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After a lot of planning, the weekend that my wife, our son and myself were going on our camping trip was finally going to be here this weekend.

We were going up to the northern part of the Adirondack mountains, near the Ausable Chasm for a long four day weekend.

We had all our camping equipment and my son was so excited to be roughing it with his parents.

My son, Rich, just turned 18 and he was really looking forward to it. My wife, Denise, was looking forward to being up there with her son and having some quality mom/son bonding. I was just happy that they were both happy to be going.

My name is Robert and it was my idea and me and my son did all the planning and getting everything we would need.

Two days before we were to leave, my boss called me into his office and told me that I had to go to Texas this weekend to work with a client to secure their business. I practically begged him to send someone else but he insisted I go because I was the best he had. I told him I would go.

When I got home, I got my son and wife together and told them the bad news. My wife said we should cancel the trip but I told her and my son to. go. I told them that I would be back by Monday and we still would have a few days together.

They agreed and my son, who used to be a boy scout and an eagle scout, said that he will take good care of his mom until I got there.

I left on Friday night so I could meet with the client the first thing Saturday morning. I told my wife and son to have a nice trip and I will call them late Saturday.

My wife and son were leaving very early Saturday morning to drive up to the mountains to get there by late morning.

The weather was supposed to be brisk but that was normal for mid October.

Denise and Rich drove up the Adirondack Northway and got to the area we selected around 11:00 a.m. They unloaded the truck and set up camp. They finished unloading in time for lunch.

By this time, the weather started to change a bit and it was clouding over.

Rich put on the radio and the weatherman started talking about possible snow, which would be a little early for this time of the year.

After lunch, Rich and Denise took a hike along the trail, taking selfies along the way. My son, who is a very conscientious young man, brought with him his handgun that he uses for target practice, just in case they ran into an animal, since there are wild animals up there.

They hiked for almost three hours etlik escort before they got back. Soon, it was time for dinner and Denise cooked up something on the portable grill.

After dinner, they just sat and looked up at the stars and talked.

I was able to reach them by cell and assured them that I would make it up there by Monday. Denise told me that they are talking about snow. I told them that if it started snowing, to pack up and leave. Denise said that is what they would do. Then we said goodnight.

When it was time to call it a night, they climbed into their sleeping bags in the tent and called it a night.

Sometime during the night it started snowing. Rich woke up first and saw the snow piling up when he poked his head out of the tent. He immediately woke up his mother and they started packing their stuff. Unfortunately, the snow was coming down pretty heavy and they decided there was no way they could drive out now.

Rich told his mother to stay in the tent while he searched for a better camp site.

After about an hour he came back and told his mother he found a small cave that they could occupy until the snow let up.

They moved whatever they could to the cave and settled in.

My wife tried to call me but the cell phone wasn’t working.

The weather wasn’t cooperating and the temperature started dropping. Rich made a fire in the cave but the wet wood smoked a lot and didn’t offer much heat.

Even as the snow got deeper, Rich kept his cool and had things under control and calmed his mother down.

They spent the day huddled up in their sleeping bags watching the snow getting deeper.

Denise managed to bring some food and they did enjoy whatever she prepared, laughing and keeping their spirits up.

By nightfall, it really got cold and the sleeping bags provided minimal protection. Rich saw that his mom was cold so he told her to join him in his sleeping bag so they could be warmer. His mother quickly joined him in his sleeping bag.

At this point I should give you some statistics on Rich and Denise because I am sure you want to know.

Like I said earlier, Rich is 18. He was a champion wrestler in school. He is 5’10, 185 and all muscle. He has brown hair and hazel eyes.

My lovely wife is 38, all of 5’5″, about 110, blonde hair, blue eyes and big boobs. She is well toned from working out.

As the night got colder, their closeness in the sleeping bag etlik escort bayan caused some, how can I say it, concern on Rich’s part. As he was cuddling up to his mother, he developed a huge hard on that was pressing against her bottom. He was afraid his mother would say something but she didn’t.

During the night, Denise must have thought Rich was me and whispered to him to fuck her.

Rich didn’t say a word but just rolled away from her. She then moved her hand over his hips and found his hard on and rubbed it. My poor son laid there motionless and extremely quiet.

She mumbled to him again to fuck her as she was rubbing his cock harder.

My poor son didn’t know what to do so he started whispering to her that he wasn’t Robert and that he was Rich.

Denise kept mumbling on and said she didn’t care that she just wanted to fuck.

Finally, Rich had no choice but to awaken his mother.

“Mom, mom, wake up. You are dreaming. Mom, wake up.” He yelled to her.

Finally, she opened her eyes and asked what was the matter.

Rich said, “Mom, you were dreaming. You thought I was dad and, well, you wanted to fuck.”

She looked at him and turned a beet red and said she was sorry. I told her it was ok as it was just a dream. They both fell asleep.

The next morning they woke up to about a foot of snow on the ground and more coming down. Finally, Denise somehow managed to call me and tell me about the snow.

I told her not to worry, just listen to Rich because he knows what to do. Then Denise told me about her dream and I was laughing.

Then I said, “Hon, if you think you guys are going to die, then fuck him before you do so you both can die happy.”

I laughed but she didn’t. Then she said, “Maybe I will Mr. Wiseguy.” Then the phone went dead.

When she got off the phone, she said to Rich, “Your father gets me so mad. I told him about my dream which was a big mistake.”

Rich asked her, “What’s the matter? What did he say?”

Denise answered, “Your father said that if I thought we were going to die, we should fuck. He is a jerk sometimes.”

Then Denise looked out of the cave and said the snow was getting worse and the temperature was dropping.

Rich looked at her and told her not to worry and that we weren’t going to die.

Denise looked at Rich and said, “You know, maybe your father wasn’t so crazy after all.”

Rich asked, “What are you talking about?”

Denise escort etlik answered, “If I thought we were going to die, I would want to fuck you.”

Rich looked at her and said, “Mom, even if we weren’t going to die, I would want to fuck you.”

His mother looked at him and said she was getting very cold. Rich told her to get in the sleeping bag and he joined her to keep her warm. As they held each other, Rich’s hard cock pressed against his mother. Surprisingly, she pushed her body to feel more of his hardness.

She then turned to him and kissed him. Her mouth slipping into his. He pulled her closer and soon her hand was rubbing his cock through his jeans.

She tried to undo his belt and loosen the snaps on his jeans so she could touch his cock.

Rich easily undid her bra and soon had his hand on her tits. She finally inched her hand down his jeans and grasped his cock.

As they played with each other, his mother told him to fuck her. He slipped his cock out of its confines and pulled her jeans down, then her panties. He quickly mounted her and slipped his cock into his mother’s wet cunt.

As soon as he was in her, he started fucking his mother. With every ounce of strength she had, she fucked him back. Within minutes he shot his cum into his mother’s cunt. When his cock finally stopped shooting his cum, his limp cock slipped out her cunt. His cum soaking into her panties she just pulled up.

They remained in an embrace, all the time kissing.

His mother said that whatever happens now, she would not regret fucking her son.

They repeated their lovemaking the rest of the day and into the night. When morning came, the sun was out and the temperature was warmer.

They could see the snow melting and knew they would be ok now.

I managed to call Denise and she told me that the weather cleared and that everything was going to be ok. She said that they were coming home in the morning.

I asked her if she behaved with Rich and she just said, “Maybe I did and maybe I didn’t. You’ll never know.”

I laughed and said to her, “Well if you did, I am ok with it. Better her learn from his mom than a stranger.” I then hung up.

Denise then turned to Rich and said, “Get naked, you and I are going to fuck for the rest of the day and when I see your father I am going to give him my cum filled panties as a gift.” Rich laughed.

With that said, Rich and my wife fucked well into the night.

When we all finally got back home, I asked Denise & Rich if they really fucked.

Rich looked at his mom with a smile on his face and Denise took out her used panties from their time in the mountains and told me that I could have her panties as a souvenir, as she walked away laughing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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