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The story involves themes of Incest, BDSM, Dominance/submission, bisexuality and some homo-erotica. If any of that offends you, just move on to another story. All characters are 18+ years of age. And this is a work of fiction. This story picks up where Chapter 27 left off. Thanks to John and Jake for their help with suggestions, editing and proofreading. Comments, Favorites, and Ratings are very much appreciated. Suggestions are often worked into future chapters. This chapter ends on something of cliffhanger, but Chapter 29 will be coming shortly. The story is far from over.


Regina Coulson and I left the bedroom and walked out toward the living room. Regina walked in front of me. I appreciated the sway of her ass. She’s a little person, less than four feet tall, with a small body, but mostly, disproportionately short arms and legs. She’s a bit bowlegged, and walks on the outsides of her feet. But I find every curve and nuance about my Tiny Angel so sexy. She had just given me her submission. But she’s a lawyer, and warned me that promises made under duress might not be binding. And I had been demanding her submission in exchange for her permission to cum. So maybe she has a point.

As we walked past the bathroom, through the door I could hear Nurse Nancy shouting, “FUCK ME! Fuck me harder, Piggie. Give me everything you’ve got, you old fart!” Then she giggled.

There was the distinct sound of a pelvis slapping against someone’s butt, then the sharper slap of a spank. “Is that hard enough, Mistress.”

“Yes, Piggie. Fuck, Yes!”

“May I cum, Mistress.”

She said, “Yes. You gave me a nice orgasm with your tongue. You can cum in me, Little Piggie, my love!” I made a mental note to teach Nancy about the joys of delaying a submissive’s orgasm.

Regina turned the corner of the hallway, looked, then spun on her heel to face me. Her face is about level with my belly. I practically poked my stiff cock into her chin.

She said, “Let’s go back into the bedroom. I’m too shy to go in there, Bobby.”

“Call me Sir, Master or Daddy, Angel,” I demanded.

“I can’t go in there, they’re all fucking, Sir” she whispered.

“Who is fucking?”

“Blix is naked and fucking some woman over the arm of the couch. Your father is fucking another woman over the other arm of the couch. I couldn’t see which women. But it must be your mother and Stephanie Bahl, because that teen-girl, Terri, is getting fucked with a strap on dildo by your girlfriend, while she eats that Kitten-Girl’s pussy. It’s an orgy out there!”

“Then let’s go join it!” I insisted.

“Sir, I’m very shy. And I’m not beautiful like those other women. I’m a short, ugly dwarf.”

“Quiet, Kitten!” I snapped. “Put my cock in your fucking mouth, right now, Angel. That’s right. FUCK! You’ve got a great mouth. Now, look up at me! Look at your Daddy. Did I say you could take that cock out of your mouth? No. Lips and tongue still working, but eyes up here. Good girl. Let me explain something to you. I can have my pick of any of those beautiful women in that room. I could walk in there and tap-out my father or even Blix, and take over fucking whoever they are fucking. I could have Sondra or Terri or Amethyst-Kitten. I’m not saying that to brag. But, I am the Master of this Family, and my sexual pleasure comes first. That’s the way things are structured. Little Angel, right now, I want YOU! You are gorgeous. Not just gorgeous to me. Not just gorgeous for a Little Person. Objectively, fucking sexy as hell. You are so fucking sexy, if I let myself go, I could shoot in your mouth right now.”

Regina grinned, and jerked my cock with both hands. “I want you to let yourself go…uhm…Daddy. You can cum in my mouth, if you want.I want to taste your cum.”

“We are going to get a condom, and I am going to push this cock up in your tight and tiny pussy, Angel. Because YOU are the sexy kitten that Daddy needs to fuck, right now. You are as sexy as any of the women in this family.” She took my cock out of her mouth again, but I cut her off. “No! No arguments.” I got down on my knees, so we were face to face. “Kiss me.” She didn’t argue, she just slowly, deeply kissed me. I said, “Don’t be embarrassed. Be proud of being the hot little fireball you are. No. Don’t give me that look, and don’t argue with me, or I will spank your perfect ass in front of everyone! Now, say, ‘Yes, Daddy’.”

She smiled. “Yes, Daddy. Thank you, Daddy. You make me feel like I’m as gorgeous as your mother, or even that tall and skinny Sondra.”

I kissed her cute nose. “You are! But don’t compare yourself to anyone else. You are you. And I want you. Now, let’s get a condom, so I can totally fuck you, Angel.” I spun her around, and patted her ass, so she would move. Then I came out into the living room behind her, on my knees.

Regina was right, there was a fucking orgy going on. Blix Johnson, a six foot seven, three hundred and fifty pound, black man was standing, driving his cock into çankaya escort a woman, who was bent over backwards on the couch. He had stripped naked. All he was wearing was the thick gold chain around his neck, and the gold hoop ear-ring that made him look like the Black Mister Clean. I couldn’t see much of the woman he was fucking, but could tell from the curve of her long legs, and the blue toenail polish that it was Blue, my mother.

I was guessing my father, who is almost a foot shorter and two hundred pounds lighter than the black giant, had Stephanie Bahl bent over the other arm of the couch. Red was standing behind her, wearing a condom, plowing into her pussy. Her butt was slapping against his pelvis. His face was grimacing a little. Dad had just gotten a Prince Albert piercing in the end of his cock earlier in the week, and Dr. Shapiro had told him not to fuck anyone for at least ten to fourteen days. I think he was noticing how sore the tip of his cock was now.

It sounded like Blix and Red were having a little friendly competition between them. Blix said, “You can’t last, Old Man, and your wife has already cum twice on my cock.”

Mom shouted, “Three times! Oh shit! You’re splitting me in two. So fucking long! I’ve never had a cock this long before. Never. Never! Never stop fucking me! Ever! Oh. Nuggets!”

Heh. “Nuggets.” That was a new one to me.

Blix drew back until just the tip of his cock was inside my mother. Damn! He’s got to have an eight or nine inch cock! And he shaves his pubes. His whole body is as hairless as his head! Just his eyebrows are left. He’s just as hairless as my father, but what a contrast. He has the longest cock I’ve ever seen outside of a porno. And he slammed it back in, mercilessly. “Take it! Take it all, Bitch! That’s right. You can scream and cum all you want.”

Red, my father said, “Steph, are you doing all right?” I could see him wince, as he slapped his pelvis against Mrs. Bahl’s full, round backside.

“Yes, Andrew! I love you. Can I? Can I cum again, Sir?”

“Are you keeping count?” He asked.

“Yes, Sir. The last one was smaller. But this one is going to be really big, and that will be five, Sir!”

“Cum quickly, Kitten, because your tight pussy has me ready to unload,” my Dad said.

Blix grinned. “I told you. I’m gonna outlast you, Old Man. And your wife is gonna just keep on cumming on my cock!”

I got an idea. I leaned and whispered in Regina’s ear. She turned to me, shook her head and said, “I can’t do that! Blix and I have been friends for years.”

I said, “You’re about to become closer friends.”

“But I don’t think…” Regina began to argue.

“You don’t have to think, Angel. I’m your Master now. Look, you can always use your safe-words. Those are ‘Red Card,’ which is a Full Stop. Whatever punishment or activity is going on ends immediately, whatever restraints are being used come off, as soon as you say the Safe Word. No questions. No arguments. You are always in total control. The other is ‘Yellow Card.’ That means you are getting seriously uncomfortable. You don’t want the scene to end, but it will if things keep going in this direction. Yellow Card is just a Warning. Now, you can Red Card this, and we will go put on our clothes, and I will kiss you goodnight, and tomorrow, you will still be my Tiny Angel, and I will still be your Daddy. No recriminations. No lingering resentment. But I am your Master, and you are my Kitten. And part of my job is to push your boundaries and introduce you to new pleasures.”

“But, what if Blix doesn’t like it?” she asked.

I casually toyed with her nipples and kissed her nose. I said, “I’m guessing he will love it! And I am always your out. You can always say, ‘I’m sorry. My Master told me to do this! Be mad at him instead!’ That way all the risk and responsibility becomes mine. Understand?”

“And you don’t mind sharing me with another man? You won’t be jealous?” Regina didn’t quite get it.

I kissed her deeply. “Not if that will bring you pleasure, Kitten. Just look at Blix’s ass! Damn! That’s pure muscle.”

“Mmm. Yes. He is hot.” Regina agreed.

“Go! Do it! Go get a piece of that fine, black ass, Angel!” And I gave her a swat on the butt for motivation.

She kissed my cheek. “Thank you, Daddy, for giving me this freedom and the courage to step outside my comfort zone.” And she saunter-toddled up behind Blix, who was rightly distracted, giving Blue the fuck of a lifetime. And Regina spanked his ass, as hard as she could, which frankly wasn’t all that hard.

Blix’s head jerked up. He said, “Who the fuh!” And his eyes went wide.

Regina shouted, “Don’t stop. Fuck her faster, Blix!” And she spanked him again.

Blix looked around the room and spotted me. I smiled and nodded. A big grin came across his face. He said, “Yes, Miss Regina!” And he began pounding Blue even harder and faster. Her groans turned to squeals. Blix looked over his shoulder. He said, escort çankaya “Miss Regina, I love your white hair. Fuck, that’s sexy! How’d you do that? And look at you! You bought yourself some bigguns, some Stripper Titties!”

“Do you like these giant fun-bags, Stud?”

“I do! Those are some fine, giant titties, Girl! Where have you been hiding those, Miss Regina?”

She spanked him again. “You better get a taste tonight, Blix, because these yabbos are gonna be smaller by tomorrow. They’re just too damn big.” And Regina shook her 32H, high and fake titties for emphasis. For a man who has always claimed to like natural tits better, I was still mesmerized and very turned on by Gina’s totally fake “yabbos.” Nuggets! What a word!

“What a shame,” Blix said, “because sometimes too damn big is just the right size!” And to emphasize his point, he drew his eight or nine inch, thin cock out of Blue. He turned to show the condom-sheathed mega-cock to Regina. Her eyes went wide. And Blue immediately started to whimper in complaint.

I stood and came forward, peaking over the back of the couch. Blue and Stephanie were engaged in an upside-down kiss! Blue’s fingers were toying with Stephanie’s dangling, swaying, floppy tits and nipples. And Stephanie was stretching to play with Mom’s excited, exposed clit. No wonder the women had been coming so much.

“Very impressive, Blix,” Angel commented on the man’s cock meat. And she spanked his ass again. “Where have you been hiding that monster?” Spank! “Now, give that submissive kitten the fucking she deserves!” Spank! Spank!

Blix slowly inserted his cock back into Blue. Her pussy lips looked puffy and red, not just excited, but stretched and sore. But she welcomed her lover back with a guttural, groaning, “Yhaasss!”

Regina was chanting, “Fuck her! Fuck her! Fuck that Kitten!” She was spanking Blix to the rhythm of his fucking, spurring him on. Regina smiled at me a wicked grin, and her bright green eyes flashed with mischief.

I nodded and Regina stopped spanking. Blix turned his head to see if something was the matter. Regina innocently smiled up at him. Then she spread his ass cheeks and licked along the length of his crack, from his taint to the base of his spine!

Blix said, “Oh Christmas! Miss Regina! Miss! What the? Oh fuck! You’re a tiny super-freak! Ain’t cha? You’re a Nasty Girl! That’s what you are, Missy! Are you gonna tongue my hole? You gonna tongue that black hole, Missy?” It was said more like a challenge than a question, “Oh fuck! What are you doing to me, Girl!? Oh no! Oh yes! YES! I’m sorry, Miss Blue! If she keeps this up, Imma haveta unload my! Oh Christ! My fucking balls!”

My father gasped, “Good. We can cum together! We can call our little challenge a draw, Mr. Johnson.”

“There’s no draw! You win, Red. I’m cumming right-ungh! Now! Fuck! Take it! Take it all, Blue! What a fuck! What a perfect, perfect, yes, perfect fuck! You perfect, beautiful, kinky women!”

I walked past Red. I whispered in his ear, “Your Master wants you to cum…in…4,3,2,1. Cum now, Worm!”

Red’s body began to convulse. And he gritted his teeth and groaned into his orgasm, first pumping into Stephanie Bahl, then collapsing across her back, his rubber-wrapped cock slipping out of her ultra-tight pussy.

I walked around the couch and hugged my girlfriend from behind. Then I kissed her. She was squatting down, driving a strap-on dildo into Terri Whitehall’s teen, virgin asshole. This wasn’t the first time Terri has ever been fucked in the ass with a dildo. But, she has never been fuck by a cock. Not in her pussy, and not in her ass. I’m saving those pleasures for the night of her school semi-formal dance. In a week and a day. I’m hoping to make the whole evening as romantic and memorable as possible for the both of us.

Terri was eating out Amethyst’s pussy. And Amethyst was cumming, watching the depravity that had been going on all around her.

I asked Sunny, “Has Terri had enough?”

Sunny said, “Amethyst and I took our Kitty-Cat into the kitchen. I put the cuffs on her and beat her ass with the crop. Amethyst pushed ice cubes up in her pussy and tortured her nipples. I forced her to eat my pussy and I came in her face. I don’t know how much punishment that part was. That was for me. Then, I thought we would put on a little show. So we brought her out here to fuck her ass with the strap-on. But the others have been too busy to really notice.” She shrugged.

I helped Sunny ease the dildo out of Terri’s tortured butt. The big-titted teen moaned. She said. “Daddy, can I cum? Mistress said I can’t cum without your permission.”

Her anus gaped, and I was tempted to just slip my cock right where the dildo was. But I held off. The school dance was only in a week. That was when I planned to deflower my Teen Virgin Slut. I said, “Is your butt sore, Kitten?” And I gently caressed the red welts on her ass.

“Yes, Bobby. But, I need to cum çankaya escort bayan more. Please? I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to sass or cause trouble. Please let me cum?”

I looked at Sunny. “Do you have your cream and after-care medicine?” She nodded. “Please, take care of these welts.” She went to get her bag. I called after her. “And I also need some condoms, Sunny!”

I looked around the room. Nancy and Dr. Eugene were just coming into the room. Nancy’s hair was a mess. And both of them had those “just fucked” grins on their faces. I said, “Nancy, I want you to take Mr. Johnson’s condom off and clean his cock like a good, little submissive slut. Dr. Piggie, I want you to do the same for Red.” I gestured to Regina. “Angel, come over here.”

Regina came around the couch. She was smiling broadly, and her hips seemed to have a confident, sexy sway. She said, “Blix wants to fuck me. I told him there was no way his python cock was going to fit in my tiny pussy. And he said that he would settle for a tittie-fuck. I laughed, but I think he was very serious, Daddy. Do you think he was serious?”

“Of course he was serious.” I helped Amethyst sit up. I said, “This has been an amazing night for me. Regina-Angel, this is Sophie. I call her, Amethyst, because of her hair and her amethyst eyes.” Sophie had dyed her hair a light, amethyst purple, and she was wearing colored contacts. The top of her latex outfit had come off. Her pert, 34B breasts had tiny, pointed nipples. “Angel, I took Amethyst as a sub earlier tonight. Amethyst, I just took Angel here as my newest submissive.”

Amethyst enthusiastically hugged Regina. “Congratulations! Oh, I’m so happy for you, Angel! We can be newbie subs together! Can I kiss you?”

Regina blushed and looked up at me. “Well, I’ve never really kissed a woman before. I don’t know where to start.”

Amethyst laughed. “Well, I’ve never kissed a fucking sexy, little person before. So maybe we’re even. And I think we should start with our lips and see how things go from there.” And she leaned in and the two women shared a small kiss that deepened when Amethyst’s hands found Regina’s generously full behind. Regina arms came around Sophie, but her arms were too short for her hands to meet behind the woman’s back. As they continued to kiss, I saw Regina’s small fingered hands come to caress Amethyst’s breasts and nipples.

My cock ached. I needed to fuck! I looked over at my mother and Mrs. Bahl. They were cuddling together in post-orgasmic bliss on the couch. I hated to disturb them, but, I needed some things. I said, “Blue, I need some pillows from the bedroom.”

She immediately said, “Yes, Daddy,” stood up and left the room.

I looked to Mrs. Bahl. “Stephanie, could you get me some towels, please?”

She grinned, shook her head, as if this was all a dream and said, “Yes, Sir.” And she got up to get the towels.

Sunny came back in the room. She tossed me a string of six condoms and a small bottle of lube. Blix sat down on the couch to watch. Nancy came over and kissed me and took one of the condoms out of the package. She rolled it onto my cock. She then took the lube and put some on my cock and began jacking my dick, keeping me hard. She whispered, “Thank you for rescuing me, Master.”

I kissed her back and said, “I think Red did most of the rescuing.”

She smiled at me. “I will thank my Red Puppy soon. But I want to fuck you now, Sir.”

I looked at her. “Didn’t Dr. Piggie just fuck you in the bathroom, Kitten?”

She whispered, “Yes. And I love Eugene. But, sometimes a girl just needs to…,” her voice trailed off, and she gave me a cute grin. She didn’t look like a woman in her early fifties, and it wasn’t just the plastic surgery. There was a gleam in her eye. “Sometimes a girl just wants to have her Master love her and take her and make her his own, Sir. I belong to you, Daddy.You own me now. I want to feel that with my whole body. Especially my cunt!” she finished.

I kissed her. “Hello, Nurse! Nancy, you are so fucking gorgeous. And I love being your Master. But, I promised Regina she would be my next fuck. Will you help her? I think she is a little apprehensive.”

Nancy kissed me. She said, “Yes, Sir. But I’m next.”

I shook my head. “I can’t promise next. But soon, Nancy. I promise.”

Blue came back in the room and tossed me a pillow.

I turned to Gina and said, “Angel, how would you like to make love, Kitten?”

“You’re the Master, Sir. You can use my body for your pleasure, anyway you desire.”

I smiled. Gina has had some training as a submissive. I said, “I want to take you from behind, Angel. So I can see that beautiful butt of yours jiggle as I press my thick cock inside you.”

Amethyst grabbed my arm and whispered to me, “Daddy, I was talking to Gina, and she’s very nervous about taking your thick cock. I was thinking you might give her more control this first time.”

I nodded. “Gina-Angel?” Gina turned and looked at me. “I was thinking it would be very sexy to see you impale yourself on my cock, Reverse Cowgirl style.”

“Reverse Cowgirl, Sir? I don’t understand.”

“Well, you’ll be on top…”, I began.

“Me? On top? Riding you? Seriously? Ian-I mean, the dickhead, Sir, he NEVER liked to have me be on top!”

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