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“And ever since then, I get horny, I swing by, and she milks my cock with her tits.”

“No way,” I told my brother. My twin, Ben. Just like me, except that he’s always been more confident and now, apparently, much more lucky with the ladies. Affecting an air of arrogance, I continued, “I mean, yeah, we’re handsome, but c’mon…”

Ben and I were back for Thanksgiving of our first year of college. For the first 18 years of our lives, we had been as one, same schools, same classes, same extracurricular, same clothes and haircuts. But, with encouragement from our parents, we had chosen to go to different colleges. I went to the U, he went to State, and now we were reuniting for the first time in our lives. Sure, it had only been since August, but to have been apart from essentially half of myself for even that short of an amount of time.

We were sitting in the living room of our sister’s apartment. Beth was four years older than us, and had just moved back home from going to school out of state. Since our newly empty nested parents had decided to take a Thanksgiving vacation, we were doing a sibling Thanksgiving. It wasn’t like our family had ever been huge on Thanksgiving anyway, and there was no extended family to speak of, so it was really just going to be a long weekend to catch up with each other.

Beth being at work for the day, Ben and I were sitting on the couch in her living room, telling each other about school so far while we figured out what to do with the afternoon. I had asked Ben whether he’d met any girls yet, not expecting him to launch into quite such an explicit story. Still, he had my interest.

“No, seriously, first week I was there, I went to this mixer. Everyone was a freshman, free for the first time, feeling good, everybody’s dancing their asses off, grinding up against each other. So I work my way into the mass of bodies, and I make eye contact with this girl I’d met earlier, Michelle. She’s like shoulder height, short brown hair, brown eyes, nice thick, curvy body with a big booty stuffed into tight pants and a nice rack trying to break out this super low cut purple shirt she was wearing.

“Anyway, we make eye contact, and she kinda nods at me, like, ‘Come on over,’ and then she turns around and starts dancing, shaking her ass at me. I dance up behind her and put my hands on her hips, ready to start grinding, and she practically rams her butt back into my crotch. It’s so fat and juicy, I’m half hard as soon as she makes contact, but then she starts grinding on me with purpose, like she’s decided it is her one goal in life to get me off through my pants with her ass.

“Obviously, it doesn’t take more than about 5 beats for practically all the blood in my body to relocate itself to my dick, and I’m hard as a rock. She turns back to look at me and smiles at the look on my face, then puts her hands on her thighs and just keeps on grinding. I give as good as I’m getting, just hoping that when the song’s over and we separate, it won’t be too clear that I’m popping a tent.

“But then the song’s over and she doesn’t move and makes it clear she doesn’t want me going anywhere either, cuz she turns around and mashes her boobs into me as she pulls me down to kiss her. She runs her hands down my chest, between us, and over the front of my pants to grab my cock. She rubs me through my jeans and when I shudder, she pulls back from the kiss, grins at me, and pulls me out of the party by my crotch!”

“Bull. Shit,” I said.

“I swear to God, John. You want me to finish or not?” Since I was already half hard and super horny from the story, so I needed him to finish, but I tried to play it cool and nodded like, yeah, whatever.

“Alright then. So she takes me to her dorm and she’s on me before I can even close the door behind us. She pulls my head down into her cleavage and slides her hand down into my pants, cuz clearly the over the pants wasn’t enough. I feel her rub my precum around the head with her fingers, then she pulls her hand out and stares me in the eyes as she sucks it off her fingers. I lean in and kiss her, tasting just a bit of saltiness, and we make out and stumble back onto her bed.”

I had to shift my weight on the couch, in hopes of bursa escort hiding my raging erection, but Ben seemed too caught up in his story to notice.

“After a lot of making out and dry humping, she pulls back off of me and pulls off her shirt. I almost came right then, I swear, seeing her tits lift against the tight shirt as she pulled it over her head and then drop down once she got it off. And they were magnificent, too. Big enough for me to put my face between them and be deafened by them covering my ears. I know, cuz that’s my first instinct on seeing them.

“She laughs and pushes me back onto the bed, then says, ‘Pants off,’ as she starts playing with her tits. Her nipples are amazing, and she’s clearly enjoying playing with them, swirling her fingers around the areolas and tweaking her nipples until they’re hard, almost the size of my pinky tips. I don’t think I’ve ever taken off my pants that fast, and when I push my boxers down past my cock, it catches on the band and swings back up to smack my belly, so hard it’s like it’s spring loaded. When I look up, she’s got a bottle of cocoa butter in her hand, and she’s squeezing out white lines across her tits.

“‘I’m gonna titfuck that beautiful cock until you cum all over me,’ she says, ‘How’s that sound?’ And I can’t even respond with words, I just nod vigorously and try to choke out a yes, but before I can clear me throat she’s on her knees and her tits swallow up my cock. It feels so good, all I can do is moan. She smiles, and starts moving up and down, using my cock to rub in the cocoa butter. I can’t even describe how amazing it felt. So warm and soft and slippery, she’s squeezing herself around me and fucking me with her boobs. Mm.

“I was already on the verge, so it doesn’t take long for my moaning to start building to a crescendo. She knows she’s almost got me, so she says, ‘Cum for me baby, cover me with your cream,’ and it pushes me over the edge. I came so fucking hard, harder than I have ever cum, and the first rope hits her right in the chin and spreads back down her neck. She leans back to catch the next one on her face, then releases me so she can jerk the rest directly onto her tits. When I finally come down, her tits are covered and she looks, somehow, even sexier than she had before. I wish I’d thought to take a picture, she would have let me. She rubs my cum around her chest, then looks me in the eye and smiles. ‘Thanks babe,’ she says, then jerks my still hard cock a couple times with her cum covered hands, and I’m still so sensitive from cumming I almost yell.

“Then she sucks my entire length into her mouth, licking the cum she put there off and sucking my head to draw out what’s left, and I do yelp. That shit felt so good it hurt. She leans back, licks her fingers, and then slides her body up mine and kisses me. I can taste my cum in her mouth, and, don’t judge me, but it was really hot. After a few minutes of more making out, she says, ‘You did good, baby, anytime you feel like you need milking, swing by.'”

His story almost had me unconsciously stroking my cock I was so turned on, but I had managed to restrain myself. I also couldn’t quite believe it, but didn’t mind him trying to impress me, especially since it was going to provide fuel for quite a few masturbation sessions. I just kind of wished we weren’t spending the holiday at Beth’s apartment for a sibling reunion. While her apartment was nice, it was small, and slipping off to the bathroom for an incognito jerk was not going to be possible. “C’mon man,” I said when he finished talking, “that’s way too good to be true.”

“John, I swear to God, I’m not lying. When I come back for Christmas, I’ll bring a video. This girl will do anything for me, and she loves making me cum.”

“I’m already horny as fuck just listening to the story, you really want me jacking off to a video of you titfucking a girl?” It came out of my mouth before I even thought it, blurted out on instinct before I could stop myself. Ben laughed.

“Ha, I thought I saw you trying to hide a boner. The way I see it, since we’re identical twins, what’s the harm? It’d be like watching a video of yourself.”

“I guess that makes sense.” Truth be told, I almost prefer masturbating bursa escort bayan to actual sex. When I hit puberty and couldn’t get my hands on porn, I’d jerk it while watching myself in the mirror. I’ve gotten to where my own cock turns me on. A bit narcissistic, but if Ben and I were identical in that way too…

“So,” Ben started, somewhat hesitantly, “you got hard listening to my story?” His question broke into my thoughts.

“Well, yeah. It was pretty… detailed.”

“I guess you got me there. I have a confession to make, though. I was, I mean, I hoped you’d like it, because I’ve been wondering something.”

My thoughts swirled, vacillating between the idea that he was going where I thought he was going and the response that it was nonsense, wrong interpretation provided by a horny, one-track mind. Luckily, he continued into my silence. “Ever since I discovered masturbating, I’ve been in love with my cock, but since I started hooking up with Michelle and seeing how much she enjoyed it, jerking it and sucking it and making me cum, I’ve been, well, jealous.

“So, I, uh, wanted to ask you if I could see if we were identical in every way.” He stopped, and looked significantly at my crotch. “And I figured it might make you more inclined if I was able to get you hard first.”

In response, my cock throbbed. “You want to see my dick?”

“If you don’t mind. I was just curious.” He was clearly a lot more than just curious, but hell, so was I.

“Alright. I’ll show if you show.”

“Deal,” he said, and reached to his lap to unbutton and pull open his jeans. I did the same, watching him as he watched me. It was like a bizzaro version of watching myself in the mirror, but so much hotter.

Clearly, his own story had affected him as much as it had me. He was straining against his boxers. But not for long. He pushed down his pants and boxers at almost the same time I did, and I heard a staccato slap as our hard cocks sprung back and hit our abdomens. We sat in silence for a heartbeat.

His cock was beautiful. Just like mine, but ever so slightly different. A little shorter, maybe, but he had shaved his pubic hair, unlike me. His pink, circumcised head was more prominent than mine, and it had a brown birthmark on it, a small circle. It was perfectly straight where mine was slightly curved, but it was rock hard and it was almost identical to the one that had given me so much pleasure over the years.

“Dude. You’re bigger than I am,” Ben said, breaking the silence.

“Maybe a little. Your birthmark is sexy as fuck though.”

“Thanks, but seriously, I’m jealous. I’m sitting on top of the bell curve at almost exactly six inches, you’ve gotta be close to seven!”

“Well, lotta good it’s doing me. Sounds like yours sees a lot more use.” Absent mindedly I had started playing with myself, massaging my head and slowly squeezing and stroking my length. Ben was doing the same thing almost, but he was playing with his tip more, trying to tease out precum for lubricant.

“All you need is a bit more confidence dude and you’ll get all the action you want.”

“Easier said than done.” After that we lapsed into silence for a while, each watching the other masturbate. It was weird how weird is wasn’t, like we were just following the intent of our natures. It made me wonder how this hadn’t happened before.

“I think it’s my turn for a confession,” I slowly admitted.

“What’s that,” Ben said without inflection, more focused on enjoying himself than on whatever sort of confession I might have.

“I’ve always fantasized about sucking my own cock; I’ve even tried. Just not quite flexible enough. Listening to you tell your story about Michelle, and watching you right now, I just… I would love to try sucking your cock, Ben. If you’re okay with it. The way I figure, it’s as close as I’ll ever get to having my own in my mouth.”

“Holy shit,” my brother responded, “Damn, John, yes. But I have to warn you, I’m really turned on. I’ve always wanted to suck my own dick too, so seeing you down there might push me over the edge real quick.”

I don’t admit it then, but I want him to cum in my mouth. Over the course of my various lust filled escort bursa attempts to suck my own cock, I’d on multiple occasions settled for staring up at it from my back, my legs high over my head and my mouth hungrily open until I exploded all over my face and into my mouth. I was acquainted with and desirous of the taste of cum. “Don’t worry, brother,” I said, just relax and tell me how it feels.”

I moved over to him, and got down on my knees between his legs. My left hand on his right thigh, midway to his crotch, I reached up with my right and cupped his balls, then rotated my hand around and slowly gripped his shaft. He was hard as a rock, hot to the touch, and as I made contact I felt it twitch. My heart started beating a million miles a minute. I was on the cusp of realizing a dream many years in the making.

Up close, I loved his cock even more. The straight, somehow darker, thick, veined shaft that ended abruptly in the edge of his throbbing head. I ran my fingers up and down his length, squeezing a drop of precum out of his tip between my thumb and index finger. I grinned, grasping him by the base of his member, and leaned forward, licking the droplet off the end of his cock with the full, wet width of my tongue.

Ben thrust his hips upward involuntarily on contact with my tongue, and let out a gasp of pleasure. I savored the taste of him, salty and sour, just like me. Then I leaned in again, and licked tentatively at the bottom of his head. My brother moaned in pleasure, and I felt my own cock twitch. I imagined it was the one in front of me, and put my mouth around Ben’s engorged head. I had to open my jaw further than I had anticipated, and it felt slightly awkward, but I loved the feel of it. The warmth of him, the texture against my tongue.

I swirled my tongue around him, then formed suction and started to tease him with my tongue while also conjuring some saliva to help lubricate. “Fuck, John, that’s amazing,” I heard from above me. I moaned my response, not wanting to empty my mouth. I moved my left hand to the base of his cock and pressed my thumb into the spot where I held it when I masturbated, just on top of the base, that made my cock feel like it was lit up with electricity. Then, I opened my mouth slightly and slid as much of Ben’s length into my mouth as could fit. I loved it, and moaned in response to his groan of pleasure as I began slurping and sucking hungrily at the end of his cock. I couldn’t really take much of his length, but I knew that didn’t really matter. For one, the sounds Ben was making were a pretty good indication that he was enjoying himself, but also since I was essentially sucking my cock I knew what I liked, and I knew that I would have fucking loved to have been doing to my cock what I was doing to Ben’s.

“Fuck, John, I’m gonna cum brother!” Ben gasped, as I bobbed my head up and down. I had been playing with myself with my right hand as I sucked Ben off; now I started jerking with vigor as I slid my mouth to focus on sucking Ben’s sensitive head. I moaned as I felt him growing even more as he neared orgasm, and I could feel myself building too.

Then, “Oh my God, yes, I’m cumming!” and I felt his hot jizz fill my mouth. After the first spurt, I loosened my suction and gave my attention to licking his tip while savoring the taste and feeling of my mouth filling with his cum. I was nearing explosion myself, and as Ben sighed and his last rope hit the roof of my mouth, I fell back and yanked myself, moaning and closing my eyes, yearning for release. I swallowed my mouthful just as I felt myself peaking, and I came like a fire hydrant. My first rope shot all the way up to my face, so I opened my mouth just in time to catch some of the second, and it tasted just like Ben’s. I kept cumming until my chest was covered, and then I just laid there in bliss. Then suddenly, I gasped as I felt wet heat engulf my cock, and I looked down to see Ben sucking my still hard cock into his mouth. He sucked the last bits of cum from the shaft, then sat back on his heels and looked at me.

“John, I think we made a bad decision.”

“What!?” I said, disbelieving. He’d loved every second of that. Hell, he’d been the one to suggest we watch each other, no way was he gonna make this weird now, not after how amazing that had been.

“I mean,” he said, a sly grin growing on his face, “We really should have gone to the same school. Then again, at least breaks will always be great.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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