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We finally made it to his friend Rick’s house. They had a beautiful little house in the burbs. It seemed as though there was a place for everything and everything was in its place. We told them about our trip and his friend’s wife, Pam was quick to have us in the showers while she made us a nice breakfast.

We went to the room we were to be sharing, and it had its own bathroom. Dan led me to the bathroom, obviously remembering my shower fascination, which had came out during phone sex one day. We had lived out this fantasy before, but he knew how hot it got me. He looked at me and smiled as we were undressing, and handed me a robe.

I played along, and put the robe on, he told me to go sit down while he got our shower started. I sat down, just waiting. Dan came in, grabbed me by the hand and led me to the bathroom. I could not help but feel that shyness slip over me as he untied my robe. I stood there as my robe slid down my arms and hit the floor, leaving me completely naked. He held me at arms length and took in my whole body. I am kind of “curvy” with big heavy tits. I could feel my nipples harden as he stared at them.

Finally he opened the shower curtain and held my hand as I got in. He nudged me back, so the water cascaded over my now-hard nipples. He stepped forward, wrapping his arms around me, kissing me, laying me back so the water ran over my hair. I wrapped my arms around his neck, as his hands traveled down my body. One hand stayed behind me as he had me laid back, the other fondled my nipples and traced lines over my stomach, tracing their way down. He spun me around and leaned me against the shower wall, and slid his hand between my legs. My natural reaction was to prop my leg on the tub, giving him complete access. He slid his fingers up inside of me, which he flicked my clit with his thumb. I came easily, but with him, he has always known what it took to bring me over the edge.

I thought sincan escort he was done, and wanted to taste his cock. I started to slide down, and he stood me back up, said maybe we should clean up first. He washed my hair, massaged my neck and back, took his time cleaning each of my nipples and continued working his way down. I wanted his touch so bad. I was beyond horny by his ministrations. Every move was so deliberate. He leaned me against the wall again, washing my mound; he spread my legs and began washing my thighs. I could feel my pussy pulsing, just aching for his touch. He massaged my thighs and my calves, and washed each toe with his tongue.

Finally he said, he thought he was through, and then said he remembered where he forgot. He spread my lips open and cleaned my pussy, sliding his tongue over every fold, licking every inch, sliding his tongue in and out of my pussy. He kept going until I came three times, begging him to stop. He stood up, kissed me on the nose and said it was my turn.

As I recovered, I kissed him deeply, tasting my juices on his tongue. I smiled and turned him around, with his back to me. I cupped my hands and let the water run over his head. As I washed him, I pressed my nipples into his back. As I massaged his neck, shoulders and arms, I saw goose bumps appear and heard him moan. To add to his torture, as I washed his chest, I circled and pinched each nipple, knowing his cock was as hard as his nipples.

I started washing his back, and his ass. He spread his legs, hoping to feel my touch on his most private areas. To tease him, I grazed his balls, and his response was to spread his legs further. I loved to make him beg. I started washing his thighs, front and back from behind. I let my hand move close enough to feel his fully erect penis. When my hand touched it, I felt his hips buck forward, wanting more. But, instead, I worked my way down his legs, taking my time.

Finally, ankara escort I turned him around and looked up at him. His cock was bobbing in front of my face and had never looked more tempting. I began washing all around his dick, but again, avoiding it. He grunted in frustration, I just looked up and smiled at him. To his relief, he watched as I lathered up his entire length, gently stroking him clean, but allowing the water to rinse him at the same time. I started circling the head, knowing how he loves that. His head rolled back, and I slid my mouth over his cock.

I took him completely in my mouth on the first shot, feeling his cock hit the back of my throat, feeling his hands in my hair. I started slowly going up and down his shaft, massaging his balls. He started fucking my mouth, gagging me, but I took it. I could not wait to taste him and he obviously could not wait for me to taste him. I felt his ridged jabs, and his cock swell, stretching my mouth as be began to unload his seed in my mouth. I took every single bit of it, and then cleaned his dick with my tongue.

He pulled me up, and we stood sideways, letting the water run over both of us. He kissed me and told me he forgot how good he had it when he was with me. We finished rinsing off, and hurried to get dressed and enjoy the breakfast Pam had made us.

We went into the city, toured the antique market, stopped in a few tourist stops and then went to dinner. It was a long day, and even though it was not home, I had never been so glad to be someplace, I was exhausted. I did not even care that they had us sleeping in the same room. I kissed him goodnight and laid down. I believe I must have passed out as my head hit the pillow.

I woke up, blindfolded and realized my arms were tied to the bed. I told him this was not funny and that I did not feel right about having sex in someone’s house I did not know, especially because he knew etimegut escort I could not be quiet. I felt his face skim my body and his lips by my ear when he whispered he did, and this was quite alright. Then I hear it – my vibrator.

He had gotten in my bag and got my vibrator out. I could not tell where he was, but was suddenly aware that I was naked as I felt cool air on my nipples. I felt his lips engulf my pussy, and instinctively opened my legs for him. I’ve mentioned before, he has a power over me like no one I’ve ever met. I tried to muffle my cries of pleasure, but with very little success. He made me cum over and over. Then I felt him slide my vibrator in my pussy as he continued licking my clit. My orgasm rocked my entire body.

What I did not expect was to feel lips on both of my nipples at the same time, especially knowing he was licking my pussy. My breath caught at that moment as realization kicked in. He had taken me to a very open couple to fulfill my fantasy of an orgy. I felt a cock brush across my lips and movement to my side. I was completely bound and helpless, my only sense was my sense of hearing and suddenly it was crystal clear. I heard Pam moan, as a cock slid into my mouth from the side. My pussy was being fucked by my dildo and eaten at the same time by Dan. Rick was lying across my face, fucking my mouth as he ate his wife who was lying beside me. Since I could not see what was exactly going on, the image in my mind made my libido soar.

I felt the dildo being taken out of my pussy, and alot of movement around me. A new mouth had taken over my pussy, and quickly realized that mouth was Pam’s, and she was being fucked by somebody. I could not tell what was going on. Suddenly my blindfold was taken off. I finally saw Rick standing above me with the blindfold in his hand, cock in his other hand as Pam ate me while she was being fucked by Dan. I came instantly as I took all this in.

Rick undid my restraints and had me ride him as a reverse cowgirl so his wife could continue licking my clit. I lost track of the time but when we all finished, dawn was just on the horizon and we all crashed in our bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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