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In the morning the house was busy with the guests being given breakfast, and everyone making their own preparations for the day. There was no time to consider what had gone on in the night, and Karl left the house to do his studies in the local library rather than to get distracted in the house. Despite this, as he poured through the journals his mind drifted to the passion of last night. Would Lucy say anything about it? How did he feel about been jacked off by his sister? What would happen next? He knew that he had enjoyed forbidden fruits, but would it go further? Was this a once off? Finally, Karl set off home in the afternoon, hoping that Lucy would reassure him that everything was ok.

Went he got back, he was disappointed to find he was the first one back to the house. He went to the kitchen and fetched some food for a late lunch and found himself strolling around, his mind still full of racing thoughts. Then he could hear the front door, his heart leapt and he wondered if it was Lucy. He just needed to talk to her.

It was his parents. They busied themselves with unpacking the shopping they had brought, and so Karl retreated upstairs. Later on, he heard Lucy come back, but he felt unable to show himself until he was called downstairs for the evening meal.

Lucy was there at the table, and shot him an inquisitive glance. Karl felt at a loss, so looked downwards. They ate, exchanging small talk with their parents. Then their parents went out of the room discussing some matter about the house, and for a moment Karl was left alone at the table opposite Lucy. She looked meaningfully at him but to no avail, Karl stared downwards.

“Hey,” she whispered.

Karl glanced up. Lucy whipped up her skirt and put a hand between her legs. Karl goggled and she giggled mischievously. Then Lucy offered to take the finished plates through and Karl realised he would be stuck in his chair as he felt the reaction stirring in his underpants.

“You alright Karl?” she said, with a hint of tease in her voice. Karl grunted and stayed motionless.

Later that evening, he found Lucy in her room. She was lying on her bed reading a book.

“Hey, Lucy.”

“Hey, Karl”. He closed the door.

“You know I’m a bit stirred up from last night and you didn’t help flashing me just then.”

“Oh, it was just a bit of fun, Karl, don’t be so serious! Look, we had some fun, I helped you get a bit of release, that’s all right isn’t it?”

All true. But Lucy has ignited lust in him and so he was seeing her as a sexy young woman, full of flirtatious desire. Although she was dressed in a plain blouse and skirt, with gizli çekim porno her hair tied up, she was looking fabulous.

“Yeah. Yeah, but I’m hot for you now.”

“Oh Karl.” She sighed.

“- And you did flash me.”

“Yes, but so as you don’t take it too seriously!”

“Like I was with Sarah you mean?” The painful memory of an unrequited passion jolted Karl.

“Well, yes, maybe.”

“I just wanted to help you, you seemed frustrated.”

“Well, it was really nice.”


“And now I feel hot for you, Lucy.”

“You did before.”

“I know,” the memory of the previous encounter was still hot in his mind’s eye.

“So, I should go to bed just like that?”


“Are you telling me you didn’t enjoy it last night?”

“I did,” she admitted. “But you know…” She paused. “Look… if you fancy me, I am flattered, but we can’t let it go any further now.”

He looked at he lovely black hair draped over her shoulder, then admired her gorgeous legs.

“So I will have to entertain myself?”

Lucy considered this for a moment and smiled. “I can’t stop you thinking about me, can I?”

“No, well I might end up spilling some more juice at the thought of you.”

She opened her eyes wide at this. “Karl!”

She closed the book and put in on her bedside table, considering Karl’s admission that his passion was actually focused on her, rather than just the sensation of release.

“I tell you what, I’ll give you a treat if you promise to go to bed straight away. Promise?”


She slid off her bed and then moved her hand to the zip of her skirt, zipped it down and then pulled down her skirt. She stood in her red panties smiling at him.

“Like what you see?” She gyrated her slips a couple of times.

“Oh, God, yes Lucy!” She smiled, and waved gently at him.

“Hey now sexy boy, go get some sleep.”

“Ok big sis!”

With that, Karl retreated to his room. He felt a little deflated, and yet aroused by his sister. She had titillated him, and he wanted more of her. He went to his bed and thought of Lucy as he undressed. With an erection throbbing, he quickly masturbated vigorously as his thoughts went to the previous day, and the view of her pert ass and pussy, now wiggling and teasing at him. Soon afterwards he feel asleep.

In the morning, he awoke to hear his parents leaving the house. The door closed firmly and there was the sound of car. He remembered that they had said that they would get up early to be off to a meeting in Cumbria; in effect, they would be out for the whole glory hole secrets day. He thought about this and his mind wandered to Lucy; for the first time in weeks they were alone in the house together. It was a crazy thought, but maybe, with little chance of disturbance, Lucy might help him release a bit more tension?

Some strong force dragged him out of his bed, and he was opening her door in seconds.

“Hey, Luce.”


“How are you?”

“Well, a little sleepy.”

“- They’ve gone you know.”

“The folks?”

“Yes, so we can be naughty,” Karl went up to his sister’s bed and sat on the edge of the bed. Lucy sighed and looked upwards.

“Karl, we can just kiss – and that’s it!”

“Fine by me,” said Karl, pulling open her duvet. Lucy was there in her shiny green nightie, and as Karl leaned over to kiss his sister, he noticed that her nightie had been rucked up toward her waist. A thin line of lace covered her groin. Underneath, in that brief fraction of second, he thought he glimpsed the dark pubic hair of her pussy. This only spurred him on to kiss Lucy firmly on the lips, which parted for him within a second. She melted.

“Oh Lucy,” he moaned. Her tongue found his and they locked in an embrace.

“Mmm, that’s nice,” murmured Lucy.

By now Karl’s attention was to Lucy’s breasts. He could make out her nipples becoming more pert as her passion was roused. It excited him to see his sister like this. He moved closer to her and as she did not resist him, a little more closer. Finally, he could stand it no more, and moved himself over her. Just like that other time, his erection was pressing into her abdomen, and he felt the barriers between them melt away. His cock had obviously found its way out of the fly in his pyjamas. But her legs were closed and he felt an urge to part them and enter her..but he could not force her. Instead, his focus returned to her breasts and so he pulled gently on her left shoulder strap to reveal her small beautifully rounded breast. Moving from her mouth he lowered his head over to her left breast and instinctively began to kiss around her nipple. Lucy sighed with pleasure, and so he continued attending to her breast with his tongue, and then, after a short while, he teased her nipple with his tongue. He flicked it and rolled it with a wet tongue and suddenly Lucy jerked in reaction, and in that movement her legs opened slightly and Karl found that his by now moist and hard rod was sliding down her waist, and over her pussy.

“Ooof,” he heard Lucy gasp.

He could feel the hairs of her pussy brushing his grup sex cock, which was pressing her against her pubic mound. Quick as a flash, he pulled own her other shoulder strap and homed in on her other breast. Rounding her nipple with his tongue, he then repeated his earlier method, caressing her right breast with his tongue before finally flicking her nipple playfully. She jerked again, moving them both, and suddenly he found his cock had slid inside her.

There was an instant warmth around his girth once his cock had slid home, deep inside Lucy’s slit. He moved his head off her breasts and up towards her, she gave no sign of resistance. He bucked slowly inside her and starting gently to thrust in her.

Only then, she whispered, “Karl. You’re fucking me.”

He gave no reply, but carried on thrusting into her warm welcoming wet pussy. Lucy moaned in pleasure as his shaft slid up and down her, his mind lost in pleasure. Her hand flailed for a moment before grasping his back, drawing him in more.

“Karl, what are you doing?”

“Fucking you.”

“We have to stop,” she moaned.

“I know.” But he couldn’t.

“Oh… Karl” her breath was getting shorter now.

“You’re fucking your big sister. You shouldn’t.”

“Oh Lucy…” his voice trailed off.

“You’re fucking me with with that big cock of yours.”

She was a tease to the end, was Lucy. She blew his mind. He gripped her hard, and began bucking her and she began to moan more loudly and thrust in motion with him. It had felt so right, and now, finally, that teasing pussy was his. He felt this hot sexual bliss: he saw her sweet lips only yesterday and now he was inside them.

“Fuck!” she hissed “We’re not using protection.”

“Lucy,” Karl wailed. Not now. He was so close.

“What should I do?” Karl slowed his pace. There was a moment’s hesitation. They were both breathing hard.

“Fuck me. Cum in me!”

At which point Karl renewed his thrusting, and he felt Lucy’s legs wrap around his ass, pulling him in deeper. He drove hard in to her boiling pussy – his forbidden cum would flood into his sister. She squealed again as he fucked, the bed was shifting and squeaking under their frantic movements; she bucked hard against him, the bedstead was knocking against the wall, he could feel her pussy’s walls gripping his shaft. He drew outward, before burrowing his cock deep in her, his balls pushed up hard up against her vulva and then they released their load, his cum shooting deep inside her.

“Aaaaaah!” This time Lucy was shouting, and he could feel her legs holding him in there tightly.

Her grip on his cock twitched as she came, milking him as he pulsed inside of her. She slowly released her grip and, spent, he lay on top as she spread legs outwards. His mind buzzed and went blank.

“Oh Lucy,” was all he could manage.

“Karl.. fuck Karl…that was intense.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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