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“Gregor, Cindy, and I have made a movie idea for ourselves, that we think the fans will love.”

Caroline and Cindy were in Gregor’s office, and as they told him the idea, he got very interested. When they told him that they had done a rehearsal at home, and how good it had felt, he gave them the go-ahead.

Caroline and Cindy were ready, the idea of sweet soft lovemaking on camera, really pushed their arousal up. Gregor quickly got the sets ready, the cameras rolled, and Caroline and Cindy started the plotline. They were sitting on a couch, and Caroline was talking about her marriage

“Susie, you are still such a tease!” Cindy purred. She stood up and moved over to Caroline, stroking her face. “How about we get naked and get hot? I’ve seen the way you look at me, I know you still find me desirable, and I don’t think getting married had tamped down your lesbian desires.”

Caroline looked up into her bright blue eyes. “Carlotta, if anything, it has made it stronger. Being lovers all through college, we couldn’t get enough of each other. Remember all the racy things we did, the riskiness of what we did made it hotter.”

Cindy started to unbutton Caroline’s blouse, and she said softly, “Getting frisky out in public really made us extra hot and horny. I remember being on my knees among the library shelves, my face under your skirt, plastered against your dripping snatch, doing my best to bring you off before someone caught us going at it, while you fought to keep yourself from crying out in orgasmic pleasure.”

Caroline started to copy Cindy as she started to unbutton Cindy’s blouse, she purred. “Going to the park, finding a stand of trees, and going down on each other in a heated 69, both of us crying out as orgasm seized us.”

Cindy slipped the blouse off Caroline’s shoulders, her tits were bare, and Cindy’s hands came up, cupping the perky tits, bringing a moan from Caroline, as she continued the narrative, “At that fancy restaurant, when I slipped under the table, hidden by the tablecloth, hiking up your skirt and eagerly licking at your heated cunt, you were so juicy wet and delicious as you did your best to keep your face neutral.”

Caroline was copying Cindy’s action, she had her hands on Cindy’s bare chest, making her coo with pleasure as she said, “And out on the shore of Copple’s lake at sunset, the way you fucked me doggy style with your 8-inch strap on dildo, driving me to a gut-wrenching climax. I may have stopped our lesbian loving when I got married, but I couldn’t stop fantasizing about our hot fucking and sucking. It’s been 9 months since I was married, and I need you so much, it’s like a pressing, sharp pain.”

Cindy pulled her in close, their bare breasts pressed together and their mouths quickly found each other, lips warming quickly as the passion rose. They clung to each other, feeling the rising lust. When Cindy broke the kiss, she ankara iri göğüsleri olan escortlar cooed, “Come with me Susie baby.”

Caroline was on the bed, legs spread wide as Cindy was in between, feasting on the hot, shimmering pink hole. Caroline didn’t need to act as she cooed, “Mmmm, oh yes, you lick so nice. Just as good as the first time you went down on me.”

Cindy was giving Caroline her best lick job. Cindy was in heaven, her cousin’s cunt looked and tasted so hot and sexy, totally bald made for a fantastic licking, no pubic hair getting in the way, and she burrowed her face in, her tongue swirling wildly. The idea that this was going to be seen by a horny audience of Taco Buster’s customers just made it even hotter. Their rehearsal at Cindy’s house yesterday had been hot, this was lava hot. They were both aware of the cameras recording the action, and they ignored them, not looking at the camera lens. They wanted it to be like the customers were watching them without them being aware of it. Also, keep the moans and cries of pleasure down to the believable level. Some of the mainstream porn was nothing more than overly loud junk. And no cheesy porn music. The natural sounds, just do what they did when they rehearsed it in the privacy of Cindy’s bedroom.

The sounds of hot licking and slurping rose in volume. Caroline reached down, cradling Cindy’s head against her pussy, letting out gasps and moans of pleasure.

“Mmmm, so good Carlotta, so good, you know what I like, shove a finger up my ass, finger bang my tight pucker, make me cum lover!”

The sounds of groans and cries of pleasure increased, as Cindy swirled her middle finger through the wetness, running her finger down over the taint, poised, and Caroline’s loud cry of pleasure as Cindy’s finger drove in, as far as she could go. Cindy started to finger fuck Caroline’s sweet tight asshole, eager to make her cousin explode.

Caroline clutched at the headboard with both hands, moaning with her head thrown back in ecstasy. Oh yeah, Cindy was a natural at cunt licking, Caroline was rocking her hips, fucking Cindy’s mouth, whimpering and moaning. Caroline’s body was quivering, breasts heaving up and down, her body tensing up, reaching for her orgasm.

It all came together, Caroline gasped, “Oh fuck, gonna make me do it, you sexy cunt licker, yes, yes, EEEEEEEEEEEEE!”

Her shriek filled the bedroom, and a rush of juices poured out, giving Cindy a hot juicy facial. After Cindy had licked the last spasm from Caroline’s juicy heat, she slithered up her body, coming face to face, their mouths clung to each other, Caroline was getting a rich taste of her own pussy. They lay back, floating on the afterglow.

After a few minutes they moved into a 69, and eagerly applied their oral talents to each other. Breasts on bellies, mouths cleaved to each other’s sweet holes, licking, elvankent götü büyük escortlar sucking, slurping, the hot wet sounds mingled with their grunts, moans, and cries of pleasure into a symphony of lust, their bodies writhing sinuously against each other. Their movements became faster, sounds of pleasure now non-stop, building up.

The two bodies entwined started shaking wildly, and muffled screams of pleasure sounded as they both caught that orgasmic rush, licking each other to climactic joy.

Resting in the afterglow, Caroline said, “Carlotta, I now know that I need sexual pleasure from both you and my husband. One side of the coin is just not enough. Your soft, smooth silky skin, the tender touching, gentle hands, lips, and tongues urging me on to explode, it had been like torture, trying to deny what I am. Bi-sexual, I can live with that.”

Cindy cooed, “Oh yeah, I want you a lot more my love. Let’s go and take a shower baby.”

Inside the bathroom, Caroline reached in and cranked on the shower taps, once it was adjusted, they slipped in, and let the water pour all over their bodies. Cindy purred, “Let me wash your back baby, then you can do mine.”

Caroline felt a rush of pleasure as Cindy’s hands stroked thick lather all over her body. When Cindy whispered, “Grab those sexy cheeks and pull them apart,” Caroline let out a long, drawn-out moan of pleasure as Cindy lathered up her tight ass, cooing, “Going to get your tight little asshole nice and clean for what I’m going to do to you.”

Caroline was letting out soft moans and purrs, as she cooed, “Mmmmm, I love having my tight little asshole played with, feels so good.”

When Caroline took the soap, she purred, “Your turn lover, spread ’em!” Cindy started making loud sighs of pleasure, her asshole was incredibly sensitive, and the feel of soft soapy hands playing with the tight rosette made her lust roar. Cindy cooed, “Oh yes, finger my tight little hole, I love it.”

When they got out of the shower, Cindy cooed, “Let’s towel off baby, and play with our nice clean assholes.”

They left the bathroom and walking naked, side by side with an arm around each other’s waist, they made their way back to bed.

Cindy growled, “On the bed lover, hands and knees!” Caroline quickly did so, her mind was swimming in a sea of lust as Cindy knelt behind her.

“Susie, my sweet lover, you have the most beautiful, sweetest pucker hole, I’m going to love kissing it.”

Caroline could feel her body quiver as Cindy’s hands gently parted her cheeks, her head nuzzled between the sexy moons. Caroline let out a long, shaky breath as Cindy’s lips pressed hotly against the rose-shaped pucker of her asshole.

“Mmmm, oh god, it’s beautiful, feels amazing. Give me your ass Carlotta, I want to lick you at the same time.”

They got into a 69, and each grabbed the other’s etimesgut çıtır escortlar cheeks, adjusting their hips, and twin growls of pleasure filled the room as Caroline’s tongue found Cindy’s sweet ass hole. Being in a hot analingus clinch with her cousin made this movie a joy.

Cindy purred, “You’ll like what’s next baby,” as they broke the clinch.

Cindy had a large, oversized purse and she reached into it saying, “I call this my goodie bag.” Cindy had a lust-filled grin as she lifted out a small handheld control. Two wires protruded from one end, and at the end of the wires were two white plastic egg shapes.

Cindy cooed, “This is a set of dual vibrating eggs, can you guess where these eggs are going to go?” She gave Caroline a most wicked smile as she spread some lube on the eggs, and purred, “Spread your cheeks Susie baby.”

Flicking the switch, the eggs began humming and vibrating. Caroline was breathless as Cindy pushed the egg against her ass hole, and slowly pushed in, Caroline let out a long moan of pleasure as her tight little ass stretched to take it when it slipped inside, Caroline gasped, “Oh god, it’s vibrating away inside my ass, it feels so good!”

Cindy whispered “Lay back baby,” as she climbed on top of Caroline. She held the other vibrating egg against her tight pucker and slowly pushed, and Caroline saw Cindy’s body shudder, letting out a soft ahhhh of pleasure as it slipped in.

Cindy lowered her body, cooing, “I want our pussies to kiss each other,” then matching purrs as they came together, mound to mound. Cindy reached down between where they were joined, as they started to rock, purring, “I’m going to spread us open, really let out sweet cunts kiss each other.”

Cindy was holding the control, and she dialed up the vibrations from LOW to MEDIUM. They both felt the sweet tingles growing, a moment later, they pressed hard against each other, Caroline called out “Oh yes, kiss me right there.” They started to rock together, Caroline pushing upward, Cindy grunted, “Let’s rub our clitties together.” They started to hump at each other with increasing vigor as Caroline grunted, “Oh yes, I can feel your clit against mine baby!”

Cindy fired the control up to FULL, both of them were now getting their sweet assholes vibrated wildly. Both of them were letting out grunts, moans, and cries of passion as orgasm beckoned. Caroline was writhing and whimpering under Cindy’s thrusts, as Cindy pressed down hard, eager to plaster her dripping cunt lips as tight as possible against her lover’s matching seam. Their clits stood up, stiff, rock hard with passion, and they were rubbing against each other, the pleasure was almost too much to bear. Their bodies were squirming wildly, crotches locked together, grinding hard at each other, bolts of passion that were starting to surge as they rode. Caroline reached behind Cindy’s head and pulled her down, lips locking together, it took only a few more moments before they broke the kiss, and twin screams of passion split the air, cumming wildly, their bodies writhing together in blazing passion.

They flopped back, gasping for breath, getting their wits back. Both of them were hot and eager, as Part 2 was just about to start.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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