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Self Shot

Kristine was standing in front of me in the bedroom. When I came home from work she was already standing there, naked with the exception of the blindfold and a big grin.

“How long have you been there?”

“I don’t know,” she replied. “I put the blindfold on about half past five and waited.”

I looked at my watch. It was nearly seven. I didn’t tell her so.

“I thought you would like me like this,” she said, a bit hurt.

“Of course I like you like that, just don’t like the thought of keeping you waiting that’s all.”

“Okay,” she said “I’ll phone next time and find out when you’ll be home and time a bit better.”

I walked over to her and kissed her. She was trembling. “Are you okay?” I asked.

“I just need to pee.” She winced as she said this. I took her by the hand and lead her to the toilet. And as she sat there doing what she needed, I thought about what she had done for me, and realised where things were headed between us.

“Next time you do this,” I started and she turned her head towards me, “do like you said and ring. I can never be sure of getting out of work on time. Also make sure you take care of any personal business, this is for two reasons. Firstly I don’t want you to hold on too long and hurt yourself. Second it wastes time when I get back. If we didn’t need to do this you would already be having fun.” Kristine sat silently on the toilet and nodded her head. Time to lift her spirits I thought. “Don’t get down. I love you and love what you do for me. I just don’t want you hurt. Okay?”

“Okay,” she said as she stood up from the toilet and felt for the tissue paper.

“Now get yourself back in the bedroom.” I grinned as she felt her way back to where I found her earlier.

I undressed myself and went to the drawer to pull out one of the silk scarves. Things a bit different tonight, I thought to myself. Walking behind Kristine I tied her hand together behind her back. She stayed silent as I lead her to the bed turned her around and pushed her back onto it. I could see this had hurt her but still she said nothing. I climbed onto the bed with her and kissed her briefly, my tongue flicking against hers. I knelt up and offered my cock to her. Eagerly she opened her mouth and took my head in flicking at it with her tongue. God it felt fantastic. I started to rock erotik film izle my hips, pushing a bit more of myself into her mouth. Stretching her jaw wide she took all that I offered until I could feel her nose rubbing against my belly.

Moving my hand down to her body I took hold of one of her nipples and gave it a rough twist. She moaned against my cock and the vibrations rattled right through me. I twisted again, harder this time and she moaned again. I started to fuck her mouth and continued to twist her nipples. As I pushed deep into her throat I would give a twist feeling the groan down the whole of my shaft. Her nipples were already starting to look red and sore but I never let up. Pushing into her mouth again I gave another hard twist. I watched as a tear trickled down her face from under the blindfold. I felt a quick flash of panic, hoping I hadn’t gone too far and pulled myself out of her mouth. Kristine lay below me panting but said nothing. No sign of our safe word. Again I was impressed by how much she was willing to take from me.

I bent down and kissed her again to reassure her. Her tongue pushed into my mouth and I could taste myself on her breath. Reaching down I gently rubbed my hands over her nipples hoping to rub away some of the pain. I was enjoying this and I also knew she was but I still love her and would not want to cause her any unwanted pain.

As we continued to kiss I let my hand run down her body. Running my finger through her curls I continued down to her pussy. Her clit was standing out from between her lips; it seemed my fears were for nothing, she was more excited than I had ever known.

Reaching further down I dipped one of my fingers into her moist hole, she moaned into my mouth. I could feel her breath becoming ragged in my mouth and broke away from her. Propping my head up on my other hand I continued to slide my finger in and out of her. As I did this I watched her face, taking in all the details and the creases formed by her increasing pleasure.

My hand started to move faster as I slid another finger into her. She moaned out loud as I started to massage her clit with my thumb. Her moans became louder as her hips started to buck in time with my thrusting fingers. Leaning her head over towards me she placed her face into the crook of my neck, I could feel her hot breath film izle as she panted against me. I could feel her orgasm start to build as her pussy started to clench at my fingers deep within her. As her orgasm approached her hips bucked wildly. Shouting out loud as the intensity hit her she bit down hard on my shoulder, I gasped with the surprise of the pain but was also surprised to feel how good it was. I wrapped my arm around her head and pulled her into me, taking the hint she bit harder until her orgasm passed.

I withdrew my fingers from her and knelt up. Kristine lay below me catching her breath. Helping her up I turned her around and lay her down on her front, her arms still useless behind her back. Turning myself around I positioned myself between her legs and pushed them wide open. I smiled to myself when I thought about how helpless she was right now. Lowering my head I ran my tongue up the full length of her pussy. She was sticky with her cum and I started to lick her clean, dipping my tongue deep into her hole. Kristine moaned and wriggled on the bed but without her arms could barely move.

Quickly I ran my tongue up her pussy, this time I didn’t stop. Pulling her ass cheeks apart I slid my tongue over her most secret of holes. Kristine gave a sharp gasp as the tip of my tongue flicked at her puckered bud. I didn’t push things too far, just gently licked at her rear. She started to moan and I could see her juices start to flow from her pussy. I pushed a finger into her wet hole as I started to push my tongue into her rear. I felt her muscles tight around my probing tongue and could taste her muskyness. Still no objections from my lover so I slid my finger from out of her pussy and pressed it to her rear end. She held her breath as I slowly started to push my finger into her ass. I could feel the tightness slowly give way as my finger slid in past the first knuckle then eventually the second.

Kristine let out a quivering sigh as I started to move my finger in and out of her ass. I knew this was a brand new feeling for her, one I could tell she was feeling. Slowing the pressure on my probing digit started to lessen and I was able to move my finger more freely. Adjusting the position of my hand I slid a finger into her pussy, this brought a huge moan from Kristine’s lips. I started to work my fingers together, seks filmi izle fucking both her holes at the same time. I knew she could feel them rubbing together through the thin membrane inside of her. Again her hips started to buck under the pressure of my fingers, her own movements pushing my fingers deeper and deeper inside of her. She bit down hard on the pillow when she came but still her moan was loud, her juices flowing out over my hand as both her pussy and her ass clenched hard at my fingers inside her.

Pulling my fingers out of her I moved her up the bed with her knees now under her. She was totally exposed to me as I positioned my cock at the entrance of her pussy. She pushed back on me hard impaling herself on me to my full length. Reaching forward I pulled on her tied wrists lifting the front of her off the bed, her head flicking back. I took hold of her hair and pulled hard as I started to ram my cock hard into her. All I could hear from Kristine was deep guttural grunts each time I pushed into her and tugged on her hair.

Releasing her hair I ran my hand down over her body to her rear. Roughly I pushed my thumb deep into her bring another grunt. I pushed my thumb into her in time with my thrusting cock. The feeling was amazing as I could feel my two intruding body parts rubbing together inside of her. I could feel my orgasm start to build up as I continued to ravage both her holes. The sounds coming from in front of me were practically obscene as my Kristine had been reduced to an animal willingly accepting anything I wanted to give her.

Removing my thumb from her rear I took hold of her hair again and pulled hard, her body lifting right up until it pressed against mine. She was near oblivious as I kept pounding into her my hand still pulling hard on her hair. I could feel my balls tighten as my orgasm built. Leaning my head forward I returned the favour of a bite on the shoulder. This took Kristine over the edge as her body started to shake and convulse with a powerful orgasm. Her pussy started to clench so hard at my cock it was as if it was trying to milk me dry. With a load moan I erupted inside her filling her with my cum before both of us collapsed onto the bed together.

Rolling over I pulled Kristine close to me; I spotted a bruise already showing where I had bitten her. At least it was in a place that could be covered. I reached down her back to untie her hands.

“No leave it,” she whispered. “Like this I know and feel that I completely belong to you”

Gently I kissed her forehead and let her be.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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