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All characters are purely fictional. All parties in the story are 18 years or older.

I would like to greatly thank MadamWhitewalker for taking the time to review my story.


Randy was stuck in traffic on the expressway when he thought about the conversation he had earlier with his mother.

“Mom, it’s been over a month since Dad passed, and you still sound depressed.”

“I know dear. It’s just hard for me to deal with it all.”

“Is it cause of how he died?”

“That and…” He heard her voice trail off into a light sob.

“That settles it. I’m taking a break from school and coming home.”

“Honey I’ll be fine, really.”

“Sorry Mom. I can’t stay here knowing you’re like this. I’m leaving now.”

Randy snapped back when a loud blast of a horn sounded behind him.

“Sorry,” he yelled as he waved out the window and moved his car slowly forward.

At home, Steffany also pondered over their conversation and did her best to tidy up the house.

He shouldn’t have left school, she thought as she straightened up the living room.

Steffany was a slender and still very attractive woman. At 45, her age didn’t show. Her five-foot height and still firm c-cup chest went very nicely with her long black hair and deep-blue eyes.

As she straightened up, she happened to glance at the mirror that hung on the wall and said to herself, “Oh my… I’d better fix myself also,” noticing that her hair and face were a wreck.

But then she spied a red covered book that sat on her husband’s desk and her eyes teared up. It was her husband’s journal that she found before he died. However, seeing the book wasn’t what upset her. It was what she found written in its pages that haunted her mind since the day she came across it.

My son is right, I have to get on with my life, she thought and quickly picked up the book.

“Keeping this won’t help,” she said to herself as she walked towards the wastebasket. But suddenly, the phone rang and, in the process of answering it, she set the book down on a table next to the living room sofa.


“Hi Steff,” came the voice on the other end of the line.

“Oh hi Rachel.”

Rachel had been Steffany’s friend for many years. Both their sons Kyle and Randy had practically grown up together.

“Everything okay?” Steff asked.

“Yeah why?”

“Well, you never called me back after you hung up so abruptly last week.”

“Oh that. Yes, everything is fine now.”

“So what happened?”

“I was having a little trouble with Kyle. You know how boys can get at that age.”

“What did he do?”

There was a long pause before Rachel spoke again.

“Oh nothing too drastic,” she lied and continued with, “his hormones just got the better of him.”

“Oh girl troubles?”

“Yes you could say that. Anyways enough of that. I called to see how you’re doing?”

Steff sighed and explained how lonely she was now that her husband was gone and that her son was on his way home.

“Tell you what. Why don’t I come over with Kyle in a couple of days? I’m sure he’ll want to catch up with Randy. We can make a day of it.”

“Okay that sounds good.”

“Great. I’ll call you and let you know when.”

Just then Steff heard the front door open and said, “Oh Randy’s home.”

“Okay I’ll let you go. Bye Steff.”


“So did you tell her about us yet?” Kyle asked as he watched his mother hang up the phone in her half-open red robe. With his eyes fixated on her half exposed breast, he heard her say, “God no. And you’re not to tell Randy either.”

“Jeez Mom. You sound like you’re embarrassed about it. I mean, haven’t I been giving you what Dad hasn’t?”

“That’s not it. It’s just something that most people wouldn’t understand.”

“I guess you’re right, but wouldn’t it be hot if Randy and his mom got into it also?” Kyle replied, walking up to her and pulling her robe open, exposing her marvelous bosom.

“Kyle!” Rachel huffed as she tried to cover herself while looking into the other room, adding, “Your father is right upstairs and stop talking like that.”

Kyle frowned, looking down at his super hard cock, and whined, “Okay I’m sorry. I’ll stop. But you make it so hard for me to control myself. I just can’t get enough of you Mom.”

Rachel looked down and admired her son’s stiff wood. It was true, her husband had been neglecting her needs and she found herself unable to stop her forbidden sexual urges from building once more. Yes, what she and Kyle had been doing was wrong, but she couldn’t stop herself. Her son had indeed made her orgasm in the most intense way on several occasions, and she found herself wanting him again. Her heart beat faster as she hesitantly approached her son and whispered, “If you’re quiet, Mommy will take care of that for you.”

Kyle nodded and felt his mother wiggle her hand down his pants and rub up and down his shaft.

“Oh Mom…” he groaned as her hand went faster.

“Does my little boy like that?”

Kyle again nodded and then pushed on kartal escort his mother’s shoulders, easing her down onto her knees.

Rachel unbuckled his pants, exposing his young meat and hissed, “You want Mommy to make it better?”

“Yes…oh yes make it better, Mom,” Kyle croaked, easing his mother’s mouth towards his mushroom head.

Rachel licked the very tip with her tongue and felt her son shiver. She smiled and felt her own excitement flourishing as she opened her mouth and inhaled his cock.

She went faster and deeper, hearing him grunting above her. Her right hand dipped down between her legs and rubbed over her wet snatch.

“Fuck, Mom, I’m cumming,” Kyle grunted, taking his mother’s head and pulling her hard onto his cock.

Rachel sank her fingers deep and also came as her son’s seed poured down her throat.

“Thanks Mom,” Kyle gasped, easing his limp pecker out from her moist lips.

Rachel wiped her mouth and stood up, fixing her robe, she replied, “That should keep you satisfied for a while.”

Steffany turned to see her handsome young man standing in the entrance. “Randy!” she yelled as she dropped the phone and rushed to greet him.

“Hi Mom,” Randy barely got out as she crushed her body against his and gave him a big loving hug.

“Oh honey. I’m glad to see you, but you really shouldn’t have.”

“Jesus, Mom, you’re crushing me!” Randy croaked as he tried to squirm out of her grip.

Steffany sighed and replied, “Okay. I’ve just missed you so much.

So how was the drive?” she asked, as she released her death hold and stepped back.


“Oh…okay then go put your things in your room, and I’ll make you something to eat.”

“Really Mom you don’t have to do that. Besides I think I’m gonna crash for a bit. I’m really tired.”

“Ok sweetie.” Steffany said and kissed his cheek.

Randy turned and headed to his room while his mother watched him walk away.

He really does look strikingly handsome, she thought as she gazed upon his 6′ height and well-built body while he jaunted towards the stairs.

Randy opened his door and sighed, “Finally.” He took a quick look around his room before tossing his luggage at the foot of his bed and then settling his tired bones onto the mattress.

It didn’t take long before he was out cold.

Steffany kept herself busy still trying to quietly straight up the place while her son slept.

Once again, she noticed the journal and picked it up. Easing herself down onto the sofa, she hesitantly opened it and flipped through its pages, stopping when she noticed a log entry dated back when her husband was 19 and thought, This is when we first met.

Her eyes widened as she read.

I think my mom is on to my intentions. It might be wise to back off for a while and actually date some girls.

Steffany made a “humph” sound and flipped forward a couple of pages.

Dating girls actually seemed to helped. Mom appears to be jealous of me seeing Steffany.

“That son of a bitch!” she whispered as she advanced farther.

It was then that she hit the page she read a month ago, and she read it once more.

It finally happened. I actually touched my mother’s breast, and she didn’t stop me. Instead, I heard her sigh lightly.

Steffany slammed the book closed and then heard her son stirring up in his room. Fearful he was about to come down, she quickly tucked the journal into the side of the sofa cushion.

Randy came down the steps and noticed his mom on the couch. “What’re you doing Mom?” he asked with a puzzled look since it appeared as though she was just staring into space.

“Oh nothing. Just relaxing for a bit.”

“Mom, come on, what gives?”

Steffany swallowed hard as she tried to think of something to say. Thankfully her son chimed in.

“You can’t just sit and think Mom. You really need to get yourself together. Dad’s gone, and that is that.”


“Well it’s the truth. We can’t change what happened. Did you ever find out if it was true in the first place?”

“No…no I haven’t.”

“Come on Mom. I’m refreshed now. Let’s go do something.”

“Oh honey it’s too late to do anything. Besides I would need to change.”

“Mom you look fine. Better than fine. What could you possible do to make yourself look any better?”

Steffany blushed and shouted teasingly, “Stop that you sweet talker. There’s no way I would ever go out wearing this.”

Randy surveyed her up and down and replied, “I don’t see anything wrong with what you have on. As a matter of fact, it kind of looks hot.”

His mother chuckled lightly, “That’s enough of that mister. I am your mother, you know.”

“Sorry Mom. At least, it made you laugh.”

Steffany smiled at her son, touching his hand, while giving him a light kiss on the cheek and said, “Thanks for that. I’ll go make you something to eat.”

“That’s ok Mom, I can fix myself something.”

“Nonsense, it’s my job to make sure my boy gets fed.”

“Ok then I’ll keep you company.”

They maltepe escort bayan headed into the kitchen and Randy took a seat while his mother whipped him up something on the stove. Randy did his best to keep his mother’s mind busy and discussed all that he had done since he was gone.

“Okay here you go,” Steff said as she placed the plate in front of him before taking a seat herself.

“Thanks Mom,” Randy replied and wasted no time scarfing it down.

Randy finished and placed his plate in the sink while his mother poured herself a glass of wine.

“Want to watch some TV?” he asked.

Steff took a sip of wine and replied with a chipper, “Sure.”

They watched a couple of shows before Randy found himself dozing off.

“Think I’m going to head up Mom.”

“Oh okay honey.”

“You coming?”

“In a bit, I just want to finish this glass of wine first.”

“Okay, good night Mom,” Randy said as he leaned over and pecked her cheek.

Steffany watched him walk away and abruptly blurted, “By the way. I talked to Rachel before you arrived. She’s going to come by with Kyle.”


“She said in a couple of days.”

“Oh okay.”

“You don’t sound too please. You and Kyle are still getting along aren’t you?”

“Yeah. It’s just…well Kyle was acting weird before I left for school.”

“Weird? In what way?”

“I don’t know. It’s hard to explain.”

“Rachel did mention she had some trouble with him. But said he’s fine now. Maybe that was it.”

“Maybe. I don’t know. It’s fine, Mom, I’m sure we’ll have a good time,” Randy said and continued on his way.

“Okay. Good night then,” Steff replied, watching him disappear up the steps.

Steffany sipped on her wine as she contemplated how Randy acted to the news and then remembered the journal.

Setting her glass down she dug between the cushions and pulled out the book.

She quickly glanced through page after page, each page more graphically written than the previous one. Her head began to spin from all her husband had written. Never in a million years could she have imagined the man she married was capable of doing such things with his own mother.

Steff got up and poured another glass of wine. She looked up at the clock and saw it was already 2 in the morning. Steff sat back down on the sofa and looked at the journal she set on the coffee table. Her mind couldn’t help but wonder how such a thing could have ever happened in the first place. That was until her mind wondered what she would have done if it had been Randy.

That’s just silly, she thought and snickered while taking another sip of her wine.

However, her thoughts dug deeper and she found herself thinking more of her son as a strong young man instead of her loving baby boy.

It was true that she was lonely. It had been a long time since she had any sexual contact with a man and figured that had to be the reason she was having such thoughts. But by 3 a.m. the wine had kicked in and her visions of her son went from picturing his well-toned body to visions of a sexual nature and she unknowingly began envisioning herself in a lovers embrace with their lips locked in a very passionate kiss.

Randy awoke at seven and got dressed. It felt good waking up in his old room and he dashed down the steps figuring his mother would have already made something for breakfast.

However as he reached the bottom of the staircase he saw his mother crashed out on the sofa and approached her quietly.

Did she sleep down here? he pondered as he glanced over her motionless figure and then observed his father’s hand writing on the open book as it sat on the table.

He glanced over the words quickly and had to pause when his mind finally comprehended what he saw.

Did I read that right? Puzzled, Randy reread it, slower this time.

Mom, I cried out as she took my entire cock down her throat like only she could. If only my wife was as good in bed as she is.

Holy Fuck! his mind screamed. Suddenly his legs weakened while his mind raced with the ideation of what his father had written. The rationalization sank in quickly, but his mother twitched and, in a panic, he skedaddled back up to his room.

Steff stirred and then realized where she had fallen asleep. Quickly, she opened her eyes while sitting up and saw the book open on the table. She looked around and gave a thankful sigh that her son was no place to be seen.

Steff rose from the sofa and picked up the book. Suddenly her mind flashed back to her last waking thoughts and she found herself once again in a sexual embrace with her son.

“Get a hold of yourself Steffany!” she whispered as she tucked the book under a cushion before walking into the kitchen.

Meanwhile Randy sat on his bed. His mind raced with several incestuous thoughts about his father and grandmother. He just couldn’t fathom that they had a sexual relationship-not to mention that it had taken place while he was married to his mother.

Filled with emotions of hatred and sadness, he tried to comprehend escort pendik how his father could have been unfaithful to his mother, but suddenly thought, Did Mom know?

“No way could she have. Could she?” he whispered under his breath.

For some odd reason the most wicked thought displayed in his mind. He could vividly picture the three of them entangled in a sexual menage á trois and the thought unexpectedly awoke something deep inside him. Something he never experienced before.

He tried to put other thoughts in his head but to no avail. The image of his mother having sex like that was actually turning him on like he had never felt before.

Randy’s mind raced with all kinds of dark sexual images of the three of them and was just about to stroke his now hard cock when, off in the distance, he heard his mother calling his name and he sprang up from his bed.

Shaking the incestuous thoughts from his mind he replied, “Okay Mom. I’ll be right down.”

Randy walked slowly down the steps and entered the living room. He could hear his mother in the kitchen as he walked past the living room table and noticed the book was gone.

Looking down he could see his still hard cock and he meandered towards her hoping she didn’t notice. Thankfully, as he entered the kitchen his mom had her back to him while she cooked and he eased himself quietly down in the chair.

“Morning Mom,” he said cheerfully as he scooted the chair into the table.

“Hi honey. It’s just about ready.”

“Great Mom. So… ummm…how did you sleep?” he asked, noticing that she still had on the same clothes.

Steff paused for a split second and replied. “Oh…fine. Just fine.”

“Good, good.”

“Here you go,” she said as she set the plate in front of him and sat down on the other side of the table.

“Thanks Mom.”

Randy ate with his head down, occasionally glancing up to see his mom watching him. His mind still wondered if she was aware of his father’s actions and causally asked,

“So Mom, were Dad and Grandma close?”

“Why…why did you ask that?”

“No special reason. It’s just that I don’t remember him wanting to visit her much when she was still alive.”

“I’m sure your father would have spent more time if he could have.”

“What about you? Did you get along with her?” Randy asked, shifting his eyes up from the plate.

Puzzled by the question she replied, “What’s all this about?”

Randy set his fork down and sighed. He couldn’t carry on with this charade and bluntly said, “I saw Dad’s journal.”

Steff straightened up in the chair with a startled appearance. “How? When?”

“This morning. It was open on the table.”

“Oh my God!” Steff cried as she held her face between her hands; she openly wept.

“Mom I’m sorry, please don’t cry,” he said and went to her side.

“I never wanted you to know. I should have thrown that book out the other day.”

Randy hugged her and softly said, “It’s ok, Mom, really.”

Randy held her until the sniveling stopped then sat back down and said, “Did you know about Dad?”

“No I didn’t. It wasn’t until I discovered the book.”

She went on and explained how they had a big fight afterwards and how his father left the house. It was that night that his car went over the cliff.

“It’s my fault, isn’t it?” Steffany asked and started to tear up again.

“What? No way, Mom. It’s his fault. He did all of this to himself.”

Then Randy rebutted. “And really. How do they know he drove off intentionally? Maybe he lost control?”

Steff sniffled and nodded slightly. “Yes I also wondered that myself.”

The room went quiet for a minute before Randy softly asked, “Mom, why were you reading the journal after you knew?”

Steff gazed upon her son and replied, “I…I don’t know. I think it was because I wanted to understand.”

“Makes sense to me. I was upstairs contemplating that myself. And to tell you the truth, I got mad at Dad for doing that.”

“I was mad myself at first.”

“You’re not now?”

“More hurt than mad. And, like I said, I was hoping to find out why.”

“Maybe we can figure it out together.”

“What??? How?”

“Maybe we could read it together.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” Steff said shaking her head. “I think it’s best to just get rid of it.”

“But Mom I thought you wanted to understand why?”

Steffany paused and replied with a long sigh. “I do. But I don’t think I would be comfortable reading that with you.”

“Ok, it was just a suggestion. Let’s just forget about Dad for now and go do something.”

“What do you have in mind?”

“I don’t know, maybe go clothes shopping to take your mind off things?”

“Clothes shopping?” Steff chuckled, “You hate clothes shopping.”

“I know. But you love it. Then we can take in a movie.”

“Oh that’s a lovely idea. I can’t remember the last time I went out to a movie.”

“Great, it’s settled then. I’ll do the dishes while you get ready,” Randy said as he stood up.

“The dishes? My you really are surprising me.”

Steffany went and changed while Randy finished the dishes.

He heard her coming back and turned around to see her wearing a loose fitting pair of blue jeans with a light pink button down short sleeve blouse and replied, “You look nice Mom.”

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