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Labor day weekend. Summer was coming to an end all too quickly, as it always does. We were all up at the family cabin. Brothers and sisters, nephews and nieces, parents, grandparents, uncles…and aunts. One aunt in particular, Beth, was a curiosity. You see, Auntie Beth was a religious type. She always dressed in a style that didn’t draw attention. Always behaved and usually quiet. Auntie Beth did enjoy her beers, but with the long holiday weekend, she certainly wasn’t alone. Strange thing about Beth, I had heard stories about her dating a lot of guys through the years. After all, Beth got divorced a long time ago from her abusive ex-husband. The really surprising part was that Beth was rumored to be a sex maniac.

Lunch was winding down. The picnic table next to the cabin was littered with the usual supply of hot dog buns, chips, dip, paper plates, ketchup, mustard, potato salad, and plenty of soda and beer on ice in the big blue cooler on the ground at the end of the table. The kids were all running, yelling, and splashing around in the lake. The adults were enjoying a beer or two, sitting on lawn chairs and watching the kids playing. I was sitting next to Auntie Beth and talking about something close to nothing. We talked, glancing at each other once in a while, and mostly just watched the kids splashing around in the lake. Auntie Beth was saying something about missing having someone she could be close to.

Auntie continued, “I have to admit, you have grown up to be quite the good looking nephew.”

I laughed a bit and told Auntie, “You’re not bad yourself.”

“Nephew, I feel like taking a walk. Would you like to come with? I don’t think anyone will miss us.”

“Yea, okay,” I said.

Auntie Beth grabbed her day backpack and stuffed her small bible into the front pocket. She always seemed to have that bible with her, although I never actually saw her reading it.

“Nephew, how about fishing out a six-pack of brew from the bottom of that cooler. We might get thirsty along the way.”

We started off, my Aunt in the lead, and headed away from the shore, past the cabin, the Winnebago that someone brought up for overflow beds, and the small, in fact tiny, 2 person camping trailer that Auntie Beth towed up.

The back of the property was heavily wooded and the only real clearing was the narrow dirt road that wound through the woods about a half mile to the county road. In the woods were a few walking paths that had been trampled into place over the years. Most of them by the kids exploring the woods and dreaming about building a treehouse. The treehouse never got built, but there was talk about the idea every year. Anyway, Auntie knew of a seldom used path that seemed to go on forever. As we walked she reached back behind her and took my hand. The path was narrow and almost seemed to not exist in places.

Auntie then said, “I think it is right about here.”

“What is here?” I asked.

“Oh, you’ll see…follow me.”

We turned off the path and made our way through the bushes pendik escort for about a hundred feet. Suddenly, we were in a small clearing just about big enough for a tent. I could hear a creek flowing nearby. But other than that it was all quiet. We were less than a half mile from the cabin and all of our relatives, but it seemed like we were a world away.

The clearing had soft, shaded sunlight seeping through the maple and oak trees. The fall leaves were starting to turn. The maples’ were already a beautiful mixture of red and yellow. The leaves that had fallen made a soft bed on the ground.

“Auntie, this is beautiful. I can’t believe I never discovered this place when I was a kid exploring.”

Auntie said, “I don’t think many people know about this place. It’s very quiet here. Your mom and I use to come here a lot when we were kids.”

Auntie added, “Let’s break out that six-pack and have a cold one, or two.”

We both sat down on the fallen leaves, each downing a beer kind of fast, and then went for another.

“Auntie, what did you and mom do up here?”

“Play, explore, pretend…the usual kid’s stuff. One time we talked your grandma into letting us take the small tent with us for an overnight.”

“That sounds like fun.” I said.

“Oh it was…more than you know.” She said with a sly smile.

“What are you getting at? Tell me more.”

“I don’t know if I should.” Auntie went on, “Let’s just say that your mom and I got a bit naughty together.”

Surprised, I said, “That just does not seem like you at all. You seem so proper and appropriately behaved. And you always seem to have that bible with you, too.”

“I need the bible with me because of, well…let me have another beer and maybe I will tell you more,” said Auntie.

I opened the last 2 beers and handed one to Auntie Beth. We sat quietly and drank. She seemed uneasy.

“Auntie Beth, you were going to tell me about the bible?”

“Nephew, I have it with me cause it provides me with comfort.” After a long pause she continued, “Sometimes I have these thoughts that I know I shouldn’t have. Sometimes I do things that I think I shouldn’t…but they seem so good and right at the time. That overnight with your mom, that one when we brought the tent with to this very clearing…” her voice trailing off.

“What did you and my mom do?” I asked.

“If I tell you, you have to promise that you’ll never mention it to anyone, especially your mother.”


“Your mom and I set up the tent, and it was getting late, so we unrolled the 2 sleeping bags we brought with and decided it would be fun to zipper them together.”

My mind started to race and my cock started waking up.

“We were in the combined sleeping bags, giggling, and talking about boys and stuff. I must have gotten really worked up ’cause I asked your mom if she would like to try kissing, like we were boyfriend and girlfriend.”

“Really? I mean really, that sounds kind of, well, hot,” I said.

“It was. maltepe escort One thing led to another and we started feeling each other up…nothing serious, just kids being kids.”

“Auntie, I feel ashamed, and maybe it is just the beer, but I’m getting really turned on by this.”

“Don’t be ashamed nephew. God wants us to enjoy the gift of sexuality. Are you getting hard?”

I nodded yes.

Auntie said, “Don’t try to hide it. It is totally natural and right. In fact, just thinking about that night, so many years ago, I’m getting a bit turned on, too.”

“Anyways,” Auntie continued, “we started fooling around, you know… Are you sure you want to hear about this?”

“Oh yes, please,” I replied. I was really getting worked up.

“There isn’t much more to tell other than we played the old ‘I’ll show you mine if you show me yours’, and then somehow your mom and I got our legs tangled up in our shared sleeping bag, kind of like playing Twister.”

“Wow,” I said, “Sounds like you two had a good time. I’ll bet you sometimes miss the old days.”

Auntie replied, “I don’t have to. Remember last night? I had someone with me in my tiny trailer…it was your mom. She snuck out of the cabin after things quieted down, knocked on my door, and came in.”

“Auntie Beth, did you and mom, I mean, um…did you…”

“Yes, nephew, last night your mom and I did something we never did when we were kids. Last night…last night we fist fucked each other!”

“Oh My God!” I almost yelled.

“Your mom has really nice firm tits, and one of the fullest bushes I have ever seen. We are as close as two sisters can be,” Auntie said. “But enough about her, let’s talk about us.”


“Yes, us, Nephew. Surely you must have some wild ideas in your head right now. I’m going to tell you the truth, even if you don’t, I do.”

I put my head down, I couldn’t look my aunt in the eye, but managed to say, “Yes, I have some ideas, too.”

Auntie said, “I think the time is right for us to get to know each other better. I mean a lot better.”

I nodded my approval.

“Do as I say and I will walk you through this,” Auntie lovingly instructed me.

“Here, sit facing me and take my hands in yours. Bow your head. I am going to pray a blessing for what we about to do with each other.”

Auntie then started the blessing…

“Dear Lord, bless the shared love and desire Benjamin and I are feeling for each other. We honor you, God, and your beautiful gift of sexuality, by sharing it with each other under your watchful eye. Amen.”

“Benjamin, I mean Nephew, stand up and give your Aunt a hug.”

We embraced each other, pressing our bodies hard against one another for the longest time.

“Nephew, it is time. Let’s reveal to each other our naked bodies, here outdoors, in God’s sight, and with God’s blessing.”

We both slowly removed our clothing and stood there naked in front of each other. My cock was rock hard and Auntie Beth’s nipples must have kartal escort been sticking out at least a half-inch. Her bush was full and inviting.

“Now Nephew, press your naked body hard against mine. Let me feel your God-given cock press against my belly.”

We embraced again, only this time totally naked in nature.

“Nephew, continue to do as I say to fully receive the Lord’s blessing. I want you to lay down on the soft, leafy forest ground, on your back, looking up at me.”

I did as instructed. My Auntie Beth then walked above me with her legs spread, one on each side of my hips. Her hairy pussy was moist with desire and my cock seemed ready to explode. Auntie then lowered herself into a straddling position so her pussy was just above my cock.

“Nephew, it is time for your first baptism.”

With those words Auntie Beth looked to the heavens and again briefly prayed for the Lord’s blessing.

“Nephew Benjamin,” Auntie said, “with this act I baptize you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.”

Auntie Beth then looked down at my face and put her hands on both sides of my head to steady herself, her breasts hanging just above me. She then said, “It is time.”

She grimaced and a powerful stream of her urine sprayed onto my cock.

“My God,” I exclaimed, “that was so dirty…and beautiful…all at the same time.”

Auntie then said, “That was part 1 of your baptism, now for part 2.”

She sat upright, still straddling my cock, reached down, and spread her pussy lips as far apart as possible with her hands. Then, she lowered herself so that my cock was nestled between her lips. Rubbing up and down my hard-on a few times I could feel her erect clitoris against my cock. Carefully positioning herself, she then aligned her pee hole with the end of my cock’s pee hole.

“Nephew, it is time for us to anoint each other with our bodily fluids. I’m glad we had that beer with us, it is going to help. When we are both ready, we will pee on each other and actually try to pee into each other’s bodies.”

We laid there with our most private parts touching for several minutes, not saying a word. Then Auntie asked, “Are you ready?”

I said, “Yes.”

“On the count of three,” Auntie said. “One…two…THREE!”

We both let out a high pressure torrent of red hot piss onto each other piss holes. Auntie prayed, “Dear sweet Lord, bless us for we worship you as we worship each other, your holy creation.” We were both covered in each other’s beautiful urine.

We started to rub back and forth against each other, rock hard cock against hard clitoris, slipping back and forth in our urine, breathing harder, deeper and faster, until we could take no more.

“Auntie, I’m going to fucking cum!”

“Nephew, Dear God, I’m about to cum, too”

“I love you, Auntie Beth.”

“I love you, Benjamin.”

With that we both let go. I coated Auntie’s bush and my chest with spasms of white hot cum as she ejaculated all over my red hot cock.

We laid there in the leaves for several minutes, trying to catch our breath.

“Benjamin,” Auntie said, “now you know the power of prayer and sex combined. God is surely pleased.”

“God bless you, Auntie Beth.”

“God bless you, Nephew.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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