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It was evening and he was sitting at the kitchen table, barefooted, in jeans and a t-shirt, reading the paper. I was off puttering around, doing I don’t remember what, while Don was absorbed in the news.

Suddenly, I had a strong urge to do one of those things that really turns me on once in a while. I went to our room and put on my short bathrobe. Then I went to the kitchen and stood next to Don until he looked up at me curiously. “Honey,” I said, “I’m in the mood to get a really good spanking.”

I didn’t say ‘and some really good sex’, because I knew I didn’t have to. Don reached over to touch the back of my lower thigh. His fingertips drifted slowly upward, under my robe, between my legs. The touch of his hand brushing my pubic hair excited me! The top of his hand pressed lightly against my slit. He felt my warmth and the beginning of moistness. Ever so lightly he teased me. He did all of this while gazing away, across the kitchen as if pondering something he recently read in the paper. I became wetter and began to ride his touch, seeking closer, firmer contact!

He looked up so that our eyes meet. I read strengthening desire in his.

“Take your robe off,” he ordered. I dropped it to the kitchen floor. He turned his chair to face me as his hand moved to touch me from the front. He inserted two fingers, to more approximate the thickness of the cock I so dearly love to ride! As his fingers sawed slowly in and out of my now soaked pussy, his tongue blazed a wet trail across my belly, stopping to dip into my navel. Soon I was riding more quickly! I rushed headlong toward the edge, then… I was over! My knees almost buckled with the release, but his strong arms kept me upright.

“Was that good for you, baby?”

Breathing hard, I simply nodded and smiled.

“Good! Now go into the bedroom and kneel on the bed. Put your hands on the top of the headboard and wait for me that way.” He licked the fingers that he’d withdrawn from my pussy. “It tastes like you’re ready,” he chuckled.

Don tarried a bit. His theory is that anticipation is good for you as long as there’s a payoff, and Don always guarantees a payoff! He took extra time to decide what his approach would be that night. He hates to be predictable! In his mind, no matter how much fun the first time doing something is, doing it the same way over and over gets to be boring… and he will NOT bore us!

After ten minutes or so he came into erotik film izle our bedroom. I had followed my instructions to the letter, and I could tell it pleased him. I looked back over my shoulder to watch him take his t-shirt off. He tossed it behind him, not caring where it fell. He made a small production out of unbuckling his belt. I heard the tinkle of the prong against the buckle’s edge. Don realizes that sound always plays a role in the granting of my wishes. There is a quick whoosh as he draws his belt through the loops of his jeans. I’m sure he sees a little apprehension in my eyes! He knows that I’m perfectly aware that when my need for a spanking is about to be met, there’s always the risk of “The Belt”. He once told me, “your pretty ass has reconciled itself to a continuing affair with it, so your anxiety is not too great to bear.” He knows me so well!

His jeans fell to the floor and he kicked them away. His shorts followed, landing in a corner somewhere.

As he picked up his belt I turned away and arched my back so that my ass presented a target I hoped he’d find attractive! He seemed to have other plans, but I can tell he appreciated my eagerness!

“Baby, back up and lay your head on the pillow, but stay on your knees. Now put your hands behind your back.”

I complied without question. Once I learned what Don was all about I realized I didn’t need to question him anymore. We have nothing if not trust. He formed a loop with his belt and slipped it around my wrists. Then he wrapped the strip of scarred, thick leather around and around until my hands were bound tightly!

Don began to speak, slowly, hypnotically…

“Close your eyes, Jackie. Imagine… sometime in the 16th century. You are on a platform in a slave pen. One of many in a slave market. Some of them hold other women. Others hold men. You are all captives from another land, and you are all there for one purpose… to be sold. Your fate depends on pleasing someone, anyone! A pretty one like yourself can expect a future as a pleasure-slave, but there is hope for more. If you please your master or mistress greatly, you might become a concubine of some stature and privilege. It’s remotely conceivable you could achieve more! You are aware of all of this because you are intelligent, and because you have perspective from your previous life. But it all starts here.

A small group of men stop to examine you. You listen as film izle the slave master extols your qualities. “She’s of good stock, noble family I’m told. Smart enough to know her new place though. Shouldn’t cause any trouble. And broken to the lash.” With those words you feel a sharp thwack on your buttocks! “Look at her ass, too. Firm and unblemished, since she’s only been a slave for a short time. We haven’t even fucked her there yet. Supporting a higher value you see.”

You hear a voice that’s smooth, modulated, confident, and accustomed to command. “So slave master, are you telling me she, or at least her pretty bum, is a virgin?”

“Ah, no Sahib. There’s no telling for sure what she did in her native land. But if you look closely, Sahib, it’s clear her hole is still tight and fresh.” Fingers spread your cheeks as if to check you. You feel a finger slip into your cunt as long as it’s right there anyway.

“Hmmm? Her front hole appears not so much used either.” To much laughter, one of the men tells the group that perhaps it’s a matter of the plow for this particular furrow having been unusually small.

The slave master sees that the leader has interest. He runs his hand over your head, feeling the texture of your hair. He lifts your chin to peer into your eyes. They are clear and he sees intelligence there.

The slave master commands you to open your mouth. When you do the leader runs his fingertips over your lips, then pulls them back slightly to check your teeth. Smelling a profitable sale the slave master offers him the use of you, a test drive so to speak. The leader opens his robes to reveal an engorged and erect phallus. When he places it near your mouth you open to take him, looking up for a clue as to what he would have you do. He simply nods, and you take him in deeply. He strokes into your lovely mouth, repeating the motion over and over. His retinue watches intently, with favorable murmurs. A flick of his hand dismisses you momentarily.

He moves behind you. He checks, and to his pleasure you are already wet. He slips into you effortlessly! As his thick penis slides in and out of you he watches the folds of your flesh grip him. They have a healthy pink glow and your copious juices impress him. The others are almost envious, especially when moans of pleasure escape you. He looks at each of his companions in turn to see looks of approval on each one’s face. Your test goes on. For long minutes seks filmi izle he strokes in and out of you at varying speeds! Several times it is obvious you achieve orgasmic pleasure. The comments of his companions become more enthusiastic. The slave master is beaming!

“Try her nether hole, Sahib!”

He must be VERY confident of a sale! The leader removes his wet hardness from your sopping cunt. Slowly he inserts his thickness into your small, tight asshole. It truly is a snug fit. Your gasps indicate you are not used to accommodating a man there, at least not one of his size! He begins to use you in a way that will be repeated countless times. Your individual moans turn into one continuous low groan as his thick manhood fills you again and again! In a short while it is obvious you have reached the pinnacle of pleasure once more, but of course he continues. His friends’ remarks are now suffused with praise, and they wonder at his good fortune with this lucky find! Even the slave master is surprised at the golden nugget he has in his pen.

One more test awaits! He fucks the smooth white ass in front of him with vigor now, and as he does his strong sword hand begins to slap your cheeks hard… then harder! Soon the slap of his hand on your flesh almost, but not quite, drowns out the moans of pleasure cascading from your lips. He stops stroking. For a minute he throbs every few seconds inside of you! With each throb comes a sharp slap to one cheek or the other! “Yes! Yes!” you groan! With a roar, he assaults your tightness once more! Others gather to watch. Over and over his staff slams into you! Over and over you urge him on! Finally, he raises his face toward the sky and shrieks the shriek of the war eagle! It mingles with the cry of the savaged doe that comes from your own beautiful lips! His seed spews deeply into your bowels! A few seconds later he pulls his cum-coated cock from your ass with a wet plop. A few white strings follow. The crowd is hushed.

When he nods to a companion, the man tosses a bag of gold to the slave master, who doesn’t even bother to count it. The crowd cheers wildly!

He wraps you in his cloak and leads you away!

I was laying face down on the bed when Don turned me over. I spread my legs so that he could lay down on me comfortably. My heavy breathing was finally subsiding.

“Does your ass hurt, baby,” he asked?

“Oh, yes. Delightfully so. That is just what I needed.”

“I’ll stay right here until you go to sleep. When you’re done with your nap… come find me.”

A long kiss, and I felt my eyes close. My last thought before sleep was, “I certainly will, honey. I certainly will.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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