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I waited anxiously with Rachel for the arrival of the bus. It had been quite some time since we’d seen our cousin Sean. He’d spent five years living with us on the farm and was more of a brother than a cousin.

He’d been away studying in the city for a year now and we were keen to hear about all the things that he’d got up to and who he’d met and everything about the time that he’d been away.

Rachel is my younger sister and Sean and I are the same age. Sean had gone off to work in the city, grooming himself for a future but we had a very conservative up-bringing by our very conservative parents and had lead a very sheltered existence to go with it, basically being groomed for little more than marriage to one of the local farmers. We saw Sean as our eyes into the rest of the world and so we were desperate for him to get home so to talk to him properly.

Finally the bus arrived we watched as everyone disembarked, waiting for that first glimpse of Sean. Finally he appeared in the doorway, stepping down to the pavement, his big grin spread across his face as he noticed us. I felt myself go weak at the knees and grabbed hold of Rachel’s arm as I saw him again for the first time. He had tousled blonde hair, kinda spiky and messy, obviously a city thing. That coupled with his piercing blue eyes and big wide grin did things to me that I was only just starting to come to terms with. He was still well built and hadn’t let himself go once he’d gotten off the farm and his tanned skin showed that he was still managing to spend plenty of time out of doors too. The shorts and tank top that he was wearing showed off his body beautifully too!

Rachel sighed beside me as she too took in his new look. Sean in turn wasn’t shy about casting his eyes over us as we stood there in jeans and shirts, having managed to dodge chores long enough to come and pick him up. I felt his eyes as if they were undressing me, especially when they seemed to stall forever on my breasts. He gave Rachel the same treatment, his eyes lingering on her breasts. She’d caught up to me in the last 12 months that he’d been away, and despite the 18 months age difference between us, we could easily have passed for twins with people that didn’t know us. We were both about 5’6 tall (I was still an inch taller!) slim, with brown hair to our shoulders and green eyes

Rachel dashed forward and gave him a hug, hanging onto him and kissing him on the lips. Sean seemed a bit startled by that, but then I gave him a hug too, shocked when I realised that I could feel his dick pushing against me as we hugged. I pecked him on the lips as Rachel had done and he released me, seemingly a bit embarrassed.

“Hi, Kylie, Rachel,” he said, regaining his composure. “You two look as gorgeous as ever. Geez Rach, I can hardly pick you as different from Kylie now!” I blushed and Rachel looked half pleased. She’d was sick of being told how much she’d grown, being subjected to it over the years by visiting relatives off and on, always being compared to me. But I think she took it differently from Sean, his comparing her to me was a good thing, because he and I had always had a really good time together and had reluctantly allowed Rachel to tag along. But she was grown up now as well.

Sean threw his bag in the back of the old ute that we kept for running small errands and we all climbed into the front and made our way back down to the farm, Sean sandwiched between the two of us as we bumped along the road. I found the sensation of his leg rubbing up against mine thrilling and when he put an arm around each of us and I was brought in close against his chest, I realised that I was usually reserved from daydreaming about some of the hunky guys found in magazines that we liberated from our friends occasionally (Mother would punish us if she found that sort of thing in our house!)

We made it back to the house and Mum and Dad came out and greeted Sean like a long-displaced son and we went inside for tea and cake. We chatted for awhile and then, totally to our surprise, Dad told us that we could have the afternoon off from our chores so that we could catch up wit Sean and enjoy the summer afternoon by the lake.

Not being silly enough to pass up such a rare offering from our Dad, we thanked him profusely and ran off to our rooms to get our bathers and towels. Even Mum bestowed a look of thanks upon Dad as we ran off like he was some new-found saint or something.

Rachel and I emerged from our rooms and collected Sean as he emerged from his and made our way down to the lake.

On the way I started to quiz him about his life in the city, about who he’d met and what he’d been up to.

“So, do you have a girlfriend?” I asked him at one point.

“Naah, not at the moment, he replied. “I had one for awhile but she ditched me for some other guy with heaps of money and I haven’t really bothered to look that hard since. People in the city seem so shallow, always interested in what kind of a ride you’ve got who you know, who your parents are, that sort of thing.” fake hospital porno

“Far out, sounds horrible,” I said. “Anyway, she must have been made to drop a hunk like you,” I teased. Sean pushed me in fun.

“Huh, what about you, running around, drop dead gorgeous, surely you’ve got a boyfriend?”

“Hell no, do you know what Dad would say if he found out Rachel or I had a boyfriend?”

“Oh come on, its not like you’re little girls anymore, he can’t keep you couped up forever!”

“I know, its funny. He doesn’t like the idea of us seeing boys, but he wants us to find someone to marry one day. God knows how,” I laughed. “Though I did at least kiss someone for the first time this year,” I confided in Sean. Rachel gave me a shocked look as I ‘d never told her about it.

“Yeah, a real kiss, or a kiss like you gave me at the bus stop?” he asked me. He knew how sheltered our upbringing was.

“Like I gave you at the bus stop, only longer,” I said proudly, thinking that long extended kiss on the lips was quite an achievement.

“What, no tongue?”

“Ewwww,” Rachel and I chorused.

“Oh come on, surely you know that that is how people really kiss? You two obviously have a lot to learn.” We continued our walk in silence for a while. I was a bit despondent. I thought that Sean would have been proud of me for having found someone to kiss and doing it behind my father’s back. He was always telling me that I had to break out of the shackles that bound my to my home, to find life and experience it. I think Rachel was just struggling to come to terms with the fact that people put their tongues in each other’s mouths!

We got to the lake and shed our clothes. I noticed as Rachel undressed that her suit barely covered her breasts anymore. It was the start of summer she’d not gotten a new bikini since she’d grown as most of the time it was just the two of us swimming down here and we’d go topless as often as not. I also observed that Sean noticed much the same thing and was almost jealous that he seemed to be staring at Rachel’s tits more than mine. I adjusted the fabric of mine so that I showed more cleavage than would normally have been acceptable around our family and strolled past Sean to the water. I was satisfied as his eyes followed me and he ran to catch up, slapping my butt on the way past. I squealed and leapt into the water.

Rachel quickly joined us and we all swam about the water, splashing each other, dunking and generally playing around. I swam over to the dock, ready to get out for awhile and Sean Rachel swam over as well. As I was getting out, Sean put his and on my bottom to push me up the ladder. His hand felt firm and strong and I found myself tingling between my legs again. Once up the ladder, Sean reached back down and helped Rachel, pulling her up the ladder as well.

We lay in the sun, enjoying the caress of its rays over our bodies. I tuned onto my side and lifted my head up, resting on one elbow.

“Have you ever really kissed someone and used your tongue?” I asked curiously.

“Mhmm,” he replied dreamily.

“And did you like it?”

“Oh yeah,” he assured me, laying on his back with his eyes closed.

“You mean you had a girls tongue in your mouth and hers in yours?” asked Rachel

“That’s sorta the whole idea,” he laughed

“Would you show me how?” I asked impulsively.

“What, you want me to tongue kiss you?” he asked me, stunned.

“Yeah, I want you to show me how. Then one day, when someone tries it on me, I’ll know what I’m doing and not make and arse of myself.”

“I don’t know Kylie, I am your cousin,” he replied hesitantly.

“It’s not like I want to marry you, I just want to learn,” I said, pleading.

“Well, ok then,” he said. He didn’t really seem all that eager, but I sat up and waited for him to do the same.

“If you teach her, you have to teach me too,” Rachel suddenly piped up.

“Geez, the things I get myself into,” Sean laughed. “Ok, I’ll teach you both, but you’re not allowed to tell anyone ok?”

We agreed and Sean explained the mechanics of tongue kissing to us, demonstrating on his arm so that we could both see. Then he told me to stand up, saying that it was going to be easier that way. We moved in close to each other and then pressed our lips together, mouths open a bit. I started to poke my tongue out slowly and felt Sean’s seeking mine out. I twirled my tongue around his like he’d explained and then we just relaxed into the kiss. It was awesome!

Rachel was standing next to us and watching intently. I felt Sean’s hands on my hips and as I relaxed into him, my breasts brushed against his chest, causing my nipples to stand out. The tingling I felt ‘downstairs’ was even more than it had ever been before and then I realised that I could feel his dick against my tummy. He broke the kiss and turned to Rachel informing her that it was her turn.

I watched as Rachel moved in close to Sean and their mouths met each fake taxi porno other, their tongues entwining and playing about in each other’s mouths. It seemed like the kiss went on forever and I was trying to work out whether I’d been ripped off or not when they stopped.

“Whew, I need to cool off,” Sean suddenly announced, running for the end of the dock, but not before I got a glance at his pants and noticed his dick all hard against the material of his shorts, like a stallion ready for mating.

I ran down and jumped into the water with him, as did Rachel who recovering from the shock of how much she had enjoyed what she’d just done, didn’t want to miss out on any more.

We swam around in the water and I said to Sean, “Are you sure you weren’t just running around to hide something from me?” His kiss had me excited, as did the sight of his dick sticking out in his pants like it had. “Tell me, Sean, how far did you go with your girlfriend in the city?”

“He looked at me nervously and Rachel listened in intently as he gave his answer. “We just touched each other,” he said.

“What do you mean, just touched each other, buster, I want details!” I laughed.

“Sheesh, I thought I might get a couple of days peace before I got the third degree on my love life. If you must know, she touched my penis and I touched her breasts and her vagina.”

“Did you she make you spurt like when they milk a bull?” I asked him and he blushed outrageously. (One thing about living on a farm, you sure learnt about sex fast. In our case it was just the putting into practice that seemed to be slow!)

“No, she didn’t she just touched me a bit,” he replied almost shyly.

“Have you ever made yourself spurt?” I asked him.

“Um, yeah,” he admitted.

I had no answer to that and Rachel didn’t seem about to say anything and we all headed out of the water again.

We dried off and started back to the house. On the way, Rachel asked Sean just how he had touched his girlfriend’s vagina. He sighed and told her that he’d just rubbed it but then she had told him to put his finger inside her hole and he had. Rachel just went quiet and we continued back to the house.

That night, after dinner, when we were supposed to be sleeping, Rachel crept into my room.

“Kylie,” she whispered, checking if I was awake.

“its ok, come in,” I told her.

“I just wanted to talk to you about the kiss,” she said shyly.

“What about it? I asked.

“I loved it! She hissed at me excitedly, “it was just so cool and hot and wonderful and I’ve never felt anything like it. I even felt it between my legs. Did you? Like, is that normal?”

“Yes, I did feel it there too, and yes its normal, its what happens when you get horny and ready for sex, I think. And I loved it too. I want to do it again. It was much better than the kiss I had with that other boy that I used to think was so good.”

“I want more too, but I don’t know if Sean will keep letting us kiss him,” Rachel replied. “Do you think we could practice together?” she asked me. I was shocked. The possibility hadn’t even entered my mind and I told Rachel exactly that. “Well, I was thinking about how I wanted more of it but that if Mum or Dad found out we’d be dead, so there’s only two people I can trust. You and Sean. And if I’m alone with you, Mum and Dad won’t think anything of it, but if one of us got caught sneaking into Sean’s room, ..”she made a neck slicing motion with her hand.

I couldn’t fault her logic. And the opportunity to practice kissing did seem like a good one, so I agreed to try it with her. I told her that if it felt weird for me to kiss a girl I’d be stopping though. She was happy with that. And so we kissed, letting our lips find each other in the darkness of my room, our tongues playing around each other. Her lips were much softer than Sean’s and it was so sensual that we kissed for quite awhile before laying down alongside each other and continuing. Our breasts pressed together and I could feel the pressure on my erect nipples. It made me so hot.

After a bit more kissing, I noticed that my panties felt really slimy and I asked Rachel if she was the same. She told me that she was. I turned my bed-lamp on and looked at the crotch of my panties. There was a big wet spot. Rachel checked and was the same. Then she pulled them aside to check out her vagina. It was all wet and the she mentioned that her lips looked puffier than normal. I checked my own pussy and noticed the same effect.

Rachel watched me with a look of shock as I touched myself with my finger, feeling just how slippery it all was. I thought about what Sean had told us about his putting a finger in his girlfriend and I asked Rachel if she thought we should try it.

“Um, I will if you will,” she replied quietly.

“OK, you put your finger in me and then I’ll do it to you,” I told her, sitting back a bit but watching intently as she stretched her hand out to touch me. I gasped a little at the first family stroke porno contact of her finger on my pussy. She moved her finger around me until she could push it into my hole. It felt wild and I told her as much. She pulled it out and wiped it on her night dress, then leant back a bit to allow me access to her vagina.

I did what she had did, moving my finger around until I found her hole where I pushed it in. She sighed as I penetrated her and wiggled a bit. I pulled my finger out and suggested that she’d better get off to bed before someone checked our rooms.

The rest of the week was pretty much spent doing chores around the farm, looking forwards to the next weekend when Rachel and I could get away with Sean for a swim again. Rachel and I had been having some late night chats (and some kissing practice) and had decided that we wanted to see him naked. We’d never seen a man’s penis and since he was here, we decided that he could help us out and show us his.

So on Saturday afternoon, we all grabbed our bathers and headed back down to the lake. Where we started swimming again. After swimming for a bit, we were back on the dock sunning ourselves when I asked Sean if I could kiss him again.

“I really don’t think we should,” he said to me.

“But we’ve been practicing and I want to know if I’ve gotten any better,” I protested.

“What do you mean, ‘we’ve’ been practicing?” he asked, sitting up straight and paying a lot of attention to us suddenly.

“Rachel and I have been practicing in my room at night,” I said matter of factly.

“No way, I don’t believe you,” he said defiantly.

“Why would I lie about it?” I asked innocently.

“If its, true, show me, kiss each other now.” Rachel and I happily agreed and stood there before him on the dock, our breasts pressed together as our mouths joined and moved, our tongues dancing merrily between us.

“Oh my God, that was awesome! I’ve never seen two girls kiss before.” Sean replied, stunned.

“So will you kiss us now?” I asked.

“Hell yes,” he said, giving up any pretence of trying to retain his ‘propriety’. I turned as he stood and kissed him. This time there was no doubting that his dick was being pushed against my tummy as we kissed. One of his hands slid down my back and caressed my butt through my bikini and I pushed against him, liking the feel of his dick. Then he turned and did the same with Rachel. I got even hotter as I watched him fondler her butt as he had done to mine.

“Now there’s one more thing you can do for us,” I told him as he and Rachel broke off their kiss.

“What?” he asked suspiciously.

“Show us your dick.”

“No way!” he said

“Come on,” said Rachel. “We want to see if it looks like a horses, or a cows or something.”

“Nu uh,” he said, standing there shaking his head.

“We’ll let you watch us kiss again,” I suggested, having seen his reaction to the first time. He hesitated at that, I stood before him licking my lips, looking at Rachel. She moved to stand behind me and I moved in close as if to kiss her, then stopped as if I’d changed my mind.

“Okay,” he conceded. Sean undid the string that held his board shorts up and pulled them down, his cock springing free as it was caught by the waistband on the downward movement of his pants. Rachel and I looked at it intently. It looked nice and big (not that we’d seen any other boys to compare to) and I told him so. That seemed to make him swell up with pride.

Rachel reached out to touch it and he jumped back, tripping on his pants and landing on his butt on the deck. I laughed at him.

“Hey, touching wasn’t part of the deal,” he told us.

“Are you telling me that you don’t want us to touch it?” I asked.

“Well, not so much, but if you’re going to touch it, you have to pay me first. With that kiss you promised I’d get to see. And before you get to touch it, you have to show me your tits. And let me touch them!” he added hurriedly.

I looked at Rachel, querying whether she was prepared to go along with these demands.

“Sounds fair to me Kylie,” she told me, moving in to kiss me. Again we stood before our cousin, lips entwined, bodies pushed together as we kissed. I glanced down and noticed that as he watched us, Sean was idly fondling his penis. It made me really wet. My bikini bottom was drenched. From the inside not from the water too!

“Now show me those titties,” he said excitedly, standing up again, not bothering to put his shorts back on. I reached up and undid the clasp of my bra, releasing my c-cup breasts to hang pertly before me. Rachel looked at me, checked out my breasts and then released her own. I looked at them. They weren’t actually quite as big as mine, but where my nipples were quite small and dark, hers were larger but a lighter shade of pink.

“Wow, you girls have totally awesome tits!” Sean said, all but drooling. He moved forward to touch them, but I stopped him, telling him that we should get to touch him first, then him us. He agreed. I reached out and took his cock in my hand. It was much harder than I thought it would be and the skin seemed to slide up and down the shaft. It was kinda weird, but it made me really horny. Sean seemed to really like it when I moved my hand up and down, the skin sliding over the shaft.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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