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Daddy had one hand fisted in my hair while his other held my hips closer to his. With each thrust, his length filled me completely. My helpless body writhed beneath his as I cried out in ecstasy. My moans seemed to spur him onward, and he slammed into me with unbelievable force, slapping his hips sharply against mine.

“Say my name, Nicole,” he demanded.

“Daddy,” I moaned too loudly.

He groaned deeply as his name echoed through the room.

“Good girl, Nicole,” he praised me, then dipped his head to my chest. His lips surrounded my sensitive breast, and I arched my back instantly, begging him for more with my body.

I could feel the sweat pooling in the valley between my breasts as I reached up to tease one of my hard nipples. I rolled it between my fingers for a moment, then pinched it roughly. A strangled whimper escaped me. I dug my teeth harder into my lip while trying earnestly to silence my cries.

Daddy removed his mouth from my breast, then lifted his eyes to mine.

“You’re going to cum for me, Nicole. And when you do, you’re going to scream my name again, do you understand? Can you do that for me?” I nodded as I felt my muscles beginning to clamp down around his cock. I loved it when he talked to me that way.

My breath was coming in short, ragged spurts, and I could feel my legs beginning to shake. I was so close. I plunged my fingers harder into my center, desperate to find my release.

He continued to drive himself forcefully into me, grunting fiercely with each lunge. His fingers tightened in my hair, pulling my head back as his tempo increased to a frantic pace.

“Now, Nicole!” he commanded, then moved his long fingers from my hip to press them firmly against my clit.

I pinched my clit between my fingers while my other hand continued to pump into my soaking core. The combined sensations became too much, and I felt my stomach twist for the final time.

I exploded on my fingers as overwhelming pleasure racked my body. My toes curled tightly as high-pitched sobs forced their way through my lips. I swallowed hard in an effort to ebb the flow of my cries. As I came I imagined my dad, grunting and growling above me as we climaxed together. The vision sent another hot shudder ripping through me, and I panted his name as I rode the tidal waves of bliss.

Once the heat of my orgasm subsided, my hands fell limply to my sides. I concentrated on slowing my breathing. Imagining him being forceful and commanding never failed to throw me head-first over the edge. I couldn’t help wondering then, as I always did, if my dad would ever really talk to me that way. I giggled softly as I wondered what he would think if he were to find out about the things his 18 year old daughter imagined him saying to her…doing to her.





“You never cease to surprise me, Nicole,” a familiar voice murmured from the darkness.

I squeaked and jumped a foot in the air as my head snapped towards the startling yet velvety voice.

I could just barely make out the shape of his body, illuminated only by the moonlight that filtered through my window. He was leaning back against a chair, leaving his face masked by the shadows, save for the glint of his eyes that shone silver in the moon’s weak rays.

“D-Daddy?” I stammered in astonishment.

“Yes, love,” was his only answer.

Oh, God. No!

Horror washed through me as I realized what had just happened – what he had just seen. I had never been more embarrassed in my entire life. What must he think of me? I felt my cheeks begin to burn as I quickly tried to separate my fantasies from reality, attempting to recall exactly what things I had said out loud. My horror grew exponentially as I realized that I had no idea – I had been too wrapped up in my. . .um. . .thoughts.

“How long have you been here?” I whispered, knowing he would hear.

“Long enough,” he replied, simply.

Was he angry with me? It was extremely unsettling to be unable to see his face. His voice was low and rough, carrying a tone that I had never heard from him before, and his responses were short – strained, almost.

I looked down as I began to wring my hands together in embarrassment, only to realize that I was still sitting on my bed in all of my unclothed glory. I had managed to forget this fact in my moment of panic. He could see everything.

I squeezed my eyes shut and choked back the urge to scream as I quickly moved to grab my blanket, trying futilely to save what little dignity I had left. I closed my fingers tightly around the edge of my comforter and pulled it roughly upwards – only to have it snap back out of my hands. I opened my eyes and gasped as I saw Daddy’s long fingers clutching the blanket only inches away from my hands. He had moved and was now standing at the side of my bed, leaning over me as his hand gripped my blanket, keeping it firmly in place.

I pulled my hands back as I looked up to him, desperate to know what he was thinking. I could just illegal bahis barely make out his features in the darkness. His face was expressionless, save for the tight line of his lips and the strain of his jaw. But it was his eyes that kept and held my attention – they were burning, smoldering at me in a way that I had never seen before.

“I’m afraid I can’t let you do that, Nicole,” he murmured as I stared at him in confusion. “After all,” he added with a low chuckle, “it’s something I haven’t seen before. You would deny me?”

Although I would have guessed it physically impossible, I felt my face flush hotter at his words. I brought my knees to my chest as I carefully wound my arms around my breasts, attempting to gain some sort of modesty, though I knew there was none to be had. No sooner had I moved than his hand appeared on my shoulder, and I shivered from his touch on my hot skin.

“I’m going to have to ask you to lie back down, Nicole,” he crooned, as he pushed me down with gentle strength. “I’ve grown quite partial to the view, you see,” he added in a low voice.

I shivered again. Partial to the view? Did that mean that he…liked it? It was impossible to tell – he was being too cryptic. I stared at him warily as I leaned back on my pillows.

Once I was lying back down on the bed, Daddy clasped his hands behind his back, then began to stroll around my bed at a lazy pace. When he reached the center of the foot of my bed, he turned to face me, bringing one arm from behind his back to lay it on my foot. With the lightest of pressure, he pushed my foot to the side, spreading my legs slightly before him. I gasped and watched in utter astonishment as his eyes raked down my nude body, coming to rest on my glistening core.

I couldn’t move – it felt like I had been glued to the bed. What was he doing?

“My, my,” he lilted, “we did enjoy ourselves, didn’t we?”

I nodded stupidly as I continued to gape at him. His words were light and teasing, but there was something else there, something dark and devilish, hiding just beneath the surface.

“Then you won’t mind doing it again, will you, love?” he asked me, nonchalantly.

My heart leapt into my throat as my stomach dropped to my feet, and my mind began racing in an effort to process his impossible words. Did that mean he wanted me to. . . .What? Here? Now?

He chuckled at my shocked expression, and his lips twisted up into the most alluring smirk I had ever seen. As though he could read my wheeling thoughts, he clarified.

“Yes, Nicole. Right here, right now. You would do that for me, wouldn’t you?” he asked, as he cocked his head to the side.

I scrambled for an answer as dozens of emotions pulsed through my body – confusion, surprise, embarrassment, curiosity, and, if I were being honest with myself, lust. Lots of lust, actually. If this was going where I thought it was going…

I swallowed hard, then nodded weakly at him.

“Good girl,” he said, as he smirked with sinful satisfaction.

A ripple of arousal throbbed in my stomach at his praise. It was exactly the kind of thing I had always dreamed that my dad would say to me. For one wild second, I was suddenly afraid that this was a dream; I would wake up in the morning to find that this had never happened. But as I gazed at him with his scorching eyes and sexy smirk, I knew there was no way I could be dreaming. My mind would never be able to conjure up something half so glorious. My instincts took over. I laid silently waiting for his next instructions.

“Now,” he started, thoughtfully, “where shall we begin?”

My hand reflexively began to move to my center, but stopped short when he spoke.

“I don’t think so,” he interrupted, while looking at me with sly amusement.

“Higher,” he ordered.

I took an unsteady breath as I moved my hands up my body. I couldn’t believe this was actually happening. Had Daddy, my Daddy, just told me to fondle my breasts? I could feel a familiar tingling sensation beginning to spread through my stomach as my palms reached my chest. I circled my hands around them a few times, then squeezed them lightly as he looked on in stoic concentration. His gaze never faltered from my hands, and I continued to watch him as I grazed my fingertips across my round, pink tips.

“Surely you can do better than that, Nicole,” he scolded as he looked at me disapprovingly.

I nodded once, then squeezed my nipples between my fingers, rolling them and pinching them harshly – the way I secretly liked it best.

“That’s much better, love,” he murmured. “Keep going.”

My eyes grew heavy as I continued to tease my breasts, and I could feel warm wetness beginning to leak from my slit. The way he was watching me as he controlled my every movement was highly erotic. I squirmed in pleasure beneath his gaze. Daddy noticed my movement, and his eyes flashed down to take note of the moisture that was beginning to coat my lower lips. His eyes seemed to darken at the sight, and he smiled coyly at me.

“Does illegal bahis siteleri that feel good, sweetheart?” he asked.

I bit my lip and nodded as I pinched my tits roughly.

“Say it,” he demanded, his eyes never leaving my wet pussy.

“It feels good, Daddy,” I whispered breathlessly.

His eyes sparked in the darkness as I spoke, and he met my gaze with a burning intensity.

“But you want more, don’t you?” he provoked me.

“Yes,” I squeaked, causing him to chuckle quietly.

“You can move your hand down now, Nicole,” he rewarded me. I gratefully began to move one hand from my breast, but froze as Dad cut in.

“Don’t use your fingers,” he warned sharply. “Just your hand.”

I nodded in relief as I slid one hand down my stomach and onto my burning core. I pressed my palm firmly against my swollen clit, then began to rub it back and forth, whimpering quietly from the friction.

“Mmmm, that does feel good, doesn’t it?” Daddy crooned.

I opened my mouth to tell him it did, but my breath caught in my throat as his hand began to move. I watched, deeply enthralled as Daddy brought his hand to the zipper of his jeans and began to rub up and down, matching the pace of my hand against my clit. With a heated wave of desire, I realized that my dad was rubbing himself, right before my eyes. My breathing sped to double the pace as my heart began to pound in my chest, and he chuckled at my reactions to him.

I brought my wide eyes up to his, and he gazed back at me while his other hand moved to the button of his jeans. He continued to palm himself through the denim while his nimble fingers pushed the button loose, then moved towards his zipper. I rubbed myself furiously as hot arousal began to throb between my legs, and my eyes snapped hungrily to his zipper.

“Ah, ah,” Daddy scolded as he removed his hand from his zipper to point at his face. “Eyes here.”

I obediently lifted my eyes back to his, and he smirked at me as he began to trail his hand back to his waist. Once his fingers reached their destination, the sound of scraping metal cut through the darkness. I whimpered with want as I gazed pleadingly up at him.

“Naughty little girl,” he cooed. “Pretty, naughty little Nicole. Do you want to see me, love? Do you want to see how hard you make me?”

My breath came out in a harsh whoosh as my center pulsed with anticipation. I was absolutely desperate to see him, to see his arousal with my very own eyes. I nodded vehemently at him, begging him silently for permission.

“I can’t hear you,” he reminded me gruffly, and I sucked in an unsteady breath.

“Yes, Daddy!” I panted, “Yes, I want to see it!”

He chuckled as he nodded approvingly.

“Good girl. Now you can look.”

My eyes darted down so swiftly that it made my head spin, and what I saw caused my heart to stop cold. His thick arousal was jutting out from his opened jeans, standing fully swollen and erect for me. Hot juices began to seep down my thighs at the sight of him, so stiff for me, and I moaned as my stomach tightened with desire.

“Do you like what you see, love?” he questioned me as his eyes gleamed with wicked amusement.

My heart was racing as my stomach throbbed, and the unintelligible whimper that escaped me sounded pathetic at best. Daddy chuckled once more before beginning.

“Now I want you to listen to me closely. When I tell you to, I want you to push two fingers inside your soaking pussy. As your fingers slip through your wet lips, I want you to imagine that it’s my dick that is filling you, pleasuring you. Can you do that for me, Nikki?”

I moaned deeply as I nodded at him.

“It won’t be slow, and it won’t be gentle. Do you want to know why?” he asked me.

I whimpered something that may have been a yes.

“Because I’m going to touch myself too, Nicole,” he stated, pausing to grin wickedly at my wet pussy.

“I’m going to pump myself to the rhythm that your fingers set,” he continued, then stared at me intensely for a moment before wrapping his fingers around the base of his length.

“And I like to Fuck. Nice and Hard.” he growled. With his last three words, he pumped himself roughly from base to tip and back again, emphasizing his meaning with his actions. It was the sexiest thing I had ever seen, and I groaned at the sight as I moved two fingers to my entrance. I began to rub my juices across my swollen lips as I waited for his next command.

“Are you ready?” Daddy asked, his voice deliciously low and rough.

“Yes, yes,” I pleaded desperately. If I didn’t get relief soon, the fire that was blazing inside of me was sure to consume me. I was so hot for him, so ready, and I swept my fingers once more across my dripping slit.

“Now, Nicole. Shove those little fingers inside that hot cunt of yours and finger fuck yourself as hard as you can. Show me what you can do,” he demanded.

He didn’t have to tell me twice.

I thrust my fingers deeply inside of myself and began to canlı bahis siteleri pump them as hard as I could. My muscles contracted in pleasure from my own touch, and more hot juices flooded around my fingers as I began to drive myself towards my release. I was so aroused that the pleasure was already intense, and I fought against my lust-laden lids to gaze up at Daddy.

The muscles of his jaw were clenched and his lips were pressed tightly together as his brows furrowed in deep concentration. I watched in awe as his chest rose and fell with each rapid breath he took, while the muscles in his arm bulged and flexed with the motion of his pumping. He was stroking himself firmly; his pace matched exactly to mine. The sight drove me to push my fingers faster inside myself. He was staring down at me, letting his eyes roam my body hungrily as they burned with unadulterated lust. Our gazes locked, and his eyes flashed with delight while his lips fell parted in a lazy, open-mouthed smirk.

I watched with fascination as he continued to stroke his length. Each time his hand moved, I imagined his solid cock driving into my body as I shoved my fingers harder and faster inside my hot core. The pleasure was overwhelming. I bit my lip sharply as I began to moan, trying desperately to stifle my cries.

Daddy demanded, “You’ll have to be louder for me. Let me hear your moans.”

A wild sob of ecstasy immediately tumbled from my lips, and he groaned loudly.

“Yes, Nicole,” he purred. “Now, I need you to put your other hand on your breast.”

My other hand, which had laid limply at my side, immediately snapped up to my breast.

“Good girl. Now, I want you to pinch and punish your skin while you imagine my lips, wrapped around your tit as I suck and nip at them. Do it now,” He growled.

I wasted no time in pinching down on my hard nipple. Then rolled and pulled it harshly between my fingers. I kept my eyes glued to Daddy’s lips as I imagined his mouth wrapped around my chest as he rode me into oblivion. I couldn’t fight the wave of lust that rolled through my body from the vision, and I cried out to him as my legs began to shake.

“Does that feel good?” he ground out.

“Yes, oh, God. Yes,” I moaned.

“Fuck,” he swore under his breath.

As I continued to tease my breast, I pumped my fingers relentlessly into my slit, gaining speed until I was pushing into myself with impossible speed. Daddy kept up the pace, and I watched with delight as his fist worked furiously up and down his cock.

“Nicole,” he growled, and I whimpered in response. “I want you to move your hand back down to your pussy and start rubbing your clit. Now,” he commanded.

I obediently slid my other hand between my legs and groaned as my fingers landed on my swollen nub. I was so close – my entire body was burning with passion and my stomach was clenched tightly. As I began to work my fingers against my clit, I looked up at him, moaning and whimpering as my release drew steadily near.

He understood immediately, and I could tell from his harsh breathing that he was close too. I saw his dick jerk wildly between his fingers, and he grunted roughly as his fingers tightened around it.

“Slap your clit, Nicole. Slap it and imagine my hips striking against yours so hard it hurts,” he growled.

I raised my hand and slapped my clit, then choked back a scream as a wild shudder of pleasure ripped through my body.

“Now keep slapping yourself as hard as you stand,” he demanded. “Punish your pussy until you cum for me. And when you cum, I want you to scream my name, just as you would if it were my cock that was pumping you, fucking your pussy until you explode in ecstasy,” he demanded, his voice thick with lust.

I was panting and writhing on my bed as one hand pumped furiously against my throbbing core. The other was punishing my clit, slapping it as hard as I could stand. I felt my muscles starting to clamp around my fingers as my body began to shake with my impending orgasm.

“Oh, God. Oh, God,” I chanted as I reached the brink.

“Keep your eyes on me, Nicole,” Daddy ordered fiercely between his ragged breaths. “I’m going to cum! Watch me cum for you, Nikki!”

Daddy’s wicked words combined dangerously with my blazing pleasure, launching me suddenly into blissful oblivion.

I exploded violently onto my fingers as I climaxed with unbelievable force. My toes dug into the bed as hot waves of ecstasy rolled mercilessly through my body, and I screamed his name with wild passion. A deep growl rumbled through Daddy’s chest as his name rang through the room, and his cock pulled tightly in his hand. I watched in fervent fascination as his dick pulsed powerfully, sending his cum shooting so far that it landed in hot spurts across my stomach. The sudden heat against my already overheated skin sent another fiery burst of pleasure shooting through my veins. I cried his name repeatedly as I came harder than I ever had before.

Once the aftershocks of my orgasm died down, my body fell limp as I practically melted into my mattress. That had without a doubt been the most intense and erotic thing I had ever experienced. I could barely believe it had just happened, but I was already wondering if we could do it again.

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