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Although you can enjoy this story on its own merits, if you want to know the whole backstory, please read the first four chapters.


Things had been going very well for me in the last year. After a mind-blowing vacation after the Christmas party (one where I had a threesome with my secretary and my boss’ wife) things did calm down a bit for me.

I walked into my office Monday morning, and Jen was already sitting at her desk, typing up a proposal for a deal I had been working on for a few months.

“Good morning Jen.”

“Good morning, Mr. Davies.” She replied, smiling at me, and winking. We still had not told anyone about our relationship, since it would have created a lot of suspicion among the rest of the senior staff. The CEO and his wife knew, along with the corporate flight crew, but that was it. Mr. Archer had told me to keep it under my hat, which so far, I had done.

I hung up my overcoat on the coat rack outside my door, and walked inside my office. Jen’s perfume lingered with me as I left her desk. I don’t know what she wore, but it was floral and sweet, and it stayed with you for hours. Smelling that scent made me think of all the hot nights we had spent together. My dick twitched some, but as my thought drifted to the rest of my working day, it settled back down.

My work began to pile up, as it tends to do on Monday mornings. I was wondering how I was ever going to plow through it all when Jen brought me two more files. The extra work sucked, but at least it gave me a chance to admire her again today. She’d worn a tight green silk blouse with a black skirt suit that ended a little too far above her knees. She was wearing light black hose and shoes that I am sure cost more than some of our mail rooms guys make in a year.Holy shit, she looks amazing. My thoughts once again wandered as I imagined what I would do to her later tonight.

Noon rolled around and I went out to lunch. Since our relationship was still a secret, I went with some of my employees on a celebratory lunch with a new client, and Jen went with another secretary from the 15th floor. When I got back, though, she had not returned. I was a little miffed, since I’d been escort bostancı gone for almost 90 minutes, and she was only supposed to take an hour for lunch. I may be fucking her, but she still has to keep doing her job. When I opened the door to my office, however, I saw why she was not at her post.

Jennifer was sitting at my desk with her feet up, shoes off, and jacket unbuttoned. I could tell she’d freshened up her makeup from lunch.Damn, I’m a lucky man. I started to walk towards the desk, but she motioned for me to stop. I threw my jacket over the arm of the couch, and stood there, staring at this beauty.

Jen took her feet of my desk, and stood. Without heels, she wasn’t very tall, and her petite body was mostly hidden behind the large piece of furniture. She moved out from behind it, slowly pulling her suit jacket back off her shoulders. As it passed her upper arms, she pushed her arms behind her and it fell to the floor. The move also had the secondary effect of pushing out her perfect breasts. Wonderfully beautiful C cups, her breasts were firm and perky, and I could see them tugging against her bra, begging to be released from the lace and silk that enclosed them. Jen smiled, and her fingers trekked up to the buttons on her blouse. Her tiny digits undid each only slowly; as they came undone, her shirt began to show my glances of her soft, smooth skin. I saw her bra, black and appearing to be sheer lace, peek out when she had passed the third button. When she got to the bottom, she ran her hands down the front of her thighs, and back up, grasping the two halves of her shirt. As her arms once again move rearward, her shirt fell to the floor in a growing pile of expensive clothing.

She ran her hands from the small of her back, around to her shapely abs, and up her ample chest. Her smile had changed from innocent to devilish, and I knew this was going to get wilder. My cock, formerly at rest, was rapidly filling with blood as I watched this nubile young woman strip for me. I half turned my head, making sure I’d closed the door behind me. I made a move to go to her, but her gesture stopped me yet again.I guess we are going to do this her ümraniye escort way. Her hands once again slid down her torso and stopped at her waist. Her left hand grasped the zipper to her skirt as her right held the waistline. The zipper slowly went from top to bottom position, and when it reached its full travel, Jen released her grip on the skirt. It dropped neatly to the floor, caressing her outer thighs as it fell, causing me to be jealous of that thin material. The absence of the skirt revealed the bra’s matching thong, jet black, and very sheer. It also revealed the tops of her thigh-high nylons.

No sooner had Jen stepped out from the skirt did her hands once again begin rubbing her body. They made small circles around her midsection, slowly working their way down to her right thigh. As her delicate fingers began to slowly roll down the thin stockings, my cock finally reached its full upright and locked position. Her hands rolled each stocking to the ankle, before she playfully threw them both at me. Standing up again, she began to walk towards me. When her body was within arm’s reach, I drew her close to me and kissed her deeply. Although we both thoroughly enjoyed the kiss, she pulled away from me after a moment. Backing away slightly, her hands came up to my neck, and she loosened my tie. I stood there, silently, as this gorgeous specimen undressed me. She started with the tie; then the shirt came off. She was careful not to wrinkle anything. My belt and pants were next, and they went onto the pile of my clothes. As I lost my shoes and socks on my own, I stood there in my boxers with my hard on making a very large tent. Without warning or fanfare, she pulled them down to my ankles. I was completely naked, but unprepared for her having removed her bra and panties while I was staring down at my exposed cock in disbelief.

“Sit.” Was all she said. I parked my butt on the couch, and waited as she came over to me. She began to give me an abbreviated lap dance; grinding her hips into me, her firm ass pushing up against my throbbing cock. My hands reached up to cup her tits, my fingers caressing her hard nipples.

She turned and kissed me again, her breasts kartal escort bayan pressed up against my naked chest. My pole was harder than diamonds now. Her kiss broke with my lips, but her mouth continued to place kisses down my body. She kissed my shoulder, my chest, and my stomach. Her mouth finally reached my dick, and engulfed the head in a hot, wet kiss. Her lips parted and the soft skin of her lips rubbed my pleasure spots with slippery sweetness. Her tongue found the bottom of my cock’s head and her mouth went farther down on my shaft, wetting me down and giving my body chills. Her head bobbed up and down the shaft, her mouth enclosed around it. Her tongue embraced my manhood, and a wave of raw, hot pleasure hit me. Her fingers gently massaged my balls, and my hands went to the back of her head, rubbing her hair as she pleasured me. It wasn’t long after she began sucking me that I felt the urge rising up within me. I pulled her head off of me, and bent down to kiss her lips.

As we kissed, I slowly brought up her body, and she stood up in front of me. I pulled at her hips, guiding her slowly towards my lap. As she knelt on the couch, straddling my legs, I guided her hips onto my cock as she held it steady. Our bodies joined up, and my moistened cock easily slid into her soaking pussy. Her love box quickly took in my entire hard member as she let her weight settle her onto my lap. She moaned as the mixture of pleasure and pain spread up her body. Her tits were in my face, moving down, and I took a nipple in my mouth, sucking it gently. My hands moved to the small of her back, gently rubbing her silky skin as we fucked. She settled down on my lap permanently, and began to rock her hips back and forth, shifting my dick inside of her. I knew this hit her g-spot extra hard, and I pulled and pushed her hips with her rhythm. In no time, she was coming over and over, as a wave of sexual pleasure flooded her entire being. She shuddered onto me, and her body contacted mine as she bent forward to embrace me. I kept thrusting inside of her as my arms wrapped around her small frame. Our lips met, and as our tongues began to wrestle, I felt the final spasm from my loins as I filled her sweet pussy with my seed.

She collapsed on me as I sat back to the back of the couch. We kept kissing for a while, neither wanting to move right away. Finally, I broke the silence. “So, how was your lunch?” She just laughed and kissed me again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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