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Matt was engrossed in a very exciting science show on TV when his 18 year old, younger sister Gina asked him something about borrowing his computer for something. He waved her off with a sure, whatever, and went back to watching the show.

It was a good twenty minutes later, a few minutes after the show ended, that Matt’s distracted brain actually began to register the information that Gina needed had asked to borrow his computer. Gina was using HIS computer. HIS computer, which had HIS stuff on it. HIS stuff, which included a folder, labeled “pics”, sitting on the desktop. A folder that had a set of semi nude erotic pictures he had taken of himself, pictures he was going to send to his girlfriend Wendy.

Matt jumped up in a panic and ran to his room and threw open the door, to find nothing. Gina was not there. He looked over at her room and the door was closed.

Maybe he had imagined that she was going to borrow the computer? He took a deep breath and walked over to the desk with the computer on it. She had left a copy of a printout on the desk, so she had been there. The desktop looked like it did when he left it, and he noticed the folder titled “pics” was still in the same place.

Maybe she had used the computer but not noticed the folder? His heart was pounding as he checked the computer for recent documents opened, and then, his heart stopped. All ten of the pictures were listed as being opened within the past 15 minutes.

Matt felt his stomach collapse in a fit of anger and embarrassment. He resisted the urge to go bang on his sister’s door and holler at her, because he wasn’t sure what he would holler. He was more mad at himself than his sister, he shouldn’t have left the photos out in the open. Normally he would’ve been more careful, but his parents were out of town for a few weeks and he hadn’t expected his sister to use his computer.

He open up the pictures and scrolled through them, one by one. He had taken a series of semi nude shots, intended to be erotic and for his girlfriend’s eyes only. These were the top ten that he was planning to send to Wendy. In most of them he was wearing a shirt with the buttons open and boxers, but then in some of the racier ones he had changed into black bikini briefs. He cringed when he got to the last one, he had his thumbs at the top of the briefs and had pulled them down and held them tight against himself, clearly showing the outline of his very hard cock.

He buried his face in his hands and thought about his options. After a while he decided the best way to avoid further embarrassment would be to pretend like he didn’t know she had seen them.

Gina had indeed seen the pictures. She had sat down in front of the computer to print something out really quickly, a file she had on a thumb drive, because the house printer was in Matt’s room. She had seen the folder on the desktop, labeled pics, and she thought it may have been pictures from a recent family vacation. The first few pictures she opened, she could not really see the person’s face, and she did not realize it was her brother Matt at all. The guy in the pictures was a fit, sexy looking guy wearing an old plaid shirt and boxers. For a brief moment she wondered if Matt was gay and collecting pictures from other gay guys.

Then she saw the third picture and realized it was Matt. Matt, her nerdy, dorky, unattractive brother. Her mouth fell open, as she suddenly became aware that her dorky brother looked pretty hot. Mesmerized, she opened picture after picture, each one better than the last. When she opened the final picture, her heart nearly stopped. She blushed and gasped and trembled, but could not bring herself to divert her eyes from the sizable bulge in the briefs. After a long while, she closed the file, and then in an afterthought, she quickly copied the folder to her thumb drive and went to her room. She never suspected that Matt would figure out that she had seen the pictures, so she decided to just act normal. As normal as possible, she thought, for a girl who spent several hours drooling over a picture of her brother.

So she acted like she didn’t see them, and he acted like he didn’t know she had seen them. Which worked pretty well for the next four hours, but that was mostly because they didn’t see each other for the next four hours. They ran into each other in the kitchen, where Matt was eating a bowl of cereal for dinner, and Gina was getting something out of the refrigerator.

“Hey, what’s up,” mumbled Matt, trying to seem normal.

“Ah, um, just the usual,” answered Gina, looking away and fighting a losing battle against a smirk.

Matt watched her walk across the kitchen and sit down at the table across from him. He suddenly realized that she was more embarrassed than him. When their eyes finally met they both blushed and looked away quickly, then both laughed nervously. Matt made the decision to abandon his original strategy.

“Um, about those pictures …” he started.

Gina blushed even harder. “I’m grup sex porno so, so, sorry, I shouldn’t have opened up that folder,” she stammered.

“I shouldn’t have left it out there,” Matt said. “I took those to send to Wendy, just a way to keep things interesting before we get back to college in the fall.”

“Sure, yes, I understand completely,” Gina said.

Matt took a long slow breath, incredibly relieved that they had cleared the air. “Again, I’m sorry I left those out there,” he said, and then he jokingly added, “At least I didn’t leave the full nude pictures out.”

Gina’s eyes got wide and she seemed to have an odd reaction to the joke, before she realized that he was kidding and she laughed.

She got up and walked back towards her bedroom. “Well I expect Wendy will be happy to get the pictures,” she teased. “They were very good.”

The way Gina emphasized “very” took Matt by surprise. What was that supposed to mean? Was she making fun of me, or did she really like the pictures?

Matt was gone all the next morning, and Gina snuck back into his room to snoop around on his computer and look for more pictures. Maybe he wasn’t kidding about nude pictures, she thought. What would a nude picture of Matt look like, she thought. Maybe I need mental help, she thought. She nervously looked through his computer, found nothing more, and then went back through the pictures on the desktop, just for review. The she copied all of them onto her thumb drive, just for further study.

When Matt got home, he went to his room to check for email, noting that Gina’s door was closed. He was in the middle of checking his email when he had an odd thought. He pulled the recent documents file up again, and to his shock, he saw that the ten pictures had been pulled up again while he was gone. Gina had looked at his pictures again. It didn’t make him angry, or embarrassed this time. Actually, the thought of her sitting there and looking at him half naked made him somewhat aroused. Aroused, but confused.

He also noted that it seemed that she had been looking at other files, maybe looking for something, and suddenly he realized what it was … she was looking for the naked pictures he had joked about. The fact that she was taking time to look for pictures of him naked made him even more aroused. And more confused.

Maybe it was because the pictures didn’t really look like him. Matt had never been a super stud, both he and Gina were on the nerdy side. They were both fit, but they dressed very conservatively and weren’t showy. Standard outfits were sweat pants or long shorts and bulky, unflattering t shirts. They tended toward academics over sports, but he was a swimmer and she had been a gymnast for years. And both of them were painfully shy, neurotically self conscious, and socially introverted. The pictures that Matt had taken of himself were definitely unusual for him. He might not be a male model but he was a good photographer, and he had managed the light and created poses that made him look ten times better than usual.

Just then Matt’s phone buzzed with an instant message from Gina. It was odd to text someone from the next room, but texting was sometimes easier than face to face.

Gina: Hey, whatcha doin?

Matt: Just some computer stuff

Gina: Taking more pictures for Wendy, lol?

Matt: No more today. You’ve seen them all, so you don’t need to snoop around on my computer anymore

There was a delay while this sank in.

Gina: Ooops. How did you know?

Matt: It shows up in recent documents opened

Gina: Damn. I didn’t know that…

Matt: No worries

Gina: Those pictures look really, um, well done. Nice photography

Matt: Ha, Thanks, I use camera angles and lighting to hide the subject

Gina: The subject looked good too. ; )

Matt: Tx

Gina: What did Wendy say about them?

Matt: I haven’t sent them yet. Not sure I will.

Gina: Why not?

Matt: I was thinking about retaking some, trying to make them better.

The phone was silent for a while and Matt went back to working on the computer. Several minutes later the phone buzzed in another text.

Gina: Need some help?

Matt had to sit and think about that for a minute. What kind of help was she talking about? There was something very taboo and exciting about having your sister help with erotic photography. Finally he responded.

Matt: Ok, guess so.

He had no sooner pushed the send button than he heard Gina’s door open and then she was barreling into his room. She had pulled up a chair, sat down next to him and taken over the computer mouse before he knew what was happening.

“Ok, these are all great, but I had a few ideas for how to make them better,” Gina said, as she pulled up the pictures. “For starters, we need to work on your outfit. Your boxers are too long, the briefs are too short and that shirt looks like it was straight out of the 70s. I’ve got a black silk kimono latina fuck tour porno robe that would look great, and you have some short black running shorts that would be perfect.”

Gina had hardly taken a breath, and Matt was still getting used to the idea that he was sitting beside his sister in front of a computer looking at erotic pictures of himself.

“Kimono?” he managed.

Gina ran out and came back a few minutes later with the Kimono. They were both about the same height, and the robe would come to about mid thigh on Matt. “Ok, you get the shorts on and I’ll show you how to make the poses better,” she said, studying the pictures on the computer. “Go ahead and change, I won’t look.”

Matt got up awkwardly and rummaged through his dresser for the shorts. He walked around behind her and changed into the shorts and the robe, and he had to admit it did look and feel a lot sexier. He sat back down beside Gina, who was already going through the pictures and pointing out how Matt might move a leg or an arm, or stand up straighter. He had to admit she had an eye for it. Sitting close beside her, half naked, looking at the photos was also setting his stomach aflutter.

Gina had critiqued all the pictures and had gotten to the last one, the one where the outline of his cock was visible through the bikini briefs. She blushed and got a bit flustered, mumbling something that sounded something like the word “hot,” and then closed the file. Matt was blushing too, it was a bit unsettling sitting right beside her looking at that.

“So how do you take the pictures?” Gina asked. “I mean, how do you push the button from across the room?”

“I put the camera on a tripod and I have a remote control that I push to set off the shutter,” he said. “It’s small enough so you can’t really see it in the pictures. It’s tricky though, it’s hard to get the camera pointed the just the right way, it doesn’t always work, and I have to be pretty close to the camera.”

“Well maybe I could take the pictures,” Gina said.

The thought of his sister handling the camera while he posed erotically hit him like a double wave – kinda weird on one hand, kinda fun and sexy on the other. Fun and sexy won.

“Ok, let’s do it,” he grinned.

He gave her a quick tutorial on the camera, then they played with the lighting to make it soft and warm, and then Matt went to work, setting up his poses as he had before, but with Gina’s added suggestions. The silky robe and shear running shorts were definite improvements, and they made him feel sexier. Gina also insisted on changing his hairstyle from boxy bangs to slicked back with hair gel, which was a first for him. They were having fun with it as well, laughing and joking as they moved from one pose to another. Matt was also using the laughing and joking to distract himself from becoming aroused. He could sense that his cock was semi aroused the entire time, but he feared that if he became fully aroused the running shorts wouldn’t hold him in.

They took a series of standing poses and then Matt moved over to the bed, mostly taking reclining pictures. At one point Gina got up on her knees on the bed to get the right picture angle, then she was standing on the bed above him. Matt decided he really liked having a photographer.

“Ok, one more pose,” Gina said. “Do that one where you have your thumbs in your, um, waistband, that looked really good.”

Just the thought of striking that pose in front of Gina had the blood rushing to his groin. Matt felt his cock growing hard, very hard, and very quickly. He was feeling so warm and sexy that he just decided to not even try to hide it. He rose up on his knees on the bed, let the robe hang open, and put his thumbs into the waistband of the shorts, pulling them downward, but keeping his cock covered. He turned his head away and closed his eyes, not wanting to look at Gina while his cock was making such a spectacle. Striking that pose also made him feel proud in a way. He could tell that Gina liked the pose, and by looking away she could look at his body with full abandon. All of which made him even harder. His cock was pointing out toward his left hip, straining the fabric. If it had reached the position it wanted to go, it would’ve been sticking out of the shorts at least three inches.

All of which Gina clearly noticed, as she moved around taking photos from different angles, occasionally murmuring encouragement at how good that pose looked. She took a lot of pictures, lots of different angles, and Matt didn’t mind one bit.

When they were done, the two of them sat down in front of the computer to check out the photos and pick the best ones. Matt was still dressed in the robe and shorts, and sitting there right beside his sister looking at erotic poses of himself was not helping to calm his erection. He did the best he could to cover it up with the robe, but it wasn’t very long. Gina was having a hard time not stealing glances over at his lezbiyen porno crotch.

Picking out the top ten was both sexy and hilarious, as they joked about different poses and some of the goofier pictures. When they got to the last set of pictures though, it got pretty quiet and serious. The last group of pictures showcased Matt pulling his waistband down low, and there was an undeniable firm shape pushing hard on the shorts for escape. Gina was pretty sure it was the sexiest thing she’d ever seen, it almost looked better on the screen than in person, maybe because on screen he was less her brother. For Matt, watching his sister silently move from one picture to the next, it was an intense, nerve-wracking, erotic experience. Finally, she picked the best one, and he nodded in agreement.

“I think these are much better than the old ones,” Gina said. “Wendy should be pleased.”

“Yes, you made me look better than I thought I could,” replied Matt. “And that was, um, really very fun.”

Gina grinned. “My pleasure bro, happy to help.”

There was a brief, awkward silence, before Gina spoke up. “Well good luck with that,” she said, giving him a wink and patting him on the leg. For some reason she looked down at his crotch when she said that, so it sounded like she was saying good luck with that giant erection. She meant good luck with sending the photos. She blushed and then he blushed, and then she got up and left the room.

For the next several hours, Matt relived the photo session, working in a few fantasies where he pulled the shorts off all the way and watched Gina’s eyes get big. His cock was hard the whole time, except for the five minutes after he jerked off. His last fantasy before orgasm was Gina stroking his leg while they were sitting at the computer. He took a shower and spent the next hour lying in bed and continuing the fantasy.

Gina spent her time in much the same way, reliving the photo shoot and embellishing the event with erotic fantasies. Her top fantasy was watching those shorts sliding down his leg and seeing his long hard cock in full. Then she would shake her head to get that crazy thought out, before starting over and ending back there again. When she heard Matt go into the shower, she slipped into his room popped in the pocket hard drive and made copies of the photos. All the photos. She would sleep very little that night.

The next day when Matt got up at 10 am Gina was gone. He spent most of the day reading, piddling on his computer, and having more fantasies about photo shoots. He heard Gina come in around 3 pm, come in and close her bedroom door. About an hour later, his phone buzzed with a text.

Gina: How’s it going Fabio?

Matt: Ha Ha. Don’t think I’m ready to go male model yet.

Gina: I don’t know, I think you have potential.

Matt: Maybe so. That was really fun though, thanks. That photo shoot really made me feel a lot better about myself. Like maybe I’m not such a total loser dork after all.

Gina: Don’t get carried away, you’re still a total loser dork. You just look good half naked.

Matt: Ha. Whatever.

Gina: Say, after seeing how much better we made you look, I was thinking …

Matt felt his stomach drop. He was thinking she was going to suggest he pose naked. He collected himself and replied.

Matt: Yes?

Gina: Well, I was wondering, if you could, ah return the favor?

Matt: How do you mean?

Gina: Well, I was hoping you could take some kinda racy pictures of me? I’d like to send some racy pics to my boyfriend Sam.

Matt’s head nearly fell off. Gina was by no means a hottie, and she was his sister, but the very idea of taking erotic pictures of her was blowing his mind to say the least. Sam, the boyfriend he had heard a little about but had never met, was going to be one lucky guy, but not as lucky as him. His fingers started shaking, he could hardly reply.

Gina: Matt?

Matt: Ah, sorry, just got distracted. : ) I would very much like that.

Gina: Great! Hey, I need to ask you a big favor though.

Matt: Sure what?

Gina: I need you to not laugh at me

Matt: No way, I wouldn’t do that. You didn’t laugh at me. (very much)

Gina: Well, you know I’m really self conscious.

Matt visualized his sister and her standard look, horned rimmed square glasses, hair back in a ponytail, loose fitting sweats. It was hard to fit that picture into the idea of erotic photos, but he would never laugh at his sister.

Matt: Don’t worry about it, it will be fun. It’s just you and me (and the internet)

Gina: Ha. Don’t you dare. I could send yours too

Right after she sent that she realized that she had just given away the fact that she had the pictures, she was hoping he didn’t notice. He did, but he let it go.

Matt: Good point. We are co-blackmailed.

Gina: Ok, I went to the mall earlier, and did a few things

Matt: Things?

Gina: Things. Like for one I bought some lingerie. Nothing crazy. And I went to a place that does makeovers.

Matt: Huh?

Gina: Makeovers, like hair and makeup.

Matt let that sink in for a moment. Lingerie, makeover. This was getting interesting.

Matt: Ok, well I’m ready when you are

Gina: Ok, give me five minutes.

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