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“Janine, baby get up.” It was 6:15 a.m., the sun hadn’t even come up. It was Friday; Dreadful Friday. She grumbled a bit and rolled over. She had to be up to be at the bank at 8:30 a.m. “Baaaaabbbbbyyyy” I kind of sung it to her.

“Yes love.”

“You up lady?”

“I’m trying love.”

“Ok mama, you need my help?”

“How you gonna help me? You know like I know your ass ain’t here to help me right now.” She still had sass in her voice.

“What you mean?” I knew exactly what she was getting at.

“Now you know, you are off on Fridays and it’s your life mission to get me to stay home with you.”

“Who me? Couldn’t be.”

“Really boy, you must think I’m a fool.”

“No I just want to help you out, you know?”

“Yeah aight, come help me out then.” With no hesitation I dove under the sheets. There was never a time I didn’t want to cease the moment to please her. She was so deserving of every form of affection. Plus, me being a morning person “Coffee In The Morning” was everything to me. “See how did I know it?” She knew me so well. We been shaking for about 8 months and shit was lovely. Before that we been rocking for a year. Fridays had become a chess match, will I get her to call in or would she stave me off. I worked 4-10s so I was off most Fridays unless I did some OT. Here lately though I had been going in and getting to the money.

I was kissing up her thigh making my way up to her cho-cha. I didn’t have much time to work her up; I was straight to the point this morning. I slow licked her pussy and listened to her sigh deeply. I knew she was melting into the mattress. Like clockwork her hands found my dreads and gripped them tight. I love when she does that shit. I stuck my tongue out as far as I could and fucked her tight twat with no shame. I love the taste of her climax when she came; didn’t know whether it was the pineapple or cranberry juice but her thang was for real on cinnamon toast crunch. I mean her pussy is a real treat to eat. I only wish I could enjoy her longer this morning. It was a sin in our house if she didn’t taste her sweetness off my lips so I traveled up to her upper lips to do our ritual.

She bit my bottom lip then sucked it; savoring her own succulent nectar off it. I loved how nasty we were. While she was still focusing on my lips I maneuvered my stick into position. I rubbed the pre-cum laced head of my member along the blooming lips of her passion and clit. She let out a light sigh as she released my lips.

“Baby we can’t.” she said softly and not nearly convincing enough.

“Lady, ataşehir escort stay home with me please.”

“Baby, I would love to but today is a big day at the bank.”

“But baby, I really want you here.”

“Listen, when I get home today I promise I’ll make it up to you… Promise.” She kissed me softly and I proceed to dismount her in disappointment. “Uh where you going sir?”

“Ummm… I laying back down on my side of the bed.” I explained unenthusiastically.

“Oh no sir. How you going to set this fire and not put it out? You better give me that D. and I mean right now. I only have 15 minutes and I want this nut… You hear me?” I was kind of deflated pride wise. I really wanted my honey all day. You know, cook breakfast together, play the game, cuddle up, and stare in each other faces for hours. I proceeded to ease my way into her walls. She didn’t lie the fire was indeed raging inside. At first I was hitting her with the lackluster strokes; but she wasn’t having it. She gave me that “boy you better stop playing with me look.” I stopped my pouting and started giving her those long deep strokes she likes. “That’s it baby’ she encouraged. Her tone was so sexy when she was turned on. “Dig this thang out baby.”

I indulged and really started throwing the D. I paused only to flip her over to hit it from the back. I slapped her ass and as if it was and on switch she started twerking on me. The way she threw it back coupled with how her kitty gripped me made for a marvelous sight. I licked my lips and smirked. “Mmmm can I put out the fire lady?” She had me lost in her essence. “Can I be your fire man?” She managed to slip a husky yes in there between her moans and the clashing of our bodies that so filled the room. I decided to switch it back up. I flipped her back over and lightly thrusted in her. Her legs wrapped my waist and I began slow stroking her, but nice and deep. “Baby I wish you could stay. I want to play in your hair, I want to lay here and play with your booty cheeks, I want to watch Golden Girls with you as you tell me about each character for the 100th time.” I confessed my desires. I started imbedding kisses on either side of her neck. She cooed as I could tell my argument was beginning to sink in. My stroke was slower now yet still deep and deliberate. Slowly getting my point across, my kisses were traveling to her earlobe. I lightly wrapped my lips around it then whispered “I just want you.” My kisses continued and moved to her forehead, delicately reassuring oh my longings. I cared less kadıköy escort about her having to be to work in this moment. “Baby I need you.” I stated as I let my lips graze hers.

“Baby tell me more” she whined.

“Baby I want to cook lunch for you, I want paint your toes, wash your hair, baby I want to kiss you every hour, quarter, and half hour of every hour.” She pulled me down and planted her salacious lips on mine. I melted literally and figuratively. I could tell she was in tune with me as she dug into my back and moaned into my mouth. We had cum together before but this one seemed to be different. She clamped down on me not to let me go. I released my seed in to her womb blissfully. The contractions of her own orgasm massaged the remaining cream from m member. The connection was so much deeper, not that it wasn’t always this deep. Bae moaned in my mouth, but if felt more like my soul as I did the same. No bullshit a tear welled up in my eyes and I was less than shameful when it fell to her cheek.

“Damn love.” Janine grabbed my hand as we both lay on our backs.

“I love you too.”

“You really tryna get me to stay home huh?”

“I been craving you lady.”

“Well how about I meet you half way?”

“How so?’ I said, my eyebrow raised.

“Well I have this meeting at 10 and a few thing to knock out afterwards. Then around noon I’ll call it quits and it can be just be me and you for the weekend.”

“Thanks lady, I can live with that.” She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek and got up to shower. I trailed her and joined her in the shower. We chatted about her meeting and as it turned out it was pretty big deal. There was to be some restructuring going on at her branch. I washed her back and she washed mind. I kept my tempted paws from wandering about her frame. She was already running behind as it was.

I saw her off like a real house husband. I mean I was leaning in the doorway cup of Joe in hand, waving and all. Walking back into the kitchen I took a couple eggs out of the fridge and turned on ESPN. Deciding to take advantage of the warm skillet I’d just used to whip bae up an egg sandwich. I figured I’d make me two and catch on what happened over night in ports. It was sad, but I was missing her already. I tried to focus on the TV but it did little to nothing to keep my mind off of her. All of a sudden the doorbell rang, so I scurried over to the front door. When I reached it, I was greeted by an Edible Arrangements courier. A beautiful basket was handed over to me and a smile graced my bostancı escort bayan face. Janine really knew how to win me over, she knew she had me. I flipped the note tag and it read:

Hey Bae, I know I couldn’t stay but here are a few sweets to hold you over until I get home with my sweets.

I was still in the kitchen when I heard my phone ring on the couch. I rushed over when (There Goes My Baby) started playing. I damn near twisted my ankle I was moving so fast. “Hey Mami.” I said still excited from my gift. I didn’t hear anything. “Sweet heart, why you love me so much?”… It was still dead silence on the other end. I listened closer and I heard faint breathing. “Bae… Baby what’s wrong?”

Light Breathing…


Light Breathing…

“Are you ok… Ma’am are you?” an unfamiliar voice shouted in the background. “SOMEBODY CALL AND AMBULANCE!!” the voice grew closer.

With no hesitation I jumped up and bolted out of the house. I grabbed nothing but my keys, no wallet, no cash, no I.D. nothing. I sped out of the apartment complex and headed toward her job. She only took one route so I was bound to find her. It was still rush hour and I was driving like a complete fool. I don’t know how many people honked at me nor how many rules I broke. What was normally a 20 minute ride took me only 10 minutes. I could see the flashing red lights from a half mile back. My heart was racing and the closer I got, the thicker the traffic. I was able to get about a quarter mile closer before I threw the car in park and snatched the keys out of the ignition. Jumping out I was in a dead sprint toward the scene. I didn’t care that I left my car in the middle of the road. I was about 50 feet from the ambulance when I saw Janine on the stretcher. I pumped my arms harder in desperation to get there faster. I was almost there when two cops grabbed me, keeping me from my lady. I almost broke loose before a third assisted them in restraining me. “LET ME GO THAT’S MY WIFE!!” I shouted.

“Sir we can’t let you over there.”

I jumped up to see what was going on, the glimpse I got brought me to my knees. The paramedics were draping a bloody sheet over Janine’s face. Never had I felt so much pain in my entire life. She was gone. The love of my life, the woman I adored. My world was crushed.

I’m so torn up now can’t believe I lost you

Lost my best friend my soul mate can’t believe it’s true

We’ve invested in a set of twins a small house and the dog cried out

Knew I was suffering he was chained to my pain.

Me and you were meant to last forever

And empty walls can’t hold this house together

We were born to live and die together

And now ya gone and I’m so alone

Baby come on home

Anthony Hamilton

“I’m a Mess”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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