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“God. You are good. Now I am going to bed. If you want more that’s too bad” and she climbs up, kisses me,

“Was it as good for you as it was for me?” she asks, I nod. I don’t trust myself to say anything, what words could I use to describe how good that was. I never knew my sister was so good at sex.

“Good. Now that’s enough” she climbs off of the bed, she has one last look and I can see in her eyes she still needs more.

I look at my girlfriend and she looks at me, her legs are wide and her vibrator is up her ass, while her fingers please her tight cunt. She looks at me, looks down my body, her hand moves to the knot holding my hand in place. The door opens, then closes, and the knot undoes, my hand flashes across to the other one, and the two holding my feet. I roll toward her and kiss her, I can hear her breathing is getting faster and more explosive, she is getting close. I get on my knees, put my hands around her throat and her mouth opens as she struggles to breathe. I slide my cock in her mouth and slide my hands to the back of her head. I start to fuck her face slowly while she fucks herself, but then the bed moves, someone is here. I turn and see my sister crawling towards us. One hand grabs the vibrator up my girlfriend’s ass and pumps it in and out, my girlfriend lets out a moan,

“You aren’t going to cum in her mouth” my sister says as her hand slides around my waist and pulls my hard dick out of the perfect mouth of my girlfriend, “You will cum on her face” and she starts to jerk me off,

“Oh yes” moans my girlfriend “Fuck my ass, cum on my face” and she redoubles her efforts. Soon she reaches her climax, and just as she screams, my load fires, some of my warm cum goes straight into her mouth but the rest hits the cheeks and chin. Then I get roughly pushed out of the way and my sister moves in to clean up the mess. She licks it onto her tongue and then kisses my girlfriend. They are sharing my cum, and I move to the edge of the bed where my sisters shaved pussy is. I slide my hand down her back to let her know where I’m going and her legs spread a little. My hand slides down her ass, a slight finger of her ass, a sharp intake of breath, and a thumb on her clit and she moans. I rub my thumb in circles, and press my finger down into that lovely asshole. My tongue licking around my finger to give some slide, she moans and my girlfriend starts to moan again as my sister’s mouth teases her still wet pussy.

I pick up my rhythm a little, and take my finger out of her tight ass “Please put it b..” she whispers, interrupted by my tongue pressing down into her hole. My finger slides back her hood, exposing her clit to the air,and my thumb canlı bahis presses back down on it. As she bucks in pleasure my girlfriend’s moans get more rapid and excited. I speed up my tongue work and rub that clit, and my sister gives out a low long moan and starts trembling. My girlfriend’s moans are reaching a higher pitch, my sister’s trembling gets worse and then like an earthquake the two of them reach their climaxes together. My sister rolls onto her back and lays there, eye’s closed, while she recovers, but my girlfriend sits up, kisses me, and sucks my fingers clean, “Let’s both fuck her” she whispers in my ear, to which I respond with a quick nod.

While she gets up to find her toys, I pick up the blindfold, and lean down close to my sister, “Sit up” I say, and she does, opening her eyes, “Turn around” and like a good little slave she does, I always did enjoy domination.

I quickly snap the blindfold over her eyes and let the elastic flick the back of her head, she hisses at the sting. I whisper to her “Now it’s your turn” I grab her hair and pull her flat to the bed. I turn my head to see my girlfriend standing there with a thick, 10 inch black strap on ready for action. She also passes me my fangs, which I quickly slide into my mouth. I turn slightly and put my hand on my sister’s throat and press down, to which she opens her mouth, and like a coiled viper I pounce. My dick slides into her mouth and I start to slide deeper and deeper. I pull out, “Just to let you know, this will be quite rough, I hope you’re ready” and she nods and opens her mouth wide. I sit her up and put her against the wall. I then straddle her, (she is just the perfect height) and rest my dick on her tongue.

She leans her head forward to take more, but I pull away “I never said you could move!” and I put her head back against the wall, while my girlfriend is putting her toy on. I put the tip of my cock on her tongue again, no movement, “good girl” I say and I slide it up and into her waiting mouth.

She moans and closes her mouth around my shaft. I pick up speed as I pump in and out. Then just to see those sexy eyes again I stop and remove her blindfold and push all the way down into her throat. She doesn’t gag, she just stares at me with firey lust in her eyes and I pull out. Then I slide again all the way in and keep fucking her mouth like that until my girl starts to lube up her toy. I change to just sliding the tip in and out at a rapid rate of speed until my cum starts to flow and then I jam my cock in all the way and fire it down her throat. I pull out and she moans “Wow. That was good” and I put the blindfold back on and lay down on the bed.

I grab her waist and bahis siteleri lift her into position, laying on her back, on top of me. I slide my hand over her breasts, and then down her stomach to her wet cunt, and then I spread her legs. My hands slide along her thighs and pull them up leaving her ass and pussy vulnerable to any attack. My cock is guided, ever so gently by my girlfriend to be pressing against the tight ass that I probed earlier with my finger and tongue. She lubes my cock and I slide it in, to which my sister squeals making me quiver. I start to fuck her ass, slowly at first until she lets out another low moan and starts to grind her hips. My left hand move up the her left breast and I pinch her nipple, while my other hand moves to her neck and squeezes, cutting her breathing off.

Her head tips back as I pick up the pace and really start fucking her hard, she tries to moan and I sink my teeth into her neck, I release my grip and she lifts her arms up over her head and holds my head tightly to her neck, she whispers “Harder” and I shift position slightly and get a little deeper into her ass, and my teeth press harder onto her neck. She hisses at the pain of the bite and squeals over the cock in her ass. Right about then my girlfriend climbs up on the bed, and I release her neck from my mouth. I gently kiss the marks I left, and realise from the slight metallic taste that I pierced the skin.

I stop and watch as my girlfriend kisses the inside of my sister’s right thigh, and slowly moves in to the now wet (again) flesh of her pussy. My girlfriend’s tongue dances as she works her magic on the clit that is now aching for an orgasm. She stops licking and moves up her body. Starting on that mound just above her pussy she moves, one kiss at a time up to the little dimple just as her stomach starts, then the belly button. Now she moves up the middle of her stomach, her hands caressing the soft skin on my sister’s sides. Then to the lovely piece of flesh between the breasts (that is my favourite place on a female body). Her right hand tickles down her stomach back to that sweet pussy, rubbing her clit and then fingering her. While she continues kissing her way up, lingering on her nipple and softly nibbling. Then up her chest to the v of her neck (leaving her left hand on her breasts). Together she and I lick up the spots of blood from my bite, and then she pulls her fingers out

“Open your mouth” my girlfriend tells her and like a good girl she obeys. The fingers (which were previously deep in my sister’s pussy) then slide into her mouth and she eagerly licks her own juices off.

Then they engage in a passionate kiss as my girlfriend slides the bahis şirketleri black rubber shaft all the way deep into her pussy. I look at my girlfriend and wink, and instantly she knows what to do. We both start to drive, in and out, in synch with each other and the effect on my sister was amazing. She lets out a high pitched series of moans as we pound her pussy and ass simultaneously. She grinds her hips, arches her back and lets out some quick breaths as she enjoys getting fucked.

My girlfriend puts both hands on her neck and holds tight while I remove the blindfold. My sister instinctively struggles to try to breathe but keeps grinding away on the two cocks ruthlessly fucking her, then her eyes open and roll back, her mouth shapes itself into a smile and opens wide as she has the best orgasm she has ever had.

My girlfriend lets go of her neck and climbs off, I pull out of her ass, and slide my shaft along her pussy, as I move out from under her. I quickly get onto my knees and jerk myself off. I spray my cum over her tits and face, and my girlfriend (who by now has removed the strap on) rushes in to clean up the mess.

“And now for the finale” I say as I position myself between my sisters legs.

She wraps her legs around me and pulls me in, and I slip my cock into her pussy. My girlfriend creeps up behind me and slides a vibrating plug up her ass, and the squeal from my sister was my queue. I start slowly pumping in and out and my girlfriends hands scratch up my stomach to my neck, and she pulls me back for a kiss, “fuck her hard. I want her to eat me out” and she crawls along the bed and lowers her pussy over my sister’s soft lips.

She grinds herself down into her mouth and I get into high gear and fuck as hard, quick and deep as I can. My sister screams as she enjoys the feeling, and my girlfriend moans as she gets her wet cunt licks, sucked and pleasured by those lovely lips, and that soft tongue. My sister starts nibbling on my girlfriend’s clit, like I did to her, and my girlfriend starts to shiver as she gets close to orgasming. So I knuckle down and fuck like I have never fucked before and my sister, starts those same shivers and I feel my own orgasm building up.

My girlfriend starts to moan “don’t stop now girl”, my sister moans “I won’t, and don’t you stop either brother”, “I won’t”.

The two of them start to cum. My girlfriend presses herself down onto my sister’s mouth, while my sister presses herself up into the sweet pussy of my girlfriend. Her legs hold me in her cunt and I feel my balls tighten. The shiver works its way up my shaft, and then bang, the explosion of my orgasm was shocking.

Seeing my sister eat out my girlfriend, while I fuck her must have been the catalyst I needed, and I feel the cum shoot up my sisters pussy.

Then everybody lays down and catches their breath.

“So who feels like a shower?” I say.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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