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“Honey, come outside and see.” My mom had nudged me awake. The clock said 2:47am on an August night only weeks before starting college. I remembered there was supposed to be an eclipse I wanted to see, and pushed back the covers.

Following her to the front door, I saw she was wearing a long tee shirt, her legs bare and feet shoeless. Quietly, she opened the door and we stepped onto the front porch. The thought of going outside wearing only boxer shorts nearly stopped me, but the night air felt so good, so soothing, and it was the middle of the night and no one would see me. Except mom.

The weather, in fact, was more than soothing. The sky was nearly overcast, the clouds rushing by. A strong tropical breeze, pregnant with moisture, neither warm nor cool, rushed past us. It fluttered mom’s tee shirt, briefly showing the outlines of her breasts. It was the kind of breeze that flows right through you, filling you with an energy, a strength you never thought you had.

“We might not see it,” she whispered.

There was no sign of life on the street. Every house was dark, and not a single car drove past. We moved to the porch rail and leaned out, scanning the sky. Fleeting glimpses of a star or two between clouds failed to reveal the moon, but we still watched and waited.

Mom moved closer to me. “It’s a little chilly,” she said, slipping her arm around my waist. It felt nice, her body was soft against me. “Aren’t you cold dressed like that?” she said. She held me close, her hand resting firmly on my hip giving me a feeling of comfort. I did feel a shiver, but not from the temperature.

The night made me feel like anything could happen. I put my arm around her waist and drew her to me. Her breast gently touched my bare chest. The inward curve above her hip felt soft, and I caressed it. Her hand moved up to my side, gently stroking, then her fingers ataşehir escort bayan stopped at the top of my shorts. I was glad she was gazing up at the sky, or she would see my growing erection. The absurdity and impossibility of the situation started to hit me — my mother and I were standing half naked on the front porch, in a half embrace — yet no one could see us. I felt a private thrill at flaunting a deep taboo.

She turned toward me slightly, pressing her breast more into my side. I ran my hand up her back and felt her tension disappear.

“Mmm, that feels good,” she murmured.

As I caressed her, she turned more toward me, and I felt her hand slip lower onto my ass. It seemed like an innocent touch at first, then she gave a slight squeeze. I had been wanting to slide my hand down over her bottom and feel its round firmness, so I slowly did. As my fingers neared the hem of her night shirt, her hand clenched my butt cheek a little harder.

She still gazed upward, my erection safely out of view. I was relieved, but at the same time I couldn’t wait for her to see it and find out what would happen.

“I don’t think we’re going to see the eclipse tonight,” she whispered. “Do you want to go in?”

I thought of everyone else asleep in the house, and thought what we were doing would end if we went inside. “No, it’s nice out here. I’d like to stay here.”

“Good, I didn’t want to go in yet either,” she said. “You feel so good, keep holding me. The night feels so invigorating. But I think it’s getting chillier.” She turned toward me, nearly facing me.

I reached my other hand around to fully embrace her, holding her close, her breasts pressing through her thin night shirt against my bare chest. She was warm and comforting. My erection touched her hip, and I prayed she didn’t notice. But she pressed her body closer, bostancı escort almost grinding it against my cock, and I knew she was aware. But more than that, she accepted it. She even seemed to like it.

I felt her hand move down my back and again hesitate at the top of my shorts, but only for a moment. Her warm soft fingers slid beneath the fabric and down across my cheek. With that hand, she pulled me into her and a surge of adrenalin almost made me dizzy. I glanced up and down the street once more, making sure no one was looking. And I also thought that if anyone did see us, the hour of the night would make them not believe what they saw.

A strong gust of wind tossed her hair and ran through mine. “You look so beautiful,” I whispered.

She smiled. “Everything is beautiful tonight.”

I moved my hand lower and found the hem of her nightshirt. My fingers went beyond it, touching forbidden flesh, then I moved them back up and pushed aside the cloth. She lay her head against my chest and I cupped her bottom in my hand. It was soft, cool, and firm.

She took in a deep breath as I squeezed. I wanted her. I didn’t care that she was my mother. She didn’t seem to care that I was her son.

Moving back slightly, she bit her lower lip and leaned against the porch rail. In the soft glow of the street lights she looked so much younger, almost like a girl my own age. Such an innocent look in her eyes, like it was her first time with a boy. I stepped closer, and couldn’t take my eyes off hers. Mom’s face was so beautiful, her body so warm and tender, I leaned down to kiss her. She tilted her head up and her lips met mine.

We kissed like teenagers — I was one of course, eighteen, but Mom was thirty something. I wondered what was going through her mind as our bodies ground against each other. Was she pretending I was someone else? bostancı escort Or was she loving me for who I was? Was she so depraved, perverted; and was I too? All I knew for sure was her kiss was the most passionate and exciting thing I had ever felt. With a soft smack she ended it, and moved her hands around to my front, caressing my chest, then my stomach. And then through my shorts her hand reached my erection.

I closed my eyes and my breathing became shallow. I felt her pull my cock through the fly of my shorts, and it was free and exposed to the breeze. Exposed to Mom’s eyes.

She grabbed the bottom of her nightshirt and pulled it up about an inch.

I put my hands on her hips, moving them upward against her bare flesh, letting her shirt ride up to expose her bush. She put her hands over mine and guided them up her belly and soon I was holding Mom’s breasts in my hands. Like her bottom, they were cool and soft. Her nipples were hard. She pulled me toward her and I felt my erection pressing against her belly, flesh against flesh. Her hand reached down and guided it toward her vulva.

I felt it brush against her bush, then felt warm, soft, wetness. Then the firmness of her flesh gave way and I was inside of her. We held each other tight, moving our bodies against each other, kissing ravenously. She softly whimpered as we moved, and I started to feel something rising up inside me. Then she held her breath, her eyes closed almost as if in pain, but her mouth forming an “O” shape. So this is what a woman looks like in an orgasm, I thought. At that moment, I began to cum. Warm bolts of energy flowed through my erection and up into my mother’s body.

We held each other as the tropical breeze flowed through us. The erotic sensation of the warmth and comfort of her body against mine, and the thrill of conquering a taboo gave me a feeling of excitement. I didn’t want the night to end, but knew it had to.

“Shall we go to bed?” she said.

“I wish I could go to bed with you.”

“Me, too. Maybe some day we’ll get the chance.”

“At the next eclipse?” I said.

“Yes. The next eclipse.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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