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Big Tits

A Short Story by Dave


She lay there on her bed, on her back and completely naked. Her head was still wrapped in her damp towel and resting on one of her pillows. Tabitha had just taken a shower, and was enjoying the freedom being home alone always gives her. It was just her and her ever-growing imagination! She had a new thought on her mind that she just couldn’t shake!

“What does it mean? I mean, did he want my help or something?” She thought to herself, as she closed her eyes and let the fresh memories flood through her…

Just that morning, she was walking down the hallway in the house. She had just finished cleaning up after breakfast, and was on her way back to her bedroom to change out of her pajamas, now that her mom was not home to torture anymore.

As she passed by her parents’ bedroom, she heard something odd which caught her attention. It was a strange noise; one that she wasn’t familiar with. Naturally, she paused to identify the sound. The door was pulled to, but not closed completely. The gap was big enough to just see inside the room. When she peeked thru the slight opening, she was suddenly presented with the source of the unfamiliar sound.

Her dad was lying on his back; and like father like daughter, he was completely naked! He was holding his cock in his hand, and was pulling and squeezing it! “What the fuck?” came a silent scream in her mind. “Is he trying to jerk off?”

Frozen in complete shock, Tabitha stood still and just stared as her own dad was indeed trying to jerk off. The sound she’d heard was his mutterings and deep moans as he was attempting to coax an erection into his cock. His eyes were closed, and he had a pained look of concentration across his face.

Mesmerized, her hand instantly came to rest over her stomach; the tips of her fingers resting on the waistband of her favorite boxers, which she likes to wear around the house. She found them on top of the trash can in the laundry room one day. Her mom had decided that it was time her dad get rid of them, and had replaced them.

Every time Tabitha would wear the discarded underwear, she could always see her dad glancing her way, a small grin on his face, while her mother always giving her best stern look which said something like, “You know I don’t approve of you wearing those old things, young lady! Why won’t you wear those expensive PJ’s I bought you last year?” But she loved to wear them! She especially loved the cool feeling of a slight breeze on her skin when she would purposely ditch her panties, and wear the shorts commando style.

Quietly, her fingers slid inside the loose-fitting shorts, brushed over her soft, downy pubic hairs until her middle finger rounded over the bulge of her pubic bone and found the tingling folds of her pussy. She cupped her warmth, and pressed firmly as she slowly moved her hand in small circles. She could feel the moisture beginning to ooze; beconning her fingers to explore deeper. She plunged the tip of her finger into between her labia, instantly rewarded with a fresh, warm gush of her slippery sex juice. She raked her finger inward and up, capturing and spreading the liquid as her finger made a trail to her clit. A massive rush of energy and sensation flew through her body as the tip of her finger stimulated her most sensitive of body parts. Her eyes were transfixed on her dad’s tortuous movements. The only movement from her was her moist fingers.

“Mmm, daddy.” her thoughts were beginning to betray her…

Suddenly, Tabitha was ripped out of her trance when the cell phone she was holding in her other hand suddenly slipped from her grasp. It bounced quietly on the hallway carpet, but one corner of the huge, glowing mass of technology thumped against the bedroom door. Her entire body went stiff, and her eyes went wide! In that fraction of a second, before she could react to what was happening, she looked down at the phone briefly. She quickly brought her eyes back up, and found herself staring right into his eyes! Her hand still clearly in her shorts, she watched helplessly as his eyes darted down, then back. He’d stopped working his cock the split second the phone hit the door, but he didn’t move. He just lay there and stared back. The look of surprise faded to nothing; leaving him with an expressionless look upon his face.

Finally, her body sprang to life! She sucked in to stifle a gasp, ducked down and quickly snatched up the phone, and began her retreat!

“Fuck! Shit! Holy fucking shit!” The words kept repeating themselves as she rushed away.

At the end of the hallway, she paused briefly and braced herself for an angry appearance. She knew she just crossed a line that could ruin her! Her heart beat like the high school drumline at a football game…hard and fast, unrelenting! He didn’t come out. In fact, Tabitha heard no sound at all coming his room. Confused, she pendik escort turned and went to her room. Her mind racing just as hard as her heart was beating…

Tabitha ducked into her bathroom so she could pull herself together. She quickly turned on the sink’s cold water tap, but didn’t bother to wet her hands. Her eyes were firmly shut. She listened to the hissing sound of the water for a moment; letting its sound quiet the screaming still piercing through her mind. A moment later, once she’d found calmness within herself, she looked up. It was then when she finally had an idea of why her dad just lay there staring at her. She had totally forgotten she was wearing one of her thin tank top undershirts. The white fabric on this one was almost sheer as it hugged tightly against her skin. The pinkness of her areola and erect nipples were easy to make out. She instinctively covered both her breasts with her hands as she took a deep breath. Her mind still struggling with what she’d just witnessed.

“Why didn’t he storm out and yell at me? He just sat there and stared at me! Oh my god, he saw my hand in my shorts! And he knows I was watching him! And…that I…liked…it? Yeah, I’m fucked good now!” She thought to herself.

The silence broke suddenly. “Tabi?” She heard her dad calling for her. It sounded like he was in her room. She didn’t answer, hoping that he’d just go to his golf game and leave her to figure out what just happened.

“Tabitha, are you in there, darling?” This time his voice came directly through the door. He was standing just outside. “I’m leaving now. I’ll be back at dinner time. Your mother should be home around the same time. Do you need anything before I go?”

His voice made no indication of him being angry! He sounded like he always did. She let out the breath she didn’t realize she’d been holding. “No, I’m good thanks. Good luck, bye dad.” She answered back in the most normal sound voice she could produce.

“Ok. Bye, Tabi. Love you, hon.” he called back as he walked away.

Tabitha didn’t move. She stood there for a few more minutes, until she was certain he was gone. She opened the door slowly; half expecting him to still be standing there. She couldn’t believe he acted like nothing just happened!

“Tabitha, what have you gotten yourself into this time?” She reprimanded herself. “Damn, if he tells mom, she’s going to kill me!”

She returned to her room and closed the door. Deep in thought, she climbed back into her bed. Before she knew it, she drifted to sleep. Her mind was now free to ponder and process. She slept for nearly an hour.

Tabitha woke up with new thoughts rolling around in her mind. She wondered what it feels like, his soft cock. Why he looked so serious. What he would’ve done if she offered to help him. What he was planning to do to punish her.

She hopped out of bed and quickly removed her clothes. Butt naked, she opened the door to her bedroom and listened for a second. Silence. Accepting that she was still home alone, she calmly made her way to the kitchen for a drink, and maybe a snack. She paused briefly when she walked past her parents’ bedroom door, but didn’t dare look inside! Laughing at herself a bit, she continued on her naked journey.

Tabitha loved walking around the empty house, naked as the day she was born! Each time she’d try it, she would get farther away from her room, and stay away a bit longer. This had become a sort of challenge for her. And, she always rewarded herself when she met a new goal.

Once she finished her lunchtime snack, satisfied that she’d completed that day’s challenge, she decided it was shower time…

Tabitha opened her eyes. She was still completely naked and lying on her bed. Her legs were lying limp and spread open as her fingers were working their magic, in full force, upon her swollen and drenched pussy. A wry smile hung on her lips. She let out a soft moan as she began to tease and play with her nipples with her free hand. “Yesssss…” She moaned to herself, her fingers moving rapidly over her erect clit.

She closed her eyes again; letting her secret thoughts take over once again. She could see herself touching his cock. Holding it. Jerking him off. “Mmmmm…Ohhhhh…Mmmmm” She moaned louder. She could feel it coming.

“Come for me, daddy!” She said to him in her imagination. She’d seen countless men shooting their loads before. But, these men were all in porno guys. This time, in her mind she could see his cock welling up for her! “Mmmm…Ohhhh…Mm..Mm..Mmmm…Ahhhhhhh!” Like a tidal wave of pure energy, her orgasm consumed every inch of her body! Her eyes closed, her head rocked back, as her back arched sharply, her hand still flicking her clit as hard and fast as she could.

The next wave of sensation came on so strong that she went stiff as a board from head to foot. Her toes curled sharply! Her hand stopped escort pendik moving, but stayed in place. She let out a loud gasping sound that could be mistaken for her being impaled by a medieval sword! Just as quickly as it came on, the sensation and energy flowed away.

Tabitha could feel her body getting heavy again on her bed. It was like she had been floating in mid-air on a blanket of pure sexual energy. She removed her left hand from the warmth of her drenched pussy and lifted it to her mouth. Ever curious, she rubbed just the tip of her middle finger along her bottom lip. Naturally, her tongue flicked out to sample her sweet juices. As before, she was surprised by the odd mix of the salty-sweet substance.

She could smell it, too. It smelled of sweat, flesh and what she could only describe to herself as sex. It was a pleasant aroma. But, as usual it made her wonder what a cock would smell like. She let her hand fall, and lay still on the bed for a moment as she reflected on her weird little fantasy.

The hair on the back of her neck suddenly stood on end as Tabitha realized she wasn’t alone in the house anymore. All the doors had been locked, as usual. She’d checked each of them her naked self earlier! Slowly, she opened her eyes. A rush of shock raced down her spine as her suspicions were confirmed!

She had forgotten that her door was wide open! Out in the hallway, her dad stood there…still as a stone. He wore that same look on his face. She couldn’t read him like that! Without a word, he turned and briskly walked away.

“Oh, my fucking god! Are you kidding me? Twice in one day? How is that even possible?” The screaming was back in her mind. “Tabitha, you better pack your bags, because mom and dad are going to send you to a monastery, or something!” She was cross with herself.

“Why didn’t I close my door? How did I not know dad was home? What the fuck time is it, anyway?” Then a thought occurred to her…”Wait a second. How long was he standing there…watching me? Was that some kind of thrill for him? Huh, did he at least like what he saw? I mean, he didn’t say anything…again! Oh, my god! He could see…everything! Fuck! Now he knows I like to shave my pussy, too! Mom said I wasn’t allowed to do that yet. Shit! I’m fucked here!”

“But, wait. He didn’t yell, again.” A voice of reason sounded off from the back of her thoughts. “He didn’t look angry at all. Shit! What does all this mean?”

Tabitha sat up in bed. She looked around for something quick to throw on. Not seeing anything, she decided on her bathrobe. It was made of real silk! She loved this robe! How it felt so amazing against her skin as it would slide about as she walked. Another wry smile came across her lips as she remembered that it was dad who bought her this a while back. He said it just looked like something she’d love…and he was dead on!

She loosely tied the robe shut and slowly made her way out of her room. She turned toward her parents room, paused to take one last deep breath, and began to slowly walk…her legs still weak and trembling after her last orgasm. She had made up her mind. She wanted an answer, and she was going to get it!

Like a cougar on a hunt, she moved quietly down the hall to his room…


Phil sat at the end of the bed. He was wearing an old t-shirt and a pair of boxers. He could hear the sound of her car door as she left for her day of who knows what! It had been another rough night. The couple had argued, yet again, over the same subject…SEX. Well, the lack of it anyway.

It didn’t ever seem to matter how frustrated he’d gotten, or how many times he’d pleaded his case, she just wasn’t interested these days. On the rare occasion she’d let him do it, it was like fucking a dead fish! He smiled to himself when he remembered what he’d said the night before. “Why don’t you go fuck a dog?! That’s about all your useful for these days!” Yup, he said it. “What’s she going to do…NOT have sex with me?” He thought to himself.

He could hear Tabi in the kitchen, playing her loud music as she cleaned up this morning’s breakfast. He giggled out loud a bit when her voice broke through. He loved to hear her sing! He loved to watch her dance, too! He especially loved it when she did while wearing his old boxers!

He could see her dancing around the kitchen in his mind. Those shorts about to fall off her skinny bones! His smile faded a bit when he saw in his mind how perfect her body was. Oh, to be 18 and fit like that again! She had the most perfectly shaped ass…always had! Phil shifted slightly as he could feel his cock suddenly pulse from the inrush of blood. He tried his best to change the subject in his mind!

Just as quick, he was met with the memory from just the other day when he’d come down to the living room to watch TV with Tabi. It was daddy-daughter TV night! A tradition they’d pendik escort bayan kept for most of her life… When he came into the living room, she was sitting cross-legged and slouched back; steadily typing out some text to one of her many friends. They must have had a good conversation going because she didn’t see that he was there.

In that moment, Phil saw plenty! Tabi was wearing her new favorite shorts again, but he couldn’t help notice that she wasn’t wearing any panties under them! He knew he should look away immediately! But, for some reason he just stared. He was standing at just the right angle, and she was sitting at just the right angle that he could see her entire vagina! He was shocked when he realized that she had shaved it clean!

“Mother fucker!” He muttered to himself. “Now, how is it that she doesn’t even have sex yet, but keeps herself groomed properly, but her mother can’t be bothered to even consider trimming that poodle puff of pussy hair?!”

Another pulse shook Phil from his thoughts. He could feel his erection coming on fast! He stood up and went into his bathroom. In the mirror he could see that there was not hiding it. “Fuck! I can’t leave to go play golf like this! I’ll be miserable!” Without hesitation, he dropped his shorts and pulled off his shirt. He needed to change anyway.

The bedroom door was closed all the way. For reasons he wasn’t willing to admit to even himself, Phil opened the door and stood there, butt ass naked. His right hand was already stroking the underside of his growing erection. When he heard Tabi slam some dish in the sink, he got startled and went to close the door again. When the door touched the jam, he paused.

“I just wonder.” He thought to himself, and pulled the door back open just an inch or two. He scurried over to his bed and hopped in. He got settled in, lying on his back. He made no attempt to cover himself. He began to stroke his now hard cock. “Yes, stroke that cock, baby.” He whispered to himself. Shocked, he realized he was picturing Tabi’s little hands wrapped around him. Holding him. Stroking him.

A wave of guilt and shame washed over him! He knew it wasn’t right. But, he couldn’t help himself! He’d never been more sexually frustrated than he’d been lately. He deserved to be fucked every once in a while! Why can’t she just see what she’s doing to me?

He realized his cock was losing its firmness. “Great! That’s just perfect! Think Phil…make it hard again!” He scolded himself as he continued to tug and squeeze at his shrinking cock. He closed his eyes tightly, and let his imagination take over.

He tried to see that perfect pussy again. He thought about how she almost never wore a bra around him, and how her perky little breasts were just perfect on her! He tried to imagine what her nipples looked like without the fabric veils that keep his eyes from getting a good look. Guilt came over him again when he tried to imagine him putting his mouth on her nipples…

Out of nowhere, a loud thump came from the bottom of the door. Phil instantly opened his eyes, and was in disbelief at what he saw before him! There she stood, just outside his door. And, she was clearly watching him! He could see that her hand was inside her shorts, too! He didn’t want to freak her out, so he decided he’d play deer in the headlights. He was going to let her decide what to do.

She turned and left quietly. He listened for a minute, but couldn’t hear her out in the hallway anymore. He got up from the bed and went to the door. He could hear that she was over by her room. So, he went to his closet and quickly threw on his golfing clothes. “I’ll be early. Good! I can drink an extra beer before the guys get there! That should help.”

Onced dressed, he went to find Tabi and to see if she needed anything. He tried his very best to act as if nothing had happened. Maybe she was only there for a second. They said their goodbyes and he rushed out for his day of golf.

For the next hour or so, he couldn’t stop thinking about what had just happened. He couldn’t believe that he’d left the door open, and on purpose no doubt! “Great! What’s Debbie going to say when Tabi tells her all about this?” He tortured himself with his own punishment.

“But, would Tabi really do that? Would she tell? How could she? She had her hand down her shorts while she was watching!” Sitting at the club bar alone, not a sole in the room knew the private battle being waged in Phil’s brain at that very moment!

One by one, the rest of the crew came in. Phil’s mind was carried away from his family issues for a while as they ribbed each other about sports. He was starting to feel better.

Once they got out on the course, Phile found himself once again alone with his thoughts as his golf cart partner, Dave, whacked away his collection of expensive balls. By the time they finished the third hole, Phil could feel his cock starting to pulse again. Terrified of being outed by the guys, he quickly faked that his old knee injury was flared back up after he shamelessly gave his best impression of Dave’s horrible swing technique!

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