hiring a guy. She could think up many scenarios that would be more than fulfilling. She couldn’t help but think that a guy that was trained to fill a woman’s every need, willing to amuse her every whim, wouldn’t be shy about taking her in ways that might scare the average male.

She was careful, she hadn’t let anyone know about her winnings and had no intention of doing so. She could just imagine how many ‘acquaintances’ would come out of the woodwork being all buddy-buddy. If, indeed, she elected to go the route of hiring some hot guy, she would keep her money secret.

After a week of musing and throwing the idea around, she started a search—innocent enough, just entertaining her thoughts. She began searching ads in the bewildering world of the Internet. It seemed a dauntless task, but not being one to give up or even flinch at the seemingly impossible, she narrowed down the possibilities. And it was after reams of ads that she came across one she could work with.

“34-year-old, gentleman in all regards, willing to pleasure and or escort woman 24plus, fulfilling fantasies of her choosing. No scenario refused. Willing to supply all needed props, toys and clothing for said events. Will supply references, produce medical statements and test results to discriminating ladies. Prefer unattached but willing to consider married as well.

“Contact Russell R for more details.”

Below was an email address. The ad was short and sweet and got to the point. She liked that—it didn’t promise all kinds of things but sounded like he knew his stuff and supplying references…she realized they could be manufactured, but thought on meeting she would be able to tell if he was the right kind of guy.

A little disbelieving that she was actually emailing him, she tried to come up with the right words. After re-writing the email message a couple times and asking a few related questions, she finally hit the ‘Send’ button.

It was late and she went to bed; it was good not having to get up. She had called the diner just after receiving the money and told them she would not be working there any longer.

It was early afternoon when she sat back at her computer. She opened her email program and kadıköy escort nearly fainted when she saw an email sitting they’re waiting from Russell R. She didn’t open it instead she looked around the crappy little apartment and felt as if someone was watching her and would scorn her for doing such a sinful thing.

A deep breath and a few seconds later opened it. Liz realized she didn’t have to reply and could back out then. She also knew she wouldn’t—she had a million bucks and was dying to spend it.


It is a pleasure to correspond with you. I have free time this month and would enjoy a meeting, in a place of your choosing. If that is your wish, I would ask you fill out the below questionnaire and think about where and when you would like to meet and perhaps we can come to a sort of understanding and clarify what you seek.

Yours, true and unabashed,

Russell R

Crap! The guy really was serious; the questionnaire was three pages long and at the bottom requested a doctor’s certificate to be faxed, stating any illness or disease.

Liz had nothing better to do and started to fill out the questions. The first page was easy and asked general stuff like what color and aromas she liked… foods, places, and clothing.

The second page was real personal. There were “pick the best answer” type of questions on the second page. It said that clearly she should be honest as it would “heighten the sexual fantasy.”

The third page was about him and what he did and didn’t offer, even though his ad had said nothing was refused, here he was clear about a few bizarre things he didn’t include in his “sessions” and she liked that he had his limits.

There was a picture of him half-naked, his shirt off. He had a nice chest, she thought, all big and muscular with light hair running down to his midsection. He had blue eyes and dark hair; his face, she thought, was kinda rugged in a handsome way. The email image wasn’t great and she couldn’t really see anything further.

Well he wasn’t freaky looking or anything that was a good start. She thought a meeting in a coffee shop would do nicely and they could discuss what it was she thought she wanted.

Three weeks went by. With more emails sent, more emails replied to, the meeting was set.

Part 2

Oh ya, great, she thought, she was nervous as hell. Her body was already twitching and she hadn’t even gotten dressed yet. They were to meet at a coffee shop across town far from her apartment. She wasn’t too concerned about his finding out where she lived because she would be moving into her new place in just two days. But it was better to be safe on the first meeting and not leave things to chance.

The dressing part had her pulling things from her closet and discarding everything as either too provocative or to shy. Finally, Liz decided on a pair of her favorite old jeans and a really nice rose-colored button-up shirt she had spent the big bucks on the day before.

Looking at her reflection in the mirror she smiled; it was perfect. The shirt accentuated her breasts and small waist and the jeans fit snugly around her hips and ass. The real bonus was that they were comfortable and they were “her”; no stupid attempts at making herself look like someone she was not. Liz applied a little makeup, put on the lightest cologne she had and went out the door.

Liz was still shaking badly as she entered the coffee shop. Her knees were weak and she thought there was no way she’d be able to drink coffee without spilling all over herself.

Russell watched her enter, noticing immediately her nervousness and didn’t blame her—it was a big step, the actual meeting part. He knew she must be ready to just turn around and get out. Before it was too late, he stood up and walked toward her.

“Liz?” he said, holding out his hand. “A pleasure to meet you. Please sit down there, at my table. I’ll order us both a coffee. How do you like it?” he asked, stretching his arm out, indicating what table was his.

Her voice shook, too. “Ummm, double double, please,” she managed.

He appeared to be at ease. Must be nice, she thought. And he walked over with their coffees, not spilling a drop. She didn’t dare touch hers so it sat undisturbed for a few minutes.

The guy really was good-looking now that she could clearly see what the picture had concealed in the grainy email image. His eyes were really a dark ethereal blue and had a sharp, intense quality to them; his nose was larger but nicely shaped and his mouth wide and licentious, promising immoral unrestraint. A few lines creased his tanned face assuring knowledge of lascivious indulgence. His hair was black, curly, and thick with a natural sheen.

She couldn’t take her eyes away from his; his demeanor-demanded attention and she was struck by the subtle but undeniable dominance of his blues eyes. The eyes, audacious, threatened to extricate her very soul. She tore her eyes from üsküdar escort his and knew she could be sucked in and allow him the carnal pleasures of turning her on.

He, too, was dressed in faded jeans, and a light blue dress shirt. She wondered a moment if he had used the info from the questionnaire and had dressed in a manner that he thought would please her and put her at ease.

She thought that no matter what he wore, the effects would have been the same. She knew with certainty that if she had dressed in a business suit, he would have done the same and those eyes would have been no less piercing while he gazed at her.

They talked for an hour, ending with her handing him a small check and her feeling confident that she could really do what had brought her there. In fact, she knew there was no way she could not have.

Their first session was to be in one week and it would involve a simple romantic dinner and erotic massage. The trip would wait, as she would be busy fulfilling her deepest fantasies.

The week passed quickly and it was Friday night before she knew it. It had been a busy week moving, settling her debts and buying stuff for her new apartment.

Her nerves were on fire as she dressed for the night. She wore a simple black dress and comfortable black dress shoes—no bra but she did wear black low-cut panties. They were to meet at a hotel downtown, a nice place and very expensive. He had explained he had a regular room and the massage would take place there.

Part 3

On arriving, the trembling of her legs and shaking hands were almost too much and she really wanted to flee. Being there, knowing they would interact in a sexual way later, had her very excited and very scared. She was reasonably sure he wouldn’t cut off her head or anything, but just in case, she did have a can of mace in her purse. It made her feel better reaching inside her bag and feeling the hard steel container filled with the offending spray.

Russell spotted her across the room and went to her. Holding out his hand and then wrapping an arm around her, he led the way to a table, pulling out her chair. He wore a great-looking black casual suit; it suited him more than the jeans and gave him a more gentlemanly air.

The table was impressive, all done up nicely with candles and roses. He had taken the liberty of ordering and they ate lobster with tiny baby carrots and green beans, baked potatoes and for dessert, a lovely chocolate torte.

He did most of the talking; his voice was soothing and easy-going, she noticed, he was very refined and more formal in his speech than any one she had met before. It was obvious he knew how to treat a lady. He paid their bill and asked if she was ready to see the room.

Well here we go, she thought. The time has come to back out now and run like hell or get what you’ve craved for, have a little fun with a guy willing to do it all.

Dam straight she was ready to see the room.

Inside was gorgeous. The furniture was dark oak with intricate designs lacing the wood. The bed was huge, with a blood-red duvet; it had four posters with leather tying straps attached.

She did a double-take at the leather fastenings and looked right at him. He gave her a sly grin and told her not to worry that would be for another time if she would like to try it out.

There were a few over-stuffed chairs and matching couch, all Victorian in design. Pillows, the same blood-red color as the duvet on the bed, lay scattered on the fabric that was almost like a canvas. Very authentic-looking, she thought.

The coffee table and bedside tables were from the same era and dark in color, although she couldn’t tell if they were oak or something similar. Over in a corner was a lone, large chair without arms. It was made of plain wood and looked completely out of place. Again she looked at him, the question showing in her face.

“Ah, the chair. You’re wondering what a lone chair, unlike any of the others, is doing there,”

“Well it’s sort of strange; it doesn’t match the rest. The room is beautiful, I might add,”

“That chair is used for more, shall we use the word ‘powerful’ attentions, usually at the hands of a man with no qualms about administering some form of discipline,”

“Oh, I see. I’m not sure I’d be into that…” she said, and looked away from the chair, blushing a little. He gave her a huge smile and nodded his head. She looked further around and could see a small kitchenette, complete with cupboards and dishwasher. For the rest of the bedroom, part of the room was done in soft reds with off-white accents. The wallpaper, warm cream with a nice raised texture and intricate rose patterns, covered the top half of the walls. A dark oak wainscoting ran the entire circumference of the room; below it, was light-red paint. The effect was stunning and she could see the man had taste.

Her eyes moved back to the leather fastenings and she thought that it might be interesting to be tied up tuzla escort and ravished. She blushed at her own thoughts; she’d often toyed with the idea of being tied up during sex but had never had the nerve to ask a guy if he might be into something like that.

Russell went to the little fridge, pulling out a bottle of Crown Royal rye and two cokes. Without asking, he mixed them both a drink in sharp-looking crystal glasses. Liz accepted one gratefully and sat on one of the nice overstuffed chairs, sipping her drink and trying to act like she did this every day.

” So tell me Liz, is this the start you were hoping for? The dinner, I mean, and the room…do you like it?”

“The room’s fabulous and dinner was really nice. I’m still just a little nervous, though. It’s not like I do this every day,”

” I’m sure you don’t,” he laughed. “If you would like, there’s an extra bathrobe in the bathroom behind the door. You might feel more comfortable in it; then you can lie back and enjoy a nice heated massage.”


“Oh yes, my dear, heated oil infused with ginger—a most relaxing treat.”

“Umm, if you say so. I’ll go get into that bathrobe.”

In the bathroom, she relieved herself and freshened up, gave her teeth a quick brush and ran a comb quickly through her hair. She took a quick look in the body-length mirror as she took off her clothes. She didn’t feel so nervous then; she was shapely and fit.

The room reflected in the mirror caught her attention and she looked, really for the first time, noticing the bathroom. Like the rest of the suite it was gorgeous, too, with the same wallpaper and wainscoting ran all the way around and the marble counter and floors a soft rose color, intermingled with gray. There were real dark oak cabinets under the vanity, and she was so tempted to take a peek at what a guy like him might have stored under there, but decided it was probably better not to know. Instead, she donned the bathrobe and went out to the main room to join him.

He had changed his clothes as well and wore a white, loose-fitting shirt with the sleeves rolled up and loose black karate-style pants. There was a brown leather bag in his hand; it looked well worn, and she watched him place it beside the bed. He took out a squirt bottle of what she assumed was the oil and placed it into a cup of steaming water.

How convenient that the room came with a kettle for boiling water and she wondered what else was hidden about the place?

“I use this room in particular for entertaining,” he said, noticing her questioning face, “and have claimed it for my own. I have certain liberties, being a long-time customer of this fine establishment. Now, come lie down here on the bed, on your belly first and I’ll give you a most soothing and enjoyable massage.”

She noticed the room had got warmer and assumed he had turned the heat up for the purpose of keeping her warm. Her gut tightened up with the anticipation and she was, at that point, more scared then she ever had been before. She dropped the bathrobe and placed it at the end of the bed; completely naked then, she did lie down. Exposing her ass to him was thrilling and scary, and she couldn’t remember ever feeling so vulnerable.

“You have a lovely body; it makes my job even more enjoyable,” he said, and draped a towel over her middle. “Now, relax, I won’t bite and you do have the option at anytime to end the session. Just one word and I’ll leave the room as we discussed earlier. I give you my word on that.”

“Thanks, I’m ok. It just feels weird, you know; I don’t really know you and I’m in your space with my ass in plain view, but I want this. So, go ahead, do your thing.”

Heated oil and warm hands started at the back of her neck, edging down her spine, his fingers doing tiny circles around each vertebra. Kneading a little harder then, he gave her back a good go with his palms; the oil was warm but even nicer, the warmth stayed lingering on her skin, heating her where ever he touched.

Her legs were still shut tight as he kneaded down to her lower back then worked back up, waiting to feel her muscle relax. He nonchalantly removed the towel and let his hands slip further to her tightly-clenched ass cheeks.

He smiled knowing she would soon open up to him and revel in his attentions. Her ass was smooth with nicely rounded curves. He wouldn’t go too fast, but just relax her for now. He used sweeping motions with his hands and his fingers pressed into her muscle while going down her thighs and legs then back up to her back. On the way back down he felt her ass relax a little more and her thighs become less tense and he let his fingers run between the cheeks drawing a little line with the oil.

Dam, his hands felt good. She wanted more and wished he would linger longer down there and let his fingers wander further under her and play with her clit. She edged her legs apart ever-so-slightly, making it appear she was adjusting her position. He knew better and took it as the signal it was.

“Now Liz, I’d like to get this little pillow under your hips. Just lift your bottom up for me and I’ll slip it under you.”

She could feel the slick beginning of moisture developing between her legs, and lifted her ass up, letting him push the pillow under her hips, raising her up and causing her cheeks to spread.

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