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The sunlight coming through the window made you stir, and I come round from a sound sleep to find you spooning me, your arm draped over and cupping one of my large breasts, your groin pressed up to my bum.

I run a fingertip up the arm that is laying under my neck to see if you are awake. You make a small sound but I can tell you’re still sound asleep.

We’re both still naked from the previous night’s antics and I can feel your morning glory gently pressing between my warm butt cheeks.

I grin wickedly as is gently press my bum into your semi-erect cock and start to rock my hips, repeating the motion. I feel you start to harden and you start to wake up, a little groggy.

I hear you moan a little with the motion of my butt on your cock as you start to wake up a little more.

I feel your hand, the one already cupping my breast, move a little as you position your thumb to my nipple and start to make circular motions. I can feel it raising and becoming hard at your touch.

You start to kiss the nape of my neck as you continue to knead my now hard nipple. bahis firmaları I continue to grind my butt against your cock, firmer now.

You move your kisses up my neck, still stroking my breasts as you nibble my earlobe. I let out a little moan as you breathe into my ear, and you let go of my breast. You move your hand down my front, caressing my tummy and slide your hand between my legs.

I move my thigh a little to give you access as you slip your fingers further in. You find that I am soaking wet, and hot as you start to stroke my clit. I feel your cock respond to my wetness as you press it against me, now rock hard. You continue to kiss my neck and shoulder as you rub harder now.

I moan more and open my legs further, raising a knee so that you can slide your fingers into my dripping pussy. I start to moan as you slide your fingers in, curling them around to press on my most sensitive parts inside me.

I roll onto my back, lying next to you as your hand continues its exploration of my hot, wet pussy. You lean up on one arm as you take one of my nipples into kaçak iddaa your mouth, sucking on it an swirling your tongue around the sensitive tip, your thumb rubbing my clit and making me writhe with ecstasy.

I can’t take it anymore so I turn towards you and grab your head, bringing your lips to mine, we kiss deeply, hungrily as I reach down and start to stroke your cock, marvelling again at how big you are when you are erect.

I get up and climb on top of you, straddling your waist as I reach down and guide your cock into me, I lower myself slowly onto your huge penis, taking you all the way in, sliding easily as I cover you in my juices. I stay that way for a little while, grinding on you, so that my clit rubs against your pubic hairs and makes me even wetter, feeling your huge cock filling me up to the point where it hurts just a little. Pleasure and pain mixed in. You put your hands on my ass as I start to ride you, slowly at first, as you meet my downward motion with an upward thrust.

With my right hand squeezing my right breast, the other huge breast bouncing kaçak bahis I start to ride you harder, moaning, seeing your face watching me, seeing your desire. I reach my left hand down to my clit and start to rub as I begin to pound you, your hips pounding my pussy with the same urgency as I start a long, slow orgasm. You feel my pussy contracting as I start to cum, which pushes you over the edge and you start to cum inside me, deep and pounding me still.

You sit up and grab my back, biting into my neck as my breasts press against your chest, I wrap my legs around you, both covered in a sheen of sweat, my nails scraping up your back as we climax together, me calling your name as you empty your load into me.

Our orgasms subsiding, we stay like that for a little while, breathing hard, your neck-biting turning into nibbles and kisses as I trail my fingers up and down your back, and on your arms. Our breathing regains some kind of normality, and I lean back and look at you.

“Well good morning, sexy man” I say, my voice husky.

“It certainly is with a wakeup call like that” you reply as you smile and lean in to kiss me. “I think I’m in need of a nice hot shower now.”

“Only if I can join you” I say with a naughty grin.

“Come on then, you dirty girl.”

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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