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Jake and his cousin Katie had always been close. Katie was just a year younger than Jake, they’d lived down the block from each other growing up and went to the same schools so as kids they would always hang out.

Around the time high school started Jake got more interested in impressing girls and playing sports and didn’t really make much time for hanging out with Katie and by the time Jake was 15 they didn’t see each other anymore unless it was at family events and he felt that the conversation between them had gotten to be a bit awkward and stiff, he didn’t even remember if he’d said goodbye to her before he’d gone off to college.

He guessed that’s why he was so nervous to be standing at the door to her childhood bedroom now that he was 23.

Jake had promised his mother he’d make it to his parents home for an annual family reunion, which he’d only managed to avoid for a few years by making up excuses to stay at his college campus. He was going to drive down with a friend but decided to take a train ride and spend an entire week at his childhood home and on the train ride there, he’d started to think about all his childhood reunions spent with his cousin sneaking off during family get-togethers to have their own fun. The thoughts filled him with a familiar warmth and he was excited to reunite with his cousin after so many years.

When he’d arrived at home his mother was home alone cooking something in the oven. Jake entered the house through the kitchen door and saw his mother bent over, for a woman of 58 she was very fit. She had always had a very rigorous workout regimen with his father and it was one of the few things she kept when they split up. Jake was reminded of that as he dropped his suitcase in the kitchen and absentmindedly admired his mothers tight, well-toned ass in a pair of black running shorts. He started thinking about his cock pushing in and out of her tight little ass when he felt his cock stirring in his jeans, just then she turned around and Jake froze as his mom screamed and rushed to hug him, then all he could feel was his mothers D cup tits pressed against him as his hard cock throbbed against her leg.

He knew she could feel it and was silently fearing what she’d say to him next.

“Oh etimesgut escort Jake!” she said holding him even closer. “why didn’t you tell me you’d be here today?”

Jake tried to back out of her hug but she put her hand on the back of his neck and pulled him so close he could feel her breath on his lips and it only turned him on that much more having his moms big perky tits pressed against him, then he felt his cock throb and his breath caught in his throat. His bulging crotch was pressed right against his mothers crotch.

Suddenly Jake remembered she’d asked him a question. “W-well I was going to drive down with a school friend” he started explaining when he felt himself place a hand on his moms hip. She took in a sharp breath as if his touch had hurt her.

“mom, are you oka-” she cut his question short by smashing her lips against his while grinding her crotch against the bulge in his. When they pulled away from the kiss he was at a loss for words and just stared at his mothers hazel blue eyes when he saw them begin to water before she let go of him.

“I’m sorry” she said wiping away tears “you just look so much like your father and I couldn’t help it.”

“Mom, it’s okay” He said as he pulled his mother into a tight hug, he felt her big boobs press against him again and realized she wasn’t wearing a bra when her hard nipples poked at him for attention. When she pulled away she smiled and gave him another deep kiss and snuck a hand down to rub the hard bulge in his pants, Jake was a little shocked that she continued but he didn’t miss the opportunity and grabbed her ass bringing a small moan out of her.

He pushed her pants down just below her ass and slapped her ass when they suddenly heard the phone ring.

“Mmm, we’ll pick this up again later” she told him squeezing his cock through his jeans before sending him to get Katie as a kitchen helper and walking off to answer the phone.

He watched as his mother walked into the other room with her ass still out and sat at the table wondering how that had actually happened.

After a few minutes, Jake got up and as he stepped out of the house he suddenly felt a strange heavy feeling in the pit of his stomach, he hadn’t etimesgut escort bayan spoken to Katie in so long and he wondered if they’d get along at all. He assured himself it would be fine, and if it wasn’t he could always hang out with his mom he thought as he headed down the street to his cousins home where he was greeted with a great big hug from his aunt and informed that his cousin was in her bedroom resting after work.

Jake stood at the door for what felt like hours before knocking.

“Come in!” he heard his cousin shout from inside. He opened the knob and immediately froze in place, Katie was bent over in bed in her bra and panties with her bubble butt sticking up in the air, Jake felt a familiar stirring in his crotch as he thought about spanking her ass, then his gaze traveled up her body to her big beautiful breasts which were pressed against the bed. Katie was facing the wall with her gaze locked on some portable gaming system so he couldn’t see her face but he could see her long beautiful red hair.

“What do you want?” Katie asked without turning around.

“Uhm..My mom told me to come get you..” Jake muttered and before he could finish he heard her pause the game. As he looked up he saw Katie turn around and leap off the bed onto him knocking him over onto the ground with her on top of him. He sat up rubbing his head just to be pulled into a far too tight hug by his cousin as she happily jumped on him and wiggled her ass against his hardening cock. Jake pushed her off of him onto the ground and saw a confused look on her face.

“Is that because of me?” she asked him pointing down at his crotch with a mischievous smirk.

“Y-yeah” Jake couldn’t believe she wasn’t disgusted, he could only focus on her perky tits as he waited for her to speak. They were both sitting on the ground as she slowly pressed two fingers against her panties and started to rub her pussy through them, he watched her cute pale freckled face get redder as she started to rub herself faster.

“Pull out your hard cock” she told him.

Jake fumbled with his jeans for a second before undoing them and quickly pulling out his 7-inch hard cock which felt as if it were going to explode in his hand.

He escort etimesgut started to slowly stroke his dick as he watched his cousin push her fingers against her panties harder until they were soaked in her juices and then she giggled as she slipped her hand into her panties and started fingering herself.

Jake felt his cock throb in his hand as he watched her frantically finger herself and his gaze traveled up her body to her beautiful tits shaking as she quickly moved her arm when suddenly he heard a gasp come from her and saw her stiffen before moving her hand faster inside her panties when he felt his balls tense up.

He didn’t want the experience to end so he tried to focus on her face instead of her body but when he looked up, her usually pale face was flushed and red and her big brown eyes were locked on his hard cock. That was it for him, Jake’s head fell back and he shut his eyes as he felt his entire cock tense up and throb before it started shooting out large gobs of cum. He came the hardest he ever had and laid back on the ground catching his breath while holding his slowly softening cock when he heard his cousin squeal, he peeked up and saw Katie with her head tossed back moaning as she rubbed herself frantically and soaked her panties even more. Jake felt his cock stiffen again in his hand and absent-mindedly stroked his cock as he admired her laid back body while she caught her breath.

After a while, she looked up and saw him sitting up stroking his hard cock again and she giggled.

“You’re still hard after cumming that much?” Katie asked him sitting up.

He looked at all the cum on the ground.

“Sorry about the mess” he started to stand with her.

“it’s fine” she said putting on a shirt that was on her bed “I’ll clean it up”.

Jake watched as his cousin got dressed still wearing her soaked panties. he put his cock away and sat on her bed as she cleaned his cum up with a rag and left the room.

He had been dozing off when he heard her shout “I’ll meet you at your mom’s house!” from the bathroom while she did her hair.

He walked back home in a haze and when he got there his younger sister had arrived, she and his mother were on the couch talking when he came in. They barely looked at him as he walked upstairs and went into his old room. he laid in bed and thought about everything that happened today and felt like he should be ashamed of the things he’d done with his family, but he also dozed off with a hard on, hoping his mother came in to help him take care of it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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