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I tried to fall asleep, but being in bed with my daughter and neither having a stitch of clothing on, made sleep a far more difficult task to achieve. Looking over at my sleeping daughter, I found her to be sleeping quite deeply on her back and softly placed my hand on her ass. The temptation is great to wake her from her slumber, but I fight the impulse and instead softly caress her cheeks.

I have no idea how long I lay there like that, but sleep finally found me and I awoke on my side with my daughter’s body pressed against mine. Her back is against my chest and one of her cheeks presses firmly against my hard cock. There is no way of knowing the time, but it is no longer dark outside and I know I will get to continue the lessons very soon.

The sensation against my hard dick is something uncomfortable, so I carefully pull myself back and carefully place my cock between her cheeks. This is far more comfortable and there is some twisted pleasure in having myself positioned like this. My hand reaches around her body with ease and I softly caress her tits and nipples while breathing in the scent of her long blond hair that is so much like her mother.

She lets out a soft sigh and presses against my dick with her ass and I enjoy the sensation greatly. She starts to yawn and I slightly increase the pressure of my hand on one of her tits. She lets out a slightly louder sigh and I know she is enjoying the way I am waking her up.

Through another yawn, she says, “That feels good, daddy.”

I kiss the back of her head tenderly and say, “I’m glad you like it.”

My hand moves from her tit down past her stomach and across the trimmed bush. I am looking forward to being able to reach down like this and feel nothing except smooth skin. Moving my hand a little further down, I feel the top of her lips and softly caress the area.

Lisa lets out a sigh of pleasure and asks, “Does this mean you are going to teach me a lesson now, daddy?”

I continue to caress her lips softly and say, “Not just yet. I’m going to take a shower, then it will be your turn. I want you shaved first.”

She lets out a groan of disappointment and says, “OK, daddy.”

A latina fuck tour porno short time later I am waiting patiently as I hear the water turn off and know I am about to see her with no pubic hair. She opens the door to reveal she has done as I asked and the view is wonderful. There is something wondrous about seeing my daughter standing before me with those wonderful nipples and completely smooth where the trimmed bush had been just a short time ago.

She smiles and asks, “Do you like what you see, daddy?”

I smile back at her and say, “I like what I see a lot, Lisa. Your body looks so much better this way. Are you ready for your next lesson?”

There is no containing her excitement about starting and I watch her small tits bounce up and down from the unconstrained desire to continue learning from me. Her dark nipples bouncing before my eyes causes me to be lost in the moment. After some unknown amount of time passed with my eyes locked on her nipples, I break my concentration and walk to my bed. I know she is close behind since I can feel her breath on my back, just below my neck.

I turn and look at her as I say, “Stand there until I get ready, then I’ll have you join me.”

She nods in agreement and says, “OK, but be quick about it. I want to start already.”

I lay on my back and lift my knees up, then say, “Now get on the bed and lie on your stomach with your head between my legs, but don’t do anything else yet.”

I watch her nod and then work carefully to get into position. Once her head is close enough to see what I am about to instruct her to do, I say, “Stop right there, Lisa.” She stops and looks into my eyes as I say, “This is lesson is about handling the balls properly. It is an important part of giving good handjobs and blowjobs.”

She nodded as she listened and watched intently, then I continued with her instruction. “Part of handling balls right includes touching and licking the perineum.” I see a confused look on her face, so I ask, “Do you know what the perineum is?”

She says, “No, daddy. I’ve never heard of it.”

I say, “Look at my asshole.” lezbiyen porno Her blue eyes focus on my hole and she looks at it with great interest. I point to the flesh between my balls and asshole and say, “That patch of flesh is the perineum, also called the taint. Go ahead and touch it gently.”

Her eyes remain focused on the spot I had pointed out, then I felt shivers run through my body as her fingers make contact. I close my eyes for a moment and let myself enjoy the sensation. I open my eyes and look at her face to find she is still looking at my asshole. I find the look to be very sexy.

I say, “Very good, Lisa. Now slowly move your fingers up and down.”

Her fingers work wonderfully well as she caresses an area that I find quite enjoyable, then I say, “Now use your tongue there.”

Her tongue makes contact and the pleasure increases drastically. She requires no instruction when she starts to move her tongue up and down the entire area. She gets very close to my asshole with every downward stroke, but does not become bothered by its proximity to her tongue at all. I watch her head bob up and down along with the slow movement and find the view of my hard dick between her eyes to add greatly to everything I was feeling.

After a few moments of enjoying myself, I say, “Now use your hands to caress the area under my balls and along the side. Use the same pressure as when they touched my taint.”

Her hands move slowly and tenderly as she works the area I instructed her to and the feeling of her tongue adds to the overall pleasure of her actions. I say, “That feels wonderful. Now suck my dick.”

I watch as her eyes break away from my asshole to my face and she readjusts herself to be in a good position. Her lips lower themselves onto my head and her tongue starts to play, which adds greatly to the sensation. Then she starts to work my shaft with her hands while taking more of me into her mouth. The speed of her actions increase slightly and I am very close to filling her mouth.

I let out a groan and tighten, then explode inside her. She gags from my cum hitting the back of her mouth, but does not release liseli porno my cock. I open my eyes, which had closed upon that initial explosion, and see her eyes locked on mine. My cum starts to drip down from her lips onto my shaft and across her hands.

Once I finish, she starts to lick my cum off of her fingers. I enjoy watching her improvise with the lessons and find myself looking forward to what I have planned next. Once she is satisfied that there is no cum left on her fingers, she opens her mouth and takes the entirety of my softening cock inside. I can feel her working to remove every drop of cum and have no problem with her technique.

I see her slowly release my cock from her mouth and say, “You did a great job, Lisa.”

She beams at me as she asks, “Really, daddy?”

I see a drop of cum drip down her lip and say, “Really. You are getting really good at this.”

Her demeanor changes just a little as she says, “I was worried you would be upset with the end, since you never told me to do that.”

I smile at her with sincerity and say, “You improvised, and that’s a good thing. It will only help to make you better. And just to prove it, I’m giving you a special reward tonight.”

The excitement was clearly evident as she looked forward to her rewards and slowly dislodged herself from between my legs. Once freed, she sat on her knees and started to bounce up and down. I know she is doing this on purpose as my eyes lock onto her bouncing nipples.

She says, “I’m glad you like looking at my body, daddy.”

I smile at her without looking away from her nipples and say, “You have a very sexy body, Lisa.”

Throughout the rest of the day, I gave her a few lessons on cupping my balls in her hands. She picked up the proper technique quickly and soon had her using her mouth and tongue doing the same. That night I gave her a reward and ate her pussy out again. The flavor was every bit as good as the previous nights and she exploded on my face with even more ferocity.

I am laying next to her in bed and giving her time to recover, as I say, “You did very well today, Lisa.”

She turns her head slightly and takes a deep breath. She says, “Thank you, daddy. You are an excellent instructor.”

I say, “You are doing so well, in fact, that I’m going to teach you to do something very few girls do.”

She asks, a little breathlessly, “What is it, daddy.”

I smile and say, “You’ll find out tomorrow.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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