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All characters in this story who engage in sexual acts are over 18 years of age.


“Dave? I can’t hear, the line’s bad.”

“I’m here, Tan. What’s up?”

“Oh that’s better. I’m coming home!”


“I’m flying out in two days. Be there in four. Can I come stay with you, little brother? I don’t want to go to Brisbane and have mum and dad fawning over me again.”

“Of course you can. I’ll make up the bed. Oh Tanya, I can’t wait. We’re all so proud of you!”

Tanya was finishing her second tour in Afghanistan as an Army helicopter pilot. I knew the risks she took for our country, I was so proud of my big sister, and even more relieved that she’d be home safely.

And that was how my sister started living with me. I’m Dave, 24 years old, a little overweight since I had to stop playing football after a nasty motorbike accident. Tanya is two years older than me, the same height at six feet, but she’s slim and athletic. We both have light brown hair, hers she used to colour with darker streaks and tie in a practical pony tail.

Those four days went quite quickly despite my longing to see her again. Then on the fourth morning she was there, on my doorstep in her Army greens and slouch hat, smiling and holding out her arms. We hugged, kissed cheeks, hugged again. I helped her get her kitbag inside. She still had those coloured streaks in her hair, I noticed her eye makeup, high cheeks, sweet lips, straight white teeth. All was as it should be, except…

“Are you limping?”

“Yeah, bro. Don’t tell mum and dad yet, I caught some shrapnel from an IED that was outside the base. Think of it – the bloody thing was forty meters away and I was the only one hit! Swooping around like a maniac in my chopper getting shot at didn’t do it, having a beer in the mess tent and I got hit!”

“Is it serious?”

“Nah, not really. But I’m not going back. I’ve got a posting here, instructing.”

“Fabulous! I’m sorry you got hit, though.”

“Yeah, and I’m sorry you came off your bike mate.”

“Messed up my deadly-accurate kicking style.”

“You never had one!” We laughed.

For a couple of hours we chatted, caught up with news. I was in awe of her. I’d done three years in the Army too, but never got deployed, so I was also a bit jealous of her. We knew some of the same soldiers, she told me about them. I made her lunch. We went outside and sat sipping cold beer on the porch.

“Oh, you got a spa installed?”

“Yeah. Helps relieve the ache in my leg. That’s my excuse anyway.”

“Cool! Let’s get in.”

“It’ll be cold, hasn’t been on since yesterday. Give it a couple of hours.”

I turned the heater on. Tanya went to unpack. She didn’t have much stuff, most was at the base, but I’d offered to let her live here permanently if she wanted, and she was going to get the rest of her stuff and move in soon.

By the time the spa had heated up, we were quite loose from drinking beer. I put some more in a big cooler and poured ice over them then placed the cooler beside the spa. Tanya took a shower, I was already in the spa. She came out in a thigh-length cotton wrap, bare legs visible under it. She threw it over a chair and stepped over the rim of the spa. She wore sports shorts and a t-shirt.

“Sorry mate, only things I could find.”

“No problem.”

She sat and the t-shirt immediately became transparent. She wore a thin pale-coloured bra, which showed through. “Thought that might happen, that’s why I wore the bra.”

“You don’t go commando then?”

“Fuck no, not in front of you. Remember what happened last time?”

I did remember it and smiled at her joke. We were at the beach, about a year ago, just before she went overseas. We’d swam and were laying on towels in the sun. She asked if I’d be freaked out if she went topless, I said no thinking I’d be cool enough that my sister’s tits wouldn’t turn me on any more than the half-dozen pairs I’d already seen that day. As it turned out, I was wrong.

I tried not to look but, well, they weren’t just tits. They were her tits. Hell, I’d watched them as they grew. And now they were round, firm C-cups and wet, the cool breeze made her nipples hard, and I had to tear my eyes away. Her eyes closed once she thought I was comfortable with it, and I looked at them once too often. My cock bulged in my shorts.

Tanya must have sensed something. Without opening her eyes, she said: “Are you gawping at my tits?”

“Um, not gawping, exactly.”

She opened one eye suspiciously. I was sprung. She looked down at my obvious excitement then back into my embarrassed eyes.

“You gonna stop looking at my tits?” She was teasing so I played along.

“You gonna put ’em away?”

“If I have to. But if you start wanking that pole of yours I’m gonna beat you into a pulp.”

I did manage to stop looking, and eventually my erection subsided although the memory of those fine breasts never did.

But now, here she was in my spa, teasing me about bursa escort it all over again. I turned on the jets. Tanya closed her eyes and eased back until she was almost underwater, luxuriating in the massage of the steaming water.

After a couple of minutes in silence, she sat up and reached for her can. She emptied it and asked if I wanted another. I did, and she stood to get them for us. She only had to bend slightly to reach them but her wet shorts clung to her bum and I knew instantly that she was ‘commando’ under her shorts. In the two seconds I was looking, before I looked away again, I saw three things. One: Her arse was round, slim, and supple. Two: Her shorts were clinging into her pussy. And three: To my guilty delight I knew she was shaved smooth. All that was revealed to me by how the thin fabric stuck to her contours.

I doubted she knew what a show she’d given me. I closed my eyes to pretend I wasn’t looking, she tapped my shoulder with the fresh cold beer and handed it to me.

As she sat back down her t-shirt billowed about in the water. She said: “I’m gonna take this off. It’s too clingy.” She peeled it over her head awkwardly, and while it covered her eyes I sneaked a peek at her chest. Her bra was one of those plain, sheer things, I saw now that it was flesh-coloured and cupped her ample bosom from below, presenting some cleavage to my eye, and then I had to look away again.

I had to admit to myself that I felt no guilt at gazing at my own sister’s body like that. We’d spent little time together since we both joined up. I’d been out almost a year now, she joined six months before me. We’d never been posted to the same base, not even in training. In short, while we had been close growing up, we were not so close now. And that’s my lame excuse for ogling my sister, and – dammit – getting a half-stiffy in the warm bubbling water.

We were chatting away about some Army stuff, and I must have been idly looking at her chest – just below the bubbling surface.

“Hey! Buster! Eyes up here, mate!”


“You’re trying to perve at my tits?”

“Was I? Oh, sorry.”

“Haven’t had much action recently?”

“Actually no. And truth is, you’re the nearest thing to a girl I’ve had in this house in months.”

“Nearest thing to a girl? What am I, a friggin’ wombat?”

“Oh, I didn’t mean that. I meant, um.”

“Forget it. Drink your beer.”

She was smirking at me, obviously enjoying my embarrassment. A minute later, she said: “Oh shit! The trouble with beer is it makes me wanna pee.”

“Mmm, I know what you mean. There’s an outside loo too, beside the pumphouse. Tanya? Over there… If you wanna go there.”

“No need.”

“I thought you said…”

I saw her smile as she sipped from her beer again.

“Did you just piss in my spa?”

She laughed, and I laughed with her. “You dirty bitch!”

This was the Tan I knew. She was confident, cool as a cucumber, and wicked.

“It’s hot in here Dave. Wanna dip in the pool?”

“Sure. Now that you’ve contaminated the spa…”

As she stood the water dripped off her, down her legs, and that’s when I noticed the scar on the inside of her left thigh for the first time.

“Oh shit Tan! You really did get hit!” The scar was jagged, pink from the heated water, and about ten centimeters long.

“Yeah. Tore out some muscle and chipped the bone, too. So I won’t be flying for a while.”

“Oh babe I’m so sorry!” She loved flying, being grounded would hurt.

“Yeah, I’m getting used to the idea. This way down to the pool?”

She knew it was, it was her way of telling me to drop the subject. My heart ached for her. At least I could still ride bikes after my own injury.

I followed her as we padded wetly to the pool at the bottom of the garden, along a thin concrete path through some tropical plants and palms. She jumped into the pool, I was right behind her.

“Shit that’s cold!” She said, “After the spa…”

My turn to tease: “Yeah, the sort of cold shock that makes yer nipples go pointy, innit?”

She looked down at her thin bra, saw her nipples were poking out, and giggled as she dipped low to hide them from view.

I continued her joke from before: “Makes you wanna pee, too.”

She looked at me, I exaggerated a look of relief as I let my piss go.

“You’re a dirty bastard too, Davey Collins.”

“Takes one to know one.”

“Hey squirt – go get me a beer!”

Her nickname for me was because she was taller than me while we grew up. I admonished her for not thinking to bring one down with her, and pulled myself out of the pool to go get one.

“Oooh, Still got a tight footballer’s arse, I see.”

“Now who’s the perve?” But I appreciated her compliment.

Tanya was floating on an airbed when I returned. I slipped into the water and swooshed over to her to hand her the fresh drink. I’d lost count of how many we’d had, but I knew she was a soldier in more ways than one: She could bursa escort bayan hold her drink and I wasn’t bad on that score either.

As I got closer, I chanced a glance at her nipples again. The fabric of her bra had become partly transparent. I could see the darkness of them against the surrounding flesh as well as the shape. She caught me looking.

“Oh for fuck’s sake. Here!” The airbed folded in the middle as she sat up awkwardly and wrenched the garment over her head and threw it to the side of the pool. “Now you don’t have to cop peeks all the time. Look all you want. They’re just tits, squirt!”

My mind said: Yeah, but they’re your tits and they drive me crazy. But, after teasing me about that other time, well, maybe she’s…

I tried to act cool: “It’s no big deal Tan. OK, they’re pretty but I seen tits before.”

“Yeah I suppose you have but mine are fucking perfect, right?”

There was the old Tan again, the in your face, like-me-or-fuck-you Tan.

“Yeah, they’re not bad.”

“Not bad my fine round arse! When was the last time you saw any, big-shot?”

I answered honestly: “Actually, it was about a year ago. On South Beach. Yours, in fact.”

She turned her head on the airbed and looked at me, smiling: “Jesus mate! That’s sad. Only seen tits twice in a year and both times they were your sister’s! Am I safe? Can you control yourself?” She was teasing and I reacted. I lifted the side of the airbed, she squealed as she fell off into the water, laughing and spluttering as she came up. I played my trump card, that I always won with. I grabbed her around the waist and tickled.

As strong a woman as she was, as accomplished, as admirable, she went to pieces when she was tickled in the right spot, and I knew the right spot, just below her ribs, at the sides.

She wrestled, squealing, tried to fend me off. On land she would have thrown me easily, such was her training, but in the water I matched her.

I let her get away after half a minute. She splashed water in my face. I stalked her, she backed away warily. She tried to distract me: “I bet you did that just to watch my tits wobble!”

“Hadn’t thought of it at first, but I enjoyed the view anyway!”

“Perve!” She threw water at me again, then squealed as I lunged for her. This time though, I slipped and was vaguely aware of my face sliding down her tits as she jumped away from my grasp. When I resurfaced she was well out of reach, still laughing: “Jesus! First he gawps at my tits then he tries to suck on them!”

I had met my match and knew it. “OK, you win. I’m humbled and ashamed. I’m gonna get some more beers and hop back in the spa, since you just knocked mine over and threw yours in the pool.”

“Oh, yeah. Your fault for trying to grope your poor, defenceless little sister.”

“You’re neither defenceless nor little. And I deny any and all allegations of groping.”

“Help me out. There’s no ladder.”

She pulled herself up to straight arms on the side of the pool, playfully I got behind her and pushed her bum up as she twisted to sit on the edge.

“See! Groper!”

“Shouldn’t have such a nice bum.”

“Yes, yes, my body is a curse. Men lust after it all the time. I have to carry a sidearm at work just to frighten them off!”

I laughed as I jumped up to sit beside her. My demeanour changed suddenly. I leaned over, wiped wet hair from her cheek and kissed it: “I missed you Tan. I’m glad you’re home.”

She held my hand, squeezed it and said: “Me too. I’m gonna like living here with you.”

Then her playful came back: “You big softy. Go get me that beer you promised.”

We held hands walking back up the path, comparing how we limped, swatting the palm fronds away from our faces. When the path widened, we put our arms around each other’s waists and climbed the timber steps up to the porch.

The fact that she’d left her bra beside the pool didn’t matter. She was comfortable enough with me to stay topless, and for now it was natural for me too although I was forcing away the image of them bouncing around as I tickled her in the pool for fear of awakening the boner that lurked just under control.

Sipping beer once more in the spa, this time Tan sat closer to me. Our thighs touched under the water, and she rested her head on my shoulder. We chatted, sat on the wicker chairs beside the spa, downed more beers, and got thoroughly drunk together.

At some point we both tipped from merely shitfaced to barely functioning. Tanya slurred out: “Davey, juss so you know. I don’t mind you looking at my tits, OK? Any other bloke and I’d fuh-latten him, but for yooo, iss OK.”

I burped. “Why thank you. And just so yoo know, I don’t mind looking at your tits either. In fact, I quite like it.”

“You pervert. I knew you were looking. Doo they still give you a hardon?”

“I’m too pissed.”

She laughed and went to pat my thigh, missed, and hit my balls. I winced.

“Ooh sorry. Did I just whack yer joowells?” escort bursa

I winced. “Yep.”

She reached between my legs, fumbled, and said “I’ll rub ’em better for ya.”

In my drunken state I still managed to register that my sister was tits-out topless beside me and rummaging around in my tackle.

“Er, thanks Tan. They’re better now.”

“Ohh Kay then.” Her hand returned to my thigh. “Can we sleep here? I don’t think I’ll make it to bed.”

“C’mon, I’ll help you.”

Between us we managed to get inside. I got fresh towels. Tanya was too drunk to dry herself properly, I tried to help.

“Oh now we see! You finally got to rub my tits!”

“Wish I wasn’t so drunk, I might enjoy it.”

“Yeah, me too. Davey?”


“I like having you for a brother.”


“I’m going to bed now. OK?”

“OK. ‘Night.”


And that’s all I remember from that night until I woke up, shivering, some hours later. It was still dark, I was naked on top of my bed, and hadn’t closed the window.

I got up to take a leak, first putting on pyjamas. After relieving myself, I remembered Tanya was here and went to check on her. In the dim moonlight I saw she too had crashed nude. She was on her side, one leg straight and the other bent. I saw her naked, bald pussy peeking between her shapely thighs in the silver glow of the night. I shook my head to clear the cobwebs, then covered her with a blanket and went back to bed.

In the morning, I slept in until past 9 o’clock. I rarely got bad hangovers, this day I had a foggy head and the dry horrors. I got up slowly and went to get some water.

Tanya was already up, drinking hot coffee. She looked as though she’d had an early night and slept like a baby, not like she’d been so drunk she could barely stand just – what, seven hours ago?

“Oh you bitch. I forgot you’re fucking bullet-proof!”

“Morning Tiger. Bit sorry for yourself are you?”

“I’m fine, thankyou for asking.” I wasn’t. “Any more coffee?”

“Help yourself.”

I poured some and a glass of water which I drained first.



“How much do you remember of last night?”

“All of it, I think.”

“Hmmm. OK. Tell me. Did I, er, did I touch your cock?”

“Don’t sweat it sis. Yes you did. You banged me in the balls then tried to stroke them better.”

She giggled. “Oh. One more thing. I seem to remember being tits-out for some time and I don’t remember what happened to my bra.”

“You left it beside the pool.”

“Oh. So I was topless for what, hours?”

“Yes. Hours.”

She sipped her coffee. “Last question. I woke up naked. Did you undress me?”

“No. But I did cover you up.”

“Oh. So you…saw…”

I decided to let her off the hook. “Nothing. You were flat on your belly and snoring like a pig. Nice bum, though!”

“Thanks. For covering me up, and for the little lie. I never sleep on my stomach.”

I let it be, nothing needed to be said about it so I changed the subject. “You want a lift back to the base to get your stuff today?”

“Yeah, and you can catch up with Ronnie, Casey and maybe Janelle. You remember Janelle? You had the hots for her all through training, or so she tells me.”

“Mmm, true that. Hers are the only tits I’ve ever seen that are better than yours!”

She giggled, and said: “Yeah, I gave you plenty of time to compare. Oh shit Dave, I was wasted last night!”

“Me too. Wanna dip to wake up?”

“Nah, I need a shower. I smell of spa water and beer sweat.”

“Mmm, enticing. Let me know when you’re out.”

She left, and I couldn’t help but watch her hips swing as she walked away. The image of her bum and pussy lips flashed into my mind. Sister or not, she was very sexy. Living with her was going to be a constant hardon.

We spent the afternoon at the Army base. While Tanya organised her stuff, I drank beer with old friends and made some new ones. They were with Tanya when she was hit in the leg by shrapnel and I learned that the only thing she said, through teeth gritted against the pain while they applied first aid, was: “Fuck! I spilt my beer.” That was my sister for you.

She drove us back home because I’d probably topped up my alcohol levels from last night’s drinking session, then she went about literally making herself at home. I complained half-heartedly at the feminisation of my bathroom – all those girly lotions and potions were foreign to me.

I decided to take her out to dinner as a celebration.

Since she’d been home I’d only seen her in Army greens or shorts and t-shirt. So when she appeared in subtle makeup dressed in a blue slinky thigh-length dress and matching shoes, I just stared. The dress had one thick shoulder strap that angled down across her chest. The opposite boob was tantalisingly just below the edge of the fabric. I knew she was attractive – hell I’d seen her practically naked – but I had to tell her: “Jesus Tan. You are very beautiful.”

“Thank you. Sometimes I forget to be a woman.”

“Well you’re all woman tonight girl. You’re gonna need a big stick, and I’ll bring one too.”

“What for?”

“To beat the guys off with.”

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