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Back at Dan and Penny’s

Tanya pushed the door open and walked into Dan and Penny’s room. It still smelled of her. She couldn’t remember the last time she had been fucked so well her very scent had been hammered into the walls. If things went according to plan, she hoped that would be happening more often.

“Well, well, well. Look who’s back.” Penny sat on the edge of the bed, her bare legs dangling over the edge, toes grazing the floor. She was still wearing the dress from earlier though now it was riding high on her voluptuous thighs, looking a little worse for wear. Tanya’s gaze lingered. She could see the curve of her friend’s ass and wondered if she was wearing anything underneath. “Getting a good look?”


“Oh my god,” Penny giggled, glancing back at Dan. “Baby, I think you might have broken her. Was the fucking really that good?”

Of course it was, Tanya thought, but she couldn’t admit that here. Not yet. She didn’t want to play her hand too freely this early in the meeting. “You would know.” She flashed her friend a coy smile then sauntered toward her. “Dan told me how good you were at taking his dick.”

Penny drew back as if startled by her friend’s openness. “Look who’s finally talking like an adult. I knew one night with my man would turn you into a real woman.”

Tanya looked over at Dan. He was shirtless, wearing nothing but a pair of tight shorts. His bulge stood prominently underneath the smooth fabric. Tanya could feel herself staring again, growing hotter by the second. A hand grazed her ass, breaking the trance.

“You want to see it again.” Penny was looking up at her friend, a smug smile on her face. She knew her friend had the taste for it now. All she needed was a little nudge and she’d be back on her knees.

“Of course.”

Again, Tanya’s bluntness caught Penny by surprise. She had expected more resistance than this. Hoped for it, even. Composing herself, she stroked her friend’s firm ass. “We can arrange that. But first I want to hear about your night. What did Fred say when you got home?”

“Nothing. He was asleep by the time I got back.” Penny scoffed and rolled her eyes. By the time they landed on Dan, Tanya knew exactly what her friend was thinking. “So why don’t you tell me, how was he?”

“How do you think?”

Tanya walked over to Dan and ran her hand down his chest and stomach, not stopping until she reached the waistband of his boxer briefs where she paused for a moment, teasing, before letting her fingers drop, snapping the band against his toned abs. “Inadequate.”

“Finally starting to see the light.”

Tanya bit her lip. Shrugged.

“Fuck, baby,” Penny said in amazement. “You really did break her. Tell me, Tee, how much did you enjoy my husband’s cock?”

Tanya had started caressing Dan’s stomach again, but now she nuzzled her face into his chest. It felt warm and firm. Without looking at either of them she said, “I’d rather show you.”

Not wanting to lose control of the situation, Penny wrapped her hands around her friend’s trim waist. Tanya wasn’t petite, perse. More athletic than anything. Toned legs, arms, tummy. It had been the thing that drew Penny to her in the first place. Pulling her close, away from her husband, she tried taking control of Tanya and turning her. But she underestimated her strength-and Tanya’s desire to be pulled away-and Tanya’s ass bumped into her face. A thrill shot through her, wetting her pants.

“Oh,” Tanya said, looking over her shoulder. “Did you want to show me something?”

The implication was clear. And for a second Penny was speechless. Her friend’s plumb ass was inches from her face. Tight jeans hugged her curves, forming an inviting sight. All she needed to do was lean forward, rub her face in it, smell it, bite it.

A hand fell on her neck and fingers began running through her hair, slowly, methodically. Each time reaching toward the back of her head until Penny could feel those fingers begin to…push her, closer and closer towards her friend’s ass. “Do you like that?” Tanya whispered.

“Just imagining what this ass would look like with my husband fucking it from behind.”

“We could show you. I think he’d enjoy it.”

“I bet.” Penny ran her hands over her friend’s butt, massaging it, cupping it, testing the firmness of it. Her mouth watered.

“Why don’t you get it ready for him.”


Tanya turned around, bending over slightly to bring her friend’s face level with her breasts. “I can think of a few ways.”

“You want me to get you wet,” Penny said, almost in a daze.

“You know you want to.”

Penny brushed her nose against Tanya’s breasts, smelling her. “You think I’m going to fall for that?”

Undeterred, Tanya pushed on. “Why not? I’ve seen the way you look at my body. How you stare at my tits and ass whenever I’m in a bathing suit.” Tanya spun around, bringing her ass back around to give her friend a better look. “How many times have you commented on my body like there was something more going on?”

Penny’s demeanor didn’t shift. Smiling, she let her eyes prowl up and down Tanya’s eryaman escort body. “It is a fabulous body.”

Tanya placed her hands on her friends shoulders, drawing her in toward her breasts. “And you’d look good worshipping it.”

“You think so?”

“I know.” Tanya brushed a strand of hair away from Penny’s face, exposing her ear and neck.

“That’s why I wanted you and Fred to come on vacation with us.”

“So you could get a closer look.” Tanya’s lips were inches from her friend’s ear.

Penny bit her lip. “More than a look.”

Tanya kissed her friend’s neck, eliciting a soft gasp. Feeling confident, she pushed on, kissing along Penny’s neck, drawing closer to her ear. When she arrived, she took the lobe gently between her teeth and bit. “How badly do you want to taste me?”

“You’d like that wouldn’t you?” Penny asked. “Get me down on my knees. Rub your pussy against my tongue.” Tanya’s breath was heavy in Penny’s ear. Her knees were beginning to shake just thinking about it. She was doing it. She was going to teach this bitch what it meant to be dominated. “Fuck my mouth until you cum all over me.”

“Yes,” Tanya moaned. “I want it so badly.”



“Prove it.”

Unbuttoning her pants, Tanya had them off in an instant, but her panties, stuck between her legs from her wetness, still clung to her. She fumbled to get them off. Watching Penny eyed them with lust, she sasked, “Hungry?”

“You have no idea.”

“Then get on your knees and show me how hungry you are.” She put her hand on the side of Penny’s head and began to guide her down. Wetness dripped from her pussy and slid the length of her leg. She would make Penny start there. Kiss her ankle and lick her all the way up.

There was only one problem.

“Come on,” Tanya said, almost pleadingly. The sultriness in her voice slipping, replaced with a more desperate, urgent tone. She took a step toward Penny and brushed her stomach against her friend’s face. “Smell it.”

Penny didn’t budge. Instead she stood up, grabbed her friend by the shoulders, and plunged her tongue down her throat. The force of the kiss stunned Tanya, rocking her back on her heels as a moan escaped her lips. After what felt like hours, Penny broke the kiss then whispered in her ear. “Did you really think you were going to dominate me?”

Tanya felt her resolve slipping. She had been close, she knew it. Penny was just bluffing. Don’t let her push you around. “Mmmmmhh,” she hummed, kissing her friend on the cheek, the ear, the neck. “The thought crossed my mind.”

“And were you going to dominate Dan, too?”

Tanya’s knees weakened at the thought. She still harbored some hope of that, but seeing him now, his body flexing as he prepared himself, she couldn’t conceive of a world where that happened. “No, but I think he’s going to enjoy watching me break you.”

“You hear that, baby? You want to see her try and break me?”

Dan’s hand had moved to his shorts where it slowly massaged his member. He knew what his wife was planning and wanted to be ready. “Ready to watch someone get broken.”

“He wants it to be you,” Tanya whispered. “His hot little whore wife, dropping to her knees to taste her best friend.”

“You’re so cute. I want you to remember this when you’re buried up to your nose in my pussy.”

The image flashed through Tanya’s head and a rush of wetness ran between her legs. She thought she could already smell it-her friend’s wet pussy just underneath her skimpy dress. She had to fight it off. “You gonna make me?

“I have a better idea.” Placing her hands on her friend’s shoulders, Penny turned her around so they both faced Dan. Standing there, his hand down his shorts, Dan was clearly ready for whatever Penny had in mind. “Why don’t we have a little contest?” Penny’s hands wilted from Tanya’s shoulders and began snaking around her body instead, caressing her breasts, her stomach, her thighs. She pressed herself against Tanya’s ass, felt the firmness of it against her vulva. I could fuck myself on this thing, she thought. But she quickly pushed that out of her mind. “Dan told me how much fun he had fucking your mouth.” While one hand continued caressing her friend, Penny brought the other up to Tanya’s throat, choking her slightly. “Making you gag, making you choke. Turning you into a little submissive slut. Even though you said you’d never let him do it. Why don’t we see how good you are at sucking him off. If you’re better than me, then we’ll talk.”

Her pussy on fire, Tanya raced forward, dropping to her knees faster than she’d like. She hoped her eagerness would earn her a quick victory, but in truth she couldn’t wait to get Dan’s dick back in her mouth.

“I guess she likes the idea,” Dan said, already brushing hair out of Tanya’s face.

“Of course she does. We both knew she’d be a slut for this cock.” Penny walked over, joining her husband by his side. “Just like she’s going to be a slut for this pussy.”

Tanya looked up at her friends. She already had Dan’s cock out of his underpants and was circling it around her lips. “You escort ankara sure about that? Dan seemed to enjoy me sucking him off last time.”

“I’m sure he did.” Penny patted her friend on the head. “I know I’ll enjoy it when you’re sucking my clit.”

Tanya laughed with her eyes then plunged her mouth around Dan’s cock. Immediately her lips stretched to their max so when she sucked him her cheekbones became even more accentuated. Keeping his dick buried in her mouth, she lolled her head from side to side letting her lips gently caress his dick while she blinked up at him with her blue eyes. She had him, she thought. When he finished cuming in her mouth she’d save a little for Penny to really rub it in. Maybe she’d spit some onto herself and let it drip down onto her pussy so Penny would have to taste her man while she tasted her.

“Does that feel good, baby?” Penny asked, staring at her husband while her fingers played with Tanya’s hair.

“Feels great.”

“She looks like Courtney. Remember her?”

“Yeah,” Dan groaned. “She sucked great dick, too.”

“And what did we end up doing with her?”

“You rode her face while I fucked her brains out.”

“She still texts me once a week, asking when she’ll be able to taste me again.”

“Can’t wait to get those texts from you.” Tanya had taken Dan’s dick out of her mouth and was stroking it while looking up at Penny. “You’ll sound so hot, begging to eat my pussy.”

“We’ll see.” With that Penny grabbed Tanya’s hair and forced her head back down on Dan’s hard cock. She let out a heavy gag, then another, then another. Repeatedly, Penny forced her friend to bob on her husband’s cock. “I thought you said you could handle this dick?”

Tanya glared up at her friend. If she could just survive this, take this throat pounding, then once Penny got on her knees she’d do the same to her only worse. Then they’d see who could take this dick better.

“There you go, Tee. Keep trying to take more and more of this dick.”

Tanya desperately tried to relax her throat, let it open up, but each attempt resulted in another wet, violent gag.


“Look at all the drool,” Penny remarked, smiling down at her struggling friend. “Her face is turning so red. Doesn’t look like she can handle it.”

Tanya clenched her nails into her palms, making fists. When that failed to distract her from the pain, she started pounding her dainty hands against her thighs. Again to no avail as Penny now had her hand on her husband’s ass, forcing him to thrust into Tanya’s mouth every time she came back toward the base of his cock.


“God that’s so sexy. Come on, Tee. I thought you said you were going to show me how to handle my own husband’s dick?”

Tanya’s eyes were watering. Her jaw was beginning to ache. Her throat already felt raw and sore. Still, she didn’t want to give in. Didn’t want to give her friend the satisfaction. She threw her hands up to Dan’s stomach and began caressing it, hoping, desperately, that it would stir something in him; get him to unload in her mouth. But the more she struggled the harder Dan-and Penny-fucked her mouth. She could feel herself losing control. When she couldn’t take anymore, she placed her hands on Dan’s hips and pushed frantically against his muscles to stop the assault on her throat.

“Ohhhh,” Penny laughed. “She’s giving up. Is that what you’re doing?”

With one hard push, Tanya dislodged Dan’s dick from her mouth and tumbled backwards onto her butt. Breathing heavily, covered in drool from mouth to chin and down to her breasts. Her body heaved as she tried to catch her breath.

“You look so fucking pathetic right now.” Penny said. “It’s so hot. I just want to mount that mouth and fuck myself silly on it. But a deal’s a deal. I’ll show you how to really handle this dick.”

Lowering herself to her knees, Penny took her man in her hand. She wrapped her fingers around the base of his dick and pulled her hand slowly to the head. The drool from Tanya’s blowjob accumulated on the rim of her fingers and when she reached the tip, Penny took her hand off and flicked the saliva at Tanya’s face. “Better get used to that feeling.”

Then, without warning, Penny plunged her head down on her husband’s dick, getting to work sucking him off. For a moment, Tanya sat there, legs folded beneath her, as she watched her friend deepthroat her husband. She had such a smooth, effortless rhythm. Tanya wondered what that mouth and face would look-not to mention feel-like working between her legs. This thought more than anything got her back up on her knees.

“Well you better get used to this, bitch.” Tanya grabbed the back of Penny’s head and started to help Dan throat fuck his wife the way Penny had done to her.

Dan let out a restrained grunt, letting both women know he was getting close.

Tanya became hyper focused, staring at her friend’s mouth as it worked her husband’s shaft. Every time she pushed down to force Penny to take more in the hopes that it would make sincan escort her gag, Penny simply took it, letting more and more of the impressive cock slide past her lips. It seemed like nothing could faze her.

“Fuck,” Tanya uttered, impressed by her friend’s ability to deepthroat the massive cock battering her tonsils. This truly was an impressive woman. Like her friend did before, Tanya grabbed Dan’s ass and started pushing, fighting to force more of his cock down Penny’s throat as her other hand worked the back of Penny’s head. The harder she pushed though, and the closer her face got to Penny’s, the more enamored she became with her friend. “Are you going to suck him off?” The question, and the implication behind it, sent shivers through her body. She rubbed her thighs together, hoping to create some friction between her legs and get herself off in the process (she didn’t want to give Dan and Penny the satisfaction of seeing her rub herself silly while watching them).

Penny, for her part, just kept taking more and more of Dan’s dick in stride, nearly reaching the base. Without breaking stride, she snaked her hand around her friend, grabbed Tanya’s head, and held it close to her’s, forcing her to watch. Tanya let out a startled yelp, but didn’t resist.

“You look so fucking sexy taking that dick.” Tanya continued, muttering to herself as much as to her friend, indicating that she was just as close to getting off as Dan.

Penny moaned around Dan’s cock, causing her to gurgle the excessive amount of spit that had accumulated in her mouth. The sound drove them all wild.

“Of fuck,” Tanya whined. Her hand shot from the back of Penny’s head and into her own shorts, but Penny was quick to rip it out. Tanya whined in protest but did little to resist.

Bobbing furiously now, Penny could see her husband was moments away from exploding. Just before he did she popped off and began jacking him with the hand that had stopped Tanya from doing the same to herself a moment ago. Dan let out a deep growl, letting both women know who the victor was. Only it wasn’t Penny who was staring down the barrel of his dick anymore. Positioning it to the side, Penny jacked her husband off into Tanya’s face who reacted by gasping in surprise. Stream after stream of cum hit her face, her mouth, her breasts, covering her completely. For the second time that night, Tanya was covered in Dan’s cum. And she couldn’t imagine being happier.

When Penny finished, she let go of Tanya then returned to her seat on the end of the bed.

“I think that settled it.”

Tanya was dazed. Her plans had come crumbling down in mere minutes and she had even helped in the process. Looking over at her friend, sitting on the bed, her legs crossed, a wave of desire crashed over her. Scooting on her knees, she crawled over to Penny’s side and looked up at her like an expectant pet.

“Wouldn’t you say?” Penny asked, looking down.

Tanya nodded dumbly then, reaching out, began caressing her friend’s legs. Tanya had always worked hard on her body, toning it the best she could. But she always admired the natural thickness of Penny’s body, the curves, the plumpness. She ran her nose the length of Penny’s thigh, sniffing her skin, planting kisses along her tanned leg as she went. “Is this how Fred touched you?”

“He was even more pathetic, if you can believe that.”

“I can.”

“I let him keep my underwear. I figured he’d want a momento so I wore an old pair. Now he can sniff them whenever he gets horny.”

“So sexy,” Tanya muttered as she continued rubbing her nose against her friend’s soft skin. Each sniff getting her wetter.

“I’ve got a pair ready for you, too. You can both stuff them in your mouths the next time you fuck. That way you can remember how good I taste.”

Breaking from her reverie, Tanya looked up at Penny. “But I haven’t tasted you.”

“Not yet,” Penny said, then placed her finger to her friend’s lips. Noting how entranced Tanya had become by the conversation, Penny decided now was the time to strike and uncrossed her legs; placing one on either side of her friend, she gave Tanya a perfect view of her bare pussy. “But that’s about to change.”

Licking her lips, Tanya stared at the space between her friend’s legs. She had never done this before. Nothing even close. But she knew, now, she was going to.

“Want me to tell you how I dominated your husband while I dominate you?”

Eyes glued to Penny’s pussy, Tanya’s answer barely registered above a whisper. “Yes.”

“After fucking his face-he was on his knees just like you are now-I asked him if he wanted more. He said yes, of course, so I made him lie on the bed with the back of his head on the edge. Then I sat on his face. He made so many pathetic, little sounds while he tried to tongue my ass. Has he ever licked your ass?”

Fred and Tanya had discussed anal play, even dabbled in anal sex, but beyond that they were both amatuers, hesitant to travel much further. That Penny had broken her husband’s reluctance in a single evening spoke to how dominant she was. She could picture Fred now, his head pressed into the bed, jaw opening and closing as he struggled to slurp every inch of Penny’s hole. He’d be moaning the whole time, no doubt, his breath muffled. She imagined him staring up at Penny, amazed by the power and taste of this woman.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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