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This is a work of fiction. Everyone is 18+.

I like to call it The Adventures of Dad Bod, Final.

CC and Micki arrived back home a few hours later. I had managed to mow the lawn and get the hose picked up and aired out. It smelled like people had been fucking in it for a long time. The girls ran upstairs right away.

CC came back a few minutes later, dressed in a short sun dress that accentuated every curve of her beautiful body. Yellow and very summery. Micki was dressed almost exactly the same, only her dress was black and clingy. Her massive tits pushed up and spilling almost out. Both dresses barely covered their asses. When they sat on the couch, I could see neither were wearing any panties.

CC’s phone rang. She answered it and talked for a few minutes.

“Ken, mom is coming over for a little bit. She wants to show us what she got for the baby.” CC casually mentioned.

“Fuck, I better get some clothes on then! Just when I was getting warmed up.” Micki spit out.

She ran off and changed clothes. CC put on some panties and we sat and waited. A few minutes later, my mother in law arrived. Micki let her in with her numerous bags in tow.

We went through each bag and looked at all the clothes. She bought a bunch of stuff that people need for their first baby. She kept one bag to her side the entire time. CC and I went into the baby’s room with all the bags.

Micki and her Mom started arguing. We could hear voices being raised but not what the yelling was about. We hear Micki yell. “Stop that. I am an adult now!!”

When we went back, we found Micki over Jens knee, with her ass red from spanking. I laughed out loud. CC laughed also. Micki was not laughing. She was quite embarrassed. Jen slapped her ass again and Micki was able to get away from her mom. When Micki stood up, her nipples were erect.

“You liked that izmir escort bayan didn’t you Micki?” CC asked. “You liked getting spanked. I think it turned you on!”

“Fuck you!” Micki spewed. “My mom spanking me did not turn me on. Maybe her but not me!”

“I am not turned on Micki. That is rude and not the proper way to speak to people.” Jen said.

“Get up off the footrest Mom. I will bet there is a wet spot. Just like when you spanked us before.” Micki demanded.

“I will do no such thing. You are not my mother.”

CC and Micki walked to their mom. Each grabbed an arm and lifted her up. Sure enough, big wet spot.

“Told you, mom. A big wet spot. Someone pussy is wet!” Micki said, almost laughing.

Jen was embarrassed. She was wet. Her lustful feelings overtaking reason.

“You dad doesn’t touch me anymore. I wanted things to be like they were with us. The 3 of us.”

CC and Micki sat beside their mom, comforting her. “All you need to do is ask mom. We would be willing to help you. Ken also.” CC told her mom.

“Ken also? What are you implying?” Jen asked.

CC started talking. 100 miles and hour, details flying. In the end she mentioned that I had fucked her and Micki the day before and brough them to many climaxes.

Jen looked at me and asked if I were willing to take her.

I looked at CC. Her eyes said yes.

“I need to talk to my wife in private.” I said and grabbed CC.

We spoke in the kitchen for about 15 minutes. When we returned, I set out the rules.

“No fucking me without my wife present. She can either watch or participate. Nothing happens unless she says so. Am I clear?”

Micki and Jen agreed. I knew CC was onboard.

What the hell am I thinking? 3 women. One is my wife, another my sister in law and now my mother in law. One 25, another 27 and one 49. I’m fucking escort izmir nuts. The 3 of them will kill me, but what a way to go.

CC stood and removed her dress. Her little panties barely covering her. He breasts were firm and pointy. DAMN SHE IS HOT!!

Micki soon followed. Off came her clothes. Her full breasts were hanging, nipples erect.

Jen started undressing. Very slow. She was almost shy. She removed her shoes, then her pants. Her legs were long. She removed her shirt. Her bra barely containing her tits. She stood and removed her panties. Her pussy was covered by a thick layer of red hair. Then she had CC help her remover her bra. Her breasts were twice as big as Micki’s. The were heavy and hung low. Her areolas were very large. Her nipples distinct and big.

I removed my clothes. My erect cock pointing proudly.

Jen stared. “I need that in me. I need it now.”

She walked to the kitchen table and got on it. Her legs spread. I could see she was soaking wet. Her pubic hair was matted with wetness. I slid my cock up and down her sex slit a few times, getting it coated with her juices.

“Are you going to fuck me or are you going to fuck around all day? Put that cock in me NOW!!”

I hammered my cock into Jens aching pussy. I fucked her hard and long. Her milky thighs were wrapped around me.

“Fuck,…oh god, fuck me…so good….fuck yes, fuck me….fuck your nasty mother in law…fuck me harder. HARDER!!!” Jen screamed.

Jen came with the power of a freight train. She was moaning and swearing. She shook and her chest turned bright red. The orgasm flowed through her in waves. Finally, she stopped. My erect cock still in her. Micki and CC were standing there naked. Almost awaiting their turns. I grabbed CC and kissed her. I cupped her ass and pulled her to my groin. I cold fell her heat. I dropped to me knees and izmir escort started in on her pussy. I licked her lips, her clit, and felt the warm fluids coating my tongue and chin. CC grabbed my head and pulled me tight to her and came hard. I had my arms around her ass and held her while she orgasmed. Panting, she back away from me. Micki was now in front of me. Her pussy wet from watching me fuck her mom and eat her sister.

I sat in the chair and she mounted me cowboy. As she slid onto my erection, she fed me one of her tits. I sucked her nipple hard, biting it, pulling in as much as I could into my mouth. I went back and forth between her tits. She was riding me hard. Bouncing on my cock. I was deep in her pussy.

“I’m going to cuuuummmm!” I shouted.

I filled her womb again with my seed. I could feel the warmth enveloping my cock. Micki kept riding, knowing I wouldn’t soften. She reached her orgasm soon after me and let go with her juices. She got off me and my wife replaced her. I thrusted up into CC and let her ride. She found her rhythm and rode me until she reached her “total body” orgasm. The ones she feels in her back, her legs, her chest and her womb. She was crying by the time she was done. I held her close. God, I love her.

When I looked up Micki and Jen were both gone. They must have snuck out while CC and I were into each other. CC had a text on her phone from her Mom; “You 2 need time alone. It was beautiful watching you 2 make love. It was perfect. Love mom!”

CC and I spent the next several hours taking care of each other. It was nice to be alone again.

CC and I had sex every day until the baby came. We even had sex the morning the baby came. We still have sex often. The baby takes up a lot of time, but I take care of my wife. Micki found a man and is engaged. She is 7 1/2 months pregnant. Jen divorced and comes over every once in a while, to babysit and have an orgasm or two. They both seem happy.

Micki visited the other day. She came over for an afternoon of fun. Of course, I helped. So did CC.

We have a great family and much love to share.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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