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The SUV bounded over the rocks and dirt and kicked up a cloud of dust behind it. The Colorado summer was at its peak and it was hot out but a nice thunderstorm was rolling in from the west. Soon the sun would be setting behind the thunderclouds and make one hell of a work of colorful natural art in the sky.

The vehicle made its way up a steep hill and soon stopped under an outcropping of trees. Jessica grabbed her new camera and hopped out of the SUV before Jodin even turned it off. He smiled at her antics, she looked as happy as a child in a candy store. She was snapping away at the impressive view that lay before them.

They where in a field of sweet green grass and wildflowers that ended abruptly and dropped down several feet in a cliff. It faced west and this was the perfect spot. She took pictures of the colorful flowers, tall quaking aspen trees around the clearing, and the sun behind the thunderhead. Jo got the blanket out and brought two backpacks out as well. He plopped them down and his sister stomped towards him with a stern look,

“I took all day making that food, don’t throw it around like that!”

They stared at each other for a moment then they burst out laughing. They sounded like a married couple. She sat down then he sat next to her and they unpacked the food and lay it out before them. Sandwiches, chips, salad and homemade cherry pie. It was a wonderful picnic. She kissed him on the cheek and smiled,

“Thank you for going on this picnic with me. I had nobody else…”

He hugged her with one arm and smiled, kissing her head of soft tawny brown hair,

“You know I love you. You are my only sister!”

They had two older brothers but they where not as close to them. Jodin and Jessica where twins born four minutes apart, her being the younger. Jess had just had a bad breakup with her boyfriend of one year and Jodin was taking her to the mountain to make her feel better, perhaps forget that loser.

They ate and talked, laughing and teasing each other. Sometimes they would punch the other in the arm playfully or poke and prod, throw grass or food. They had such a great relationship. He wished he could find a girlfriend just like her. Looks, brains, and deep friendship. She also wished he could be her boyfriend, she loved him dearly.

After the meal they packed everything up but the blanket and they sat and canlı bahis watched the lightning from the approaching thunderstorm. They heard thunder in the distance as it rolled and cracked after every stroke of lightning. The sun started setting and the clouds turned bright red and orange and now they were almost on top of the mountain. Soon they were overhead and a light rain started.

Jessica jumped up and started to run to the SUV for cover and Jo grabbed her around the waist and swung her around,

“The rain is not going to hurt you!”
She laughed and wiggled playfully,

“I might melt!”

Jodin laughed hard,

“Only two things melt in the rain, shit and sugar and you are not made of sugar!”

She wiggled and laughed so hard they both fell over onto the blanket with him on top of her. His face was right next to hers and suddenly the laughter melted away. He wiped some raindrops from her cheek and moved closer. They stopped breathing for a moment as he bent in and kissed her softly on the lips.

She tasted sweet from the cherry pie and her lips were warm and soft. They thought about this, here was the person that knew them best, the one who saw them cry, get hurt, grow up and at the best of times and worst of times. They loved each other deeply and now they were about to take that love to the ultimate level. After this there would be no turning back.

They didn’t care, they kissed again, deeper. Thunder cracked overhead as their tongues met and played. His hand moved from her side to cup her firm round breast and her hands rested on his chest. As they kissed passionately, a heat welled up inside them, a hunger and an urgent need. She tugged at his shirt, wet with rain, and pulled it off of him. He did the same to her, taking her shirt over her head and exposing her perky tits held back by a black lacy bra.

They kissed and touched more and soon they had each other’s pants undone and slipping off. He undid her bra and took it off slowly. He peeled the wet material from her thin frame to expose the most wonderful pair of tits he had ever seen. He took the bra away like wrapping on a gift, carefully and with eager anticipation. Then he did the same with her pants and black thong panties.

Jess, in turn, took his pants off with the same eager anticipation and soon they were both lying naked in the rain. They touched more, bahis siteleri his hand explored the wet hot mound of flesh between her legs and her hand took his hardening cock and moved around it like a flutter of birds. He touched her clit, which was pierced with a small silver ring, and rubbed it with his middle finger in circles and she gasped and started to lightly rock her hips. His cock was soon very hard and she started sliding her hand up and down the length of it.

She wanted to taste him, feel his throbbing dick in her mouth. She lightly pushed him back and he knew what she wanted. He lay on his back for her, slightly sitting up and watching her move down to his member. She looked up at him with those green eyes and started to lick the tip while holding it firmly in one hand. He shivered as she took more in and soon was sliding her hot wet mouth up and down most of his cock.

Jessica was quite good, sucking firmly and moving at just the right pace. Her hand slid up and down the shaft where her lips weren’t and her other hand gently massaged and tickled his balls. He had never had somebody so in tune to what he liked. It was like she knew exactly how to please and it only got better.

Suddenly she went down, took him all the way in and buried her nose in his pubic hair. She twisted her head as she came up and very lightly raked her teeth along the whole cock then deep throated him again. She took him in several times at a faster pace and soon he was moaning and goosebumps crawled up his flesh. His balls tightened and he ran his hands through her hair as he came in the back of her throat. She never even gagged, she took all of the hot cream and swallowed. She loved his taste and moaned into him as she swallowed every last drop.

He wanted to make her feel the same way and wondered how sweet she was and he soon had her on her back and was between her legs. He kissed her neck and chest, tummy and hips as he made his way down to her pussy. He teased her by kissing her thighs closer and closer to the prize. She moaned and arched her back as he drew so close she could feel his breath on her muff. He flicked his tongue out over her clit a few times and she shivered. Soon he started licking lightly and sucking gently on her folds of skin.

He started slow, as she had, and she loved it. He licked and played, tasting her sweet juices. She was so wet bahis şirketleri it dripped down his chin. Suddenly, and without warning, she came. It was surprising and quick but lasted for, what seemed like, an eternity. She writhed and he didn’t let her go, he pulled her into his face by her hips and licked and sucked as she squirmed.

He wasn’t done yet. Jodin started licking her harder and faster, nibbling a bit and sucking on her clit. He took her clit ring in his mouth and flicked it with his tongue, driving her crazy. He bit it and pulled lightly a few times and she felt the heat build up in her stomach as she was driven over the edge once more in a deep explosion. She tossed her head side to side and moaned loudly, her body trembling.

He crawled up to her face and kissed her. She could taste herself on his lips and liked it. She was so sweet and tangy. His cock was hard once more and he stroked it a couple times then guided it to her pussy. He poked the head in and looked her in the eye as he slowly pushed the length inside her. She smiled and arched her back, taking him in deeper. They were still for a moment then he started sliding in and out of her soaking cunt.

They started up a slow pace but it didn’t last long, soon he was ramming her hard and fast. He was grunting like a wild animal and she was moaning loudly as he pushed inside of her while holding her tight. She came again, but it wasn’t a huge explosion, just a little body tremble, pussy clench and it made her squirm. They both stopped suddenly as if they knew what they wanted and she flipped over under him and got onto her hands and knees before him.

He slid the tip of hic cock in and grabbed her hips, ramming into her hard. She yelled out and buried her face in the wet blanket as the rain fell and tickled her back. He started thrusting and rocking her hard and she reached down and rubbed her clit as he did. It didn’t take long in this position and she was ready to cum again. She tried to hold it back until he was ready and he soon was about to cum as well. With a few more thrusts her pussy clenched his dick hard and squeezed him tight, that was all it took and soon he squirted out a lot of cum into her hot pussy, deep inside. She moaned and came hard, she could barely keep her ass in the air.

They stayed that way for a few minutes then she fell and he fell on top of her. She rolled over and he lay beside her. Jess lay her head on his chest with a smile as the rain stopped. They lay like that for quite a while. The clouds parted and melted away to show a brilliant night sky and bright full moon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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