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Big Tits

It all started one night as my wife and I were watching some police drama on TV before going to bed. The plot revolved around a prostitution ring. Nothing terribly exciting, just the usual police stuff with a couple of scantily dressed hookers and some sort of confrontation going on involving them. It was then I came up with an idea which has since changed my (sex) life.

We had been married for several years and while we were still very attracted to each other, our sex life was a series of 3-4 positions a couple times a week when time and energy permitted us.

I asked my wife while pointing to the TV, “Have you ever thought about what you would do for the right price?”

“Sexually you mean?” she replied.

“Um, yeah.”

“I don’t know, never really thought about it. I doubt though I could ever, even if things were really bad, be a hooker like those on the show. Why do you ask?” she said.

“I was just thinking, there might be things I like and things you like which we would both be willing to ah, pay for – for lack of better terms.”

“You know that I’m happy with our sex life and you definitely fulfill me. But as far as things I would ‘pay for’, while sex isn’t high on my list, I would pay for someone to weed my backyard garden once in a while and do some of the other odd jobs we never seem to have time for” she said, playfully jabbing me in the side.

“And if those jobs were suddenly done for you, what would you ‘pay’ for them?”, I asked, returning the light jab.

“I don’t know, make me an offer” she replied playfully.

Going for it, I said, “Hmmm, well you know that while I would never complain about your oral affections, we have talked about how I like it a certain way and you like to give it a different way?” She nodded. “Well”, I continued, “how about you pay me for weeding the garden with a blow job in the way I prefer?”

Smiling at me, “I see where this is going”, she said. “You want me to ‘pay’ for your services? Or are you paying me for my services?” she asked.

“I think its like the hookers on TV. At the end of the day, we both get what we want. But in our case no money, just ah – services – are exchanged.” I said.

By this time we both both sitting up and facing each other. Her legs were crossed in my direction, indicating her interest in our conversation and I was absentmindedly caressing her toned legs and had an arm around her. She looked back at the TV thoughtfully. There had been a couple brief scenes in the TV show which had shown the hookers with their Johns in the middle of some racy acts. Being network TV, it was nothing too revealing but they had my wife fidgeting during those scenes and I had been thinking that perhaps with those thoughts in mind we were going to have some extra fun tonight.

She turned back to me and grinning she said, “Deal. You weed the backyard vegetable garden to my satisfaction and I will go down on you to your satisfaction.”

It was Thursday night so I said, “Saturday morning I will handle the garden and Saturday night we’ll conclude the deal”. I then reached up and started caressing her face and she grabbed my hand and said, “Not now mister. I want you primed and ready for Saturday night”. And with that she got up and left me on the couch with a growing case of blue balls.

Saturday came painfully slowly and early Saturday morning I was up and fulfilling my end of the transaction. By noon there was not a weed or unwanted item anywhere in the garden. It looked like a cover of Better Homes and Gardens. Covered with sweat and dirt I knocked on the back door and when my wife opened it I said, “Ready for your inspection”.

After putting on a pair of cheap sandals she proceeded to thoroughly inspect each row of her vegetable garden, looking over everything as closely as possible. Failing to come upon a single weed she said, “Well it looks like you have paid for my services tonight.”

I instantly got excited thinking about those services. She was very good at giving oral, but often preferred doing it her way. Occasionally though she did it a certain way which drove me crazy and I had communicated this to her. Her response was that the technique and angles I preferred left her jaw sore and was not as easy as it looked. Since it was never a deal breaker for me, I never made an issue of it.

I washed up and shortly after dinner that night she appeared in the hallway wearing a sheer babydoll outfit (which always drove me crazy to see her in) and said, “It time for payment for services rendered.” And with that she took my hand and led me to our bedroom. Standing in front of me and running her hands up my chest she said, “I have never done this prostitute thing before, I’ll do the best I can.”

I replied, “I’ve never been with one before either, but I’ll think we’ll be just fine.”

And with that she continued to run her hands up and down my chest. Moving behind me she continued running her hands over my torso, just teasing me by going down to my waist and then moving her hands back up.

After a minute çankaya escort or two she took my belt and undid it while just unsnapping my pants, but leaving my zipper done up. I was just standing there letting her do her thing and enjoying every minute of it. I guess she is supposed to do the work, right? She continued to run her hands up and down me, each time moving down a bit farther, eventually rubbing her hands up and down my now semi-hard erection from outside my pants.

Whispering in my ear “Ohh, someone is getting excited. Is that because of me? She asked rhetorically. I nodded in response.

“Good. Its time to let him out to play.” And with that she reached around to my zipper, pulled it down, and let my pants drop to the floor. In anticipation of the night I had decided to go ‘commando’. “Oh, I see you’re ready to play” she giggled in excitement.

“I have been thinking about this for the past two days”, she whispered in my ear. “I can’t wait to feel your dick in my mouth and take it as far down my throat as I can”. And with that she grabbed my now very hard erection and sat me down on the bed.

Moving to her knees, she reached up and unbutton my shirt. Discarding it, she began to caress my thighs which both relaxed and excited me. She grabbed my cock and beginning with some slight licks at the base treated me like a favorite lollipop. After a minute of this she licked up its entirety and with one full swoop took me in her mouth at least 3 inches.

Now I am not gigantic. I’m an unmeasured 6 inches, average I guess, but I like to think I have a better than average girth. My wife typically has to work to get more than the head in her mouth and usually doesn’t take more than a couple inches in her mouth at best. So this was a treat.

After going up and down a couple times, gagging just slightly, she said, “I have been practicing some with a banana and a cucumber when you weren’t around. I wanted to make sure I serviced you properly and professionally”. The thought that my wife had been sitting in the kitchen with a banana down her throat practicing for tonight got me 10 degrees harder and she definitely noticed.

“Did my telling you that turn you on?” she asked. I nodded in reply. “Hmmm, well then there are a couple more things I will tell you about later.” I couldn’t imagine what those were so I just sat there and enjoyed her administrations to my cock.

She was going down my dick quickly and gripping it hard with both her hand and lips, she would slowly come back up. She knew how much I loved this technique and she would open her eyes at look me me each time she came back up. Sometimes I would meet her gaze, but mostly my head was tilted back relishing in the ecstasy of the blowjob.

By now she was able to go down consistently 4 inches and was beginning to move more rapidly up and down my cock. Technique was being thrown out the window and I was in heaven. I knew this was uncomfortably stretching her mouth, but I had paid for her services, so to speak, so I threw her comfort out of my mind for once.

After about 10 minutes of her going up and down my cock I told her I was getting close. Letting go of me briefly, she whipped off her outfit and said, “Cum on my tits”. She continued to stroke me and soon I gave a huge grunt and she had a large amount of cum all over her tits, with a few stray drops in her hair and on her face.

Looking at her, all covered in my cum, that got me thinking about what it would cost me for me to cum in her mouth? We had never done that because she always thought it a bit gross, even though I know she had licked up plenty of my pre-cum over the years when she went down on me. She always said it was different and it swallowing simply didn’t turn her on. Again, I never pushed it.

She looked up at me and said, “I am so turned on right now, my mouth doesn’t even hurt.” Moving up me she said, “How about a freebie big guy? And with that she positioned her very wet pussy over my still hard cock and rode herself to a nice orgasm while we were sitting on the edge of the bed. Afterward, spent mentally and physically, we rolled over onto the bed and fell asleep.

The next day over breakfast I asked her how she felt about the whole pay-for-sex thing. She said that it really turned her on being compelled to perform for me feeling the need to do her best because she was being paid for it. While a bit difficult at first, after she got into it, it was a real turn on. I then asked her if she wanted to do it again.

“What do you have in mind?” she inquired grinning.

Wanting to strike while the iron was hot and taking a gamble, I replied, “Well after I came, I looked up and saw my cum all over you. I couldn’t help thinking about not just cumming on you, but in your mouth. I know we have talked about it before and you have said its not really your thing, but I thought I would just throw it out there for consideration”.

Pondering this over her morning smoothy she said, “I think we could work something out. Over the past couple days I have been thinking escort etlik about some of the other items I need done and after the stellar job you did on the garden, I could see myself warming up to this arrangement.”

Warningly she added, “But I don’t want it to be a regular thing or replace simple making love because we love each other.”

I quickly nodded in agreement. “Of course. I love sex with you and would never want anything to replace that bond between us.”

With that she reached over and kissed me deeply. Then, pulling a slip of paper out of the pocket of her robe, she said “I figured this topic would come up and so I wrote out a half dozen items for which you could ‘buy’ my special services…”

And so over the next several months we negotiated the prices for those items. About 2 weeks after that first night I got to cum in her mouth after a hot blowjob session in exchange for building her a custom shelving unit for her shoes which she seen across in some magazine. A month later we had anal sex in exchange for the ‘green light’ to re-do the bathroom – a $5000 expense I been dragging my feet on since I felt no need to re-do a place like that, but in hindsight I am glad I was so hesitant. The sex was incredible for both of us making every penny of the remodel worth it.

To her credit, she was warming to being my private prostitute and would even throw out ideas of her own.

One morning she asked, “What would you be willing to pay for sex with a ‘cheer leader’?” I knew she had been a high school cheerleader, but I played along asking, “Where are WE going to find a cheerleader to have sex with?”.

Slugging me on the arm, she said, “It would be me you deviant. I saw a sexy cheerleader outfit online the other day and I thought we could have some fun with it. Thanks to the yoga classes, I can still do the splits and I still remember a couple of cheers from back in the day.”

Thinking it over I said, “Tell you what, instead of a naughty cheerleader outfit, make it naughty nurse outfit and you got a deal”. So I paid for the outfit and did some minor job on her list. She didn’t’ ask for much because it was her idea to begin with. In exchange she took VERY good care of me the day the outfit arrived in the mail. Her bedside manner was very accommodating.

I was beginning to run out new sex ideas and we even repeated a few of the first ones we did. Sometimes though she surprised me and would say “this one’s on me” and would grab my cock when I was about to cum and I would explode deep into her mouth or even once she grabbed a tube of lube she had tucked in her bed stand and said that tonight she wanted it in every hole and that I “had better not cum till she got everything she wanted!”

Needless to say I was much happier and I could tell she was too. Our sex life had definitely changed for the better! Even simple cuddling while watching TV was better.

Every year she and some girlfriends took a trip into the city for a girls weekend. They would get a nice hotel suite, do a bunch of shopping, hit a show or two, and end things with some clubbing and plenty of drinking. They had all been friends since college and although now all married, it was a tradition they faithfully kept up every year and it was something I would never dream of interfering with. These girls were the best of friends and then some.

So when she came to me and said her annual girls weekend was coming up, I simply asked “When?”.

“In about 3 weeks. But a problem has arisen. I had lunch today with my friend Shelley and she told about her marriage, or lack of one I should say. I guess she and her soon-to-be-ex are well on the path to divorce and because of the divorce her finances are completely shot. Everything is going to the lawyers and simple survival”.

I could tell my wife was upset about this so sitting up, I said, “That’s a real shame. I know how much you and your friends look forward to this every year. So are you going to cancel it because Shelley can’t come or are you going to do it without her?”

“We would never do it without her”, my wife replied decisively. I remembered none of the girls, no matter what their situation, had ever missed this weekend so I knew the importance of it to them. One year one of the girls had been deathly sick with the flu so they pushed the date back two weeks, but the thought of canceling never entered the conversation.

“So you are canceling it?” I asked tentatively.

Coming close to me and running her fingers up my arm, she replied “Well, during our lunch I told Shelley about our little arrangement – you know, how you pay for certain favors from me and how its been so good for our marriage.”

“Really?!” I said, a bit surprised.

“It kinda came up after my 3rd glass of wine”, my blushing wife said, looking sheepishly at me. Then looking away she continued, “Anyway, Shelley said, after her 4th glass, that she’d be willing to do anything to be able to go on the trip.” Turning to me and looking straight into my eyes, she said, ankara demetevler escort “and Shelley stressed ~anything~.” I gulped.

Wondering where this was going, I stayed quiet.

My wife continued, “So I told Shelley that perhaps something could be worked out.” Looking at me she said, “We are in a good situation and I know you have one fantasy you haven’t mentioned and I doubt you ever would. You’re that kind of guy. And that’s why I love you so much.” She leaned in and kissed me lightly on the lips.

Moving back a foot, my wife looked lovingly in my face while I remained quiet, still wondering where this was going.

“Shelley is like a sister to me and its only because of this extreme circumstance I would even mention it and if you don’t want to, just tell me and I won’t say anything more. I don’t want you to feel any pressure or that I am forcing you to do something you don’t want to do.”

If I could have put money on where the conversation was going, I would have bet on us just covering Shelley’s costs for the weekend. I could never had guessed what my wife would bring up next.

“So after talking about her divorce and about we act like I’m your prostitute some times, she asked ‘Do you think your husband would be willing to pay for sex with me?'” My eyes sprung open and my jaw dropped. I could not contain my surprise. Shelley was probably the most reserved of my wife’s friends so this came as a shock.

“So what did you say?” I replied after literally using my hand to close my gaping mouth.

“I guess the wine helped my initial shock, but I thought it could solve her problem. We have the money and I know you have always thought Shelley as very cute”

All my wife’s friends in this group are pretty hot. I had commented over the years that one friend or the other was attractive, in a none confrontational way, but of course none held a candle to my wife. Shelley was very attractive. She was an avid runner and had the long, toned legs of a runner. In contrast to my wife’s long blond hair, Shelley had medium length brown hair. Because of her athleticism, her chest wasn’t the biggest, probably a solid B, but she had a flat stomach and a nice ass.

I had never thought of Shelley in a sexual way, but now that it was brought up I could she her as potential pretty good in bed, as long as she wasn’t as reserved privately as I normally observed her to be publicly.

“You’ve heard me say that she’s attractive, but that doesn’t mean anything.” Switching gears on the direction of the conversation I asked, “How much money are we talking about?” I decided to go off on that tangent since my wife skipped over just giving Shelley the money.

“I don’t know what normal prostitute services cost, but for Shelley to do the weekend with the girls ‘right’, its going to be about $5000. Between the shopping, shows, taking turns for rounds of drinks at different clubs, and other expenses its about that much.” my wife said analytically. “And of course for her time and ah, services” she added shrugging.

We could afford it. We both worked and money wasn’t too much an issue. Heck my wife came home with different shopping bags all the time and I didn’t bat an eye.

“What is she willing to do for the $5000?” I replied deciding to go along with this to see where it ends up.

“I don’t think she has any limits” my wife blurted. Then blushing a bit she said, “I went into some detail about the services you had purchased from me from the first time to some of the more recent exchanges. I could tell a couple of them surprised her a bit, but in the end she said she didn’t have a problem with any of the things you and I have done”.

Wow, was all I could think. My head was swimming and spinning.

“Now, neither of us is into other girls, so this is something you would do with just her. No threesomes here. But I would definitely be there, in the room, to make sure everything goes OK. Shelley said she would want me there too. Does that seem awkward to you?”

Gulping, I said, “I supposed not”. Like I would know?

This sounded like a done deal to me and that I was being led down a path upon which I had little to no choice but to follow. I would have just given Shelley the money or just had my wife pay for Shelley’s share of the weekend, but these girl seemed bent on this course instead.

“So you don’t think this is cheating on you” I asked tentatively.

“After lunch I put some thought into that and it means a lot to me that you asked. Because I will be there and it’s consensual with all of us, I don’t think it is. I know I won’t be running around looking for some quid pro quo and as far as doing it again with Shelley, its just a one time thing”. She then added, “This is just a one time event you know. I don’t want you getting and funny ideas that visiting a prostitute is somehow OK either.” I nodded.

Moving close to me again, my wife had a big smile on her face now. “This means so much that we can make this happen for Shelley. We were both in tears at lunch when we thought she wouldn’t be able to do the weekend.” She hugged me and breaking away, “I didn’t know how you would take it, but anticipating you would want to help, I made a dinner date for Shelley to come over this Friday for dinner and to spend the night. Is that OK?”

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