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The Auction pt 2 — The Morning After

“I own this arse for twenty four hours.” Paul Corley had told his daughter before they went to sleep cuddled together in front of the fire, with the arse in question pressed back into his groin.

Paul woke with that thought at the front of his brain. The arse had gone but when he opened his eyes in the dimly lit room in front of his face were a pair of shining blue-grey eyes. Tonia had been watching him sleep.

“Good morning master.” She greeted him.

“Good morning slave, how do you feel?”

“Wonderful daddy master, absolutely wonderful,” Tonia snuggled in tight to her father. It was still early, dark outside, the fire had burned low and the room was cool. It would be a while before the central heating kicked in. The throw was soft, thick, and very warm. Nude, they both enjoyed the feel of each other’s skin and Paul wrapped his arms around his daughter and drew her sideways on the cushions towards him.

“No regrets Tonia?” Paul asked quietly, this was something he had worried about.

“No daddy, none at all.” Tonia told him firmly, “It was something I wanted. And it was everything I hoped for.”

Paul lay back, Tonia was only eighteen, but she always knew what she wanted, and always had done from an early age. What they had done, he knew could cause lots of problems for people, but Paul knew his daughter would not be one of them. Absent-mindedly he ran his fingers over the breast they were resting on. He felt her nipple start to grow under his fingertips.

Toni shivered in delight, and she rolled to her right, pressing her body against him, Paul moved his hand gracefully down her back and started to play with ‘the arse’ he now owned.

Tonia reached for the daddy cock, wrapping her warm hand round its stiffness and stroking it, slowly at first. Paul’s hand slid between the soft, almost velvety skin of her bum and teased the pucker. Tonia wriggled again.

Tonia’s pussy was a little sore, she wasn’t surprised by that, it had taken a bit of a battering. She wasn’t sure she wanted to have sex again just yet but she thought her father might welcome a blow job in the morning. So sliding down into the sensual warmth of the throw, into the hot dark of bare flesh she opened her mouth and took her father in.

“Oh fuck Tonia, you are worryingly good at this!” Paul groaned as he closed his eyes and enjoyed the feel of his daughter working her mouth on his cock. As she worked, swallowing deeply and drawing her head up with her lips tight around his shaft, he teased her bum-hole more and more.

Tonia wriggled under the blanket, pushing her bottom up into Paul’s hand, as she took time to wank his cock, with just the tip in her mouth, and her tongue probing the slit in the top.

“Fuck!” Paul muttered again.

Tonia was now working his balls, cupping them in her hands and gently fondling them while still sucking and licking at the shaft. Her action was excellent, her touch gentle but firm, and her imagination as she varied her efforts was amazing. Paul had to admit his daughter really did have a talent for this, “God Tonia , yeah! That! Is! Incredible!” On reflection, he decided, it would be better that he didn’t know how his daughter had got so good at oral sex.

Tonia’s movements under his own hand were more energetic as he slipped a finger inside her full pussy lips, but it would be a race. He knew he was going to cum soon, and he wanted to bring his daughter off as well. Paul speared Tonia’s bum with his finger!

There was a muffled squeak from under the blanket as Paul screwed the tip of his finger around in her tight bum. His other fingers were active with her clitoris and for a moment Tonia paused in what she was doing. More noises from under the blanket — groans and sighs — as she enjoyed the sensations.

Paul rested his free hand on Tonia’s head guiding her back to her task and it didn’t take much effort from his daughter before he was shooting his cum into her eager mouth. As she swallowed Tonia also came, shaking gently as she gulped down the creamy cum.

His daughter slave’s dishevelled head emerged from under the throw, a broad smile on her face as she kissed her father master with the taste of his own cum on her lips. Paul’s hand stayed resting between the cheeks of Tonia’s perky bottom, and she snuggled into his side. No words were needed, nothing was said.

His daughter was soon asleep again, snoring quietly, cutely, beside him. On reflection Paul mused, this was a much better way to start a Sunday morning than walking through the cold and the rain to pick up the papers.

Tonia found herself being gently shaken awake. Toni Corley crouched next to her — wearing a pale grey silk robe, her hair elegantly tousled. She spoke quietly, so as not to wake Paul.

“Come! Come with me!”

Tonia rubbed her eyes, and slid out from under the throw. She bent down to pick up her bra and the bottom of her costume, but Toni stopped her, before leading pendik escort the naked girl through the house to the warm and well-lit kitchen.

Christian was standing at the range cooking breakfast, like Tonia he was naked, apart from a blue butcher’s type apron, he turned and waved at his sister and turned back to the scrambled eggs he was making.

“Slaves don’t wear clothes in this house,” her mother told her, “At least not until you have earned your manumission. It’s time to prepare your master’s breakfast.”

Slightly surprised but recovering quickly Tonia nodded, “Yes mistress!”

Toni smiled, and reached out, stroking her daughter’s face. Tonia looked different. She had always been a confident person, confident in her body, and in her character both. But this girl this morning, well she was no longer a girl. Toni could see that Tonia was now a beautiful young woman. Tonia in return looked at her mum and saw in her face how she herself was feeling — well fucked.

Quickly Tonia did as instructed, and gathered a tray of breakfast items for her father/master then disappeared back into the warm dimly lit living room. Her mother and Christian watched her go before Toni sat down at the table and Christian presented her with a small breakfast.

“Jungle boy make sure White Mistress eat well,” he grunted, monosyllabically, “Mistress need her strength.”

Chris stood next to his mother as she ate, and Toni absent-mindedly reached out and caressed his strong back as she ate, “I think,” she told him, “We should take this and eat it in bed.”

Christian bowed low, “Whatever Mistress say.” He said in his jungle boy broken English.

“You’re such a good boy for your mother,” she told him as they too disappeared, this time upstairs.

In the living room Paul was dozing as Tonia set the tray down on a side-table. She knelt in front of him but waited a few moments before she reached out to wake him. He lay upon the piled cushions with the throw pushed down so that it just covered his hips. In the dim light of the room the firelight made everything golden, and Paul’s blonde, close cropped hair and neatly trimmed beard appeared to be red gold. He was just — so – gorgeous, Tonia thought. She wasn’t “in love” with him, Tonia had no intention of replacing her mother in her father’s life, not that she thought she possible could. But she did love her father, she loved his humour, his strength, his sense of the silly, and his strong serious streak. Her dad was her rock and her defender. After the last few hours and his tenderness and the way he had made love to her, she was able to bask in the knowledge that her father loved her back.

Tonia took the top edge of the throw and drew it down gently revealing the daddy cock. Relaxed, like Paul, it nestled in the light golden pubes, curled to the left on his thigh.

“Hello baby!” Tonia whispered, “Did you miss me?”

Paul watched her through partly lidded eyes, pretending to doze, as he waited to see what his daughter would do next.

He didn’t have to wait long, as his daughter — still kneeling at his feet, leaned forwards, along his legs, reaching up and caressing him with her body and her lovely breasts. As well as that she lowered her head and kissed all the way up his legs, as she extended. Her hands lingered on his cock, teasing it and fondling him for a few moments before they moved on, touching and stroking up his body. Tonia’s soft, supple body pressed against him, mirroring his shape as she glided across his torso. For a moment her head rested by Paul’s penis, and she kissed it tenderly before moving on.

Paul reached up and enfolded his daughter, drawing her to him, and rolling with her on the cushions. They kissed, not a father-daughter kiss, but passionately and open-mouthed. Hands touched and stroked and fondled. They wrestled moving against and with each other, using their own skins to stimulate the other. Fuck! Paul thought briefly, Tonia was growing into one hell of a sexy woman.

He broke the kiss — gently, and asked his slave if she had brought him breakfast.

“Yes master.” The slave girl told him, “May I feed you master?”

Paul gave his permission, and Tonia brought the tray and table closer to hand.

Although the toast wasn’t as hot as it could have been, Tonia took great pleasure in buttering it, loading it with scrambled egg and feeding it to Paul. Paul made a big show of making sure his slave girl received some breakfast as well. They drank orange juice and sipped coffee, served from a thermos butler, in between bites Paul could see his daughter was planning something.

“What is it slave?” Tonia looked at him in surprise. “Do you want to ask me something?” He asked her as she placed the breakfast things on one side.

The central heating had cut in earlier and the living room was pleasantly warm now, Paul pulled his slave daughter down close to him.

Tonia hesitated a moment, “Well there was one thing_”

“Master.” Paul supplied.

“Sorry! maltepe escort Yes master, there was one thing. Last night was incredible, and it was everything I hoped for and dreamed it would be_”

“But?” her father asked.

“Precisely. Master” Tonia replied with a mischievous smile after a short and very laden pause.

It was Paul’s turn to be surprised, “Are you sure?”

The mischief in Tonia’s smile turned to a devilish delight as she nodded her head eagerly. “Master has always said we should try everything. Learn as much as we can…”

“This is true,” Paul told her with a rueful grin, he could feel his cock swelling at the thought of what his daughter was asking. “Does my slave think she’s up to it?

“We might need some lubrication master.”

Paul put his finger on Tonia’s lip, to stifle her question and reached back to the side of the couch they were leaning against. He held up a squeezy tube of a ruby coloured lotion.

“Lube!” He told her.

Tonia was astonished, “Master?!”

“Well, I didn’t know whether we’d need it or not. And no, and the thought of a bit of, you know, never crossed my mind.”

Tonia took the tube, and popped the cap, “Strawberries!” she squealed, “How do we do this master?”

Paul reached out and drew Tonia back towards him, kissing her deeply. In between the breathless kisses, he told Tonia, “Right! Listen, you don’t just ‘do’ anal! That’s brutal and what we in the trade, call ‘a bad thing.” He smiled at her gently, “The first time, you build up to it.”

It wasn’t a huge step for either of them to step up the intensity of the kissing and soon they were both writhing, entwined on the cushions, kissing and stroking each other in a thoroughly heated love match.

“Put it in me master! Now daddy, now! I need it, now daddy!” Tonia urged him, breathily.

At that moment, with her hand stroking his cock, his steel hard, throbbing cock, Paul could not have refused his daughter anything. He laid his sweet sexy slave on her back and plunged his rod into his daughter’s tight, hot and very wet pussy.

“Fuck!” He swore, it had been his intention that this ‘birthday present’ for his daughter would be a one-off, a one-night only liaison. He was starting to reconsider that, as his dick slid in and out of Tonia’s tightness. It was just sooo good.

Tonia gave her little mew of disappointment as Paul pumped in and out of her. Her father looked down at her and smiled as he lifted her ankles and placed them on his shoulders, “Trust me.” He told her.

The change in position allowed Paul to penetrate her further, deeper, and Tonia arched her hips up as his cock reached further inside her than before. “Ooooooh Fuck!” She breathed. Abruptly Paul stopped, pulled out and lowered himself until he was looking at the glistening red lips of her pussy. He started licking her clit, long strokes up and down. He lifted his daughter’s hips and slipped a pillow under them, before going back to licking her full labia. Occasionally Paul would move from there to the cute wrinkled pucker of her bum, licking around it, and spearing it with his tongue. The mere touch of his tongue on her bum hole made Tonia wriggle in salacious delight. “Mmmmmmmmmmm-oooh yessssss!”

Suddenly there was a click, a farting sound and a glob of cold gel was smeared over the wrinkle of her bum. Tonia squealed, sharp and high. “Shit!” She tried to slew her hips round but Paul kept her ankles pulled up to his shoulder, smiling at her reaction. Moving up between her legs, he kissed her gently before inserting his finger through the goo and into her bottom.

Tonia wriggled, it was tight, as he probed her.

“Relax.” Paul told her, and pushed his finger deeper inside. His finger sank in as far as his second knuckle.

It was good, Tonia decided. No! It was better than good. The finger worked inside her and then stroked in and out, pulling and pushing against the tightness of her bum. As she made a conscious effort to relax, Paula added a second finger. It felt like her arse was full of her father’s fingers, stroking in and out, teasing her. The room was filled with the aroma of sex and strawberries, and briefly Tonia mused that from now on she would probably always associate the two scents. The lube eased the movement of Paul’s educated fingers as he massaged her hole. Having tensed at the entry of the second finger, Tonia started to relax again, the ‘full’ feeling was delicious. The tension in her sphincter eased again, and as soon as it did, Paul started to work a third finger into her bottom. He did not push them in as far as he had before, he used them just to ease Tonia’s bottom open enough for him to enter.

“Mmmmmmmmnh!” Tonia writhed, from the fullness that now crammed her bottom and from the sensation her father’s fingers were causing in her. All the while he kept licking her clit and pussy, pushing his tongue up inside her, or lashing it across her clitoris. Tonia tugged at her nipples, squeezing her breasts together kartal escort as she felt an orgasm hovering just within range.

“Oh! Fuck daddeeee! Shit, that’s so good.” She squealed, though her delight turned to dismay as Paul withdrew his fingers. There was another farting noise that made them both giggle childishly, before he placed his lubed cock at Tonia’s back entrance.

Looking down at his daughter’s face, Paul saw her eyes open wide as his cock slid inside her. At first there was discomfort, but then he saw it change briefly to wonder before she shut her eyes to enjoy the sensations filling her body.

“Oh my fucking God! Daddy! Master, your cock, so big, filling me. Fuck! It feels like I’m splitting”

“Do you want me to stop?” Paul asked her.

“No! No! No!” Tonia said hurriedly. “Fuck no! Shit! Fucking shit! THAT is sooooo fucking good”, her voice was a hissed mix of obscenity, and excited joy. She looked up at him, her eyes half-lidded with passion, “Fuck me daddy-master, fill this slave’s arse with your gorgeous daddy cum!”

Paul’s response was a deep, heart-felt groan of passion, as he fucked away at his daughter’s arse. Holding Tonia’s hips firmly with his hands he pulled her onto him, holding her there with his left hand, he kissed the soft flesh on the inside of her knees then reached forwards and gently mauled his daughter’s full tits.

“Mmmmmmmm! Harder daddy, squeeze them harder!” Tonia’s hands came up and joined Paul’s, forcing her breasts together, squeezing them and tugging at her nipples. She writhed under Paul’s anal assault, pushing herself into him, and the wriggling, sensuous, sexual princess beneath him was bringing him closer and closer to his orgasm.

He desperately fought with the growing arousal, once again Paul wanted to see if he could make Tonia cum first, after this was all about her, but she was pushing him hard, making him cum, with her tightness and her motions. He pushed his mind away from what he was doing and tried to think about something else, distract himself. He left Tonia’s lovely breasts to her, and put his right hand to use by exploring her clitoris with his fingers — teasing and stroking it.

He was rewarded by his daughter suddenly jerking and shaking as she was electrified by a series of sharp orgasms. Tonia was jolted by the cums and her arse contracted on Paul’s cock, almost, it felt, as if it would cut it off.

As those cums subsided and Tonia relaxed again — to Paul’s relief — he began to bring about his own release, only to be interrupted by Tonia cumming again. This time her orgasm was less explosive, more a sustained feeling, welling up from deep inside her. It was what tipped Paul over the edge and soon he was blissfully shooting his seed deep inside his daughter, draining himself, filling her up.

Paul sank back to the cushions, but Tonia was still excited, a buzzing energy filled her body, she leaped on her father, showering him with kisses.

“Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!” She told him breathlessly. She chattered away about how wonderful it had been, and praised her father for how good a lover he was, and then again thanking him for what he had done. Paul stilled his daughter’s happy chatter with a kiss. Turning her over so that she lay on her stomach. He used the cloths that were still in the bowl on the hearth to clean the cum that dribbled from his daughter’s bottom – she wriggled delightedly as the cool cloth touched her arse. He wiped away the jism and lube, and dirt and placed them on one side. Tonia took the other cloth and repaid the favour, cleaning what she would now always think of as the daddy-cock.

Once Tonia had finished Paul folded her up in his arms, in the same way they often cuddled as father and daughter watching television together. Briefly he wondered if that would ever be the same, now that their relationship had changed for ever. It might have changed for the future but for the moment Tonia wriggled in her father’s strong arms and wormed her way in as close she could get.

She turned her face to his, bright eyed and with a happy, sexy smile on her face, “Thank you daddy.” She said simply. She kissed Paul and then lay down again.

They lay together for a good ten minutes, Paul could feel the energy in his daughter’s lithe naked body, he knew that she would be wanting to do something else soon.

“Come on slave.” He said drawing her upwards.


“Let’s go and get a shower, we could use it. Then I have a job for you.”

“Yes master.”

The only way into Paul and Toni’s bathroom was through their room, which the father and daughter avoided, instead they went to the family bathroom where the shower stall was much more roomy.

As the hot water sprayed across them both, Paul couldn’t help but think about Tonia as his daughter rather than as a lover. He recalled how he had bathed her as a small child and also recently when they had shared beach showers while on holiday, but now he felt a little old. Shampooing her hair and washing her back, the reality hit home that his little girl was really now a woman, and a beautiful, sensual and very sexy one at that. And of course that also meant now she was an adult. Looking up at him she smiled through the steam.

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