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Sitting on the beach, midday, sunny, nice breeze off the water, speedo, chair, thermos full of margaritas, hanging out, watching the skinny young girls in their thongs, thinking about Zoe, back home now, over a month, how she feels under me, almost hard. Should probably think about something else.

“Mind if I join you?”

Caught, move my towel to cover, look up. Around my age, tall lean, handful on top. Sun-kissed brown hair cut short, welcoming green eyes. Her face needed no makeup, the smile, genuine. I immediately liked her. No rings.


Try to get up, be a gentleman. Her hand, warm gentle, on my shoulder, “Stop, thank you for the gesture, I appreciate it.” She pauses, leaving her hand extended, “I’m Jan, by the way.”

“Dan, very nice to meet you.” Taking her hand, briefly.

She laughs, an easy laugh that gets lots of practice, “Yeah, well, we’ll see about that. Wait till you know more. Do you mind me crashing your alone time?”

“Alone time can be highly overrated.”

Unfolds her Tommy Bahama chair, bag on the sand next to it, “Yeah, don’t I know that.”

Drops her wrap. White string bikini on a frame that does it justice. Tan lines say this isn’t her regular suit. She moves to settle, uncaring of her near-nudity. My towel stays, camouflaging my approval.

“Nothing like the beach.” She says, leaning back.

Her chair is just a little in front of mine, a foot away. Surprised, her nipples are erect. Long and fat. A tell. I’m interested, curious.

“I come down at all hours. Love sunsets and sunrises.”

“Mmmm, I like walking the beach at night. I’m out here almost every night. So, what’s in the thermos?”

“Margaritas, but I only have one cup.”

She smiles easily, the green eyes intense.

“You don’t look like you have anything that would kill me.”

I pour, we share.

“So cold. How do you do that?”

I hold up the thermos, “It’s a Yeti.”

“Ohhh, those things are amazing. Great Margarita, by the way.” Handing the empty cup back.

“They are and thank you.”

A pause, two girls walk by, barely eighteen, blond. Thongs over tanned asses. One unremarkable, the other, perfectly round. Both have tops straining under the load.

“So, you may be wondering why I crashed your party.”

“So far you are a very interesting person. I’m enjoying your company. I wasn’t going to ask.”

Her hand over mine, briefly, “I warned you. I’m not going to do it again.”

“I’ll take my chances. But since you offered.”

Her hand back on the arm of her chair, leans back, eyes closed.

“I’m divorced, five years. I was a mouse when I married Karl. Nineteen, young, immature, sheltered. He’s older, six years. He thought mousy and shy were cute, to a point. Then he found a tattooed bartender, fifteen years younger. I got recycled.”

I sip my drink, offer her the cup. She sips, “Hope that thermos is full.”

“It was. But it’s going down faster than the easy girl at the frat party.”

She spits her drink. Laughing hard, “That’s not fair. I had a mouthful.”

“So did she.”

Laughs again, slaps my chest, hard, “Stop that, Dan, you’re killin me.”

I lean back, “Just seeing if you’re still mousy and whether you have a sense of humor.”

She turns, the green eyes like a magnet to my soul, that easy smile, “No, not at all, and yes, very much. May I continue?”

I refill the cup, take a sip, lean back, “Please, I’m waiting for the good stuff.”

Her voice low, deep, I like it, “Sex? Just met me and you want to know about my sex life?”

Caught off guard, “No, well, okay, yes, but not now. You trapped me.”

She laughs, “You walked into it, what did you expect.”

“I may have to rethink your warning.”


I laugh, “and not a good one.”

“That’s nice to know. Now, where was I? Oh, yeah, thirty-six, two kids, just ditched by an arrogant ass of a man. That was the lowest point of my life. I joined a group for divorced women. First five meetings I didn’t say one word. The shit I heard opened my eyes. I was shocked.

“After the fifth meeting, a woman stops me in the parking lot. Around my age, very worldly, stylish dresser, big, tall but very shapely. Long story short, Angie rearranged my life. She told me that something about me drew her. Damned if I know what in my little nothing personality did that, but it didn’t matter. The woman sitting next to you is happier, better adjusted than she has ever been. I’ve learned to take chances, go for what I want.”

“Still have to work on that shyness thing, though.”

Laughs, “Fuck you, Dan, give me more booze.”

We drank, watched the sun pass over. I told her my tale, work too much, home too little. Never produced enough money. Dodgy friends. She got lonely, found someone else. I left out the lesbian incest part.

“Let’s swim.” She says, getting up.

Still a little hard, impossible to hide. What the fuck. I get up, she glances, says nothing. We walk into the low rolling waves. She has a really nice ass, bisected with a tiny string. She dives into a big one, I follow.

I stand as the wave rolls onto the beach. Jan’s standing now, the bikini transparent. She has nice nipples and a tiny trimmed triangle. I glance, she catches me, we smile. I’m a little harder now.

“The waters’ warm today.”

Jan braces as a wave washes over us, “It’s nice, I’ll come in at night, nude.”

Eyebrows raised. “That’s interesting.”

“Too much information?”

I laugh, “No, do the same thing myself. Be funny to have met that way.”

Jan looks at the bulge in my speedo and then her hard nipple, “Practically there now.”

“True.” Not wanting to push things, happy with the pace.

Jan looks towards the beach, “You seem to have done alright. Karl left me with shit.”

Curious, “What makes you say that?”

She points, “Nice house.”

I smile, suspicious, “Not mine. A friend lets me live here.”

She senses my unease, “I was walking one morning at dawn, saw you come out. Sorry, that sounded like I was stalking you.”

“Did have that appearance.”

She blushes, “That’s Angie, always told me to just dive in. Life’s too short to hold back. Better an apology than a lost opportunity.”

I smile, “Not a bad philosophy. Kinda went that way in my own life lately.”

“How’s that working out?”

Thinking of my daughter, riding my cock, her fluids pouring out over our union as we gasp, “Pretty fucking well. How about you?”

She blushes again, her nipples hard, “It’s been a month to remember. Amazing, simply amazing. Meeting you adds to it.”

“Thank you. I think you’re pretty damn special.”

A long pause. I know what’s coming, wait, it’s her party. She takes a deep breath, moves closer, nearly touching. Those damn eyes and that smile.

“Dan, I want to go up to your house and have sex. I’m horny as hell right now and I need a good fuck.”

Surprised at her candor, need. I put my arm around her waist, well above her firm, round ass, pull her to me, her arms around my neck, our lips barely touching.

“I don’t want to fuck you.”

She pulls back, hurt, confused, don’t give her time to answer, “I want to make long love to you. But I want to know you better. I want to make love to a lover and friend, not some horny stranger.”

We kiss, deep hard. The wave crashes over us as our tongues tangle. I hold her to me, letting her feel my hard cock. Her nipples press into my chest. Panting, our mutual need tempting. Jan pulls back, tears in her eyes.

“That’s the most romantic thing anybody ever said.”

“I mean it. I want you, right now, more than words can say, but it will be better later.”

She rubbing against me, wicked smile, “You know I’m going to go home and masturbate over this, right?”

I feel her trim pussy rubbing my rigid cock, “I will too. Come to my place for dinner?”

“Of course. What should I wear, or are we going to try the nudist thing?”

My hand brushes over her ass, “Too distracting. Whatever you’re comfortable in. Seven.”

“Looking forward to it.”


Zoe laughed, “My dad the playa!”

“You’re not jealous or anything?”

“No, dad. We talked about this. I don’t want you all to myself, at least sexually. If this goes somewhere, we’ll talk. Until then, enjoy, but tell me all. I’ll finger my pussy while you tell me how she sucks your cock.”


“Learned from the best.”

Our conversation trailed off to less interesting topics. Zoe wished me luck.


Jan breezed in at six-fifty-eight, sundress, sandals, smelling clean. I paused my meal prep. Held her, nothing under the dress. She smiles, “You said, no nudity. This is as close as I can get.”

We kiss, deep, lusty, needy, growing hard against her. I gently pull back.

“Help me with dinner.”

We talk as we work. Touching, hands, bodies. Our pasts, our lives, our failures, triumphs. Feeling her become part of me. In her eyes, the same feeling for me. Been so long since I wanted to love.

Cleaning up, plates in the sink. She turns on the Bose, takes my hand.

“Dance with me.”

We sway, tight to each other. Nipples bore two holes in my chest as my hardness presses against her barely concealed sex. Warm, so warm, mature. Breathing harder, she rests her head on my shoulder, mouth to my ear.

“Thank you.”

“For dinner?”

“No, thank you for saying no today. If we had fucked today, our relationship would be much different, shallower.”

“It wasn’t easy to say no.”

She laughs, presses her sex against my hard, “Oh, I know. I respected that strength. I went home. Didn’t even take my suit off. Got my vibrator and masturbated in my living room. Dan, I came so fucking hard.”

Hands down, cupping her firm ass through the fabric, “I came all over the window. Jacking, naked, looking out at the sea, remembering the feel of you against me.”

She groans at my description, “wish you were cumming all over me.”

My hands slip down, grasp the hem, “that can be arranged.”

She steps back, raises her arms. The fabric whisks off her lean body. Naked, beautiful, the scent of her need in the air. She poses, “You like?”

“I do, a lot.”

Comes to me, yanking my polo shirt out of my shorts, “Dan, I want you so fucking much.”

Shirt, shorts, gone, naked we embrace again, she moves my cock between her legs, bisecting her drenched vagina. Kissing, desperate, needy.

“Here?” She gasps.

“No, the bed.”

“Such a romantic.”

She takes my hand, leads me up the stairs. Her firm ass flexing in front of me. As if I wasn’t horny enough.

Lights off, bed just a sheet. Moonlight through the glass. She reclines, spreading, touching herself.

“Take me, Dan. Make me your woman.”

Over her, looking into her eyes, my cock just touching her wet lips, “I love you Jan.”

In, slowly, as we gasp. Her legs up over mine, “I love you, Dan. I’m yours.”

We fuck like we just got out of jail. Wild, wrestling, groaning, rolling. Me on top, she cums, feels great. Then cowboy, riding me hard, my hands on her breasts, her clit rubbing my pubic hair, cumming, covered in her essence. Not drenched like my daughter, but good, so good. Now, on her side, me behind, tight grip on her hip bone, fucking her, in her. Finally, behind her, ramming hard. Her face in the sheets, yelling, cumming. Pulling her to me as I ravage her needy sex. She groans with every hit, her fingers rubbing her clit, talking dirty.

“Fuck me, Dan. Ram your cock in me. I love your big, fat, cock. Cumming, baby, cumming for you.”

The sheet, soaked, my legs quivering. Needing to cum. My orgasm rises from my toes, tingling my balls.

“Cumming, Jan. I gonna cum in your hot, wet, pussy.”

A groan, “Oh fuck! Do it! Fill me, Dan.”

Holding her hips against mine. My cum jetting deep into her quivering sex. Sweating, the room hot. Her finger on her clit, she cums with me. I pull out, missing her warmth, lay beside her. Jan rolls on top of me, we kiss, I hold her firm ass. She sighs, contented.

“I first noticed you about two months ago.”
“Stalking me?”

Light kiss, “No, not at all. A woman likes to look at men. The mousy part of me was afraid to introduce myself.”

“After my divorce, I haven’t been too good with women. I should have noticed you, sorry.”

“I wear a tank suit or a more conservative bikini, you wouldn’t have noticed. About the time I was getting my nerve up, you had a visitor.”

“My daughter”.

“I know. I saw the resemblance. She’s very pretty.”

“Get’s it from her mom.”

Jan kisses me lightly, “Liar.”

Our juices are running out of her pussy, warm on my balls, I like it.

I let the silence roll. She’s heading somewhere.

“I saw you.”

Tense, suspicious. A trap?

“You said that.”

She shifts, her pussy over my cock now, pressing down. I’m confused, still worried.

“I saw you and your daughter.”

Her hips move, rubbing my cock, growing despite the fear.

“We were on the beach and the deck.”

“No, I SAW you.”

Running my fingers through her hair. She’s relaxed. I’m tense. My greatest secret exposed. Arrest? Public humiliation?

Her lips on my ear, warm breath, barely a whisper. Rubbing her soaked leaking pussy on my cock.

“You were fucking her in front of your bedroom window. I saw you two come in, naked. I know it was her idea. I was walking the beach. I came up to your house to get a better look. I couldn’t walk away. I never knew things like this happened. My nipples got hard. My pussy wet. I didn’t care about wrong, you two looked so hot. I couldn’t hear her, but I saw her mouth on your cock. I took off my dress, then my panties, I wasn’t wearing a bra. I fingered myself, masturbated, standing naked on your deck watching a father have sex with his daughter. I came so fucking hard, Dan. Thank you.”

“I’m glad you weren’t offended.”

“Far from it. I’d found a kindred spirit. You gave me the strength to act.”

” What?”

“My son. He’s been stealing my panties to masturbate for a long time. When I found out I was shocked. It seemed so creepy. Then I noticed him. Young tall, so handsome and lean. I fought the feeling, but I hadn’t had sex in over a year. The idea that a younger man, even if it was my son, found me exciting, sexy, masturbated about me, well, it became intoxicating.

“But I was conflicted. Incest, so many taboos. Plus, I’d never heard of anybody that did it. But the urge drew me closer. I left my warm panties on the top of the pile in the hamper. Then, on the floor after my shower. I’d find them, the gusset wet with his cum, in the hamper. I got worse. I started masturbating in them to encourage him. Imagining Travis on top of me, in me. Next, there was not quite closing the bathroom door when I showered and masturbating one night with the door ajar. He watched me, left cum all over the wall. But I felt guilty. Incest is wrong and nobody does it. I still left him soaked panties but was more careful, no more shows. I was so conflicted. Then I saw you and your daughter that night. Somebody else, somebody normal, not weird mountain folk, had sex, consensual, with his child, adult child. I’d never seen anything so exciting.

“I finally confronted my son. Walked into his room in a robe. He was on his computer, some sports stuff. We talked. I let the robe gap above my breasts and moved from time to time to let the bottom open. Travis just had shorts on. I watched his cock grow. I wondered, ‘how big is he? Am I crazy? Will he refuse me? Prefer the fantasy?’ I had to know. As he talked, I stood up, slipped the belt loose, and dropped the robe. He stared at my body, rock hard nipples, untamed bush behind a black thong, his mouth open. I watched his cock flinch behind the thin nylon. I was shaking with nervousness. I could barely speak. I rasped, ‘Thought you might want a good look.’ I was soaked. I’d been masturbating for twenty minutes before I got brave enough, came hard at least three times.

‘Is this better than peeking in my door?’

‘Oh, mom.’ He replies.

‘So, you like?’

“His hand brushes his now hard cock. ‘Yes, mom, but why?’

“I tell him, ‘I love you, son. I know you’ve been using my panties to masturbate. At first, I was concerned, but now I enjoy being your fantasy. I want it all. If you don’t, say so. We’ll chalk it up to horniness and move on, no harm. I’m going to take my thong off. If you’re not interested, now is the time to speak.’

“My son dropped out of his chair at my feet. His young strong hands grasped the waistband of my thong.

‘are you going to strip your mother naked?’

‘yes’, he said, barely a whisper.

“He took it down slowly, inch by inch. My pussy was gushing. This was so wrong but so fucking exciting. I spread my legs, just a little. As he pulled, the gusset stayed against my soaked sex until the waistband was to my thighs. Then it yielded, dropping to my ankles. I kicked it aside and spread my legs.

‘You like mommy’s pussy?’

“I yelped as Travis gripped my ass and buried his face against my sex. I came immediately.

‘Oh son, oh Travis. Eat mommy, lick mommy’s pussy.’

“I had to stop him, pick him up.

‘Mommy loves your tongue, baby, but I need your cock.’

“I pulled off his shorts. He’s not quite as big as you, but he is forbidden fruit. I lay on my son’s bed and spread my legs.

‘Fuck your mother son. Your mom wants your cock.’

“Dan, it was amazing. Yes, the taboo, the wrongness made it so much hotter, but Travis is a good lover. Not skilled, but sensitive. He moved over me, held me in his arms as I felt my son’s erect penis, touch my wet vagina. He kissed me like a lover, nearly came just from that. Then he whispers,

‘I love you mom, are you sure?’

“I moaned, ‘Yes, baby. Stick it in me, please.’

“I cannot describe the feeling, it was so sublime, his hard, young cock, pressing my pussy open, filling me, slowly, entering me where he came out. Then we just let go. Travis pummeled my pussy. I clamped myself to him and yelled my orgasms. I know it wasn’t long before he panted

‘Can’t hold back mom, gotta cum.’

“I panted, ‘In me, Travis. Cum in mom’s pussy.’

“He shot so much, so hard, I came again. We lay, panting, sweaty, silent. Travis asks,

‘How do you feel? We can forget this happened, you know, if it’s a problem.’

“I moved down and took his soft cock, covered in our spend, into my mouth.

‘Oh, mom.’

“He got hard in no time. I loved having my son’s cock in my mouth. I wet a finger and probed his asshole. He groaned,

‘Oh, fuck mom, you’re gonna make me cum.’

“Dan, he came hard, right in his mother’s mouth. I swallowed his cum, looked up at him, and smiled.

‘No problems here.’

“This is just a different kind of love. I like it and I’m not ashamed to say so.

“That was about a month ago. I think, just after your daughter left. Travis and I have sex whenever we feel like it. But we sleep in our own rooms.

“After I saw you and your daughter, I watched for you, watched you. Don’t know why maybe trying to see if you were different. I still wanted to meet you, see what kind of a guy you were. Talk to someone else who commits consensual incest. Finally broke down and took the plunge.”

My cock was hard from her story. I loved this woman and now we shared a deep secret. I held her slim hips, moving her, lining up. My cock touching her pussy.

“Mom, why did you climb on me naked?”

Jan gasped, then gave me a wicked smile, “Oh daddy, I was so horny, I couldn’t sleep. Will you fuck my young pussy so I can sleep?”

I was Travis, she was Zoe. We kept up the role-play, came like mad. I pulled her out of bed for a shower.

As the warm water cascaded over us, she asked,

“What are we going to do?”

“I told Zoe about you. She was very encouraging, understood that we would have to stop having sex.”

Jan cupped my growing penis, “Don’t stop on my account. I told Travis the same thing. He was not so happy.”

I covered Jan’s pussy with my hand, letting a finger slide in, “Don’t stop on my account either.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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