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11:24am – Ben

Ben walked carefully through the upstairs hallway to his daughter’s room. He knocked to no answer. Peeking in, he saw no Amber. Frowning momentarily, he shrugged her absence to a morning workout regimen and continued with the morning breakfast routine. His jovial and almost musical step reflected his mood to a tee.

Setting out the orange juice and bubbly, he glanced at the clock to deduce Debra’s current whereabouts. His focus on the microwave clock was quickly shattered by Debra herself returning.

“I’m back Babe!” Shouted out Debra in every direction at once.


11:24am – Debra

Debra shot back another morning mimosa at Julie’s. Trading their Mother’s Day plans for tomorrow, they shared the normal weekly dish that had been impeded by a week of preparation for Amber’s return.

“Well thanks for stopping by, Dearie,” said a relished Julie. I’ll come see your girlie in a bit.”

A short but fierce hug later and Julie was on her tipsy way to a noontime nap. Debra let herself out and walked the savory 72 steps to Home. She grasped the doorknob and paused. She paused for a moment and enjoyed the warmth of the knob. Then, with half a breath, she came Home.

“I’m back Babe!” Shouted out Debra in every direction at once.


11:24 am – Amber

Amber awoke to the taste of cum. Her last moments of conscience waterboarded her into full awareness. She was 20, naked and stuck under her parents bed. The gag strap now straining her bare neck. The dildo she lovingly gave shelter through the night had vacated but had not gone far.

Amber began plotting her Exodus by leaving and shooting straight for the bathroom across the room. But how could she know when it was safe to make a run for it?

“I’m back Babe!” Shouted out Debra in every direction at once.

“Here in the kitchen, Honey!” Shouted back, Ben. “Come here”

-Fuck! Now!- thought Amber.

Amber shuffled her bare ass, now stuck to the carpet in an adhesive of her own juices.

Shimmying to the best of her ability, she freed herself and reached back under the bed and grabbed her trusty toy and darted for the bathroom. Once reconfined, Amber let a murderous sigh of relief. Stashing her peripheral devices in a towel and started the shower.


11:26 illegal bahis am – Mr. & Mrs. Stapleton

“There she is,” said Ben happily.

“Is she using our shower?”

“Yeah, I think. How is Julie?”

“Good. No home visit from her little one. The Mimosa queen is off to nap…”

Debra hangs heavily on Ben and wraps her arms around his neck, planting a kiss so sloppy it was only matched by its love. Slightly inebriated, she worked her kisses to his neck. He allows the food to burn momentarily while she grabs a fistful of his genitalia and bites his lower lip.

“Young Lady,” said Ben sternly. He attempted to mime the most stoic figure he could but the heat radiating from Deb’s pussy was enough to roast a marshmallow. Before Ben could decide what to tantalize Debra with, his fully erect dick was throating his wife. A rag in one hand and a spatula in the other, Ben clung to the countertop as Debra, already on her knees, grabbed his ass with both hands and pulled her husband’s manhood down into her throat. Her hair in a flurry, he combed a clear view of her submissive bloodshot eyes. She gagged repeatedly, self-inducing choke after choke. Ben tried dropped his kitchen items and caressed Debra’s flush and eager, cock-filled face on both cheeks.

Each throatal contraction pulled at the base of his dick, Ben grabbed Debra’s skull tight and proceeded to face fuck his gasping wife. Letting her up for air only as necessary, he drug his cock tip back and forth over her tonsils, each cough bringing him closer to bursting.

Debra reached for the cock she loved so dearly, only to be swiftly slapped by the man she loved more. The pain in her face was exhilarating. Debra looked up and without changing face, folded her arms behind and legs beneath her. As she locked eyes with Ben and opened her mouth as needy tongue rolled out to welcome visitors, she rested her head against the silverware drawer.

Ben docked 110% of his dick passed Debra’s lips and held it there. He eased it back until she could breathe through her nose and then halted once more. Her submission would not allow Ben to last long. These Games did their job and made quick work of things. Ben towered over her and leaned both elbows wistfully on the counter and slowly fucked Debra’s face. The massage of her topographical mouth made Ben slip away.

His illegal bahis siteleri casual debauchery, which had sprung from an empty nest and Debra’s hedonistic state, made him all too deaf to the fact that the shower containing his teenage daughter and only houseguest had stopped and was currently walking down the stairs and into the kitchen for something flavorful.

Ben heard steps all too late followed by Amber’s voice.



11:26 am – Amber

Amber adjusted the water temperature before throwing her gag and dildo in before her. She reached out from the shower, dripping, to lock the door she was too rushed to remember. She looked around at the products of her parents. A Costco showcase before her, Amber used her father’s shampoo and mother’s body wash in a speed clean session Nascar would be proud of. She got to cleaning her partners in crime, giving the dildo an extra once-over. Wrapping them in a new towel, then two for herself she shuts off the shower and escapes with her 3 towels and sexual contraband, making a b-line for her room.

Getting back to home base, Amber puts her favorite culprits back in the Game box. Thinking her morning shower might require explanation, Amber gets dressed, slipping into her white lace and cotton Jungle panties. After quickly unearthing some comfy clothes from her bag, Amber hits the mirror for confirmation on being ready for public viewing.

Despite herself, she beautified herself slightly and headed for the door. She swung the door open and took a half step before remembering her phone on the charger next to her bed. Snatching it up, she checked it for notifications and the time.

11:35 read the phone. Social media was ever present but not in distress. Amber, in a phone trance, made it slowly and quietly down the stairs. Turning the corner she caught her dad’s figure in her peripheral, never fully looking up from her phone.

“Morning” she let out in a half-distracted yet welcoming greeting.


11:36am – Debra

Upon hearing her daughter’s voice, everything in Debra’s world stopped. From the carnal thoughts occupying half her mind to the cock throbbing in her throat. Waiting for a cue from her husband, she stayed the course and left her mouth wrapped around Ben, waiting.


11:36 canlı bahis siteleri am – Ben

Ben stared at his daughter. Her body not fully dried from the shower. The bra she neglected to put on. The black tank top hugging her Debra-like curves. Her perky breasts sporting promises. Stupidly he replies back with a casual “Hey”, forgetting his dick was still inside another person. Then he caught eyes with his lover and began to finish.


11:37 am – Amber

“Hey,” said her dad. Amber looked up to see a red-faced man that resembled her father but whose face was that of a man mid-torture. His expression was a swirl of confusion, pleasure, and suspicion. Only his upper half visible due to the kitchen island.

“You okay, dad?” Amber said to him as he looked at the floor.

He started to speak but Immediately stopped. His words seemed to escape him at every turn. With a huge sigh and a stretch over the counter, he smiled wide.

He’s made a face Amber has seen but she couldn’t recall…

“Yeah. Baby. Fine.” responded a relieved Ben. His wife, unseen by Amber writhed below as if he pinned a wild bass to the drawer with his spear.


11:37 am – Debra

Debra felt Ben’s dick pulsating against her inside cheek. She looked up you Ben and she knew. He was going to cum right now. His single “Hey” vibrated down into her chest. She worked her tongue and suction to speed up the process.

She heard Amber ask if he was alright. He was about to be. Debra fought the urge to touch herself just long enough to receive a barrage of sperm that felt reminiscent of drowning as she gulped her way to oxygen.

“Yeah. Baby. Fine.” Ben said to his daughter that, unbeknownst to her, just watched him blow a load down her mother’s throat in front of her. The rush was unbelievable. She knew he felt it too due to the high sperm count she felt enter her.


11:38 am – The Stapletons

Amber only had a second to be suspicious before she remembered she was trying to keep a low profile. She was lucky enough and didn’t want to push it. She dove back into her phone and made a swift exit from the kitchen. Debra got back to her feet matching only the description of ‘cum-drunk slut’ and tried to fix herself up in the cabinet glass before departing herself without a word. Ben stood there, leaning in amazement that he just came with his girl watching. His dick still dripping in his boxer briefs, Ben grabbed a beer from the fridge and headed towards the TV.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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