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There I was, naked and laying on my bed. My 18 year-old son’s 12 inch cock was buried in my shaved pussy. We both looked over at my husband, his father, standing in the doorway. Jake, my son, rather non-chalantly said, “Well, dad, do you want to leave or have a seat and watch me fuck mom?”

I watched my short, fat husband to see his reaction. He started to speak, but before he could say anything, Jake shouted, “I didn’t say anything about fucking talking! Now sit down and shut up. I can tell mom really needs this.”

Without even waiting for a reaction, Jake looked down at me as he pumped his hips slowly, sliding his cock in and out of my pussy. I immediately groaned as I felt his fat cock stretch my tight muscles, rubbing all the walls of my cunt. As Jake rhythmically stroked his cock in and out of me, I slid my hands all over his hard, muscular body. I loved the feel of his strong body over me as he slowly thrust his hips. My hands slid down around his waist to his ass. I pulled him into me, feeling his powerful muscles tighten with each thrust of his long cock. I spread my legs and pulled my feet up to let him go deeper. My eyes were closed as I moaned and writhed under my son.

“See dad? See how much she loves it? Tell dad how much you love it, mom.”

“Ohhh…yesss…I do…I love ittt…”

“What do you love, mom?”

“I love your cock…I love how you’re fucking me…fucking me with your big cock…”

“Yeah. reality kings porno She likes it all right. But, I bet she’ll like this better.” Jake then pulled his cock almost all the way out of me and then slammed his fat, hard cock all the way into my tight pussy. I gasped out loud as I felt the air rush out of me from the force of his hips. My eyes went wide from the shock of it. “I knew she would like that.”

Jake hooked my legs over his arms so my feet stuck up in the air. Then he began to pound his big, hard cock into my pussy. I could only look up at him as he slammed his body into mine over and over and over. I gripped the sheets tightly and cried out, “Oh god, Jake…oh please…ohhh…uuhhhh…” Our bodies made wet slapping noises over the sound of the bed bouncing and creaking with each fast, hard thrust of my son’s huge cock.

Jake’s eyes were closed as he pounded his cock into me. He was lost in his lust as he grunted, “Yeah…take it…take my cock…fucking tight pussy…fuck…yeah…good cunt…tell me you love it…”

“Oohhh…goddd..yyesss…fffucckk mmmeeee…uuhhh…pppleassse…”

Still fucking me hard and fast, Jake opened his eyes and looked over at his father sitting in a chair. He said, “I don’t think dad really knows how much you like this. Let’s show him.” Jake then pulled his cock out of me and stood up. I must have whined a little at the feel of my pussy sexmex porno so empty without my son’s big cock to fill it because he said, “Don’t worry, mom. I’m not done with you yet.”

He grabbed my waist and flipped me onto my stomach on the bed, mashing my big titties on the mattress. He then pulled me up by my hips so my full, round ass was poking in the air. Before I could raise up on my hands, Jake slammed his long, thick cock back into my hot, eager pussy. I groaned with pleasure as I felt myself full of hard cock meat again. Jake said, “Yeahhh…that’s better, isn’t it?”

Jake began to pound into me even harder than before. I could feel my ass bounce and big titties sway under me with each forceful thrust of Jake’s hard cock. He grabbed my head with both hands and pointed my face towards his father. I could barely see his short, pudgy body through the haze of lust in my eyes.

“That’s it mom…let him see it…let him see how much you love getting fucked by your son…show him I’m the best fucker in the family…”

“Ohhh godddd babyyy…you are…you’re the best…he’s never fucked me so goooooddd…uuhhhhnnn…never filled my pussy so good…”

Jake grabbed my hair with one hand and pulled me back into him as he slammed his fat, hard cock into me over and over and over. He slapped my round ass several times and whooped and hollered like a cowboy riding a bucking bronco. “Yyyeeeehhhawwww…damn sindrive porno I’m gonna ride this bitch everday!”

Jake then grabbed both my hips and fucked me faster, grunting, “Gonna cum inside you now…gonna fuckin’ cum in mom’s pussy…make you my cumslut…yeah…Yeah…YeaaaHHHHHHHHH…” I felt my son’s hot cum shoot deep inside my pussy. The feeling drove me over the edge. My tight cunt muscles twitched and convulsed around his fat cock, milking it for all it could get. He slammed his cock into me a few more times, making my overfilled pussy squirt out our juices and run down my thighs.

Jake pulled his cock out of me and though it was softening, it was still at least 8 inches long. I collapsed on the bed, panting and trying to catch my breath from the longest and hardest orgasm I had ever felt. Jake stretched his arms over his head making his strong shoulders and chest flex. He looked down at me, a wet, heaving mess on my bed, and said, “Damn, mom. That was great. I’m gonna have to fuck you a lot more often. I guess dad will just have to sleep in my room from now on because we’re going to need this big bed for some heavy duty fucking. I hope we don’t keep him awake with all of your screaming. Well, I’m gonna call the guys and go catch a movie. I bet they’re gonna freak when they hear about this.”

Jake then left the bedroom. I knew that I would agree with anything he wanted. I would sleep with him in my bed. I would make my husband move out of our room and maybe out of the house. I would let my son tell his friends about me. I would probably even let them fuck me, if he wanted them to. I was now my son’s sex slave and I loved it.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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