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Big Tits

6:30 P.M. The afternoon went fast with all of us doing our own thing to get ready for the party. I changed the sheets on all the beds and put fresh towels in both bathrooms. The girls made salad and fruit plates, putting a supply of beer and wine in the cooler for the patio. I set up the grill for stakes and put the corn on to roast. I checked the spa and pool for the correct balance of chemicals.

The preparations were all falling in place when Mickey ventured out of the house.

“Hay kid do you think we should dress up or go with swim ware?”

“Why dress up? We will all be necked before long I hope.”

“Oh sure you think that’s going to happen do you?”

“I sure hope so.”

Beth and Jim came through the back gate about this time. Boy did he look good he had put on about 30 lbs. and grown 3 inches. He had a broad chest and small waist that most men only hope for. They were both dressed in slacks that matched and carried small bags I suspected had swim suits. Darn I thought maybe he has gone religious on us his sister didn’t need any suit yesterday why now. I was sure that Mickey had seen her nude and the way things were going probably Mom.

“Hay buddy what you up to over there?” “Fixing some food I hope.”

“Only if you brought the desert dude.”

“I think we can find something to have around here.”

With that his sister laughed the deep laugh that I remembered from when we were all sharing each others appetites.

“I certainly hope so.” I replied”

He came over and gave me a big bear hug. I swear I could feel the beginning of an erection growing in his pants and he seemed to rub my back a little more than normal.

“Last one in the pool is a weenie.” Beth yelled. Dropping her bag and discarding her shirt and slacks she was dove in. In nothing flat I saw Mickey running out of the house grup porno with only a sun dress on. She dove in and swam out to catch Beth.

I only had on shorts and a t shirt so I was able to beat Jim in but not by much. We all were laughing like crazy people when Mon came out to ask what the racket was all about. Mickey shouted they threw me in the pool help me out will you sis?

When my Mom reached out to help her out Mickey grabbed her and pulled hard. Mom fell in with her shorts and white blouse on which when wet you could see clear through.

“Well hell if you wanted to go skinny dipping all you had to do was say so.”

Both Mom and Mickey stripped off their wet clothes and started to frolic with the rest of us. A couple times I could swear that the hands that grabbed my cock under the water were too big and strong for women. So when Jim swam by the next time I grabbed him and dunked him. We both came up wrestling with each other and laughing like hell. He grabbed hold of my head and I was sure he was going to dunk me in return but he pulled my head to his and planted a big kiss on my lips. This got a big cheer from the girls.

“Now don’t you boys spend all your energy on each other we need some attention tonight too…” cried my Mom

“Yah both Beth and your Mom have had some of you so I think it’s my turn.”

“You cad you fucked your mom?” “I’ve been trying to get into her pants for years and she wasn’t having any of it.” Jim said.

“Well I wanted to keep it in the family till I had Jeff. Now you might have a chance if you are nice.”

“Does that mean I am family?” Beth chimed in.

“Girls don’t count.” Mickey laughed.

Jim just looked at his sister. “Are you telling me you have been with Mona too?”

“Poor baby you feel left out? I hear you had my son before I did so we are hd porno even.”

“Well this isn’t getting anywhere one of you boys get over here and fuck me will you?” Mickey yelled from the edge of the pool.

I looked at Jim and said. “I’m going to need some help with this.”’ I’ve had sex three times already today so its going to be hard to come for a fourth time but I do want to be fair so lets double team her.”

Jim just smiled and said. “You remember when we did Beth like that. She couldn’t walk or sit for a week.” “Oh sure you bring that up now. I’ve had better after that.” Beth chimed in.

We swam over to the edge of the pool and each took a hold of a foot and started to suck on her toes. And play with her calves rubbing up and down not quite touching her pussy but rubbing her lips around it real good. Beth and Mona both got out of the pool and started to suck her breasts.

“You been neglected to long Mickey?” “I think we all should help you out.”

“Oh shit, wait not so many I won’t last long if you all play with me.”

“Well the squeaky when gets greased first and you did say you needed some fucking.”

Her breath was starting to get rapid already. “OHH GOOOD GOD wait not yet I need time to enjoy this AAAHHH fuck I’m coming already aaaahhh gggg haa now lick my clit one of you lick me shit I need a release.” No one moved to touch her anywhere close I continued to play with the lips and upper legs then blew ever so lightly on her pussy AAAAHHH GOOOUHHH FUCKING PRICKS MAKE COME NOW. Even without ever touching her clit she had a big release.

”Oh shit that was good.” “Ok now please stop.” “No, no more please.” “Let me rest some.”

All of us just switched to new places to massage I shifted to her stomach and Jim went to town on her clit the girls were taking turns kissing her on the lips latin porno and she started to shake and spasm again making deep raspy sounds AAGAGAGAG NAHAW FUCK.

Jim got out of the pool and picked her up moving her to the chase lounger. He laid back on it and put her on top the girls placed her over his ridged 10 inch prick and slammed her down. She came a third time from just the entry.

“Oh shit this is so good.” Jim chimed in. By now Mickey was limp as a rag doll but still trying to hump his bone. Jim was applying himself to sucking her breast’s like he had never had any to play with before. The girls were kissing her on the anus and applying as much spit as they could while placing their fingers in her brown hole they managed to get three in and she was shivering with pleasure. I walked up to the top of her head and lifted it placing my cock into her I told her to get me wet so I could fit in easy. She must have thought I meant her mouth as she gulped me down slobbering all over me. As I removed my dick she whined for a second then she realized where I was going she started to object.

Beth planted a big kiss on her lips and said. “Just relax and enjoy you have had it in the ass before and you liked it.

“Sure I have but it was a lot smaller, and I hadn’t come three times like tonight.”

With that I started to push into her ass real slow making sure that she could feel every inch of me. The sensation of Jim pushing in and out just got me hotter. With just the thin walls separating us it was fantastic.

Her breath was rapid and shallow causing the effect of hyperventilating. This gave her an even greater climax when she came for the fourth time tonight. Jim came shortly after with a great grunt he collapsed with her almost unconscious on top of him.

“OH god guys you were great but no more please.” “I can’t take any more.”

The whole group broke down and fell asleep for a good 2 hours.

9 p.m.

Mom was the first to start to move so she checked up on the roasting corn.

“Ok, guys who is doing the stakes?”

Desert is served later.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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