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This story follows from chapter 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6. It is recommended that you read those first. This is a story for those who enjoy the genre of cheating and betrayal. So if that is not you, find another story.


Alisha looked in the mirror as she applied the bright glossy lip stick. She stood in the skimpy silver bikini that barely contained her boobs which spilled out the sides. Her thong was tight and barley covered her mound. She took a deep breath. This was it. She had hidden her form and beauty from Joyce all this time. Now all would be revealed. The adrenaline pumped through her. She considered backing out, but she mustered all her courage and took a deep breath. She checked her form again by spinning around and looking behind her. Picking up her smart phone, she took a picture of herself in the mirror. “What man could resist me?” she said out loud to herself. She grabbed the gown draped on the sink bench and put it on, tying it closed tight.

“Are you ready Alisha?” Joyce called through the door.

“Ready as I will ever be?” Alisha said while maintaining eye contact with herself in the mirror and smirking.

“Ok, lets call him up!” Joyce called back.

Mark slumped on the sofa downstairs with a glass of wine watching the news. His wife and Alisha seemed to be having some girl time upstairs. This seemed to be quite a common occurrence and Mark didn’t give it much thought. He then heard Joyce’s voice call down to him.

“Honey, would you just join us upstairs for a minute. We need some help with something!” Joyce’s voice echoed down the stairway passage.

“Ummm sure honey!” Mark said as he got up and made his way upstairs.

He entered the room confronted by his wife in a white robe. He wondered what was going on. She pushed him back onto the bed as Alisha came out of the bathroom door. Joyce turned to dim the lights slightly.

“Ummm what is going on here?” Mark asked.

“Well let’s just say we wanted to give you a little surprise?” Joyce said seductively while maintaining eye contact with Mark.

Alisha walked over to stand side by side with Joyce giving Mark a cheeky smile.

“We were just wondering what you thought of our little skimpy bikinis,” she said as she began to untie the robe wirh Alisha slowing following suit.

The first thing Mark noticed was Alisha’s face which was looking absolutely stunning with make up. She wasn’t trying to hide her beauty like she normally does. What was going on?!

The two women’s robes fell to the ground at the same time. Mark was confronted by the shiny silver string bikini sets. He couldn’t believe the contrast between the two women. Joyce had no place wearing a costume like that. It simply didn’t suit her skinny frame. Her saggy ass and small saggy boobs looked even more pathetic. He then shifted his gaze to Alisha. Oh my god! Now this is a woman who was designed to wear clothes like this. Alisha’s wide hips stretched the thong to its limits and her big tits spilled out the sides of the bra. He had to wrench his gaze off her and back to his wife out of courtesy. He smiled shyly not knowing how to react.

“Like what you see?” Joyce asked seductively, the whole time keeping her gaze on Mark.

“Wow, very much,” Mark said trying to make it look like he appreciated the whole picture.

Joyce had not yet seen how Alisha looked. She had kept her seductive gaze on Mark the whole time. She hoped Mark would enjoy this little treat. As she was about to walk over to Mark, she turned her head towards Alisha to indicate it was time to approach him. A feeling of horror struck her like a baseball bat to the head as she took in the form of the woman standing beside her. Her jaw dropped. She quickly tried to hide her shock. The woman standing next to her was a far cry from the woman she had had threesomes with so many times before. What the hell is going on?! How did Alisha hide this full figured body from her the whole time? Joyce realised that Alisha was usually timid about showing her body during these encounters and often wore something. This was the most revealing she had ever been. Her body was a massive contrast to her own. Large full breasts and a thick full ass on display. Her face looked very different without her thick glasses and the make-up generously applied made her unrecognisable. Joyce’s mind went blank. Alisha’s voice snapped her out of it and echoed in her mind.

“Something wrong?” Alisha asked innocently.

“Oh … ummmm … nothing. You look wonderful my dear,” Joyce stammered.

“Shall we?” Alisha said indicating that it was time to go to Mark.

A feeling of shock swept over Joyce. She suddenly felt incredibly nervous about the whole thing. Emotions flooded her. She began to notice a sharp feeling of inadequacy about her own body. As Alisha decided to go first with her big ass swaying from side to side as she walked, Joyce looked down at her own small saggy breasts and her skinny vieny legs. She watched as Alisha straddled her husband with her big butt sticking out, almost as if it were on display for Joyce, canlı bahis taunting her. Her blood pressure began to rise. This doesn’t feel right, she thought to herself. Alisha bent her neck over and started french kissing Mark. Mark returned the kiss smiling back at her. There was a familiarity in the way they looked at each other Joyce noted. Shit! Am I just imaging things? Is something going on? Maybe I just feel insecure compared to this younger woman.

Alisha’s head bent down beside Mark’s ear. Mark then began to speak.

“Come join us honey? Why are you just standing there?” Mark asked.

Did Alisha just tell him to say that?! Her paranoia returned. Mark’s manly frame seemed oddly suited to Alisha’s womanly hourglass figure. They seemed to fit together perfectly.

“I will just watch for a little before I join in,” Joyce quickly responded.

Alisha’s big soft butt started grinding against Mark’s growing crotch. He grabbed her butt and started kneading it rhythmically. He likes it! He actually likes that body shape! She could tell by the way Mark grabbed chunks of her ass and held on to it. Joyce was shocked. Alisha moved herself forward and dangled her big boobs over Mark’s face before making them shake side to side. Her boobs were large and perfect. Mark reached one hand over to grab one of her breasts while pulling it out of the bikini. The lone tit spilled down and plopped onto Mark’s face. Mark squeezed the tit with one hand and started licking the nipple. He then rubbed the big tit up and down on his face. Joyce began to feel sick. It was clear that Mark was enjoying the size of Alisha’s big tits. Joyce just wasn’t endowed enough to do what Mark seemed to be enjoying now.

Mark reached out towards his wife to join him in bed. He didn’t actually want to, but thought he better do it to maintain the idea of a threesome. He noticed her timid look. He realised how Alisha’s form must be intimidating her. As it should, he thought to himself.

Joyce shyly walked over and lay down next to her husband. Joyce’s seductive confident act had completely gone. Mark turned his head to kiss Joyce while Alisha rolled herself off to lie on the other side of him. Mark french kissed Joyce while Alisha bit and nibbled at his neck and ear from the other side. Joyce closed her eyes as Mark kissed her passionately driven crazy by Alisha’s work on the other side of him.

“I am better than her in EVERY way…” she whispered so only he could hear. It tickled his ear.

This turned Mark on even more and he kissed Joyce more passionately. Alisha looked on and smirked.

Mark’s apparent affection started to put Joyce at ease and she began to think she was overacting. She reached down towards Mark’s crotch only to find it out of his pants and already in Alisha’s hand fully covered with a condom. She grabbed a part of the shaft that Alisha wasn’t holding and joined her in rubbing it up and down. She looked over towards Alisha and noticed her mouth buried in Mark’s neck. There was something oddly confident about the way she was moving. It was not like before. She oozed confidence and sexuality.

Alisha gently moved Joyce’s hand aside and then swung her leg over Mark’s long cock placing the head right under her opening after pulling the g-string slightly to one side. She rubbed it back and forth before inserting it slowly in.

“Oh shit! Mark! You’re so big!” Alisha moaned out loud while still lowering herself on him.

Mark groaned while grabbing her soft ass. Alisha began to rhythmically ride Mark. Her ass seemed to move on its own as it gracefully and skilfully moved up and down upon Mark’s hips. Joyce noted how hypnotic it looked. Mark and Alisha looked at each other grinning.

Joyce decided to take matters into her own hands.

“Ok, I think the two of you have had enough fun. My turn now,” Joyce said trying her best to sound seductive.

Mark tried his best to hide his irritation as he gently rolled Alisha back to the side she was on. He faked a smile of enthusiasm as he reached for Joyce to take Alisha’s place. He hoped he could keep it up for Joyce.

Joyce reached for his cock before pulling the rubber off him.

“A husband and wife don’t need this, do we honey?” Joyce smirked making a subtle jab at Alisha.

Alisha knew exactly what she meant by it. She was basically saying that she will never be able to experience that type of intamacy with Mark. Kneeling behind Joyce, Alisha raised her eyebrows and smiled while looking at Mark in reaction to Joyce’s comment. Shows what that stupid bitch knows, she thought to herself. In defiance of Joyce and to keep Mark hard, Alisha grabbed her tits in both hands and shook them up and down while circling her lips with her tongue.

Mark softening cock instantly hardened with sight of the Asian goddess in view. He knew what she was doing. It was an attack on Joyce’s womanhood.

Joyce felt the hardening of Mark’s cock and felt relieved that she could please him. Alisha seemed to be moving around in her peripheral vision. She turned to see. Alisha abruptly moved, bahis siteleri shifting her position further behind Joyce. Joyce thought nothing of it believing Alisha was simply changing positions.

A wide eyed and silently giggling Alisha looked over Joyce’s shoulder at Mark. Her face said it all. “I almost got busted!”

Alisha placed her hands on Joyce’s shoulders and sensually massaged them. While Joyce had been anxious, she had to admit that Alisha’s hands felt like magic.

Alisha let Joyce’s fun last for a few moments longer. She then decided it was her turn. She assumed doggy position with her ass positioned close to Mark’s head.

“My turn! Doggy time!” Alisha chimed in playfully.

Mark stared at the beautiful sight to his right. Alisha’s thick thighs went all the way up to the tiny shiny silver fabric that barely covered her vagina. She then shook her ass up and down as if she were dancing for a hip hop video. Her booty meat jiggled rhythmically.

Mark grinned like a school boy while Joyce stared in shock.

“It’s called twerking guys! Do you like it? Does it make me look sexy?” Alisha innocently asked.

“Ummm sure it does,” Mark admitted even though he had seen her do it may times before.

“Well don’t just look silly, come get some ass!” Alisha laughed.

Joyce watched dumbstruck. Alisha read her expression.

“Why don’t you try it Joyce?! I’ll teach you. Come on, it’ll be fun. Think how spoiled Mark will be with two sexy asses shaking in front of him!” Alisha pressed.

Joyce didn’t want to appear a prude dispite her returning feelings of inadequacy. She really hated the crude language Alisha was using though. She assumed doggy position beside Alisha.

“Just shake it up and down. Imagine you are trying shake the fat off your ass,” Alisha advised.

Alisha couldn’t wait to see this white woman fail at this. She knew that Joyce didn’t have the coordination or the ass to pull this off. It was another awesome way to make it clear to Mark who the better woman was.

Joyce began to awkwardly shake her bony pale ass up and down. Mark watched in shock. He almost felt sorry for her. It was pathetic. As he took in the view before him, he couldn’t believe the contrast between them. Joyce misread his look of horror for arousal. She thought she might have found a new trick for Mark.

“You go girl!” Alisha joked trying her best to sound like a black woman.

Alisha was a pro at this and changed her rhythm to two shakes up and one down. Mark watched in amazement. He needed her now.

Alisha kept chatting to Joyce and encouraging her.

“Show your husband that sexy ass! That’s it!”

This banter continued with Mark’s hand stroking Alisha’s booty.

Alisha continued to talk to Joyce.

“Yes, wow your going sideways now. You sure know…ahhh! Oh shit! Mark! Yes! Yes! Oh baby!” Alisha screamed having been interrupted from her chat with Joyce.

Joyce was shocked by Alisha’s abrupt screams driven by Mark’s sudden decision to take her. Thoughts flooded Joyce. Does he find her more attractive? My performance was obviously not sexy enough for Mark to choose Alisha. She supposed it was Alisha’s turn. But then she felt that Alisha’s purpose here was to ignite their marriage. She felt she should get priority. Another thing that really shocked her was Alisha’s demeanour and way of talking. She had never been this vocal before and the language coming out of her mouth was repulsive. Mark can’t be turned on by this. Suddenly an awful feeling came over her. There was a familiarity to the way Alisha was moaning. A memory? Joyce couldn’t put her finger on it. She felt uneasy.

“Oh fuck Mark. Fuck my big ass! Yes! Joyce, your husband is fucking me hard. He is so good! You are such a lucky woman!” Alisha’s screamed.

Joyce was afraid the neighbors could hear this. She nervously checked the windows to see if they were closed. Fuck my big ass? Who the hell says that? What does that mean?

Mark pounded away making loud clapping noises with every thrust. He seemed to be lost in the moment. Alisha turned to face Joyce while her head jerked backwards and forwards with Mark’s thrusts.

“Show him …ahhh!!…your … oooohhhh…sexy booty Joyce. Twerk it for him…fuck!…It will make him hornier!” Alisha managed to say between moans.

Mark knew what she was doing. He watched as his wife’s pathetic pale white ass attempted to twerk. He believed it had the effect Alisha intended. The harder Joyce tried, the more pathetic she looked, the hotter Alisha looked and the hornier Mark got knowing that he was fucking the right one. The two of them were in on a very cruel joke and the fucking felt infinitely more enjoyable with them knowing how pathetic Joyce looked.

“Oh yeah! Yes, Joyce that is so sexy! Ahhh ahhh ahhh! Mark must be so… fuck…turned on now…shit!” Alisha said trying to encourage Joyce.

Mark decided to join in on the fun.

“Oh Joyce, looking at you do that with your ass is so hot! It is making me so horny!” Mark lied.

As Joyce looked bahis şirketleri up at Mark seductively, Alisha turned her head to the side to hide her laughter. She tried to make it look like a move in the throws of passion. Mark recognised it right away seeing the other side of Alisha’s face, but kept looking at Joyce fighting back laughter of his own.

“If you like it so much why don’t you slip that rubber off and get some real action!” Joyce smiled up at him.

Mark thought this might happen. Fuck!

“Sure thing babe,” he said reluctantly withdrawing from Alisha.

He threw the second rubber to the floor and entered.

Over the next 30 minutes they went through various positions. But Joyce couldn’t help but notice he seemed more passionate and did it for way longer with Alisha. Each time it was Joyce’s turn it seemed to get shorter and shorter. While Alisha’s turns were getting longer and longer. Joyce couldn’t help but feel she was in their way. That she wasn’t really welcome. She watched as Mark fucked her missionary. Her hands were wrapped around Mark’s neck and were pulling him in for a kiss. Joyce was feeling tired of this. The two of them seemed to have more energy than her as they started licking each other’s faces.

“I need a break guys. I will be back up later,” Joyce said as she got up and put a robe on.

There was no reply from either of them except the sound of loud moaning.

“Hello! Guys! I am going downstairs for a break!” Joyce said frustrated at the two of them.

“Oh sure thing hun…We won’t be too much longer…” Mark said before turning back to Alisha.

“Come back soon Joyce…oh! Ahh! Yes! Right there!” Alisha screamed.

Joyce stepped out of the bedroom feeling more than a little left out. As she walked down the stairs she heard giggling from the two of them. Were they laughing at her? Perhaps she was thinking too much. She continued towards the kitchen and poured herself a glass of wine before making her way into the living room and collapsing onto the sofa. The moans from upstairs intensified and the walls vibrated with a thumping noise. She turned the tv on and increased the volume in an attempt to block out the sounds. It was futile. She sighed while leaning back on the sofa.


As Joyce left the bedroom and walked down the stairs, the couple on the bed couldn’t hold back their laughter at what had just happened.

“That was pure evil!” Mark said while slowing the pace.

“Well fuck Mark, did you hear that snide little condom remark? And all because she felt insecure next to me. Stupid bitch. I had to make her pay for that,” Alisha said.

“And pay she did! Oh my god! Did you see the sad excuse for an ass shake?” Mark grinned.

“Oh my god! That was so sad! Did it turn you on when I told her to do it more?” Alisha asked with a cheeky smile.

“You are such a bitch! But god help me, yes! Did you like it when I choose you even though she was trying her best to be sexy?” Mark asked.

“Oh fuck yeah! I almost squirted all over the bed!” Alisha squealed.

“I’ll let you in on a little secret baby. You didn’t give me a choice the way you were shaking that ass,” Mark admitted.

“Oh honey! I love you so much!” Alisha moaned out loud.

“I can’t believe she just left the room to let us keep fucking!” Mark realised.

“I know! What a rush! I wonder when she will break?” Alisha said half talking to herself.

“It doesn’t get much crazier than this baby!” Mark remarked.

“Oh yes it does honey,” Alisha said while pushing Mark off her.

She then reached for Mark’s rubber and pulled it off. Mark started grinning from ear to ear. Alisha kissed him before falling back on to the bed and opening her legs wide.

“Time for mommy and daddy to get busy again!” Alisha said seductively looking up at him.

Mark wondered what she meant. Did she want me to make her a mommy? He said nothing.

“I want you to cum up me right in front of your wife. You can put your baby seed in me again. And I want you to remember something. When you are about to cum, I am going to say the opposite of what I want,” Alisha explained.

“I don’t understand,” Mark responded.

“Trust me, it will all make sense later,” Alisha said while pulling Mark towards her.

“Well you haven’t let me down yet,” Mark smiled while pressing his forehead against hers.

“And I don’t intend to now. Now let’s fuck so hard and long that we drive your wife nuts! I want her to feel as uncomfortable as possible. You are going to fuck me all night. I want her to be practically wrenching me off you by the end of it!”

An hour had passed but to Joyce it felt like an eternity. Mark and Alisha and been going at it non stop the whole time. A couple of times when it seemed quiet, Joyce went up to see if it was safe to ‘reclaim’ her bedroom and her husband hoping they had finished. Both times she was bitterly disappointed. The first time she walked in Joyce was slow riding Mark. She knew even before she reached the door that they might have still been at it as she heard a few moans when she reached the top of the stairs. Mark had his hands all over her ample tits while Alisha was playing with her hair. What a stupid act. Her stupid big fat butt grinded hard on Mark.

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